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  Chapter 3463 [3463] going

  Knowing that Senior Brother Tao is trying to help her improve her mood, Xie Wanying smiled cooperatively and asked, "Senior Brother Tao, did anything happen in the hepatobiliary surgery today?"

  Huang Zhilei was taken aback immediately: What, something happened outside the liver and gallbladder?

  When Senior Brother Tao appeared in front of them, he seemed to have a problem with his serious face as a smiling male god. Don't say it's because you came to be an overseer. Brother Tao, the supervisor, has been working a lot, but he has never had such an expression.

  If Senior Brother Tao was worried about Boss Zhou or Fan Yunyun's accident, he wouldn't have such an expression on his face, but rather worried.

  Tao Zhijie's eyes flashed, and he said to her in a solemn voice, "Yingying."

   I was warned by my brother, not to touch my brother's brain.

  Ring ring ring, the phone is coming.

  Xie Wanying took out her mobile phone and saw that it was classmate Wei's call.

   "Yingying, they refused to tell her what's wrong. Do you know what's wrong with her?" Wei Shangquan asked, "I couldn't get through to your phone before."

  Before she was undergoing surgery, she would definitely not answer ordinary calls.

   Now it sounds like everyone is asking Wei to go home and wait for the news.

  Xie Wanying's complexion turned blue, and after slightly frowning, she turned around and said, "Brother Tao, I'm going to Guozhi."

  After I came back, I found out that the Guoxie couldn't send a car, and my junior sister must have sent Guozhi to go.

   Facing her, she could hear the meaning that no one could stop her in her voice, Tao Zhijie's mouth overflowed, swallowing what he wanted to say.

   Her mood is understandable to everyone.

  From the moment she gave advice on how to escape to her junior sister, she was psychologically ready to bear the burden.

   "I'll drive you there." Tao Zhijie said, it was impossible for her to go there alone.

   "Senior Brother Huang, I'll write the medical records when I come back." Xie Wanying turned around and apologized to Senior Brother Huang.

   "I'll write the surgical records." Huang Zhilei took off his glasses and completely recovered his usual energetic spirit, reassuring her.

  Next, the other two changed their clothes and went downstairs to take a car to Guozhi.

  On the way, I heard Brother Tao briefly introduce the situation: "They said that they heard you say to look to the left, and asked the firefighters to look to the left. About ten minutes later, they found someone in the corner."

   This sentence is equivalent to that Fan Yunyun was already lying there unable to move.

  Xie Wanying looked down at her watch again.

  Neurosurgery takes a long time, and it is almost twelve o'clock now. Looking back and counting the time when she left the scene of the fire, in total, it was nearly seven or eight hours since Fan Yunyun was found.

   "Drink some milk and eat a biscuit." Tao Zhijie told her.

  Brother Tao, like Teacher Fu, always has something to eat just in case. She has not been able to eat since noon. Probably because she guessed that she would not eat it when she went to Guozhi, so she hurried to eat something on the way.

   Taking out milk and biscuits, Xie Wanying ate them.

  It was almost midnight, the crowds in the city receded, leaving a lonely lamp on. These lights look shy in the cold autumn night.

  While leaving, Tao Zhijie said something to her again: "You should have heard about what happened in the emergency department today."

  The child's matter must be related to pediatrics.

   "The child came to the emergency department of our National Association for medical treatment before. Today is two days later." Tao Zhijie said, "At that time, a pediatrician from the inpatient department came to see the child, and he didn't see that there was something wrong with the child's brain."

  Hearing something, Xie Wanying was stunned: "Brother, do you want to say that Yunyun is also related to this matter?"

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