Reincarnated With The Strongest System - 1344 A Paradise For Three [Part 3]

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Shannon wrapped her arms around William’s head, and kissed his lips, while her body pressed over his. The sensation of their lips touching each other brought a kind of elation that she couldn’t put into words. 

The sound of kissing echoed within the bathroom as the Fox Lady enjoyed the Half-Elf’s lips, which she had coveted for a very long time. A few minutes later, she pulled back and caressed the side of the Half-Elf’s flushed face, whose ragged breaths were like music in her ears.

“Will, stick out your tongue for me,” Shannon said.

The Half-Elf did as he was told, and the fox lady wrapped her soft lips around it, and sucked it gently. The suckling sounds that reached Erinys ears made the redness on her face become a shade redder as she watched the Fox Lady have her way with William’s tongue, which she was suckling like a piece of candy.

A minute later, Shannon stopped and glanced in Erinys direction.

“Don’t just stand there, Erinys,” Shannon said. “Come. Join us.”

While the Half-ling was hesitating, the red-headed teenager could feel his body heating up. It all started when Shannnon kissed him, which made him feel as if a flame had been ignited inside his chest. 

This warm feeling spread into his body, warming him from head to toe. However, after Shannon took his member inside her mouth and drank his essence after he reached his climax, the Half-Elf felt that the string holding his senses snapped inside his head, losing all sense of reason.

What he didn’t know was that although Shannon knew that he had lost his memories, his body still remembered the touch of a woman.

All she needed to do was light that sleeping desire within him, and turn the innocent man, who was like a blank white canvas, into someone that would make sweet love with her, and Erinys, all night.

In order to make this happen, she had laced her lips with a mild aphrodisiac. 

It wasn’t strong enough to reduce William into a wild beast in heat that was unable to thinkabout  anything except mating, but it was more than enough to awaken the lust and desire that slept within his innocent heart.

“Shannon, what is this?” William said through ragged breaths. “I feel so hot. My body is burning. What is happening?”

The Fox Lady shifted her attention back to William and kissed his cheeks. 

“Don’t worry about it, Will,” Shannon replied. “Just allow yourself to embrace that feeling.”

She then shifted her attention to Erinys and reached out her hand to her. “Erinys, please help Will. He’s burning up with the desire to embrace you.”

Erinys knew that Shannon was serious about making love with William, but she also understood that the Fox Lady also wanted her to be loved by him as well. 

She was hesitant to do it, but her body betrayed her reasoning. Before she knew it, she had already entered the bathtub and was facing the Half-Elf with the bath towel still wrapped around her body.

“Go on, kiss him,” Shannon whispered like a devil in the Half-ling ear, tempting her to follow what her heart had wanted since she had left the Underworld. 

“Erinys, it’s so hot,” William said as she looked at the Half-ling with a flushed face. 

Shannon had already backed away, and urged Erinys to wrap her arms around William’s head.

“Will, I like you,” Erinys said as she finally said the words she wanted to say.

“I like you too, Erinys,” William replied as he wrapped his arms around her small body. 

The two stared at each other for a few seconds before they shared a sweet and innocent kiss, which made Shannon feel like what she had done earlier was far inferior to the simple kiss that Erinys and William were exchanging right now.

The two only pressed their lips together, and didn’t do anything aside from that, and yet, she could feel the overflowing feelings the two had for each other.

A few days ago, when she told Wiliam that she and Erinys were his fiances, the Half-Elf paused for a brief moment before saying something so blunt, that Shannon felt as if a cold pale of water filled with ice had been poured over her head.

“I do feel attracted to Erinys, and I can vaguely sense that she is important to me, but I don’t feel that way about you, Shannon.”

‘Maybe, deep inside he really doesn’t recognize me as his lover,’ Shannon sighed in her heart. ‘Well, it’s fine. I’ve read stories that men fall in love with the first person they have given their first time to.’

