Real Cthulhu Running Game - Chapter 1899 Alliance established

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  The class teacher returns to court.

   When Liu Xing returned to the alliance station, Ding Kun and others had already woken up, but they were still a little dizzy.

   "Ah, it's kind of embarrassing!"

When Ding Kun saw Liu Xing, he said with a big tongue: "I really didn't expect that I would fall into this kind of thing. When that **** gorilla hammered my stomach, I felt something was wrong, but I didn't expect it it turns out.

   Vomit. "

Although Liu Xing has to admit that the fruit wine spit out by Jiu Zong smells good, and looks good, Liu Xing doesn't know whether it is good or not, after all, it comes from Jiu Zong's stomach. It came out, so people who know the truth are very upset about this, so it is normal for Ding Kun to react so much now.

  Anyway, Liu Xing felt that unless the fruit wine was very effective, he would definitely not drink it.

   "Well, so how does this fruit wine taste? I think you must have drunk a little, right? And this fruit wine should also have special effects, right?" Liu Xing said watching the excitement.

Ding Kun gave Liu Xing a white look, and then said: "It is definitely impossible not to drink. After all, I felt something was wrong at the time, and I wanted to call the attention of the people around me to the next move of the wine monkey, so I just opened my mouth and saw the wine. The gorilla used the water gun skill directly, so I didn't have time to completely shut up.

But there is one thing to say, the taste of this fruit wine is really good. It is much better than the plum wine, lemon wine and other fruit wines I have drunk in the real world, and the taste is also very rich. In short, if The fermentation process of this fruit wine is a little bit normal, not in the body of the wine gorilla, so I have to drink a few glasses today. "

"As for the effect of this fruit wine, it is really powerful. Anyway, I passed out without hearing the result of my judgment clearly! Liu Xing, you also know that there will be a sound effect of a dice falling to the ground before making a judgment. , This is the game hall of the Cthulhu running team reminding us to make a judgment, but judging from the current situation, I think this judgment is actually carried out synchronously with the prompt sound, and the result will be before the prompt sound is played I'm sure; when I just woke up, I specially called up the previous judgment results, and found that the probability of this fruit wine directly entering the drunk state is as high as 90%, but the better your usual drinking capacity, the higher the trigger rate. lowered."

"And the state of drunkenness is the same as our previous temporary state of madness. There will be several different manifestations. The most common one is to fall asleep like me, because my alcohol capacity is really bad. After all, I don't usually drink. How much alcohol you drink; and when your drinking capacity is relatively high, you may appear in a state of crazy talking, dancing, etc. This is quite in line with the reality, but the most important thing is that no matter how much your drinking capacity is, there will be An extremely low probability of triggering a special martial art—Drunken Fist! You must know that the comment given to this Drunken Fist in the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group is completely natural, unparalleled in the world, and it should be a superior martial art."

Hearing this, Liu Xing had to admit that he was a little moved, because as a post-90s generation, Liu Xing had watched many martial arts movies since he was a child, so he had a deep memory of Drunken Master, especially those heroes who were drinking. The posture when punching, it really highlights a chic and elegant, and gives people a feeling of invincibility, because even if the enemy is a top expert, there is no way to cause effective damage to the hero who uses drunken fists.

But here comes the problem, the "extremely low probability" in Ding Kun's mouth, Liu Xing estimated that it must be at least a few thousandths of the probability, because this kind of concept rarely appears in the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group. Sometimes the judgment results are calculated by percentage, so if it is lower, you need to pass several judgments at the same time, and each judgment must be a big success.

   "So this is a lottery?" Liu Xing said with a frown.

"Almost, although the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group did not announce the winning probability of Drunken Boxing, I suspect that it must be at least one in a million! And the fruit wine that this wine gorilla can provide us can also provide a maximum of 1,000 lucky draws Coupon? So how did the wine gorilla deal with it?" Ding Kun asked rhetorically.

"Oh, now Meng Fugui has brought a group of people to Paodingjieniu, and is going to bring back all the useful materials from that wine orangutan. As for the wine in his stomach, he will find a way to pack it. After all, although this fruit wine is It's a bit rough to make, but it doesn't prevent it from being a really good wine. Even if we players don't want to drink it, we can give it to those heroes who like to drink, as long as we don't tell them the specifics of the fruit wine. It’s just how it’s brewed.”

Liu Xing said with a smile: "As for the old nest of the wine gorilla, there is nothing worth talking about. Except for some chickens, ducks and geese raised by them, there is nothing to gain, but this is not important, the important thing is The third prince's subordinates are willing to take action, and he still thinks that the reason we gathered together is to get rid of this wine gorilla, so the third prince should be more willing to believe our words; but more importantly, we also It can be regarded as intuitively feeling the fighting power of martial arts masters! This subordinate of the third prince must at least be a first-class master!"

"I don't need to say more about his ghostly identity. I suspect that if everyone in our camp draws a bow and shoots an arrow together, they may not be able to hit him within fifty steps, because to use an inappropriate analogy, this person's The flow of time is different from ours, so we are always aiming at him in the last second, which is like the protagonist in some shootout movies being shot by villains, and the bullets will always fall behind him; and After Ding Kun you fell asleep, he also performed the flying knife stunt, which really highlighted the quickness, precision and ruthlessness, anyway, I feel that the flying knife has hit the target as soon as he made a move, and this is where to hit."

Liu Xing let out a long sigh, shook his head and said, "If what we are dealing with today is not the wine monkey but this person, then it is only a matter of time before our group is wiped out! In short, I can now be sure that we and this martial arts module The gap between real masters is not too big, so I think it is necessary for us to give more support to those players who have joined the sect, so that we can ensure that when we encounter similar enemies in the future, we can still fight force!"

