Real Cthulhu Running Game - Chapter 1912 loss

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  Chapter 1912 Lost

   "Okay, when Xia Fei comes to Tianshui Town later, he should bring a few good horses. You can choose one first, and I can teach you how to ride a horse."

Yu Lei said with a smile: "When I was practicing horse riding back then, I didn't fall less often, so Liu Peng, you have to be mentally prepared, but you should really learn to ride a horse, because if nothing happens, you may fall down in the future. You can ride horses and whip on the battlefield, even though you are just a doctor, you are also one of you... Uh, by the way, have you decided on what to call yourself?"

Facing Lei's question, Liu Xing didn't know how to answer it for a while, because the current alliance really doesn't have a name. After all, Liu Xing and others thought at the beginning that the third prince should name it, but it didn't work out. Thinking of getting things done without seeing the third prince this time; as for Mr. He, although he and the third prince had a deadly friendship, and even martial arts masters like Yu Lei and Xia Fei respected him, But no matter what he said, he was just a housekeeper of the palace, so if he asked Mr. He to name him, he would be suspected of crossing the line, not to mention that Mr. He also had a high probability of choosing to refuse.

Looking at Liu Xing with a twisted face, Yu Lei suddenly realized: "Oh, so you haven't named yourself yet! But it's true, it's really hard for you people to get together, saying that you It’s a sect and you don’t have the qualifications. If you say you are a business firm and you don’t know how to do business, it’s even more troublesome if you say you are a grassroots bandit, so your name is really not easy to choose.”

Liu Xing nodded quickly and said: "Yes, we also think so, because we really can't think of what name we should show ourselves to others. After all, we are mainly ordinary people. There are people from all walks of life, and of course there are Many disciples from sects have joined us; and what we are doing now is to deal with monsters from all over the world. As a result, there is no special statement for this. After all, things like solving monsters were passed by martial arts masters before this When we see injustice, we draw swords to help, or Wutai sends people to solve it, so we really don’t know what to call ourselves.”

"However, now we have divided seven flags according to the tasks that each needs to complete. Each flag represents a certain star that makes up the Eastern Palace Canglong. When there is only one monster, the corner flag responsible for hunting monsters is responsible for making the plan, and of course the specific implementation is also in charge of the corner flag; as for how to divide the remaining six flags, we have not yet determined, because we have not yet With the approval of the third prince, I don't know whether some things should be done, so these flags can only be decided after I go back."

"Well, this is quite in line with your situation, so why don't you simply build a small temple similar to the Earth Temple in Tianshui Town, and then directly enshrine the Eastern Palace Canglong? Then you can call yourself Donggong Canglong Temple or Donggong Canglong Temple? Then people asked what was going on, and you said that you dreamed about Donggong Canglong, so you decided to build a temple for it in Tianshui Town? You must know that I have been in the rivers and lakes for many years , I’ve seen things like this several times, but most of them are scams.” Yu Lei suggested.

As soon as Yu Lei's words came out, Liu Xing immediately felt enlightened. He and his group could indeed make a confession to Donggong Canglong. With the endorsement of the third prince, it would be much easier to recruit nearby NPCs. Well, after all, most of the NPCs in this martial arts module still believe in something, because there really is a **** here.

"Brother Yu, you have a good idea. Later, we will start cultivating Taoist temples when we arrive in Tianshui Town. How about letting Brother Yu be the master of the temple? Didn't Manager He say that we want you to be our nominal person in charge? , so this viewer is none other than you! And if someone comes to mess with you in the future, Brother Yu, you have to stand up, after all, the more than 100 people we have in Tianshui Town may not be able to beat you .” Liu Xing said with a smile.

Yu Lei didn't refuse, nodded directly and said: "No problem, let me be the master of the temple, but I'm just a name, and if someone doesn't open their eyes later, I can also let me solve it, but other things can be solved." You, Liu Peng, will be in charge."

