Reincarnated With The Strongest System - 1343 A Paradise For Three [Part 2]

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As soon as William arrived at their home, he removed the clothes from his body and headed straight towards the bathroom.

After waking up, he had no recollection of who he was, and was in a state of confusion. 

Fortunately, his two fiances, Shannon and Erinys, were there to take care of him. According to Shannon, the three of them had escaped from a war that happened in their homeland, thousands of miles away from where they were currently at.

He was one of the soldiers that fought in the war and suffered a heavy injury. 

In order to save him, the two ladies braved the danger and dragged him away from the battlefield, and escaped far away from those who were trying to pursue him. At least, that was what Shannon had told him, which the Half-Elf believed to be true.

Just as he was about to soak in the bathtub, the door of the bathroom opened and two ladies came in, making the Half-Elf—who had only placed a leg inside the bathtub—freeze where he stood.

“W-What are you two doing here?!” William asked as his eyes landed on Shannon’s voluptuous breasts, making his entire face turn beet red. “C-Can’t you see that I’m still bathing?!”

Erinys, who had a bath towel wrapped around her body, was also blushing in embarrassment. Shannon had told her to go bathe with William, but the Half-ling refused. 

After hearing her refusal, the Fox Lady then said that she would go by herself, and had started to undress. The Half-ling who realized that Shannon was serious had no choice but to go with her to ensure that nothing inappropriate would happen.

However, after entering the bathroom, Erinys realized that she didn’t have the ability to stop Shannon from doing whatever she planned to do.

“Will, it’s fine,” Shannon replied as she looked at the blushing Half-Elf, which was a far cry from the confident expression he usually had whenever he made love with his lovers in the bathroom. “Erinys and I are your fiance. There’s no harm in taking a bath together. Isn’t that right, Erinys?”

“No. This isn’t right,” Erinys said. “We should leave, and not make things difficult for Will.” 

The corner of Shannon’s lips twitched because the little girl had decided to have cold feet at the last moment.

For the Fox Lady, the gap between the old, and new William, was so fresh, that she couldn’t help but want to see the other expressions that he hadn’t shown his wives and lovers in the past.

The current William was like a blank canvas. After being stabbed by Belle’s Holy Sword, the Darkness inside his body and soul was purified completely. However, for the Pope, this wasn’t enough.

What the Pope wanted was to capture William as a blank slate, so she could brainwash him to become one of her subordinates. This was why she had used the Power of the Scepter of Light to not only purify his body, but to also erase all of his memories.

The power of the Scepter of Light was very potent, but this ability could only be used once a year. Because of this, the Pope had decided to only use it when she was sure that she would be able to capture the Half-Elf, whose power had reached a height that she could no longer ignore.

Unfortunately for her, Shannon was also waiting for that to happen. In the end, the Fox Lady had won, and captured William, who no longer remembered the many women that he had embraced in the past.

The funny thing was, Shannon had a way to return William’s memories to him. She was the daughter of two Gods, and one of those Gods was the Goddess of the World, who had created a backup of all the memories of everyone that lived on her world.

The Fox Lady knew that it was only a matter of time before William’s lovers found him, so she decided to enjoy the time they had together to the fullest.

Without waiting for William’s permission, the Fox Lady walked towards him and gave him a hug, pressing her naked body against his, making the Half-Elf’s face turn a shade redder.

‘So innocent,’ Shannon mused. ‘It just makes me want to dye him with my color.’

Yes. Shannon wanted to dye the current William with her color. It was like starting again from scratch, but instead of William’s wives, it would only be her and Erinys who would be part of the red-headed teenager’s world, at least, for a short period of time.

“W-We shouldn’t do this,” William stammered. “W-We planned to get married next month, right? We should wait until then.”

“Since we are already getting married, doing it now won’t be a problem,” Shannon whispered in William’s ears, making the Half-Elf’s shudder. “Or, are you saying that you don’t plan to marry the two of us?”

Before William could even voice his reply, the Fox Lady’s hand had already moved downwards and touched his… making the little guy hard and ready for battle.

“See?” Shannon chuckled. “This guy is so lively. He understands what he needs to do.”

“W-We really can’t, Shannon. Let’s just wait until we’re married.”

“Sorry Will. I don’t plan on waiting.”

The Fox Lady nibbled on the Half-Elf’s ears, while her soft and delicate hand teased his… making William’s body shudder for the second time.

Erinys, who saw this scene, covered her eyes with her hands, but just like what she did in Lust’s Abode, she watched everything between the gap in her fingers.

The Half-ling remembered the scene she had seen back in Lust’s Abode, when William’s wives started to undress him right in front of her. The Half-Elf back then wasn’t even fazed by the fact that others were looking at him, while he was being surrounded by three beauties, who were pressing their bodies against him.

‘H-How cute,’ Erinys thought as she looked at the red-faced William who was very different from the confident black-haired teenager he had met in the Underworld.

Right now, the Half-Elf was starting to pant heavily as Shannon attacked his two sensitive parts simultaneously, which were his ears, and his…

As if feeling that William was about to reach his limit, Shannon crouched down and started to lick his proud member that had fought many battles against the Half-Elf’s wives and lovers.

Just as she had told Erinys, she was William’s greatest stalker. She had seen how his wives pleasured him, as well as how he pleasured them. 

Although this was her first time in actually putting it to practice, Shannon was confident that she would be able to make the Half-Elf feel good, after finding out the many ways to make him reach the height of pleasure.

Suddenly, a grunt escaped the Half-Elf’s lips which confirmed that he had reached his limit. Shannon had already prepared herself to accept him, and that was what she did as she held William’s… firmly inside her soft lips, taking in his essence, to the very last drop.

A moment later, a soft popping sound was heard as Shannon finally released William’s member from her lips and looked at him with upturned eyes.

“That was great, Will, but… we have only just begun,” Shannon declared as she pulled the Half-Elf towards the bathtub. 

William no longer resisted, because the pleasure he felt was so good that it made him unable to think properly. 

Erinys, who was only watching from the side, knew that it was too late. 

Shannon already had the upper hand and, if she didn’t do anything, her beloved Half-Elf would be eaten by the Fox Lady, until he was completely dyed with her colors.

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