Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3684 circle of history

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As soon as these words came out, the five elders broke out in a cold sweat.

Maha and the commander of the immortal general looked at the five elders coldly!

Obviously they also doubted this matter.

After all, it seems that the young juniors were the ones who grabbed it this time, but the Zhun Wang participated!

It's really hard to say that it has nothing to do with me.

This made the five elders pale, and then spoke again.

"Tell me, did we let you **** it?" The fire chief went up and slapped him.

"Forget it, this play is meaningless!" Fuyao said impatiently.

These words made the five elders suddenly feel powerless.

They really have nothing to do with this matter!

"Hit me, don't beat me to death, beat the rest hard!"

There was a burst of painful wailing and punching and kicking, even the ten quasi-kings like Huo Ri were not spared.

At this moment, each of them has their teeth broken. How has the dignified king been treated and humiliated like this?

Not even on the battlefield!

Now he was beaten to death by his own people?

At the end of the fight, Huo Jing's group of people twitched non-stop on the ground, almost dying.

Blood flowed all over the place.

"Is it easy to grab something?" The prince sneered.

"Why, why?" Huo Ri also said with difficulty at this moment.


The Fire Chief slapped him in the face again.


"This thing was given to Mr. Luo by Long Yi of the Endless Abyss. It is to solve the problem of the Endless Abyss. I am looking for you to go in with Mr. Luo to fulfill the conditions proposed by Long Yi!"

"Without this thing, there is no way to complete it. It's too late for everyone to protect it, but you snatched it?" The old minister of fire looked as if he wanted to eat the fire sun.

At this moment, Huo Ri and Huo Jing's minds roared.

This thing is so important?

Who dares to grab this?

Whoever snatches this offends the three eras, plus the fifth era.

Offended five eras in one go!

"We don't know, we really don't know!"

"Don't, you kid said at the time that even if the king of heaven is here, you dare to **** it. How arrogant are you!" The prince directly caught him!

"What about things?" Luo Chen asked.

"It's here with me." Elder Mu said and asked someone to present it quickly.

With a wave of Luo Chen's hand, the thing fell into his hands, and then Luo Chen raised his hand and threw it in front of Huo Jing.

"Here's something for you, take it." Luo Chen said indifferently.

How dare Huo Jing want this thing at this moment?

It's not that Luo Chen made a big fuss, but this time he's not ruthless. People from the first era will enter the fifth era. I'm afraid they will grab whatever they see, so it's okay?

So Luo Chen simply took the opportunity to beat the first era. After all, according to the current situation, it will be a matter of time before the first era enters the fifth era.

"If you don't pick it up, give it back to Mr. Luo?" the five elders shouted loudly.

At this time, Huo Jing held up the lotus tremblingly.

"Give it to Mr. Luo on your knees!" The Fire Chief shouted loudly.

Huo Jing knelt down and presented it to Luo Chen.

With a wave of Luo Chen's hand, Lianhua came back again.

"These people were killed, killed in front of the mountains, rivers, geography and the earth, and then hung up their bodies for a full month before they could marry." Luo Chen got up, turned and left.

These words not only did not make the five elders feel nervous, but made them breathe a sigh of relief.

After all, killing him means that the matter can be resolved.

If you kill them, just kill them, even if Luo Chen doesn't ask for this matter, it is impossible for them to be let go in the second and third eras!

"Keep these quasi-kings, they are useful!" the crown prince added.

Then a group of secular people filed out with Luo Chen.

The screams sounded, and everyone in the first era saw it, or everyone in the fairy world saw it.

This is a warning, but also a punishment.

"Order, let our people come, be honest, and stop messing around!" The five ministers were very angry.

Only this scene was after all a mountain, river, geography, and earth, but it was seen by several people from the Heavenly and Human Dao Palace.

The few of them are just some servants of the geniuses of the Heavenly Human Dao Palace, or called slaves.

"The people of the fifth era are domineering and vicious. This is a warning to us in the first era!" One of the servants said, he had already crossed the ninth floor, but because of his blood and identity, he was just a servant. .

"It really seems to be warning us, I heard that the fifth part is cooperating with them!" Another servant said.

"Master, they don't like lotus, otherwise what if they rob them?" Although these people are servants, they are very arrogant.

Because in their view, the Five Parts are very weak and incompetent. In the first era, they are not considered a big force at all.

As for the so-called geniuses in the five films, they are just mediocre. In their hearts, they are all a group of regressive, civilized barbarians. How can they compare with their Palace of Heaven and Humanity?

And the master they talked about was naturally the person who entered Tianhuang in the chariot pulled by the four holy beasts!

And this time, not only the people from the Heavenly Human Dao Palace, but also the Eternal Human Court and the Emperor Dao Clan should also send people here.

Luo Chen had already brought people to the entrance of Tianhuang.

It's just that there seems to have been a big war here, and the corpses of many gods and immortals are lying here.

"A group of people went in before, all of them were arrogant and domineering. They just killed the guards here and went in."

"By the time we arrived, the person had disappeared." Fuyao followed at this moment.

"Let the army go." Luo Chen said holding a lotus flower.

"It should be someone from the Palace of Heaven and Humanity." The five elders also followed at this moment.

"This time, like the Palace of Heaven and Humanity, the Emperor and Dao clan should know about it, and they will definitely send people here." Elder Mu said.

"How do they compare to you?" The prince asked curiously.

"It's really hard for us to compare with them. Although the Human Emperor's Department ruled the entire First Era back then, what was later implemented was to divide the world!"

"The Emperor's Dao Clan, Heavenly Human Dao Palace, etc. all have their own territory. Although everyone respects the emperor's family, they manage their own territory and power!" the elder Tu said. "Later, there were internal strife in the Human Emperor's Department, and the five departments have been fighting over the years. Many powerful figures have indeed died. Of course, the most important thing is the problem of shackles, and forces such as the Heavenly Human Dao Palace have always maintained high-end abilities.

Even though the strength of the big forces has declined due to the shackles, they are still very terrifying! "The five elders said.

In fact, this is also the reason why Luo Chen chose to trade with Long Yi, because the first era is finally gone.

It was a result, but how did it pass away?

Maybe it was caused by Long Yi and the others. Of course, this is just a guess. Maybe it is the same as the second era. It did not pass away, but came to the fifth era, and successfully occupied the fifth era. Therefore, judging from the past history, the first era is indeed Disappeared.

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