Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor - Chapter 3729 Task Court

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At this time, Yan Long had already returned from the outside, after he came back, he found Zhang Yifeng, Shen Tuba and Shen Tu Yi, and threw a token to the three of them, saying at the same time.

"This is the token of the disciples of the outer sect of Tianlongzong. You should keep it first. You can only enter the inner sect after reaching the late stage of the Great Luo Realm. But this is not urgent for now."

"Thank you, senior." Shen Tuba and Shen Tu Yi saluted Yan Long.

Looking at the token in their hands, the two of them were very excited. They didn't expect to become the disciples of Tianlongzong so easily!

This is something they never dared to think about before.

"I am now an elder of Tianlongzong, these are just trivial matters."

Yan Long said lightly, without taking it seriously.

Zhang Yifeng and the others were immediately amazed, they didn't expect Yanlong to become an elder so quickly.

Soon, they learned from Yan Long that in Tianlongzong, as long as they reach the Immortal King Realm, they can become the elders of the outer sect, and above the Immortal King Realm, they can become the elders of the inner sect.

Zhang Yifeng suddenly became serious, it seems that there are so many powerful people in the ancient fairy world, and even the immortals are not enough to look at!

The fairy king is nothing more than an elder of the outer sect!

"As far as I know, three months later, Tianlongzong will hold the examination of inner disciples. As long as you pass, you can become inner disciples. During this period, you should practice hard. In Tianlongzong, I am your disciple in name master."

Immortal Yanlong continued to speak.

Zhang Yifeng was in a daze for a while, did Yan Long change from his senior brother to his master?

Of course, this is only in name, Yanlong will not let Zhang Yifeng change his name to call him master.

"Master, please be respected by your disciples!"

Shentuba and Shentuyi were extremely solemn, they immediately knelt down and kowtowed three times to Yanlong.

They understood that if it wasn't for Yan Long, they wouldn't be able to enter Tianlongzong at all.

This is already a great kindness, let alone relying on Yanlong to take care of them in Tianlongzong in the future, so the two of them are naturally extremely grateful to Yanlong, and it is not too much to call them masters.

Yan Long waved his hands, he accepted the title, and immediately got the two of them up.

Zhang Yifeng asked at this time: "Brother Yanlong, do you know what Tianlongzong plans to do next?"

Yan Long shook his head and said: "I don't know about this, but Tianlongzong shouldn't make any big moves in a short time."

"After all, the Tianlongzong lost a lot of masters in this attack on the forbidden area. Just one-third of the monks in the Daluo realm were lost. Dozens of strong people in the fairy realm also died. The elders of Wangjing also lost a few."

Zhang Yifeng was taken aback immediately, he didn't expect that Tianlongzong suffered such a serious loss this time, even the immortal kings and immortal kings died so many.

Fortunately, Tianlongzong has a profound background, and it will not take much time to replenish these forces.

Yan Long continued: "Okay, you can talk about Tianlongzong's affairs in my cave, but outside, it's better not to talk about it."

"After all, Tianlongzong has suffered this loss, everyone must have some shadows in their hearts, so as not to get angry."

"I'm going to retreat here for a period of time to consolidate my cultivation. The time is about a month. If the younger brother is in a hurry, you can go to the task pavilion of the outer door to pick up some tasks for fun. By the way, ask about the sun dragon, the moon dragon, and Xuan Chess piece news."

"However, Junior Brother, please remember to pay attention to safety. Although the token of Tianlongzong is a talisman, the various forces in the ancient fairy world are intricate, so we should be careful."

Zhang Yifeng nodded and said, "Don't worry, brother, I usually don't go out and cause trouble."

Yan Long nodded, he knew this very well, and Zhang Yifeng didn't have any enemies when he first came to this world, so he was relieved that Zhang Yifeng went out to do the mission.

Afterwards, Yan Long left here and went back to his room to retreat.

"Master Zhang, what should we do now? Should we stay here to practice, or go out and do missions?" Shentuba asked at this time.

Zhang Yifeng pondered for a moment, and then said: "Why don't we take some small tasks and go out for a while, anyway, it's rare to gain anything if we stay here."

"What's more, I still need to inquire about my other two senior brothers and sisters, as well as the news of my second brother's sworn brother."

Hearing what Zhang Yifeng said, Shentuba and Shentuyi naturally had no objections.

The three of them discussed it and made a decision, and then they left the cave and went to the mission pavilion of Tianlongzong, ready to go there to pick up a mission.

However, Tianlongzong has a vast land and resources, and they are not very clear about the exact location of this task pavilion.

Fortunately, they met a disciple of Tianlongzong on the way, and Zhang Yifeng and the three went up to answer the question and asked where the task pavilion was.

"Hello, brother, the three of us are new disciples who joined Tianlongzong and are not familiar with Tianlongzong. Excuse me, where is the Mission Pavilion?" Zhang Yifeng and the three said.

"A new disciple?" The disciple was stunned for a moment, and after thinking about it, Tianlongzong didn't seem to have recruited disciples recently? Could it be that some big guy took it in?

This shouldn't be the case, if those big bosses brought it, why didn't they even explain such a small problem clearly to them?

"Didn't the master who brought you to the beginning didn't tell you?" The disciple couldn't help asking curiously.

The three of Zhang Yifeng looked at each other, and immediately said: "No, after the master brought us in, he went to retreat, so before we had time to understand the situation, we wanted to go out and do tasks to earn some points."

The disciple suddenly showed a stupefied look, and then said: "No wonder, it just so happens that I also went to the Mission Pavilion to pick up the mission, you might as well go with me."

"Thank you, Senior Brother." Zhang Yifeng and the three of them clasped their fists together.

Afterwards, the three of them and the monk headed towards the Mission Pavilion.

On the way, several people chatted for a few more words and reported their names to each other. Only then did Zhang Yifeng learn that this monk was named Zhao Huaiwu, who was also an outer disciple, and his cultivation base was at the late stage of Da Luo Realm!

Not long after, the four of them arrived at the mission pavilion, and saw that there were a lot of people here, and many disciples came here to receive the mission.

Through Zhao Huaiwu's introduction, the three of Zhang Yifeng immediately understood how to accept the task.

In the lobby of the mission pavilion, there is a mission board, and the difficulty and mission goals are marked.

Ordinary tasks can be completed by one or two monks, but the points are less, and slightly more difficult tasks require several monks to form a team to complete, and the points are more reasonable.

As for difficult tasks, although there are many points, it is difficult to complete, and the possibility of failure is very high. There have been such examples in the past.

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