Real Cthulhu Running Game - Chapter 1900 Donggong Canglong

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   "So some things can't be stopped."

  Liu Xing sighed, shook his head and said: "The assimilation of the Cthulhu running game hall into the real world is already an inevitable event, so we must prepare in advance.

  Although I don't know what we should prepare. "

   "Yes, we can only accept it passively now, and there is no way to change anything." Baihecheng shrugged.

   "Let's take a step at a time. At least the game hall of the Cthulhu running team is very reasonable. There is no invincibility buff for these mythical creatures."

  Yin En took a sip of tea and said: "By the way, I have already agreed with Wen's family that the wedding will be on the last day of this month, and I plan to arrange the wedding venue here."

   "Yes, I also think this place is quite suitable for weddings, and you will indeed live here in the future." Liu Xing said with a smile.

   Just when Yin En was about to say something, he saw Huo Zijun walking over with a bag.

   "Leader, our invention team has lived up to expectations and has prepared qualified black powder."

  While talking, Huo Zijun poured out a pile of black powder from the bag.

   "Oh, the efficiency is good."

   Liu Xing said with some surprise: "So what is the output of this black powder? If you need anything, just tell me. If possible, I will try my best to arrange it for you, and we really need to stockpile a batch of black powder now."

When Huo Zijun heard Liu Xing say this, he said in embarrassment: "Uh, everything else is easy to talk about, but we are really short of nitrate, because our side is not a place where nitrate is produced, and the business travelers nearby don't sell it. , so we can only produce nitrate through local methods, and the daily output is only a little."

  This problem is really hard to solve.

So Liu Xing could only shake his head, and said helplessly: "It's true, it's almost impossible for us to collect a large amount of saltpeter around here, so we can make as much black powder as we can, I'll turn around Then go find a way to get you some more saltpeter."

   As soon as Liu Xing finished speaking, he heard a crisp "Kacha".

   What's cracked?

   Liu Xing looked around, the cups and bowls on the table were fine, but the other things didn't seem to be able to make that crisp sound.

and many more.

   Liu Xing thought of something, and immediately looked at Si Nanpei on his waist, and found that it had fallen to the ground and broke into two halves.

How is this going? Is it because there is something wrong with the rope hanging the jade pendant?

   While thinking, Liu Xing picked up the two pieces of Si Nanpei, and found that their cut surfaces were very neat, as if they were cut by a sharp blade.

   Could it be the master under the Third Prince?

That's impossible, I have no grievances with him, and I can tell from the two simple conversations that the master treats me pretty well, so it's impossible for Si Nanpei to be okay with me. Let's do it! What's more, the flying knife he used couldn't be silent, so the flying knife would definitely make a sound when it came over, not to mention that the flying knife would hit something in the alliance garrison sooner or later.

  So is it because of thermal expansion and contraction? In other words, this Sinan Pei itself has cracks, and when I was drinking water, I accidentally dropped a few drops of water on it. Cracked?

   This is even more outrageous.

   Why don't you just say that this piece of Si Nan Pei is made of glue, and it has been exposed to the sun for a long time in the past two days, so it directly cracked?

   This is a bit outrageous no matter how you think about it.

Liu Xing picked up the two halves of Si Nanpei, and suddenly found that the temperature of the jade pendant was very low, as if it had just been taken out of the refrigerator. It was more than 20 degrees at night, so there was no way this piece of Si Nanpei would be so cold! Moreover, Liu Xing also touched Si Nanpei several times with his hands in the past two days, but he didn't notice that Si Nanpei's temperature was abnormal at that time.

   Could it be? !

Liu Xing suddenly thought of a possibility, that is, the meaning of Si Nanpei itself is to exorcise evil and avoid disasters, and jade itself has a saying that it will protect its master from disasters, so this piece of Si Nanpei has exerted its effect and protected him from evil. did something happen?

   No way, is there something dirty in this martial arts mod?

In the previous module, Liu Xing also knew that there were all kinds of dirty things in the game hall of Cthulhu Running Group, such as curses and ghosts; as a result, Liu Xing really did not expect that in the martial arts module There will be a similar setting, because martial arts novels don't go well with these dirty things.

  And the game hall of Cthulhu Running Group has not given himself any hints so far, so is this just an accident?

While thinking about it, Liu Xing put the two halves of Si Nan Pei Hei into his pocket, and planned to ask what happened after he met his Uncle Hua, because he should know what the material of Si Nan Pei was. , Now what does the sudden cracking mean?

  As for Yin En and others around, seeing that Liu Xing didn't say anything, they didn't care too much.

   "So what is the name of our alliance? We have been officially established now, but there is no suitable name yet." Yin En said suddenly.

  As soon as he said this, Liu Xing remembered that in the name column of the alliance interface, his alliance was still called "Alliance No. 1".

   How does that sound like a code name for a spacecraft?

   Speaking of spacecraft, Liu Xing thought of the moon base in a certain game. That map really failed in design.

   Return? Go west!

   "This is indeed a problem. Our alliance must have a famous name, and this name must have a certain memory point, so that others can have some impressions of our alliance."

   Ding Kun rubbed his chin and said: "However, due to the background of this module, the name of our alliance must meet certain requirements, so we are called Tianshui Camp? Or Tianshui Army?"

   "Then why not call it Tianshui Village?"

  Liu Xing shook his head, and said: "It's better to wait for our pen to complete the previous task. After we determine the name of the fairy behind us, we can choose a suitable name for the alliance."

   Say Cao Cao and Cao Cao will arrive.

