Rebirth of the World’s Richest Man - Chapter 2666 Back to the big tree to enjoy the shade

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   Chapter 2666 Back to the big tree to enjoy the shade

   Jiang Xiaobai just sat down on the seat when someone greeted him from behind.

   "Jiang Dong." Jiang Xiaobai looked back and found out that it was Guo Fansen, who was in the original strategic planning team.

   He Tianyuan, Mao Zhenhua and others were all a group of people. Later, after the strategic planning team ended, Tianyuan, Mao Zhenhua, and He Yang chose to stay in Huaqing Holding Group.

   However, Guo Fansen, Chen Dongsheng and others chose to leave to start their own businesses, and Jiang Xiaobai also provided start-up funds, which can also be regarded as angel rounds of investment.

   Later, Chen Dongsheng got another investment, and now the auction house, insurance company and Pizza Hut are doing well.

Guo Fansen chose an Internet company. He has done well in the past two years, but it has not been successful. He has a resounding name, so he can't make it to the first row. In fact, he arranges the second row. It was Teacher Ma who looked at his relationship with Jiang Xiaobai.

   After all, Guo Fansen's experience can be known as soon as he inquires. This is all from the Huaqing Department of the Huaqing Holding Group's strategic team.

That's right, this name has already been called outside. After all, some people who came out of the strategy team of Huaqing Holding Group have grown up. Although it is said that it is not enough to become a leading company in the industry, it is enough to make people pay attention. .

  For example, Feng Lun, Chen Dongsheng, and Guo Fansen, for example, all started their businesses from the Huaqing Strategy Team, and they all had the support of Jiang Xiaobai.

Of course, there are people outside the world known as the Huaqing Department. For example, the Liu brothers and Jiang Xiaobai have a very close relationship. When the Liu brothers were able to do it, many people thought that they had an inseparable relationship with Jiang Xiaobai, and the cooperation between the two companies also It is very close, so everyone is accustomed to calling Liu's Hope Group the Huaqing Department.

   "Fansen, you are here too, when did you arrive?"

   "Jiang Dong, I came here yesterday morning. After contacting Secretary Zhao, I found out that you are going to Rongcheng to deal with things. I thought you couldn't make it." Guo Fansen leaned forward slightly to chat with Jiang Xiaobai.

   "There are two projects to investigate, so I went there. This is also the first event in the Internet industry. Of course, I have to participate and listen to your ideas." Jiang Xiaobai said with a smile.

   "Where, I still need Jiang Dong to give us some pointers..."

   Watching Jiang Xiaobai and Guo Fansen chatting, Ding Lei and a few people on the side all showed envious glances, it's good to lean against the big tree., it seems to be an e-commerce website too, but it’s just a normal one, but there are people like Jiang Xiaobai behind it.

  Even if you don’t do well, you can change direction at any time and continue to do it. You don’t have to worry about funds and connections.

   is fundamentally different from grassroots entrepreneurs like them. Although they are now considered as the bosses of listed companies, the shareholding is too severe.

  Jiang Xiaobai is well-known in the investment world. He is only responsible for investment and dividend income, and does not interfere with the company's internal decisions, but those other capitals are different.

   And now Internet companies are going through a cold winter. They look good on the surface, but in fact, only they know how their lives are going.

   Jiang Xiaobai and Guo Fansen were chatting. Teacher Ma came over, sat down beside Jiang Xiaobai, and asked in a low voice, "Jiang Dong, the opening will be opened soon. This opening guest, please go up and say a few words."

  Jiang Xiaobai shook his head with a smile: "I'm not going up, this is a gathering of your Internet industry, I only bring my ears to hear your thoughts."

Teacher Ma listened with some emotion. Although Jiang Xiaobai said so, but Jiang Xiaobai's arrival has completely expanded this meeting. If Jiang Xiaobai didn't come, then this venue would not be here today. In his previous arrangement, a few people chatted about the Internet on the cruise ship on the West Lake.

   But when Jiang Xiaobai came, he brought many reporters, capital, and many companies interested in participating in the Internet industry to come here. This conference has been expanded by an unknown number of times.

   Of course, this is a good thing. Internet companies also need the attention and attention of the outside world, and also need funds and strength to participate.

  Jiang Xiaobai was reluctant to be the opening guest, so Mr. Ma took aim at Mr. Jin who was on the side. This was also what was originally planned.

   Then he went over to discuss with Mr. Jin, Mr. Jin had a few conversations with Mr. Ma, and after confirming that Jiang Xiaobai was really unwilling to be the opening guest, he agreed to Mr. Ma's request.

  With the arrival of the people in the venue, Jiang Xiaobai glanced at it roughly. There were more than 200 people, not too many, but definitely not too few.

  When it was nine o'clock in the morning, Mr. Jin got dressed and walked on the stage.

   There was a warm applause in the conference room. Everyone knows Mr. Jin's name.

   "Welcome everyone to attend this Internet Summit. I was commissioned by President Ma to be the opening guest.

   Let me tell you an allusion first. Once upon a time, a man named Jiang Ziya was fishing by the Wei River, but it was very strange that there was no hook on the fishing line. Now, there is a group of people casting nets on the edge of the West Lake, waiting for the fish to surf the Internet. Therefore, it is called West Lake casting a net, and those who wish to surf the Internet. "

  Mr. Jin spoke, and the venue gradually became quiet, and all eyes were focused on Mr. Jin. In fact, there were quite a few fans of Mr. Jin’s books.

   "To be honest, I am a layman when it comes to the Internet. Mr. Ma compared this Internet summit to the discussion of swords in the West Lake, and borrowed the story of Huashan's discussion of swords in my novel.

  There are similarities between the Internet and martial arts. Their websites are very well managed. They are all like practicing the Jiuyang Zhenjing. In my impression, the Internet is an emerging service industry with great potential.

  The most important thing in running a website is to practice internal skills, so as to be as prosperous as the Shaolin School. "

   "Papapapa." After Mr. Jin finished speaking, he handed the microphone to Mr. Ma, who was acting as the host, and walked off the stage in a round of applause.

In fact, how do you say this opening remarks? Some of them are not so atmospheric, but they are also in line with the theme. There is a red banner on the stage. New economy, new netizens”.

   Of course, it also set a tone for this Internet Summit, combining martial arts to interpret the current domestic Internet companies and the future development of Internet companies.

   (end of this chapter)

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