Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3702 the first crime of all time

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Chapter 3702 The First Sin Of Eternity

When the stick came down, Ah Chen didn't hide!

"I had a great time, now I'm old, I'm actually old, I used to be extremely beautiful, a beauty, but now I'm as ugly as a piece of rotten wood!"

"My son died too. He died on the battlefield. He didn't have to die because of the plague you created!" The old man grabbed Achen, dragged him out, and threw him beside the car!

"He hasn't married a wife yet, and he hasn't even left a cub!"

"His father died fighting for the Emperor's Ministry, and he died too, because the plague limited his power!"

"You bastard!" The old man dropped one stick after another!

Ah Chen didn't say a word, didn't give an explanation, and didn't even resist.

He was just suffering silently, accepting all of this silently.

I don't know how many sticks were beaten before the old man stopped, and then he lay down on the corpse and began to cry.

"My son, my son!"

The old man cried heart-rendingly, but Ah Chen didn't say a word.

"Die, you bastard, you vicious person, you can be buried with my son." The old man grabbed Ah Chen violently!

However, at this time, the literary and Taoist people who were watching the excitement in the distance finally moved.

"Just let everyone know that he did it. It's better to let him be tortured alive than to let him die. Moreover, those two women are indeed talented, good fighters, and can be used." At this moment, a scholar of Wendao opened the mouth.

Then he walked over and knocked the old man to the ground with a wave of his hand!

Ah Chen hurried to help the old man!

"Go away, you vicious person, I'm not willing to die if you don't die!"

"Tell me, did you poison the emperor?" The old man sat on the ground and pointed at Ah Chen!

"Yes!" Ah Chen answered very simply!

"Bastard, we know that it was you who killed the Emperor, beast, we know that you are the one behind the scenes to spread the plague!" the old man screamed miserably.

The Human Sovereign cannot be discredited, otherwise the Human Sovereign will collapse, so there are only one person who can handle some things!

And Ah Chen is the one who is responsible for standing up!

If it were known that the plague was spread by the Human Sovereign or created by the Human Sovereign, then the Human Sovereign's Department would fall apart in an instant.

Even if the emperor is dead!

And a lot of evidence, after a lot of investigation, all the evidence finally pointed to one person!


"Why are you doing this?"


"Because he was unfair to me, because I hated him, because he abolished me!"

"So I want to take revenge on him!" Ah Chen said viciously!

"Bastard, you are just a beast!" the old man tore his heart out.

"How kind the Human Emperor is to you. You killed his heir, but he didn't kill you. He let you go, but you poisoned him and plotted against him!" The old man stood up again, and then picked up the stick A stick hit Ah Chen's body.

"Enough, he can't die!" Scribe said coldly.

"You are not a good thing either, just wait, do you know how many people have lost their abilities and how many people have been harmed by the plague?"

"You wait, you wait!" The old man pulled the car and left.

The scribe looked at Ah Chen coldly.

"No explanation?"

"Your plan is wrong!"

Ah Chen stood up and patted the dust off his body.

Then he looked at the scribe, without any resentment in his eyes.

"If you stand at a different height, you will look at things differently!"

"What they saw was an individual, it was themselves. I saw the entire human race, the entire group, with different positions and different heights. What can be explained?" Chen turned and walked towards the room.

Because the scribes only see the individual, and they are only in front of their eyes.

In fact, this cannot be measured by right or wrong.

Just like Human Emperor, just like Ah Chen, they have no choice but to see or take care of every human race. Standing in their position, they can only consider and consider for the continuation of the race. big picture.

But from the standpoint of the old man, was she wrong?

Obviously, she was not wrong, because her son was indeed unable to display his strength due to the plague, and died on the battlefield!

Isn't it Ah Chen who caused all this?

So Ah Chen accepts the whipping of the old man.

This is a matter where there is no way to have both, the crime lies in the present, and the merit lies in the future!

It's just that the old man's words made Ah Chen feel very uncomfortable, or there was indeed something wrong with the Emperor's plan.

That is, the strength of the Human Emperor's Department has declined, and it will take a long time for the plague to spread out temporarily. This is not a few days, a year or two, but a thing that needs to spread from generation to generation to fully spread.

During this process, many innocent people will indeed be sacrificed!

Ah Chen was also very guilty about these things in his heart!

But, at least he has blamed him now, even if it is Wen Dao Wu Dao, or other Human Emperors and senior officials in the Human Emperor's Department know that Achen is just a scapegoat for this matter, they will not reveal the truth to the public.

He will even help Ah Chen and let Ah Chen take the blame!

Because they also need the Human Emperor's Department, once the Human Emperor's Department learns the truth, the Human Emperor's Department will collapse in an instant.

Therefore, Ah Chen is destined to become a sinner in history, to be the one tied to the pillar of shame and buried!

But the emperor can even sacrifice himself, and he can set an example to put shackles on himself. The emperor's heir, Afan, can also sacrifice himself for the plan.

What can't he, Dust?

The only thing is, what Ah Chen can't let go of is his two older sisters.

They are innocent and they are kind.

And the scribe outside the door sneered, he knew the truth, but it was like a conspiracy, those who have the ability to know the truth could not tell the truth to the public!

"Since you don't want to live a good life, then I will fulfill you!"

Ah Chen was sitting in the house, wiping his wound, but at this moment, another group of people came outside the door.

"It's him, he admitted it himself!"

"Bastard!" A group of people rushed in, before Ah Chen could react, he just punched and kicked him!

These people hit hard, and the injury that Ah Chen had spent ten years healing had relapsed at this moment, not to mention that the people who were beaten again at this moment were neither human nor ghost.

Blood splattered, **** and bloody.

Then Ah Chen was dragged out, and was dragged by one leg along the way.

During the process of being dragged, Ah Chen tried his best to open his eyes. At this moment, he was being dragged on his back, looking at the sky.

The sky is blue, and occasionally a white cloud blows past with a breeze!

Ah Chen was thinking, one day, will there be a day when the weather will always be blue, and there will be no more people who will destroy the world at every turn?

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