Meng Fugui came here with a freshly released background story at this time, "The fairy behind us can be called the horned dragon, which is taken from the first star in the Eastern Palace Canglong - the horn, so that it can be compared with Wu Qu If gods like stars are connected, it will look more reliable in NPCs; as the name suggests, the spica is the double horns of the Eastern Palace Canglong, so the representative is one word - fierce, and it is also the strongest weapon of the Eastern Palace Canglong, so those of us The task that people get is to get rid of those monsters that shouldn't exist for Spica!"

"And the spica corresponds to the Canglong of the Eastern Palace, so this is a good omen for the third prince we are about to seek refuge in! After all, the New Dragon Empire honors the dragon, so the twenty-eight constellations in the sky are honored by the Canglong of the Eastern Palace. And Spica is the first star of Canglong in the East Palace, so the meaning it represents is self-evident! You must know that the ancient people were very particular about the theory of prophecy and weft, so they would arrange one or two short stories for themselves before taking the position. For example, after the new Dragon Emperor ascended the throne, it was reported that when he was a child, he accidentally fell while playing with his friends. As a result, he saw a golden snake with horns, and the snake was pointing at him. After nodding, he got into the soil."

"And even if this ancient mod adds martial arts elements, there are many martial arts novels that mention various prophecies. For example, no matter how powerful Xiongba in "Feng Yun" is, he still cannot believe the prophecy given by the mud bodhisattva. Yes, and the fact is indeed the case! Of course, I don't know the famous saying in "Yi Tian Shou Long Ji" - the sword slays the dragon, orders the world, we dare not count it; in short, we bring our own prophecy to seek refuge with the third prince, I I think the third prince will believe us and treat us very well, unless he doesn't believe this."

"So leader, if you think this setting is not bad, I will arrange other players to familiarize themselves with this setting now. If anyone asks us why we want to establish this alliance in the future, they will say that we have never met each other before, but we did it one night. The same dream, that is, a white-robed general with horns gathered us together and ordered us to eliminate those monsters that should not exist in the mortal world, so as to assist the local people of destiny; After waking up from the dream, we saw each other in the city, and after discussing with each other, we found that this was not a dream, so we started to deal with the nearby monsters, and the empty fire crow and the wine gorilla are our best evidence."

Liu Xing nodded, and said with a smile: "I think this background story is well written, it fits the characteristics of this martial arts module, and it also suits the wishes of the third prince! But shopkeeper Meng, you have to pay attention later. One point, I'm not sure if the master under the third prince is still around, so if you move too much, you may let him hear something. If he tells the third prince that this is what we made up now, then we It's going to be bad luck."

Meng Fugui smiled and nodded: "No problem, I will arrange some people to spread the word of mouth, because if the conversation of our players is heard by the npc, it will be directly judged as a super game, so we can reverse it. Operation, use this to determine whether we have been targeted by npc."

   This is indeed a good idea.

   "By the way, the leader, besides the deputy leader, do you plan to set those positions?" Meng Fugui asked curiously.

As soon as Meng Fugui said this, the other people present looked at Liu Xing curiously, because although Liu Xing was a bit hypocritical as the leader, he still had 100% decision-making power in this regard, so if Liu Xing really didn't want to let A certain player sits in a certain position, then this player can only be real but not famous.

   You must know that there is a point mentioned in the alliance system, that is, npc will recognize those players with titles more! Even if they are in name only.

"Uh, my idea now is to arrange the existing groups. Of course, they can no longer be called a certain group or a certain team, because this name is a bit too modern, so it doesn't fit the martial arts model. Therefore, the hunting team was renamed Hunting Hall, the business group was renamed Caihuo Hall, and the invention group was renamed Gewu Hall. As for those players who joined the sect, they were all classified as Wulin Hall. The person in charge is naturally called the hall master." Liu Xing said seriously.

"Well, the title of hall master is indeed quite suitable. Of course, it can also be changed to the altar of incense altar? So in addition to these halls, I think our alliance can also set up a processing hall for those who have skills such as blacksmiths and carpenters Players join in; the main job of the hunting hall is to deal with those monsters, so if we grow stronger in the future, if we want to join the battle under the command of the third prince, then we have to set up a martial arts hall, or a martial arts hall? Of course, we have to make special arrangements for logistics One hall to coordinate the logistical work of our alliance." Meng Fugui rubbed his chin and said.

   "Then it's called the Miscellaneous Hall?"

Yin En said with a smile: "Although the number of people in our alliance is not too large, I can be sure that we will have to deal with a lot of chores in the future. After all, every player has his own ideas and interests, so Miscellaneous Hall is also responsible for mediating conflicts of interest between players. Of course, there may also be conflicts between players and npcs, or even conflicts between nppcs; We will recruit those NPCs from Heshan County, so we have to set up a special hall for NPCs, of course, this hall cannot be known to NPCs."

   "Hall master, altar master, incense master? These titles seem a bit like villains to me.


Ding Kun said with some hesitation: "I think we can imitate the configuration of the Mingjiao. They use banner masters to refer to titles such as hall masters, and we can also design various flags, and then put these flags Connect with Spica! Or we should stop being so petty, and directly upgrade the **** behind us from Spica to the entire Eastern Palace Canglong! Then the hunting team can directly use the Spica flag!"

  When Ding Kun said this, Liu Xing and the others' eyes lit up, because it would indeed be much more majestic, and the entire Eastern Palace Canglong also sounded more domineering.

"That's right, if we are just the spokespersons of the spicas in the mortal world, then the third prince will wonder where are the remaining six stars of the Eastern Palace Canglong? Are they doing various things? And the Eastern Palace of the Eastern Palace Canglong represents It is the palace where the prince lives, so this is an even more auspicious omen!"

  Meng Fugui nodded and said: "I'll go back and discuss this matter with those writers now, and strive to design the flag represented by the seven stars of the Eastern Palace Canglong tomorrow."

   After Meng Fugui finished speaking, he turned and left.

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