Real Cthulhu Running Game - Chapter 1911 became

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  Chapter 1911 became

The main reason why Liu Xing is so confident is that before the start of this martial arts module, there is one thing mentioned in the background of the module given by the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group, that is, how many princes of the new Dragon Emperor Somewhat dissatisfied, after all, is there any prince in this world who is 80 years old?

   No, because the new Dragon Emperor has never established a prince, so now is the prince in this world who has been around for eighty years?

  Thus, these princes, especially those who are more capable and supported by ministers, all feel that they are qualified to inherit the great line, so even if they and the new dragon emperor are kind and filial, they will inevitably have some suspicions after so many years.

Hence, now that the news of the new Dragon Emperor "being ill in bed" comes out, the princes everywhere will inevitably feel a little bit emotional, because they are now in their seventies and eighties. It's not a loss if you lose, or they will feel that they have lost a lot if they don't gamble.

After all, according to the relevant experience of the past dynasties, even if the princes fail to commit the following crimes, the final result is better to be placed under house arrest and become a secluded prince, and worse is to move their heads, but their wives and children Should be saved, unless they were also involved.

  As for the worst outcome, that is, the probability of killing all the people is actually not high, after all, it is all my own family.

  So for the princes in the martial arts module this time, it’s really a gamble this time. Bicycles become motorcycles. Even if they lose, they can only walk in the future.

Therefore, Liu Xing, Yin En and others thought that the third prince would definitely choose to raise troops. After all, the identity of the third prince is really special, and his relationship with other princes is not very good. The prince's situation will be very embarrassing, it can even be said to be very bad, even if it is wrong to do nothing.

  So the third prince should be regarded as the one who is most willing to take a gamble among all the princes.

Thinking of this, Liu Xing saw that Director He didn't say a word, so he continued to take the initiative to attack: "Director He, let's not speak secretly, Donggong Canglong asked me to say something to the third prince, that is Xinlong The emperor's fate is approaching now, and this news will come out from the palace in the next few days at the latest. By the end of this month at the latest, the other princes should know the news. Shall I say more? And there is more than one great **** in the sky, the Eastern Palace Canglong, so other gods should also choose to support other princes, so Mr. He, you can now ask the intelligence networks in various places, and they should be able to find it everywhere. There were young people like us who didn't know each other gathered together."

   Liu Xing saw that he had finished speaking, and Director He didn't open his mouth to interrupt him, so he knew that he was safe this time.

   "Xia Fei, can you tell me what you found during your business trip?" Mr. He said suddenly.

Xia Fei nodded, and said seriously: "It's similar to what Liu Peng said. I went around under the rule of the Sixth Prince this time, and found that almost all cities have similar situations. Young people from all walks of life gather together at the beginning of this month. They often use a tea house or a pub as a meeting place, and most of them choose to pool their money to buy certain properties; In addition, these young people are also very keen to join the sect, and they have a high probability of successfully passing the entrance examination, which is much higher than the probability we have calculated before, and it can even be said to be a little unbelievable."

  Director He frowned, and said, "If I remember correctly, the pass rate of most sects' entrance exams is around 10% to 20%, so what is the pass rate of these people?"

   "Seventy percent!"

Xia Fei replied: "And I don't know why, some people can get the appreciation of the important people in the sect soon after joining the sect! So now these people can be said to be living a prosperous life in their respective sects. , the most important thing is that their talents are also very good. Others need half a month to get started. These people may be as fast as three days, or as slow as a week; I have a good relationship with the heads of several sects. , so I deliberately asked them, and found that the reason why these people are appreciated is because those who appreciate them have a very good first impression of them, and they have a sense of inexplicable affinity."

Speaking of this, Xia Fei looked at Liu Xing again, "Like this brother Liu Peng, although he is a little ugly, but I have known him for less than half an hour now, but somehow I feel that he This guy seems to be pretty good, the kind of guy who can be a friend."

   At this time, Yu Lei who was on the side also nodded and said: "Yes, I also think that Liu Peng is not bad, but he is a little ugly."

  Can we stop talking about "ugly"? . .

  Although Xia Fei and Yu Lei are both praising themselves, Liu Xing always feels that he is being scolded, but his character card is indeed a bit ugly.

   "Well, I see, it seems that this time the gods are really going to fight."

Manager He shook his head and smiled wryly: "You may not know that the reason why I became like this now is not only because I helped the third prince block the fatal blow, but because the third prince was dying when I was about to die. , I chose to use a talisman given to him by the New Dragon Emperor on me, and this talisman is said to be obtained by the New Dragon Emperor from a certain god; it should be the case, because every year when I get injured, I will Dreamed of a blurry phantom standing on top of the clouds, and then dropped a strange dice, because his dice had a lot of faces, anyway, I didn’t count them clearly, anyway, when the dice stopped, I'll wake up right away."


Liu Xing raised his eyebrows. He didn't expect that there would be a dice-playing **** in this martial arts module, but after thinking about it, he felt that this was very normal, because in this martial arts module, dice can be said to be a very common Items, and it also entrusts the hope of countless people, or gambling dogs, so it seems that it is not incomprehensible to become a god.

So before Liu Xing joined the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Group, he saw the concept of "becoming a **** of merit" when reading novels, and thought that if this is true, is it possible for a football **** to appear? Because in addition to football fans, there are so many gamblers who also miss football, especially in the year of the World Cup.

