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"Hehe~" Yuli continued to pour himself wine, drinking while laughing. "Are you stupid? How many policemen are there outside? Every five minutes, a group will walk past my tavern. You are brave enough, and only a few people dare to rob the Moraine National Bank." Yuli Laughing at Dutch's stupidity. [The problem of the slow update of new chapters has finally been solved on the app that can change the source. Download the huanyuanapp to change the source app here, and view the latest chapters of this book on multiple sites at the same time. ] "That just proves my ability. I succeeded, but now there is a small problem. It is not a big deal for me to be a bank." Daqi retorted arrogantly. "Then you shouldn't hide in my tavern now, but take your brother out directly, maybe the hundreds of policemen in Saint-Denis City can't stop you~" Yuli sneered. "I'm not in the mood to discuss this with you now, tell me your solution~" Dach stopped arguing with him whether he should rob the bank. "Let me think about it, **** it, don't you even know how much trouble you have made?" Yuli complained about Dach's incomprehension while drinking. "I'm just doing what I think is right. You're not just a tavern owner these years, are you? If so, I think I've found the wrong person." Dutch said a little impatiently. "Who dares to stay on the street with this **** thing you did? Damn it~" Yuli cursed and walked up to the second floor. Seeing him disappear, Arthur asked, "What kind of person is this guy?" "Yuli? My partner back then, I had a good relationship with him before." Dach answered irrelevantly. "I said what kind of person is he?" "Smart, timid, and somewhat stupid and kind." Dach thought for a while and mentioned a few characteristics. "It's trustworthy in this way." Arthur said after hearing it. "So you really **** his wife?" Arthur asked after taking out a cigarette and lighting one. "Arthur!" Dach said dissatisfied, and then saw Arthur's indifferent face, looked upstairs and whispered to Arthur, "His wife is so beautiful, I'll drink some more wine." "Ah ~ understand Understood." Arthur responded softly when he heard it. On the second floor, Yuli didn't know that the two people below were discussing him. He walked into his room on the second floor, took out a pen and paper, and started writing a letter. After so many years, of course he is not just a tavern owner, he is actually the leader of a small gang. It is just that the people in these streets need someone to stand up and protect them. He didn't even charge these people much protection money. He didn't have many staff, only a dozen or so, but he still wrote to them. After writing the two letters, he came to another room, where there were three pigeons, these three were carrier pigeons, which he spent a lot of money to breed. It is better than people at critical moments. Tie the letters to his leg and throw them out the window. The pigeon immediately flew towards the target point. Because of the short distance, the pigeon appeared in the window of a small building after only a few minutes. In the small building, six or seven white men were drinking and playing cards. After a while, someone noticed that the pigeon had fallen, so he stepped forward to grab it and untied the letter from the pigeon's leg. The man carefully read the contents of the letter. The more you look at the man's frown, the tighter he is. Someone caught his attention, so he asked, "Angri, what's the matter? What's in it?" "Yuli asked us to do something, but at this time? What's the difference between this and courting death?" Angore said dissatisfied . "Working? Hundreds of policemen outside? Is his brain out of his mind? Doing things at this time? Let me see what it is~" the man snatched it after finishing speaking. The man frowned after looking carefully. It was actually not difficult for Yuli to do what they did, that is, to tell them to steal from the shops in the next few streets when they were a child, and the targets were all chosen. In a team of two, he stole in multiple places, and he also asked to make more noise, trying to get the surrounding police to come over. He also let the other four wear strange clothes to hang out in the alley when the police attracted them. "Stealing things at this time? I was questioned before I went out." The man said incomprehensibly. "Shall we do it? It's a pretty simple thing, and the reward is generous. In addition to the stolen things, there is also a reward of 300 dollars per person." The man looked at Angelet. Angelet thought for a while and then said, "Look at their opinions." After speaking, he pointed to the four guys who were playing cards with his chin, and two of them were resting on the sofa next to them. Two more are playing dominoes. "Hey~ Brothers~ I have work to do." After speaking, Angele put away the letter and walked towards the group of people. On the other side, on a small boat at the pier, a deputy captain caught the flying pigeon, unwrapped the letter and seriously gambled on the letter. The content of the letter was simpler. Yuli said that there was a business with a very lucrative salary to be introduced to him, and he would get a reward of 800 dollars if he brought a few out of the Saint-Denis Mall. If he agreed, write to him. "Eight hundred dollars?" The first mate looked at the envelope, thought for a while, then turned around and went to the cabin to find the captain. The captain was resting on the bed, and the captain had just closed his eyes for less than an hour when the first mate woke him up. "Colt, Yuli has a business, and I want to ask you if you want to do it." The first mate took Yuli's letter and woke up the sleeping captain. Colt was an old man in his fifties with a sailor mustache. He opened his dim eyes and then looked at the first mate and asked, "What kind of business? Is it easy to make money?" "It seems to be very