Realistic Game - Chapter 1100 cosmic difference

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Compared with explaining every theory, every conjecture, and every technique in detail, without discussing the feasibility, even if it is really feasible, this is not suitable for mages.

Mo Lan heard some theories about gravitational waves in a classroom, and heard the concept of gravitational wave detectors in practical applications, which immediately made Mo Lan very interested.

At present, the farthest detection distance in the world is still an optical telescope. Where there is light, you can find a way to detect it. Although limited by the speed of light, what optical detectors detect are things that were many, many years ago, but This also has very great scientific research value and application value, so optical telescopes have played a very important role in the breakthrough of astronomy, and also played a very large contribution in the process of human cognition of the universe and the world.

When Mo Lan was in the Abyss Continent, he tried to use ice blocks to build optical telescopes to detect information in the distance. Later, he also tried to build super-large optical telescopes to detect the universe and find other worlds.

But the cosmic starry sky outside the game world and the real cosmic starry sky are completely two different things. Although the real cosmic starry sky is also extremely empty, it is a vacuum with scarce material, but there are stars in the starry sky, and you can observe it in all directions from any place. See the stars.

In addition to stars, there are many stars in the cosmic starry sky. According to these stars, humans can not only complete the coordinate system that can be used in the universe, but also use the light emitted by them to study them and grasp their positions.

Therefore, although the starry sky in reality is extremely huge and the material is sparse, the human horizon is not limited. Wherever no equipment is used, anyone who lifts his head can see the shining starry sky and the distant stars. The "sun" beyond the distance.

But the cosmic starry sky in the game world is the same. The starry sky in the game world is not worthy of being called a starry sky, but a vacuum, a cosmic vacuum. There are no stars in it, not just matter, but even light. The degree of vacuum is more thorough than the real world. !

"My Iceberg Beauty Wife"

Although the human horizon in the universe of the game world has not been affected, there is no matter, not even light, just pitch black, and the pure black seems to be able to swallow everything.

Sometimes Mo Lan even wonders if there are no other planets or other worlds in the universe outside the game world?

But the problem is that Mo Lan has already encountered two worlds, two worlds where life was born, and these two worlds also have the sun, that is, stars...

As far as the light of stars is concerned, as long as the stars exist in this universe, they cannot be hidden. The light of stars can illuminate the universe, and the light emitted by stars can be seen in a wide range of the universe. Know the coordinates of the stars.

In terms of the probability of life being born, only a very small number of planets can give birth to life, and most of them are just deserted.

Excluding some of the barren planets without stars, there will definitely be a group of barren planets with stars left, and the stars of these planets will also bloom with their own light.

It's like the scene in the world of the universe is the scene that fits the normal situation, and the scene in the game world that is dark and nothing is particularly problematic.

In this case, optical telescopes or other optical detectors are useless, there is no light at all, what can optical detectors do?

Can't do anything!

Mo Lan has studied for a few days before, and finally came to the conclusion that the place where the game world is located may not follow the heliocentric theory, but according to the geocentric theory.

There are no planets in the universe here, only one world after another.

And even if there is a sun in these worlds, it is not outside, but exists within the world.

Just like the game world, the sun is also inside the world, and the sun also has to revolve around the earth.

In front of the sky and the earth, even the sun is just a younger brother, and he can only go around obediently, spreading light and heat honestly.

At the outermost periphery of the world, there is a world wall film that prevents all matter and energy from leaving and entering. Light is also energy, and naturally it is also within the blocking category of the world wall film.

Therefore, a world cannot penetrate any light, breath, and energy fluctuations into the outside world under the wrapping of the world wall membrane.

The world that will not emit any matter, energy, and is wrapped by the world's wall film is in the dark universe. At this level, unless you have been close to the world, you have already included the world into your spiritual power detection method. In other words, a beam of light just hits a world across countless distances, otherwise you will never be able to discover a world, even if it is very, very close to you.

The density of the planetary branches in the installable real universe, light years are basically just the basic unit, and if you don't know the specific coordinates, you want to launch a beam of light across countless distances just to illuminate a world.

This is bullshit, and it is also dangerous. You release a beam of light out, and you are often exposed when you find the other party, which is not safe.

And with other world lake faces, using mental power to detect it is even more ridiculous.

Therefore, in the game world universe where there are no planets and only worlds, the optical detector is a waste, so the universe outside the game world is pitch black, as if even light can be swallowed.

There may be a world within a few light seconds away from you, and there may not be a world dozens of light years around you.

Before, because there was not much demand for other worlds and did not dare to expand without authorization, Mo Lan did not continue to study.

But now it is different. Now not only has the strength reached the level of two true god-level professionals, but also has a demand for other worlds in terms of supervisors. UU reading

Especially those small worlds that are not as strong as theirs or barren worlds that have no life at all.

Every world contains amazing value, whether it is for individuals, for forces, or even for the entire civilization!

So when listening to the concept of gravitational waves and its application in detectors, Mo Lan couldn't help but think of this aspect and the aspect of detecting other worlds.

The starry sky outside the game world has no light, so optical detectors cannot be used.

What about gravitational wave detectors?

The indoor wall film can block energy, light, and matter, but can it also block mass and make mass disappear?

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