Liu Xing nodded, and suddenly asked curiously: "By the way, Brother Yu, which sect do you come from? I think you have extraordinary lightness skills, and the flying knife in your hand is even more pointed. It should be from a certain school." A big sect, right?"

Hearing Liu Xing's question, Yu Lei's expression became a little embarrassed, "Uh, how should I put it, in fact, I was an official disciple of the Flying Knife Sect at the beginning, and this Flying Knife Sect, as the name suggests, is a professional The sect that taught flying knives had some influence in the city where I was born. As a result, this sect ceased to exist in the second year after I just became an official disciple. The merger was completed, and Liangcheng's Hidden Weapon Sect was finally formed; logically speaking, I should have become a formal disciple of the Hidden Weapon Sect, but there was a small accident in the middle, that is, I forgot to attend the establishment ceremony of the Hidden Weapon Sect."

"At that time, I went back to my hometown, because my grandpa had a serious illness there, so I brought some things back, and then I met some friends from childhood, so I bragged to them that I was going to go back to school soon. A disciple of a third-rate sect has become a disciple of a first-rate sect. You must know that the Hidden Weapon Sect is now considered to be the top three sects of its kind; as a result, I got carried away at the time and completely forgot the time of the founding ceremony. We went hunting nearby, but when I remembered, two days had passed since the founding ceremony, but it took three days to return to Liangcheng from my hometown."

"So when I went back, I found that I had been removed from the Hidden Weapon Sect, because the Hidden Weapon Sect needed to update the door plate within three days after it was established. As a result, I returned to Liangcheng on the fifth day, so I found out that it should belong to me. There are other people's names written on the door disc... But I have nothing to say about it, because I have to blame for this matter; but my former master did not blame me, but secretly sent me A secret book, let me learn by myself after I go back, after all, I was a disciple of Feidaomen before, so it is normal to know various martial arts of Feidaomen."

"So after I returned home, I practiced hard, and I was considered successful in my studies, so I went back to Liangcheng to find a job, and by chance, I became the third prince's subordinate, and at the same time, I got the opportunity to continue my studies. , because there are still many martial arts masters in the palace, so young people like us have the opportunity to ask them for advice; so, I chose a master who is good at light work, because I still don't want to be a disciple of the hidden weapon sect before. I was so worried about it, so I wondered if I had done light work before, would there be a chance to rush back to the hidden weapon gate at the last moment."

   "That's how it is. I didn't expect Brother Yu, your story is quite inspirational. After such a bad start, you can still make a comeback and become a capable general under the Third Prince." Liu Xing said enviously.

   "Hey, isn't that because of my talent?"

Yu Lei said with a smile: "You have to know that I was already a formal disciple of the Flying Knife Sect when I was eight years old, because the Flying Knife is different from other hidden weapons. It is divided into a blade body and a handle, so if you can't control it If the strength and angle are good, there will be an embarrassing scene where the handle of the knife hits the enemy, so this is still a test of talent. For example, when I took the entrance exam back then, I was required to get seven out of ten hits with flying knives. I remember that there were more than 20 people who accompanied me to take the exam, and besides me, there were only two people who achieved a score of 5 out of 10."

  Liu Xing curled his lips, but he didn't expect Yu Lei to wake up in Versailles suddenly at this time.

But having said that, Liu Xing has also played throwing knives and throwing axes in the real world. At that time, it seemed that he was participating in a garden party. There was a project in it, which was to spend money to buy ten throwing knives or throwing axes. In the end, it depends on the number of targets. Get corresponding rewards. . . Then Liu Xing tried both items, and in the end he only got two packs of tissues as a consolation prize.

Just like what Yu Lei said, the throwing knife and the throwing ax seem simple, as if they just need to be thrown hard, but in fact, the weight of the throwing knife and the throwing ax will be different during the flight process Continuous rotation, so if you don't control the strength well, there may be a situation where one operation is as fierce as a tiger, and the damage is 0.5 at first glance.

