Rebirth of the Peerless Waste - Chapter 2682 The city master shot

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Terrible, really terrifying.

That figure rushed out of the peerless killing array, and with one punch, it was almost swept across the universe, and the eighteen banners were all shattered on the spot.

"Since you can't be abbot of justice, then I will kill justice and send you to the road one by one." Ye Tian's eyes were glare, and this moment was extremely powerful.


He stepped out one step, the sky and the earth were torn apart, not to mention this area, even the entire giant city shook violently, as if an eighteenth magnitude earthquake had occurred, and countless patterns recovered to resist damage.

The several **** transformation leaders all staggered back, unable to withstand Ye Tian's terrifying killing aura and tyrannical coercion.

Puff puff!

There were even a few soldiers who were close enough to be shaken into blood mist, and their primordial spirits were shattered on the spot.

He was very angry, and his long hair stood upright like a sword, bursting with forceful rays of light, and his fighting spirit was like a big fireball, burning down the universe and rushing forward.

All the people in the audience were all hairy, but they felt that this child was too scary. Is this the rhythm of making a scene in Wanxing City?

What is the realm of this child?

It can make the gods retreat, at least in the late stage of the gods, or at the peak of the gods.

It is more likely that this son has already proven the Way of Returning to the Void and is an ancient sage.

If he is the return to the emptiness of the ancient road of the trial, it will be too terrifying. Because only cultivators below the transformation level can set foot on the ancient road. In just a few decades, first breaking the transformation and then breaking back into the void is rare in ancient times.

If it is really a return to the virtual, everyone is more inclined to think that he did not participate in the trial, but came directly from the Wanxing City from an ancient land, in order to enter the Wanzu battlefield.

Every time the Ten Thousand Races Battlefield is opened, there will be a lot of Void Returning Ancient Sages coming from afar, because the opportunity of the Ten Thousand Races Battlefield is too tempting.

Some people will suppress the cultivation base to the peak state of returning to the virtual world, only half a step away from breaking through the joint path, in order to be able to break through in the battlefield of all races.

However, the Ancient Sage Returning to the Void is not without restrictions. Only the Ancient Sage Returning to the Void under the age of 5,000 is eligible to enter the battlefield of ten thousand races.

And there are very few ancient saints who return to the void at this age.

You must know that the average cultivator is tens of thousands of years old when he breaks through the transformation of the gods, and the breakthrough to return to the virtual is generally around 100,000 years old. There are very few ancient sages who are under five thousand years old, and all of them can be called unparalleled appearances.

However, less does not mean nothing.

The universe is widely praised, there are all races in the starry sky, and some races are born with divine veins.

In some sects, there is a transitional robbery, and there is a cover for the inheritance of the practice.

Therefore, every time the trial of all races in the starry sky will kill a few monsters against the sky, and when they enter the battlefield of all races, they will still return to the virtual realm, and when they come out, they will be in harmony.

Ye Tian returned to the peak of the virtual world, and it is likely that he was not the only one who entered the battlefield of ten thousand races in the same realm.

"Damn it! If you dare to be vicious in Wanxing City, aren't you afraid of the city owner's punishment?" The god-turning commander who had a lot of entanglement with Ye Tian roared, although his heart was hairy, he had to be brave enough to go up.

Because he knew that he had a huge backer behind him.

"Pull out the city lord to scare me, are you afraid of yourself? Since there is no invincibility, what are you still doing on the ancient road?" Ye Tian pressed step by step, shouting loudly.

In the voice, his spirit and strong spiritual will are infused, like a lion's roar, deafening, like Huang Zhong Dalu roaring.

Every time he took a step, the city also vibrated, pulsing with his steps.

Many people in the audience were influenced by his voice. Seeing his righteous and awe-inspiring appearance, they resonated with him. At this moment, it was like the awakening of ancient sages, their minds were controlled by him, and they shouted in unison.

Boom boom boom!

A great coercion attacked the leader of the gods. This was the collective will of all the people who resonated in the audience. They asked him and complained.

It seems that at this moment, Ye Tianhua has become the Lord of Humanity, and everyone has become his followers.

"You disregard the facts, confuse black and white, and be the commander of the city." Ye Tian asked.

The crowd cheered in unison.

The power of faith destroys and destroys, and goes forward without breaking anything.

The leader of the gods only felt as if an invincible **** was coming to him, the whole body was rumbling, and the sound waves were pouring into his mind.

He couldn't say a word, he could only keep backing up, and every time he took a step back, he would spit out a mouthful of blood.

This is a powerful deterrent, killing, slaughtering, crushing a person's mind and turning him into a loser.

There were also some strong people around who were not controlled by Ye Tian's Daoyin, and watched from the sidelines, but they also set off a storm in their hearts.

Fairy Fuyao was in a restaurant with a height of 100 feet, sitting on the top floor by a window, holding a Yaoqin under her hand, the sound of the piano was ding-dong, like a clear spring flowing. Her eyes were attracted by Ye Tian, ​​and her beautiful eyes were full of brilliance.

"Enough! Ignore my presence?"

Suddenly, a shocking roar came from the ancient city.

This roar actually suppressed Ye Tian's Taoist voice, causing the Taoist resonance to collapse instantly. Everyone came back to their senses and shook their heads vigorously, as if they were in a daydream.


A huge black palm descended from the sky, like a black sky, the sun, moon and Xinghe seemed to be destroyed under this palm, and in the blink of an eye, Ye Tian was covered below.

Cover the sky with one hand!

As if the entire universe is within this palm.

This is an earth-shattering scene that shocked the world.

Ye Tian's eyebrows stood upright, and he felt a terrible murderous intent.

"It's the Lord of the City who made the move."

"Is this the means of the true immortals of the Tao?"

"If you don't do it, you won't die. I want to see how this kid escapes."

There were countless exclamations in the ancient city.

Lord City Lord finally couldn't hold back his shot.

For these big things with sesame and mung beans, the old man was disdainful to take action, but now he suddenly takes action, obviously very angry.

At this moment, death is so close.

He Dao Zhenxian is an existence that ordinary people can never imagine.

Ye Tian was already on the verge of transcending tribulation, and this moment can be said to be even more difficult.

At the same time, the countless patterns in the ancient city recovered, and layers of curtains shrouded the sky above the ancient city, turning into a huge dome that was indestructible. is like the crystal wall boundary membrane of the small world, in order to prevent Ye Tian from escaping.

Ye Tian never thought of fighting the Lord of the True Immortal Hedao, but if forced to, he would not have stage fright.

Although he does not have the Dao Fruit of a True Immortal, he really already has the power of a True Immortal, and with an immortal weapon, he is fearless. The big deal hits the ancient city and shatters.

Ye Tian took out the Chaos Immortal Armament and was ready to confront the City Lord of Hedao.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly came, saying: "Sir City Lord, this person is the servant of my son's fancy, and I hope you can show mercy."

The sound is like the sound of nature, beautiful and beautiful.

Accompanied by this voice, a sound wave, like a tsunami, rushed out of a restaurant with a height of 100 feet, sweeping up the sky, trying to block the black raised hand that fell down.

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