Rebirth of the Peerless Waste - Chapter 2681 break through

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"No matter who you are, what your identity, what background, if you dare to commit murder in Wanxing City, kill innocent people indiscriminately, or violate the city's regulations, you are enemies of all the testers on the entire ancient road, and everyone will be punished. "A soldier captain shouted, riding a huge black tiger and beast, holding a blood-splattered war ge, fighting spirit soaring above the sky, pressing down on Ye Tian like a mountain.

Each of these Xuncheng soldiers should not be underestimated. Some of them are testers themselves. After the test, they did not return to their ancestral land. They stayed in the city and waited for the next opening of the Ten Thousand Races Battlefield.

Their age is at least a thousand years old.

Even if you don't enter the battlefield of ten thousand races, practicing in the ancient city alone is far more than many heaven and blessings.

Deity Transformation is nothing, and there will even be Void Returners staying behind.

Because, whether it is to transform into a **** or return to the void, it is impossible to set foot on the ancient road of the starry sky. However, they can enter the battlefield of all races for trials.

Therefore, every trial, the birth of a **** on the ancient road is already the limit, but there are many ancient saints who have entered the battlefield of all races.

Some even came directly from their ancestral land, ignoring the ancient road of the stars.

So there will be such a situation, a tester dominates the ancient road of the starry sky, but in the end, he is only a weak chicken in the battlefield of ten thousand races.

This soldier captain also had the ambition of a wolf, and pushed Ye Tian to the opposite of all the testers. He wanted to activate all the testers to attack Ye Tian in groups.

Sure enough, as he said these words, many testers in the onlookers were eager to move.

"What should I do?" Shen Xi was so anxious that cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

She and Ye Tian got too close, and now it can be said that she and Ye Tian are grasshoppers on the same rope.

He didn't think that Ye Tian could be the enemy of the entire ancient city, and Ye Tian couldn't provoke the real city lord of Hedao who had not yet appeared.

And if Ye Tian loses, her consequences will definitely not be good.

"Senior Ye, why don't we..."

She wanted to persuade Ye Tian to bow his head and admit his mistake.


As a result, before she could finish her words, a killing beam suddenly appeared, and the divine spear cut through the sky like a big dragon in the beginning. , Yuanshen was also crushed on the spot.


Everyone took a deep breath.

Killing the soldiers patrolling the city on the street is the rhythm of fighting against the entire ancient city, and the rhythm of fighting against the city lord.

Throughout the ages, which tester dared to do this?

Shen Xi's chest rose and fell, and a storm surged in her heart.

Now she regrets to death, she really shouldn't recognize Ye Tian.

She thought she was hugging a thigh, but instead she pushed herself into the abyss.

"You bastard, daring to hunt and kill the captain is a sin of death. You all take action together and kill this officer, the city lord will be greatly grateful."

He raised his hand and threw eighteen flags, which were placed around Ye Tian's body.

Every banner is filled with stars, the sound of hunting and hunting, covering the sky and the sun, with the sun, moon and stars inside, like an ancient cosmic starry sky falling down.

It can be seen that the material of the banner is extraordinary.

How rare this thing is, its value is not inferior to divine gold.

The majesty of the avenue is permeating, and each flag seems to have a weight of hundreds of millions, and the entire giant city seems to collapse.

The vastness is like a waterfall, and from every banner, there are thousands of stars and rivers hanging down, submerging the world, and suppressing the blood of every person.

This is a powerful and extremely powerful avenue killing formation. The illusion of the sun, moon and galaxy is true. Once bound, it is like being exiled into the universe galaxy, and it will be crushed by countless stars.

Shen Xi was also unfortunately trapped in the killing formation of the hundreds of millions of stars and rivers, and only felt that the stars and rivers around her were changing, and the weather was changing, and she came to an unfamiliar universe in an instant.

Boom boom boom!

Countless big stars smashed at her overwhelmingly.

"Senior Ye, what should I do?" Shen Xi shouted anxiously, never feeling that death was so close to him.

"take it."

Ye Tian returned the divine spear of Absolute Beginning to her, smiled coldly, stretched out a big hand, and grabbed a big flag.

He is not at all afraid of the overwhelming power of the galaxy gushing out from the banner, covering the sky with a big hand, the stars are rolled back, the stars are broken, and the world of the galaxy is collapsing and destroyed.

"Void ban, give me the town!" The **** transformation commander shouted, his hands were sealed, and he cast a line of mana, blessing into the great formation.

At the same time, several other **** transformation leaders are also acting, casting spells together, and controlling the big formation.

The shattered star field became complete again, and it was even more terrifying.

Chi Chi Chi!

Shen Xi held the divine spear of Absolute Beginning and stabbed hundreds of thousands of times in an instant. The endless killing beams swept the heavens and the earth, each of which could destroy a star, but there are hundreds of millions of galaxies under this starry sky, and the stars are endless. can't be broken. If it continues like this, even if she is not crushed to death by Da Xing, she will exhaust herself to death.

Ye Tian is more than capable.

You can use all kinds of magical powers, all kinds of Taoist methods, I will break it with one punch!


As soon as the Chaos God and Demon Fist came out, nine days and ten places would be swept away. Many mana and infinite Taoism were all useless, and they were constantly destroyed under Ye Tian's fist.

The so-called confinement is only to make the transformed galaxy world static, and time almost stops flowing, but Ye Tian's understanding of the laws of space and time is so profound, mere little tricks are useless to him, the whole person is like a humanoid Tyrannosaurus, killing him. Invincible in the array.

The god-turning commander was terrified, and he made a sound in his mouth. The starlight above the ancient city was drawn down like a waterfall and poured into the great formation.

Boom boom boom!

The big star is more majestic, the number of stars is almost fission, and the number of stars is increasing.

At this moment, the entire killing formation was rioting, and the stars were endless, covering the sky, within reach.

Even standing outside the formation, you can feel the pressure, and it is hard to resist.

This is a great formation that can truly kill the gods!

However, UU reading www. The god-like figure of is still intact, and it is like a duck in water in the peerless killing array. Every time a fist is swung, thousands of stars will be shattered, and even the banner will shake, as if it is about to collapse.


A hanging galaxy shattered in that giant hand and turned into a dazzling star.

A crackling sound came out, and a banner finally fell apart and shattered.

And this is just the beginning. With the horizontal push of the figure, the universe galaxy transformed by the Peerless Killing Array is constantly shattered, and the banners are also torn apart one by one.

"You guys had fun, right? Is it my turn now?"

The starry sky was shattered, and the peerless killing formation was completely shattered by Ye Tian, ​​and he escaped from it, as if a killing **** came into the world and wanted to do something of extinction.

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