Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 3524 【3524】encourage each other

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   Chapter 3524 [3524] Encourage each other

  After the discussion here, it is clearer where to go for the treatment of this case.

  The phone rang.

  All eyes turned to Wei.

  Wei Shangquan realized later that he was the busy person who received a call. He was shocked and hurriedly took out his mobile phone to listen.

   "Hello, I just saw you and Xie Wanying went to neurosurgery."

  The interrogator on the opposite side is Dai Nanhui.

   "Do you want to ask Yingying?" Wei Shangquan said.

  Student Wei is sometimes a well-known upright faction, and he doesn't hide his words.

  Even if Dai Nanhui was embarrassed to say it, his words pierced the layer of paper and he could only stand in embarrassment and silence on the other side.

   "Do you want to ask?" Wei Shangquan urged.

   "I asked my mother, but my mother didn't say anything, as if she couldn't answer me."

   "Did you know she was sick again?"

   "Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't have called to ask."

   "Ask if you are worried. What are you afraid of?" Wei Shangquan told the other party that he had to learn from his classmate Wei. Seeing that classmate Wei is cheeky enough, calling around to ask someone to save her and want to see her, he will never scruple.

   "Aren't you afraid?" Dai Nanhui suddenly admired him.

  Maybe he used to be a patient, a patient who almost died. Wei Shangquan has long since realized: "Treasure the days you live every day. If she is really going to die, I will break in if I don't see her again."

   Now he can bear it because everyone says she is on the mend and there is no need to rush to see her.

  When other people at the scene heard what he said, they were shocked: This classmate Wei is a scumbag, and he is full of masculinity.

  Dai Nanhui was stimulated by his words, and confessed his inner thoughts: "I have also made up my mind, no matter what other people say, I will accompany her to heal her illness."

   "Did she let you know?"

   "She probably didn't tell anyone. Dr. Tao didn't say anything to her for the time being, but she seemed to be aware of it."

  It turns out that the attending doctor has not yet decided whether to explain to the patient. After all, the patient had previously been unable to accept that he had cancer.

   "I think what she's most worried about now is her mother and her sister." Dai Nanhui's eyes were a little prickly when he said this.

  Aki's mother's body has undergone major surgery and she must not be as healthy as a healthy person. The younger sister is young, and it is difficult for Aki's mother, who is not in good health, to take care of her alone. The key point is that Yaxi's father doesn't like this little daughter very much. He thinks it is bad luck and ruins his dream of wanting a son.

   Li Yaxi probably had a premonition that her father might go outside to find a woman.

  She doesn't know whether her parents will divorce, she only knows that her mother and younger sister will have a difficult life ahead.

  If she was in this world, she could at least help her mother raise her younger sister. If she's not here, if something happens to her mother, who can protect her young sister.

  The best result is that her father can change his mind after he thinks it through.

   "My mother and father are now persuading her father to go home and take care of the child." Dai Nanhui said.

  The problem is, even if Yaxi’s father is willing to come back to take care of his daughter’s wife, once the eldest daughter dies, once the wife dies, he will remarry sooner or later with his excellent conditions and help the younger daughter find a stepmother.

   "You can comfort her." Wei Shangquan continued to give advice to the other party.

   "How to comfort?"

"You do not understand?"

  All the other people at the scene could hear it. Wei's proud tone seemed to be an expert in dating for many years.

  Geng couldn't accept it, so he patted him on the shoulder to signal him not to brag.

  (end of this chapter)

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