"In this case, Liu Peng, you can go back now, but you have to choose Yu Lei or Xia Fei as your deputy, because so many of you are gathered in a small town with no one, and it would be a little uncomfortable for outsiders to see it." Appropriate, they may think that you are gathering in the mountains and forests; so your current status is the subordinates of the third prince, responsible for rejuvenating Tianshui Town, and Yu Lei or Xia Fei are the nominal leaders of Xintianshui Town, but Liu Do your own thing, Peng, and don't worry about their opinions, because these two guys are not suitable for this kind of work." Mr. He said with a smile.

   Liu Xing was overjoyed when he heard the words. He didn't expect things to develop so smoothly.

As for the choice between Yu Lei and Xia Fei, Liu Xing naturally chose Yu Lei. After all, Yu Lei helped his group solve the wine gorilla, and Xia Fei's ability seemed to be a deception, so Liu Xing didn't think his fighting power Can surpass Yu Lei.

   More importantly, Yu Lei's lightness skills are also very good, so with him in the alliance, if there is anything to report to the third prince in the future, Yu Lei can also be a guest courier brother.

  So Liu Xing chose Yu Lei decisively, while Xia Fei looked regretful.

After solving the most important problem, Liu Xing also relaxed, "Mr. He, we can still be responsible for our own profits and losses in Tianshui Town, but the goal given to us by Donggong Canglong is not just to integrate the dreams of Boyang City and Far West City." The man in the middle, uh, the man in the dream here refers to the person who met Canglong in the East Palace in the dream, and it is also what we call each other; on my way from Tianshui Town to Liangcheng, I found that every city has There will be at least a dozen people in the dream, so now I think there should be more people in the dream under the rule of the third prince..."

   "I understand what you mean, Liu Peng."

  Director He gave Xia Fei a wink, and Xia Fei took a small box from the side.

"There are ten tokens in this box. Holding this token means that you are doing things for the third prince. If you encounter any problems at that time, you can directly show this token. I believe most people will not Make it difficult for you; but you also have to remember one thing, that is, you are representing the third prince now, so I don't want you to bring me any bad news, and don't do something you shouldn't do, just honestly Take those dreamers to Tianshui Town." Director He said seriously.

  Liu Xing took the box, nodded and said, "We will not disappoint the Third Prince! If the Third Prince has any tasks, just assign them to us, and we will definitely do our best to complete them."

   "Well, then you can go back to Tianshui Town now, because I will accompany the third prince to Lotus City later, so I won't keep you."

  As soon as Mr. He finished speaking, Xia Fei understood him and helped him up, while Liu Xing and Yu Lei stood respectfully on both sides, letting Mr. He out of the room first.

After Mr. He left, Yu Lei stretched his waist and said: "Liu Peng, you are quite courageous. You dare to say anything directly, but the current situation is indeed the case. The third prince is going to Lotus City this time. It means he has made up his mind."

   "Well, how do you say that?"

   Liu Xing said with some doubts, because he really didn't know what was worth talking about in the lotus city.

"Now we are grasshoppers on the same rope, so I won't be fooling around here! This lotus city sounds ordinary, and it looks like it's just a small place that grows a lot of lotus, and its specialty is lotus root powder, but the lotus city In fact, it is a garrison station, and those so-called farmers are the private soldiers of the third prince, because fishing for lotus root is a labor-intensive job; so as long as the lotus city is well prepared, tens of thousands of soldiers can be armed overnight, And the Lotus City can also be turned into a strong fortress! Therefore, if there is no accident, the third prince will use the Lotus City as his command center in the future." Yu Lei said with a smile.

  So that's the case, it seems that the third prince has already made preparations.

   "Okay, since everything is done, let's go back to Tianshui Town directly. I have arranged a new carriage."

  Yu Lei got up and said: "After Mr. He returns to report to the third prince, he should also apply for a batch of weapons and armor for Tianshui Town, because if there is a real fight by then, there must be as many soldiers as possible."

  Liu Xing nodded, but suddenly remembered one thing, that is, the examination of the medical school will be held tomorrow, and the deadline for registration is before dark today.

  So if you want to leave Liangcheng now, you must arrive at a certain city before dark and register, and then stay until the next day after taking the exam before leaving.

   This is a bit troublesome.

At this time, Yu Lei also noticed Liu Xing's embarrassed expression, so he said with a smile: "Liu Peng, do you want to take the exam of the medical school? After all, your job is to be a doctor, and these two days you happen to be a doctor It's the day of the school exam; but don't worry, Liu Peng, didn't Manager He give you ten tokens? You can go back with me now, and when you stay in a certain city tomorrow night, you can go directly to take the exam. All you have to do is show your token.”

  Since Yu Lei said so, Liu Xing could only nod his head in agreement.

  So, before Liu Xing had time to have lunch in Liangcheng, he and Yu Lei returned to Tianshui Town in a carriage.

  As for the two brothers from the Zuo family, they each took a token and went to other cities to recruit players.

   I have to say that the carriage of the Third Prince's family is comfortable to sit in, and it also comes with an ice trough, which can effectively cool down the carriage.

  The most important thing is the point of this carriage—the horse looks like a top-notch horse at first glance, and the driver is also a real professional, so in half a day, he ran the two-day distance when Liu Xing came?

   "Unfortunately, Liu Peng, you don't know how to ride a horse, otherwise we can return to Tianshui Town tomorrow."

Yu Lei played with a finely crafted dagger, and said a little bored: "I always thought that riding a carriage is a very boring thing, but riding a horse is different. It is really happy, because the strong wind is blowing It feels really comfortable.”

Seeing that Yu Lei started the topic, Liu Xing naturally had to continue, "Oh? Brother Yu, can you teach me how to ride a horse? Actually, I really want to ride a horse because it looks so handsome, but I haven't Such an opportunity."

  (end of this chapter)

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