Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 976 - 976 You Haven’t Taken Him Down?

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976 You Haven’t Taken Him Down?

Lu Yunxiao only reached home at around 11 p.m.

Zi Yi and the rest had been waiting for him in the living room.

When Mrs. Lu heard the sound of a car driving over and stopping outside the gates, she stood up in excitement and rushed out to welcome him.

Zi Yi and the rest also tagged along.

“Yunxiao, you’re home? The guest that you brought with you… eh? Isn’t this Anya?”

Zi Yi heard Mrs. Lu’s tone changing several times. She pulled Lu Jingye’s finger. When he looked back at her, she blinked her eyes at him. “Say, do you think Mom likes Anya or not?”

Lu Jingye did not answer her question. The three of them had also come out by then.

Lu Yunxiao and Anya had already walked over by this point in time.

“Father, Mother, Brother, Sister-in-law.”

After Lu Yunxiao finished greeting them, he turned to look at Anya.

Anya revealed a radiant smile and greeted them too. “Uncle, Auntie, Mr. Lu, Zi Yi.”

Mrs. Lu was merely surprised for a second. Immediately after, she welcomed Anya enthusiastically. “Quick, come on in. I bet you guys haven’t had dinner yet. I already got the housekeeper to prepare some dishes for you and I’ve also cooked a pot of soup. It’s still on the stove.”

With that, she stepped forward and pulled Anya inside.

Looking at her enthusiastic appearance, it was as though she was afraid that Anya might run away. This scene elicited a smile from the other three people.

Lu Yunxiao, who was left behind, walked over to them and called out to them again, “Father, Brother, Sister-in-law.”

Second Master Lu raised his hand and patted Lu Yunxiao’s shoulders as he said, “Son, it has been hard on you.”

Lu Yunxiao was expressionless when he replied, “It wasn’t.”

Lu Jingye said, “Let’s go. You two can have dinner first. We’ll chat after that.”

And so, the four of them made their way inside together.

During the meal, Zi Yi and the rest waited for them on the sofa.

Lu Yunxiao and Anya ate rather quickly and so, it did not take long before they shifted to the sofa.

Lu Yunxiao and Second Master Lu talked about the situation in Country A.

Mrs. Lu held onto Anya’s hand and asked, “Little Ya, I didn’t expect that you also went to Country A. How did you and Yunxiao meet?”

“Yunxiao was injured back then and I just so happened to meet him.”

“Oh my! Yunxiao, where are you injured? Are your injuries serious?”

The moment Mrs. Lu learned that he was injured, she raised her voice and asked Lu Yunxiao in concern.

Before Lu Yunxiao had the chance to answer, Anya answered on his behalf, “It was very serious. He nearly lost his life. Fortunately, he had the life-saving medicine Zi Yi gave him with him. Otherwise, even I wouldn’t have managed to save him.”

Mrs. Lu breathed a sigh of relief, but she felt even more distressed due to worry.

Lu Yunxiao appeased Mrs. Lu with an expressionless face. “Mother, I’ve recovered. You don’t have to worry.”

“How could I not worry? I worry every time you go out.”

Lu Yunxiao remained silent.

Anya said with a smile, “Auntie, I will follow Yunxiao wherever he goes in the future. With me around, I won’t let anything befall him.”

Mrs. Lu was extremely elated to hear such a direct confession.

She said, “It’s Yunxiao’s fortune to have met you.”

Anya smiled in response.

After everyone chatted for a while more, Second Master Lu said, “It’s getting late. Let’s all go back and rest first. We’ll leave everything else to tomorrow.”

It was already past midnight right now and it was indeed rather late.

And so, all of them stood up and walked upstairs.

After walking for two steps, Lu Yunxiao asked, “Mother, where will Anya stay?”

Mrs. Lu was stunned by his question as she thought internally, “Isn’t Anya going to stay with you?”

A mother knows her son best. How could Mrs. Lu not know that her son was a blockhead? In the end, she pretended and said, “The two babies in our house will be coming out in a few days’ time. I got the helpers to disinfect all the guest rooms and put away the daily necessities. Only your bedroom’s bed is made. You all can do as you deem fit.”

With that, she called Second Master Lu and headed upstairs first.

Lu Yunxiao stood there without moving.

Zi Yi asked Anya with her eyes: “You haven’t taken him down yet?”

Anya shrugged helplessly. It was difficult for them to have time to spend together in Country A. They had only confirmed their relationship the day before they came back.

Zi Yi pulled Lu Jingye’s hand and said with a disappointed face, “It seems like I lost.”

Lu Jingye understood her meaning and he stroked her head with a smile. “If you want to play, we can go out to play anytime.”

Zi Yi was elated with his response. She pulled him upstairs and said while walking, “Yunxiao, Anya, you two should sleep early. Since the other rooms don’t have any daily necessities, both of you can make do with it and sleep together for the night.”

With that, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye left.

Anya tilted her head and looked at Lu Yunxiao.

He still had an expressionless face and there was no way to decipher his thoughts.

However, Anya noticed that the tips of his ears were red.

Anya did not point it out. She walked to the staircase and said, “Don’t keep standing there. I’m exhausted right now and I just want to sleep.”

Only then did Lu Yunxiao follow her upstairs.

Both brothers stayed on the second floor, but their bedrooms were in different directions.

Lu Yunxiao brought Anya to his bedroom. When he opened the door, he nearly thought that he had entered the wrong room.

His room was of a minimalistic design and it was similar to that of his accommodation in the base. However, there was a lot of new furniture inside his room. Even the bed sheets were changed into warm colors.

Anya did not know what his bedroom looked like in the past. After she finished touring around, she was also surprised by what she saw. “Your bedroom looks pretty good.”

Lu Yunxiao opened his mouth. He wanted to say that this was his Mother’s work, but he gave up after some thought.

In fact, it was pretty good this way too.

Lu Yunxiao was the type that was extremely silent and Anya did not mind his personality either. After she looked around the bedroom, she put down her bag and asked, “I want to take a shower first. Do you have a large towel in here?”

Lu Yunxiao pursed his lips and turned to look at the wardrobe. He was just about to say that there was only his towel.

Anya made her way over and opened the wardrobe.

When she saw what was inside, Anya turned to look at him with a surprised expression. “Auntie even prepared clothes for me.”

Lu Yunxiao looked over her head. Sure enough, half of the wardrobe was all women’s clothes.

He stood there silently without saying anything.

Anya grabbed a set of pajamas and headed to the bathroom. While walking, she said, “I didn’t manage to find a towel, help me find it and come in when you have.”

With that, she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Lu Yunxiao stood there for nearly a minute before he walked over, grabbed a towel, and headed to the bathroom

He knocked on the door. Anya’s voice together with the water sounds could be heard. “Bring it in and put it on the shelf by the door. I’ll use it when I come out.”

The shower and toilet and sink were separated, and as long as the door was closed, nothing could be seen.

Lu Yunxiao stood outside the door for a few seconds. He then pushed open the door, placed the towel by the door, and closed the door back.

When Anya finished her shower, Lu Yunxiao had also finished showering and changed into another set of clothes. Right now, he looked like a primary school kid standing next to the bed.

At the sight of Anya coming out, he said, “You can take the bed. I’ll take the sofa.”

In the next second, Anya threw the towel she had used to wipe her hair to one side and pounced on his body.

Lu Yunxiao: “…”

Anya tightly held onto his waist and said, “We’ll sleep together. If you sleep on the sofa, I’ll sleep on the sofa too.”

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