Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 3462 【3462】as early as here

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   Chapter 3462 [3462] as early as here

   "What do you say I like medicine the most?" Jiang Mingzhu immediately asked about her boyfriend.

  Yu Xuexian frowned back at her: If I could know, I wouldn’t be so angry with you when I was instructing you.

  Recalling this, Jiang Mingzhu pouted: This boyfriend is unmannered. Back then when he was her teacher, he had a very bad temper and was very impatient with her. It hasn't changed since then.

  Yu Xuexian wanted to complain, but there was no way. When he couldn't teach students, he was just as anxious as a teacher.

  Jiang Mingzhu went to ask her junior sister.

  So many people wanted to ask her to be a voluntary test subject, Xie Wanying was surprised, and honestly said to her senior sister: "What I said may not be right. Besides, I don't know enough about your daily work status, senior sister."

  She is an intern in neurosurgery, and has a lot of contact with her senior brother and Dr. Wang. I haven't been to Gastroenterology for an internship, and I haven't been able to observe Senior Sister Jiang for a long time. Thinking of this, Jiang Mingzhu said, "For some reason, the hospital didn't let you go to the digestive system, and let you go to the respiratory system, which made them greedy for petty gains." Then asked her: "Do you know what your senior brothers like?"

   This is asking her to analyze Brother Tao Yu who was her teacher face to face, she dare not dare.

  Jiang Mingzhu laughed twice: "Didn't you analyze Brother Huang?"

  Senior Brother Huang is different, Senior Brother Huang is not scary at all.

   "What is your favorite medicine, Senior Brother Huang?" Jiang Mingzhu thought about learning from it.

  Just now their conversation was not revealed. In this regard, Xie Wanying, as a doctor, wanted to help senior brother cover up her personal privacy, seeing that senior brother Huang didn't want to be known by others at all.

   "Where's your Senior Brother Cao?" Jiang Mingzhu secretly asked again, thinking that Cao Yong was not around.

   Xie Wanying turned her gaze back: Sister, don’t forget that Senior Brother Cao is a neurosurgery boss who can grow eyes everywhere. When he comes back, he must know that you secretly inquired about him.

  Jiang Mingzhu closed her mouth.

  The eye surgery is over, and the patient is pushed back to the ICU ward.

  Xie Wanying and Brother Huang watched by the patient's bedside.

   During the operation, you need to concentrate on it, and you cannot express other emotions. Up to this moment, the two of them looked at the senior who was physically injured, and felt sorry for him.

   Someone came over again, and it was Tao Zhijie who came alone.

  Xie Wanying recalled that when the operation was about to end, Uncle Zhai asked Senior Brother Tao to call.

  Brother Tao should call Brother Cao to report the operation.

   I don’t know what’s going on with Senior Brother Cao.

  She wanted to ask, but then thought, Senior Brother Cao should tell her something.

   Walking in front of her, Tao Zhijie read the dodge in her eyes. It can be seen that she had some hunch when she left the scene of the fire. It's not surprising that a medical student as powerful as her, all the teachers said that she looks like an old doctor, so it's impossible not to notice it.

   It may be the case that the person on the other side wants to say something but dare not say it.

Hey. With Huang Zhilei's hand resting on his forehead, he wasn't an old doctor and he could feel something was wrong. Speaking of which, Senior Brother Cao and Mao Song are very good people, let them leave first.

   "Yingying." Tao Zhijie raised the corners of his lips, trying to ease the atmosphere, "I told you Brother Cao, you are about to become a neurotic roundworm."

   It is equivalent to saying that Cao Yong did not expect that he was looking for a supervisor for nothing. It turned out that the most powerful supervisor was here.

   "He will discuss the situation with you when he comes back." Tao Zhijie continued to paraphrase the words of Mr. Cao of neurosurgery. Mr. Cao was also curious about where the love of medicine in Junior Brother Huang's mind lies.

  (end of this chapter)

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