Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3701 sin in the present

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Chapter 3701

Dust is still trapped here for ten years!

In the past ten years, the traces of time have appeared on Ah Chen's body.

Obviously, because of the shackles in his body, he can no longer achieve immortality, or in other words, cannot achieve eternal youth.

But Ah Chen was very calm, even a little happy.

"Is this nature?" Ah Chen felt the passage of time on his body, and this state is the correct path.

instead of never dying.

Because everything in the world, such as flowers, plants and trees, will go from birth to death. Unlike the pursuit of longevity, Ah Chen pursues natural death and stays with nature.

At this moment, Ah Chen's body turned into the Taiyi Immortal Physique, and then into the Chaos Dao Physique, and various physiques appeared on his body at this moment.

This is the most primitive physique, although it is weaker than the human holy body, but at this moment, because he is close to nature, various physiques were born in him.

And Ah Chen always refused to inherit Di Jiang's skills.

Also in the tenth year, the eldest sister and the second sister came!

They are back!

It's just that the eldest sister and the second sister have become a little different. They have more murderous aura, less of the softness and kindness of the past, and more of the kind of killing aura that was fought desperately on the battlefield and survived fortunately. .

They are still young, but their expressions have become mature.

"Ah Chen!" The eldest sister and the second sister let go of their vigilance at the moment they saw Ah Chen, restrained their murderous aura, and seemed to return to the state where the eldest sister and the second sister were together with Ah Chen ten years ago .

In the past ten years, Ah Chen has lost his elder sister and second sister, but there are two more female warriors in the Human Emperor's Department!

Obviously, in order to keep Ah Chen, the eldest sister and the second sister joined the army of the Human Emperor's Ministry, joined the army abroad, and then fought with their lives on the battlefield, using one death crisis after another to exchange for Ah Chen's peace and life.

"Eldest Sister, Second Sister!" Ah Chen could tell at a glance that in the past ten years, the two of them may have experienced countless hardships and tribulations, and how many times of life and death disasters.

"It's okay, the eldest sister and the second sister are fine, we took you out." The eldest sister and the second sister smiled, and the eldest sister said.

The two of them opened the restriction here as they spoke.

This is in exchange for military exploits. The eldest sister and the second sister exchanged their lives for military exploits on the battlefield, and then they exchanged military exploits for Ah Chen’s safety. Now that their military exploits are enough, they can take Ah Chen out and be imprisoned here. .

Ten years later, many forces in the Great Wilderness began to besiege and massacre the Human Emperor's Department, and the Human Emperor's Department also organized a counterattack. It can be said that the entire Great Wilderness was in chaos.

The flames of war spread to every uninhabited land in the wilderness, every piece of land, star field and universe that can be entered.

"Let's go, we've built a new home." The elder sister brought Ah Chen to a place with beautiful mountains and rivers, where birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, and the environment is beautiful.

It is one of the few pure lands now.

And this place has built a new wooden house, and new furniture has been placed in the wooden house.

When they came to the wooden house, the second sister began to cook skillfully, while the eldest sister accompanied Ah Chen to bask in the sun in the yard, and even checked Ah Chen's body.

"Do you really want to persist?" The eldest sister asked, because she knew that there was a plague in Achen's body. After the death of the Emperor, the plague spread rapidly in the Emperor's Department.

Anyone infected by the plague will have shackles in their bodies, and at the same time, this plague will be inherited and passed on to the next generation.

And the eldest sister knew that Ah Chen also had these plagues on him.

"That's it, it's good." Ah Chen said.

"It's time to eat!" The second sister tapped on the table, indicating that the meal is ready.

Looking at the table full of food, Ah Chen picked up the chopsticks, and then ate the food with big mouthfuls. It was still the familiar taste, and the same feeling back then. It has been ten years, and this is the first time he has eaten the second sister in ten years. do the meals.

While eating, tears fell down Ah Chen's face.

"Is it because your second sister's cooking is not delicious?" the eldest sister asked with concern.

"No!" Ah Chen stuffed a mouthful of food into his mouth, making his cheeks puff up, then raised his arms and wiped the tears on his face with his sleeves.

The eldest sister and the second sister are also tearing down one by one at this moment!

ten years!

No one knows how difficult it will be for the elder sister to transform from a kind-hearted person to a person who fights on the battlefield in the past ten years.

ten years!

No one knows how the second sister, who would faint at the sight of blood, survived the battlefield.

In the past ten years, although Ah Chen was imprisoned there, in fact, his experience was much better than that of the eldest sister and the second sister.


Many people came again outside the door, and these people looked like soldiers on the battlefield!

"Let's go, it's time!" A commander outside the door said, obviously calling the eldest sister and second sister back to the battlefield.

"Can you not go?" Ash asked.

"It's okay, the eldest sister and the second sister will get married and come back."

"Ah Chen, wait here for us well!" The elder sister wiped away her tears, then got up and walked out.

The moment they walked out of the wooden house, the expressions of the eldest sister and the second sister changed, and at the same time they were wearing a cold mask.

The mask is pitch black and looks very glamorous, even ruthless!

Only a pair of cold, empty eyes were exposed.

At first, it was because the eldest sister and the second sister had just entered the battlefield. At that time, they would either be scared to cry, or their faces would be panic-stricken, so in order to hide their emotions, the two of them wore masks.

But now, the moment the mask is put on, it seems that the eldest sister and the second sister are really just cold and ruthless fighters!

With that chilling air, even the commander couldn't help but take a step back.

This mask was pulled from the face of the person from the ghost department, making it even more frightening.

Ah Chen chased out of the wooden house, but the eldest sister and second sister had long since disappeared from the yard.

Ah Chen stood at the door for a long time. When he went out to fight before, did the eldest sister and second sister watch him leave like this?

And wait for him to come back?

After a long time, Ah Chen returned to the stool, sat down and continued to eat.

But at this time, an old woman pulled a wooden cart and walked out of the yard. There was a dead body lying on the wooden cart!

The old woman walked into the yard with a wooden stick and into the wooden house, looking at Ah Chen who was eating, and Ah Chen also looked up at the old man.

Before Ah Chen could speak, the old man suddenly raised the wooden stick and swept it across.

Immediately, the food soup was completely overturned!

"Eat, I'll let you eat!"

"You wolf-hearted thing, why don't you die?"

"You black sheep, how many people have you killed?"


"Won't your conscience ache?" The old man picked up the stick and hit Ah Chen on the body.

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