   At this moment, Meng Fugui returned to the alliance resident, and he still had a bamboo tube in his hand, which should contain the blood of the wine orangutan.

Looking at Ding Kun who had woken up, Meng Fugui said with a smile: "Captain Ding, I want to tell you a piece of good news now, that is, the wine gorilla has another special feature as a monster, that is, there is something special in its body. A very special organ, which we have now named the wine sac! Yes, the wine gorilla has a special organ dedicated to storing fruit wine, and this organ may also be the place where fruit wine is brewed."

  Hearing what Meng Fugui said, Ding Kun was very cooperative and relieved, "Phew, as long as it's not the stomach, it's easy to say. After all, I can only accept chewing wine made by beautiful witches."

Meng Fugui smiled, and said to Liu Xing: "At present, the material of the wine gorilla has been processed almost, and we found that the meat quality of the wine gorilla is very good, at least in terms of texture and color, it belongs to the top-grade meat. But I still don’t know how it tastes; and the bones of the wine gorilla are very hard, at least much stronger than the ordinary hunting knives we bought, so it can be used as a weapon after a little polishing.”

   "That's not bad, at least it's more useful than the empty fire crow."

   Liu Xing nodded and said: "So after everyone comes back, let's formally establish an alliance! Brother Ding, take everyone to take a bath and change clothes now, lest the smell of wine on your body make people intoxicated."

  So, after an hour, all the players in Tianshui Town gathered together to witness how Liu Xing established the alliance.

   To put it bluntly, Liu Xing held the blood of the Warcraft of the empty fire crow and the wine gorilla, and then a "ding" sounded in the minds of all the players, and the alliance was officially established!

   "Alliance. Leader!"

   "Alliance. One step faster!"

   "Alliance. Double the fun!"

  Looking at the three achievements he had achieved, Liu Xing smiled very satisfied.

   Sure enough, he was the first player to establish an alliance, and he got a lot of achievement points.

  So Liu Xing clicked on his alliance interface again, and found that the interface at this time is quite different from before, because he can now appoint the deputy leader and other positions.

It is worth noting that the number of people who can be appointed as the deputy leader is uncertain, because the more people in the alliance, the more places for the deputy leader, so the current number of alliance members is 248, and the number of deputy leaders is also higher. That's two.

In addition to the deputy leader, Liu Xing can also create various positions now, and Liu Xing has the final say on the achievement points that each position can give. However, the achievement points here are also affected by the number of alliance members, and there is also an upper limit. That is a little less than the achievement points that the deputy leader can get.

   Seeing this situation, Liu Xing naturally called Meng Fugui and others over, and explained the current situation frankly.

   "It's kind of interesting. It seems that the Cthulhu running team game hall intends to play our subjective initiative."

Meng Fugui smiled and said: "I think players who are not in Tianshui Town should have received the achievement reminder, so if there is no accident, they should all go back, unless they have something urgent to do, so we can send a letter to They, let them return to Sweetwater Town as soon as possible, or use carrier pigeons to reply."

   Today's alliance station does not have pigeons, because it is not easy to cultivate a qualified pigeon, not to mention the nearby Heshan County can provide perfect pigeon service! Not only can the pigeons be guaranteed to reach Boyang City or Far West City at the fastest speed, but also the customer only needs to provide the recipient's approximate address and name, and there will be someone to deliver the letter after the pigeon lands.

  So Liu Xing immediately arranged for a player who can ride a horse to deliver a letter to Heshan County, and the content of the letter is only two words - return quickly!

   Liu Xing believed that those players who received the letter could understand the meaning of these two words, and the carrier pigeon also charged money according to the number of words. After all, the letter paper that the carrier pigeon can carry is so heavy.

  So that night, Yin En and Baihecheng from Heshan County had already returned to Tianshui Town.

  The four of Liu Xing gathered together, and first "respected" a cup of tea to Zhang Jingxu who was far away in Boyang City, and then everyone chatted about today's boss battle.

"Obviously, the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group is just letting us adapt in advance, because in the real world mods later, the way we fight mythical creatures should be similar to how we deal with wine gorilla today! After all, the Cthulhu Running Group There are still some differences between the game hall and the real world, for example, some values ​​are not easy to quantify directly.”

Yin En picked up a bun and said: "And in the game hall of the Cthulhu running team, our battle round is actually quite unreasonable, because the different actions we choose bring different judgments, and then the judgment results are reversed. It works on us! For example, I punched Liu Xing now, but I didn't aim at Liu Xing's head because I wanted a higher hit rate, but I didn't expect that my judgment would be a big success. , So my punch was aimed at Liu Xing's face! But when calculating the damage, another embarrassing situation appeared, that is, my punch only dealt the minimum damage, so my punch was indeed a punch It hit Liu Xing's face, but when I first touched it, I subconsciously stopped because of the static electricity."

  “So this kind of battle round is okay in the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group, because everything is determined by the program, and we are also playing it as a game.

Although this game is quite dangerous; in short, such a battle wheel should not be realized in the real world, because today's Cthulhu running game halls cannot directly capture those mythical creatures that ran into the real world, just Not to mention having us players doing battle rounds in the real world, so this will definitely turn into a real-time battle mode, so the appearance of the health bar is necessary! "

"That's right, if it's an instant combat mode, then it is true that there needs to be a blood bar, let us determine whether our attacks are effective! And if it is displayed by the hp value, it will appear a bit abstract, and the value It's a bit too low, after all, a mythical creature only has more than ten hp, it does seem to have a strange feeling." Baihecheng nodded and said.

Liu Xing quite agrees with Baihe City's statement, because if you see only a dozen blood spots on the head of the monster with teeth and claws in front of you, you will definitely subconsciously think that this monster is ostentatious, and you only need to cause ten blood spots. Multiple effective damages can solve it!

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