Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 3525 【3525】Who is most worried

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  Chapter 3525【3525】Who is most worried

   "Yingying, you talk to him." Wei gave the phone to Xie, he is really not good at bragging about medicine.

  But the students next to him could see that Xie had a deep meaning in bringing Wei back, and Wei could understand Dai Nanhui's state of mind in a few words to communicate.

   After answering the phone, Xie Wanying said, "Tell her that the situation hasn't changed."

Hey? Dai Nanhui was stunned.

   Cancer metastasis is not uncommon. Clinically, some cancer patients with metastases can live for a long time as usual, so they are called chronic diseases. The most important thing is not to lose the confidence to survive.

  Brain metastases are not systemic spread.

  In some clinical cases, the first metastases occur very quickly, but if they are quickly discovered and eliminated by clinicians, the prolonged survival period is not shorter than that of patients who did not metastasize quickly.

  If this were not the case, doctors would not require cancer patients to have regular follow-up checkups after surgery to detect problems early and solve them early. Brother Tao's prudent practice of medicine is supported by theoretical basis and data.

  After listening to her words, Dai Nanhui's confidence increased greatly, and he was full of interest: "I'll tell her!"

   Standing up, Wei Shangquan, who took back his mobile phone, boasted fiercely: "Yingying, you are so good at comforting people."

   is comforting or not pure comforting. Cancer treatment has always been a step-by-step approach. At this stage, it is impossible to determine where the patient must have gone. You can also turn back when you go to the terminal. As long as you stay where you are, you are a victory.

  When a doctor treats a patient, he must first have this self-confidence.

  When I came back and saw the patient's medical records, my heart was not empty. Xie Wanying turned her head to discuss with Senior Brother Tao and said, "I'll go back to Guozhi first."

  Junior sisters have to take care of them. Whether the junior sister can wake up in these two days is a critical period.

  Cao Yong and Tao Zhijie looked at each other, and they both knew that now maybe both patients need her, and the conditions of both patients cannot be delayed.

It can only be like this, Tao Zhijie suggested: "You take the patient's medical records to Fang Ze to find someone to look at, first see if Fang Ze can handle it, and then Xiao Song will go over and give some advice. I told the patient, let her in the hospital. Fang Ze goes through the hospitalization procedures."

  Cao Yong nodded, and took the phone to call his uncle.

  Looking at Song Xuelin holding up the film all the time and looking at it, he may be reviewing what Dr. Xie said was missing, and how many were missing. When Dr. Xie looked over, he turned his head and said in his brown eyes: Didn't you touch my brain first?

  Dr. Song's implication reassured her. In fact, she is very relieved to let the two senior brothers and Dr. Song help her with these tasks. Xie Wanying lifted her foot to leave, but a voice came from behind: "I'll go find you for dinner tonight."

   It was senior brother Cao's voice. Speaking of which, senior brother Cao had been looking for her for dinner more than one day recently, and she didn't think it was strange.

  The person who is not very happy should belong to Mr. Zhang. Cao Yong stepped in every day, which made it very difficult for him to treat classmate Xie to a meal in private.

   and classmate Pan returned to the country, and classmate Geng and classmate Wei stayed in the National Association.

   On the way back to Guozhi, Faxiao's phone call came.

   "What do you think I can do, Yingying?"

   Got it?

  Wu Lixuan went on to say: "She called me suddenly and cried on the phone. What's wrong with her? Is she sick again?"

  Fa Xiao didn’t know, sometimes patients cry not because of sadness but because of the joy of regaining hope.

  Xie Wanying took the opportunity to tell Fa Xiao: "Call Dr. Yin."

  Wu Lixuan took a question mark: Huh?

  The boyfriend who is a doctor also needs comfort. Dr. Yin was obviously worried to death about this matter in the morning.

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