  Instead of the statement in the Cthulhu Running Group game hall, every throwing knife has to pass a judgment. If the judgment succeeds, the blade hits, and if it fails, it hits the handle, and the damage value is true. Start from zero.

  And if Liu Xing remembers correctly, the current record of throwing knives hit by Lao Maozi seems to be achieved by a three-year-old girl.

   That's right, three years old!

"So in the final analysis, I was too playful back then, and I liked to see the envious eyes of my friends, so I played a little carried away. If my father hadn't mentioned the founding ceremony, I might I will also play in my hometown for a few days."

Yu Lei said with a look of nostalgia: "And my talent in Qinggong is also good, so after my Qinggong master discovered this, he immediately called Mr. He, so I started to work with Mr. He. After that Director He also asked me to practice swords, guns and sticks. As a result, I don't have much talent in these weapons, and now I can only do self-defense; Knowing how to play tricks, you must know that his attainments in sword techniques can be said to be at the master level, no matter how many idlers can get close to him, unless he is exhausted from fighting, so if he goes to a certain place If a small town establishes a sect, then he can immediately become the number one master in this city."

  Hearing Yu Lei's words, Liu Xing felt that he had chosen the wrong person, because from the perspective of combat effectiveness, Xia Fei should be much stronger than Yu Lei.

So if you think about it carefully now, even if Liu Xing has come to terms with it, because Yu Lei and Xia Fei are the second envoys of Fei Lei under the third prince, their abilities should be able to complement each other, so that when facing each other He can respond flexibly to both situations, so it is normal for Yu Lei, as a long-range output, to match Xia Fei, a melee master.

As for the alliance that Liu Xing belongs to, in fact, it needs a melee master to sit in the town, because the enemies that the alliance needs to face now are basically monsters, and now the only monsters that are active near Tianshui Town are Guoshanfeng and Huohu, at most plus Let's talk about the four-winged giant eagle. In short, when these monsters face Lei's flying knives, as long as Yu Lei can't hit the vital point, then these flying knives will stand out without pain or itching.

Moreover, like these relatively large monsters, their attack methods are mainly close combat, and they directly use their advantages in size and strength to crush their opponents. Because this attack method is the simplest and most effective, Liu Xing and others are facing these In World of Warcraft, if no one can stand up to resist the line, then the formation will be broken up immediately.

Just like the previous Heshan County module, Liu Xing and his team set up a posture to deal with Guo Shanfeng. As a result, they were able to use the distance advantage to complete a few rounds of shooting at the beginning, but when Guo Shanfeng got close, the formation It was just chaos, and everyone had no intention of continuing to attack at all, they just ran around to save their lives.

You must know that the Guoshanfeng in this Heshan County module is a proper low-end version compared with the Guoshanfeng in this martial arts module, because Liu Xing has already inquired about it before, and this time the martial arts module Guo Shanfeng in the group has not only improved in size, but Miasma has also evolved from a passive skill to an active skill. The most important thing is that Guo Shanfeng can drive the surrounding poisonous snakes at will, which further limits the enemy's ability move.

In addition, Heshan County seems to have no more wood carvings of the Gray Mouse King, so it is basically impossible to use the Gray Mouse King to deal with the mountain wind, unless some players can invite the Gray Mouse King from other places. A woodcarving of the Mouse King.

  So Liu Xing reckoned that Guo Shanfeng should have a very important and difficult task, and this task would probably have something to do with the third prince.

   "By the way, Liu Peng, I remember that there is a magical beast named Guoshanfeng next to Tianshui Town?"

   Said that Cao Cao Cao Cao will be here, Liu Xing did not expect Yu Lei to mention Shanfeng at this time.

"When I joined Flying Daomen, I had already heard about the beast named Guoshanfeng, because one of my uncles fell into a slump because of its miasma, and now I can't even hold my chopsticks steadily. "

  (end of this chapter)

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