Although Shannon was still a virgin, and had no first hand experience, she had a lot of second hand experience. She had watched how William made love to his wives, and how they made love to him as well. Using this knowledge, he planned to conquer the Half-Elf’s heart, and make him fall in love with her before his true wives and lovers found them.

Shannon smirked as she removed the towel that was wrapped around Eriny’s body, allowing her skin to touch the Half-Elf, which further ignited the burning feelings of desire in his heart.

Just as he had told Shannon, William was truly attracted to Erinys. This was why he didn’t mind kissing her, in comparison to kissing Shannon.

Kissing Shannon felt incredibly good.

But, kissing Erinys, made his heart beat fast inside his chest. Although the kiss they shared was simple. It was more than enough to make him feel full, as he held the Half-ling in his arms.

A moment later, William sensed something that he had never felt before. 

“Erinys, something is strange…,” William said after their kiss ended. “I feel like… I want to bite you.”

“That…,” Erinys, who was relishing the afterglow of kissing William, suddenly became sober after hearing his words.

She didn’t know how to reply because she understood what the Half-Elf wanted. 

He wanted to suck her blood.

Although his body had been purified from the power of Darkness, and his left arm had also returned to its previous state and no longer felt cold to the touch, his previous powers, before he became the Prince of Darkness, remained. 

Shannon, who also understood the situation decided to intervene as she hugged both William’s and Erinys’ bodies.

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom,” Shannon proposed. “Don’t worry. What you’re feeling is normal, Will, but control the urge for now. You don’t want to hurt Erinys, right?”

The Half-Elf nodded because he didn’t really want to hurt Erinys. Although the urge was getting stronger, he used his willpower to set it aside due to Shannon’s reminder. 

He had no intention of biting Erinys unless the Half-ling in his arms gave her consent. This was something that William had decided long ago when he needed to drink blood from the women around him.

Even Charmaine and the Elves had the right to reject him. That was how William had decided to deal with his bloodthirst in the past, and only drank the blood of those who were willing to share it with him.

The Half-Elf left the bathtub, holding Erynys’ hand, and Shannon followed behind them with a smile on her face.

All three of them were still naked, and yet, the embarrassment they felt earlier had drastically lessened as they pressed their bodies against each other in the bathtub.

“Lay down, Will,” Shannon said. “Erinys, you lay on top of him, but you must face me, okay?”

The two followed Shannon’s instructions, and only then did Erinys find herself in a very awkward position.

The Half-ling was facing William’s…, and her backside was facing the Half-Elf.

“Go on, kiss and lick it,” Shannon said. “Do it like this, so that William will feel good. You want him to feel good, right?.”

Without another word, the fox lady crouched down in front of William’s strong member and kissed its tip. She then licked it as if it was a delicious popsicle. A moment later, she pulled back and gave Erinys the “Go on. It’s your turn.” gaze, making the Half-ling lower her head and kiss William’s… to the best of her abilities.

‘It’s so big,’ Erinys thought. ‘Will this fit me?’

The Half-ling was aware that in order to have babies, the man must be able to put his essence inside a woman. 

However, the Half-ling was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to accommodate the thing in front of her eyes,

As if sensing her worries, Shannon lightly patted her head and said.

“You were born for this, Erinys,” Shannon said. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Trust Will, he will do his best for you.”

After hearing those comforting words, Erinys no longer hesitated and continued to kiss, and lick William’s…

Shannon then moved towards the Half-Elf and whispered to his ears.

“Erinys is doing her best to make you feel good,” Shannon said. “Make her feel good as well by…”

Shannon whispered something in William’s ears. A moment later, the Half-Elf’s hands held Erinys’ backside, and used his two thumbs to spread her…


Suddenly, Erinys body jolted because of the unexpected stimulation that she felt in her most important place.

Due to Shannon’s advice, the Half-Elf used his tongue to make the Half-ling feel a tingling sensation that washed over her entire body, making her legs, and body, turn to jelly.

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