Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor - Chapter 3602 auspicious beast

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As for the two women next to them, their strength is also in the late Taiyi period.

There are two guards behind the man, who look fierce and vicious, and their strength is impressive in the early stage of the Daluo Jin Dynasty!

Zhang Yifeng wanted to find a chance and slipped away directly from here, but at this moment, a guard found Zhang Yifeng and shouted angrily.

"Who are you? How did you come here?"

"I'm just passing by!"

Zhang Yifeng wanted to sneak away, but it seemed that he was out of the game, so he couldn't help scratching his head.

"You're kidding me! This kind of place is a place where you can come as you please? Don't you know that this is the forbidden land of Deep Demon Valley!"

"Why are you talking so much to him? This kid is just an ant!"

The other guard, who looked like a ruthless character at first glance, started directly.

With a big wave to Zhang Yifeng, a terrifying aura gathered in his palm.

Directly towards Zhang Yifeng and took a picture here.

At this moment, Zhang Yifeng frowned slightly, and he didn't expect that the two would do it directly.

Zhang Yifeng is not a generation to be slaughtered, and he directly waved forward with one hand.

A terrifying force burst out, forcibly pushed up, and the two forces continued to hand over.

Zhang Yifeng felt a little powerless, he never imagined that people in the Great Luo Realm would be so powerful.

Fortunately, his strength is strong enough, otherwise this move would not be able to be taken at all.

And the guard also felt a little strange that his slap was not able to kill Zhang Yifeng directly.

On the contrary, he felt that there was a huge rebound force from this palm, making his hands slightly numb.


Looking at Zhang Yifeng in front of him, the guard snorted coldly with a playful expression.

"Why do you want to do something to me, we have no grievances or enmity!"

Zhang Yifeng said coldly, he has no plans to be enemies with them now, it depends on the situation.

Maybe the guy just now was just testing himself.

"Since you don't speak, then I will retire first!"

Seeing that they didn't speak, Zhang Yifeng wanted to find a chance to leave. After all, he didn't want to provoke these guys because he didn't know the place well.

"The boy really thinks of me Deep Demon Valley. It's a place where you can come and leave if you want, not to mention that you have run to the forbidden area! If you meet my eldest Sun Zhanpeng, it will be bad for you."

The man in the middle suddenly spoke up.

"Forget it, don't waste time with him, imprison him here first, let's go and see where the beast is!"

The man suddenly shook his head, as if he didn't take Zhang Yifeng in his eyes. He does have this capital, because he is the eldest Sun Zhanpeng!

And the realm of the boy in front of him is only in the early stage of Taiyi realm. In this realm, even his servants are inferior, let alone the guards beside him.

"Yes! Young master!"

One of the guards formed a huge ring directly in his hands.

This ring shrouded Zhang Yifeng.

The golden brilliance began to flicker continuously, forming a powerful imprisoning force for each other.


Zhang Yifeng's face was shocked, he knew that his strength had not fully recovered.

Wouldn't it make him embarrassed to face a big Luo?

And he looked at the group of people in front of him, with a lot of background.

Zhang Yifeng can't take out the God of Slaying now.

God Zhan is his trump card, if this trump card is played, these people must die.

"Young man, just stay here honestly! The young master said that he will take you away immediately. People like you should be brought back and interrogated to see if they are the spies of our Demon Valley!"

After saying this, the guard returned directly to the man's side, and then the group walked away.

"What happened to Brother Peng? Didn't find the aura of that beast?"

A woman's voice came, saying, she sensed with her soul, and did not notice any aura here.

The vicious beast just disappeared!

It made her feel a little strange. It stands to reason that the fierce beast was sealed here!

"Disappeared, how is it possible! That beast has the shackles of the master, it is absolutely impossible to escape here!"

Changsun Zhanpeng was also a little strange. He was suspended in mid-air and did not find any trace of beasts.

It made him feel a little strange, and the key point is that there are traces of battle.

Soon, everyone came to the top of the mountain, and they could feel the strong smell of blood here.

You must know that all the beasts here are caught by them, just to keep this huge beast in captivity, and they only come here to deliver food on schedule!

"Damn, this is an auspicious beast. Where did he go?"

Zhangsun Zhanpeng's tone was a little angry. He came to find the auspicious beast. It was the task that the master gave him, but now he could not see where the auspicious beast was!

I continued to explore all around, but I still didn't find any breath. I looked at the barrier in the sky and there was no damage to the barrier. What was going on?

Why is this auspicious beast gone?

It stands to reason that people outside cannot know, unless there is a powerful person who comes here and takes this auspicious beast away.

"Hu Yi, Changsun Xue, look carefully." Changsun Zhanpeng said to the two women.


The two women released their mental power and kept looking around. They are also very anxious, after all, this is also the task of the two of them.

If something happened, Zhang Sun Zhanpeng would be better to say, after all, his identity is somewhat special.

But the two of them are different and may be severely punished, so they also want to quickly find this auspicious beast.

"" Brother Peng, come and take a look, there seems to be bloodstains of that monster here. "

"What! No, this is indeed its blood, otherwise it would be impossible for flowers and plants to grow here. On this desolate ground, only his blood has the ability to revive!"

Zhangsun Zhanpeng said indifferently, the words fell, and the guards Ning Mubo and Feng Erhao looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

The two of them came here to protect the three of them, and now they can't find any powerful beasts with their breath.

"Judging from the scene, it is possible that the murderer is already dead, and there is no breath of life at all, and I can only feel a very terrifying killing aura here!"

Feng Erhao said lightly, seeing that there were not many traces of fighting on the ground, and looking at the degree of destruction in front of him, it was completely the work of the beasts, but the slaughter aura mixed in it, someone might come over and take a move and directly kill it. He killed!

"According to my inference, this person is very powerful, and it was a move to deal with this beast, otherwise it will definitely retain his original aura, and it will not be so terrifying, we can feel an evil and killing from above! "

When Ning Mubo said these words, Zhangsun Zhanpeng felt that something was wrong.

Could it be that the great power came here, and if he wanted to pass through this enchantment, there was only such a possibility.

"Check it out here, no matter what, you must find clues!"

Under the orders of Changsun Zhanpeng, the people were suspended in mid-air, and they were also searching in a carpet.

I want to track down the information about this beast.

On the other side, Zhang Yifeng was imprisoned in this golden halo because he had not resisted before.

But at this time, the killing aura in his hand has a powerful destructive ability. It is not difficult to leave.

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