profitable. You can earn 800 dollars by taking a few people out of the city of Saint-Denis." The first mate shook She shook the letter in her hand and motioned him to read it. "Eight hundred dollars?" Colt's hazy eyes brightened instantly when he heard that. He took the letter at once and read it carefully. "Several people, it's interesting, Tarun~ Are there a lot of policemen outside?" The captain said to the first mate. "There are quite a lot of them. You can see at least three groups of police patrolling when you get off the pier, and you don't know what they are looking for," Talen said. "It's interesting~" Colt turned the letter over as he said, then picked up the pen on the table and wrote a few words, then rolled it up. "Put it on the carrier pigeon," Colt said to Talen. Tarun nodded without asking what was written on it. And Yuli of the tavern also went down the first floor. He showed that he walked to the back door, opened a special small window in the tavern, and then looked at Dach and said, "Dach~ I wrote two letters later. If they bring letters If you come back, you may escape, and if they come back without a letter, then I have nothing to do." "Who are they? I didn't see anyone go out just now~" Arthur asked curiously. "They are two carrier pigeons, and you will see them later." Yuli explained, and then continued drinking without talking. "Are they trustworthy?" Dach asked Yuli. "I don't know. I can only find these people after so many years of cooperation." Yuli said nonchalantly, "Don't put on a bad face. After all these years, you have really made some tricks." Da Qi said while pouring him wine. But Yuli looked at him and said, "You still look the same as you did back then, and you still do the same business as before. I said why don't you want to do other things? Open a tavern or a factory or something? Robbery Is it that fun? Don't you know that the world is changing?" "Because I'm only suitable for this ~ Yuli, people can't go against their own nature and instinct ~ I can't stand staying with these dirty politicians In a city, I hate them, and I even discuss the city where they are, and I feel sick when I smell those vampires." Dach said his opinion. "Hehe~ You are no different from them~ Dach~ You are all killing people, but their way of killing is much better than yours." Yuli said casually. "It's different, Yuli, I never rob the poor of their money, and I don't want to be the object of their exploitation, so I decided to fight to the end. You won't understand what kind of great idea this is." Dach said understand yourself. "Really~ If your great mind needs to be like a stray dog, then I would rather be the target of their exploitation. At least I don't have to worry about being taken to the gallows the next day. I can sleep soundly every night." Yuli obviously won't be bewitched by Daqi's few words. "That's why you always ask me to rescue you. You are a weak person, but I am not." Dach said arrogantly. "Whatever you think." Yuri said disdainfully. Then there was a flutter of flapping wings, and two pigeons flew in from the small window one after the other. Yuli grasped them skillfully, and then untied the letter on his feet. He looked at it for a while, and then he didn't hand over the letter to Dutch and Arthur, but went up to the second floor, and after a while he took out a huge map. There are detailed streets and routes on it. Yuli pointed to a place a few blocks away from here on the map and said, "In an hour, someone will make a lot of noise here, and they will attract a considerable number of patrolmen. You should take this opportunity to go from here." Yuli Pointing to the back door of his tavern, he drew a hidden and cumbersome route. "All the way to the southwest of the pier, you have to find a cargo ship with a red flag on it. After you get on the ship, tell them that you are called by me, and they will arrange for you to go out." Yuli looked up again after finishing speaking Dutch said, "Just the two of you?" "There are two more~" Arthur said. UU Reading "Very good ~ you four, pay attention to avoiding the patrolmen on the road. They may be attracted to a considerable part, but many of them will still search in place." Yuli nodded. "How much?" Dutch asked. "I'll pay the group of people who made the noise three hundred dollars each, ten in total. And the captain of that ship, he wants two thousand dollars." Yuli said and handed the letter that Colt wrote to him. Gave Dutch. "It's much easier than robbery." Arthur expressed his dissatisfaction. "If you don't want to go, I can still write to them to cancel the deal~" Yuli didn't care about Arthur. "It's reasonable~" Da Qi stopped the quarrel they were preparing for. "Dutch, these people make us fools!" Arthur said to Dach. "Shut up, I think it's reasonable~ I have the final say on this matter!" Dach scolded Arthur unceremoniously. "Hehe~ It seems that your little brother still needs more tempering." Yuli said looking at Arthur. "Okay, Yuli~ After an hour, I understand. I will give you the money after I go out, and I will put the money in a safe place, and you can pick it up afterwards. But I didn't see it Your quotation~" Daqi asked Yuli's price. "I don't need it, just treat it as if we have settled the matter, and don't appear on this street or in front of me again." Yuli said nonchalantly. "Two cleansing?" Daqi looked at Yuli seriously, but Yuli still had an indifferent expression. "Very good~ we have settled after this time. I wish you a long and healthy life in the future. Goodbye Yuli~ No, I should say that I will never see you again." Daqi nodded with an inexplicable expression, then picked up the map and let Arthur keep it. Then he took the lead out of the tavern. Yuli looked at the backs of the two without the indifference just now. The expression on his face was inexplicable, and he looked a little lonely and relieved.

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