Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3683 Confused

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The elder of the Fire Chief is almost so hot that he seems to be about to explode at any moment.

Is it not good to fight over whom?

Robbing Luo Wuji?

Moreover, what they robbed was the key thing given by Long Yi.

I thought about being lawless alone, but I didn't expect that I would actually grab Luo Wuji's head!

"Elders!" Although Huo Ri was puzzled by the anger of the elder Huo Ri, he clasped his fists and bowed.

And the five elders came with gloomy expressions.

"Elders!" Huo Jing cupped his fists and bowed at this time, but he still put the things in his hands back.

"Where's the thing?" Even the usually calm elder Tu Chang was already trembling with anger this time.

"Elders, I snatched this thing, even if you saw it, you can't just take it away, right?" Huo Jing obviously misunderstood, thinking that the five elders were going to take away the treasure he robbed.

These words blinded the Fire Minister's old-fashioned eyes, why did he have such a person in the Fire Department?

It's really time to educate these juniors in his fire department.

But the most critical thing at this moment was that Huo Ri spoke again.

"Elders, it is true that Huo Jing discovered this thing first, and he also snatched it. I don't think, as elders, you should not steal something from a junior, right?" Huo Ri said again.

He must be helping Huo Jing, otherwise he would not have said that he was responsible.

"Things, take them out!" The Fire Chief shouted loudly.

In an instant, there was a feeling of grabbing.

This made Huo Jing shrink back abruptly, as if ready to run away at any moment.

"Elders, this was snatched by a younger generation, and you elders are so blatant to **** it?"

"Aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"

"I'm laughing at your mother!" The Fire Minister finally couldn't help it this time, and the monstrous flames instantly boiled up, surrounded by five-colored flames.

"Take down this group of idiots!" the Fire Chief elder said.

These words made everyone's faces change, and the others hesitated slightly, because after all, this was letting their own people deal with their own people.

So the people in other departments were indeed still in a daze.

"What are you doing in a daze?"

"How about watching a play?" The other four elders were also furious at this moment.

"Elders, even if you are elders, you shouldn't use your power to **** a junior, right?" Huo Ri was also furious at this moment.

And Huo Jing has already escaped into the air!

"Elders, I snatched it, why do you want to **** it?" Huo Jing still hugged the lotus tightly.

This scene is so infuriating.

But before the five elders did something more radical, the breath of hundreds of millions of gods erupted in an instant.

The aura of the gods shook the heavens and the earth, and they were not suppressed here, and the number of people in the first era was also very small. The aura of many gods broke through the sky, as if a decisive battle was about to take place.

At the same time, the terrifying aura of immortals and great monsters that filled the sky in the second era also sprinkled across the sky and earth like a galaxy.

Endless coercion rose across the sky.

In an instant, the dense army surrounded all around at once!

This battle is also too big, almost the second and third eras are going all out to hunt them down!

"Could it be that the five elders still want to take sides?" Maha and the commander-in-chief of the immortal general said coldly at this moment.

Before Yancheng and Endless Abyss, after all, it was a dream and was suppressed. They were jealous of the five elders.

But here, this is the main city, they have no scruples!

"Do it!" Maha yelled loudly, and hundreds of quasi-kings took action in an instant!

The people of the First Era saw that something was wrong, and they immediately wanted to help!

"Do it!"

The human race of the first era of Bang Long made a move, and the breath touched it, and it was actually aimed at the second and third eras.

"I told you to take action against Huo Ri Huo Jing and the others!" The five elders' eyes darkened again in anger.

Huo Ri finally reacted this time.

His face changed suddenly.

Who did they rob?

Actually let the five elders, let the second and third era mobilize the army to round them up?

Huo Jing was also dumbfounded at this moment!

But before he could react, he was almost fully fired.


Waves of divine power and immortal power fell instantly, covering him in all directions in an instant, and he was immediately set on fire.

At this moment, even if he is a human race of the first era, even if he is born with the peak of humanity, there are too many of them!

Terrible force struck, and he was seriously injured almost instantly.

After all, hundreds of millions of attacks are causing the scalp to tingle!

"My Lord Luo asked me to tell you something, he wants to live!" Hong Biao came to the scene and said.


The breath subsided in an instant, but Huo Jing's end was very miserable, and he was almost beaten all over his body, bleeding non-stop.

As soon as Huo Ri raised his head at this moment, the quasi-kings of the first era made a move, and several quasi-kings subdued Huo Ri in an instant.

"What exactly is going on?"

"Slap!" A loud slap rang out, making Huo Ri dumbfounded for an instant, because it was the fire minister's slap.

But it's not over yet.


Another slap came, and then a third slap came again.

Clap clap!

Intensive slaps kept ringing out, slapping Huo Ri's face incessantly, his face was about to be slapped to pieces.

"Press me over all the people involved!" The Fire Chief was very annoyed!

The ten quasi-kings, Huo Jing and others were all escorted there.

It was a divine court full of people standing on both sides, with immortals on one side and gods on the other, with some people standing and one sitting in the middle.

When they saw the person sitting there, Huo Ri and Huo Jing were stunned.

Isn't this the one they robbed?

"How do you want to die?" Fuyao said coldly.

"Blind your dog eyes, who would dare?" This scene immediately terrified Huo Jing and Huo Ri, because this is obviously the high-level of the second and third eras. The key point is that the high-level people of the first era not only They can't protect them, but the five elders clasped their fists at Luo Chen and bowed at this moment.


This worship made the hearts of Huo Ri and Huo Jing sink to the bottom of the valley.

"Mr. Luo, people have been arrested, how do you think about it?" The five elders wanted to die at this moment.

They had already offended Luo Chen before, and finally eased the relationship a little, and they all still counted on Luo Chen's survival.

As a result, the people below actually did something bad.

This was even worse than Tian Fei, and made them feel anxious.

"People belong to you, what should I do?" Luo Chen's face turned cold.

Huo Jing was stunned at this moment.

The faces of the five elders suddenly changed drastically!

Because I am not afraid of Luo Chen's handling, but I am afraid that Luo Chen will not deal with it.

"Maybe you ordered it yourself!" "Why don't you take the things and go in and find them yourself?" The prince was looking at Huo Jing, Huo Ri and the others.

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