Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1382 star port

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"What's the matter?" Cheng Tong asked.

"I got a temporary vacation, and I can go back to Xinggang to recuperate for a while. Is Miss Chengtong willing to give me a ride?"

Zhang Tuohai asked.

"Miss? How about we take his boat back to Tianxuan Tower, and that matter will be approaching soon."

Gooseberry whispered in Chengtong's ear.

Chengtong was a little moved when he heard the words, but after pondering for a moment, he still shook his head.

"Don't bother Mr. Zhang. I plan to continue to live in seclusion here for a while. If Mr. Zhang comes back from Xinggang, he will be very grateful if he can bring some local specialties."

Cheng Tong shook his head.


Gooseberry seemed to want to say something, but was stopped by Chengtong.

"I arrange it freely."

Hearing what Chengtong said, Gooseberry had no choice but to keep silent.

Seeing the two of them like this, Zhang Tuohai had no choice but to say goodbye and leave.

Although the most important thing has been obtained, Zhang Tuohai is still a little unhappy.

If possible, he really wanted to bring Chengtong and Gooseberry to Xinggang.

Firstly, if the two of them arrived at Xinggang, they would be accused of smashing Xinggang by Tianxuan Tower.

At that time, the New World Pioneering Group will definitely focus on Tianxuan Tower, and he will have a chance to breathe.

Secondly, two people stay here, which is a ticking time bomb for Dagan.

Too dangerous.

However, since the two refused to leave, it was not easy for him to make a tough move.

The strength of these two people is unknown, if they act rashly, there may be problems.

"Forget it, when we get to Xinggang, think of a way to make the charges more real."

Zhang Tuohai thought.

After returning to the palace, Zhang Tuohai arrived at the bedroom under the guidance of his servant.

Just as he was lying on the bed and getting ready to rest, suddenly a person came out from under the bed, and that person got directly into Zhang Tuohai's quilt.

"What are you doing here?"

Zhang Tuohai looked at Li Qingyuan who was dressed in women's clothes in astonishment.

"As the king of a country, I am helpless in the face of the danger of ruining my country and my family. The only thing you can look up to is this skin. , try my best, I thank you on behalf of thousands of subjects."

Li Qingyuan said softly.

"You don't have to."

Zhang Tuohai shook his head.

"I have made up my mind."

The red candle goes out.

In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Tuohai took Fei Ye onto the aircraft and returned to the Shuguang.

"Dawn, turn, target star port!"

Following Zhang Tuohai's order, the Shuguang began to turn and headed for deep space.

At the same time, Li Qingyuan, who was standing on the top floor, had resumed his usual men's clothes.


"The minister is here!" Chun Xue knelt in front of Li Qingyuan.

"A thorough investigation of the minister Xiaoxiao who joined forces yesterday, all participants will have their homes ransacked and their clans wiped out!"

Li Qingyuan's voice was icy cold.

"Your Majesty, if the involvement is too serious, I worry that it will stir up rebellion." Haruyuki said with some concern.

"So what, whoever dares to rebel, I will destroy his whole family. I was too kind before. If I used thunder methods as soon as I ascended the throne, instead of amnesty, they would not have the courage."

"Do as I want, I want to see who really dares to rebel!"

In Li Qingyuan's hand, there was a long sword shining with thunder.

This exercise was given to Li Qingyuan after Zhang Tuohai modified "Five Thunders" last night.

Although, only the move of Thunder Giant Sword was retained, it was enough for Li Qingyuan to suppress those disobedient Xiaoxiao.

As for why Li Qingyuan got started so quickly, it was entirely due to enlightenment and replenishment.

"As ordered."

Looking at the long sword that was shining with lightning, Haruyuki hastily lowered his head.

The coercion on the thunder sword made her dare not make any disobedient orders.

At the same time, the Dawn has reached the edge of the world and is about to leave this world.

Zhang Tuohai took one last look at Dagan below.

"With the Thunder Sword, it should be enough to crush the ground."

The Aurora sailed out of the world and into the starry sky.

This was the first time Zhang Tuohai saw the starry sky of this world.

Outside the Dagan world, there is a vast black starry sky, in which there are many stars and spots, marking the existence of each star.

At this time, the shipboard host also opened the star map.

On the star map, in addition to those stars, planets, meteors, and asteroid belts that have been detected are also marked.

It even preliminarily marked the above resource situation and exploration time for future reference.

A route is marked on the star map, which is the route to the star port.

"How long does it take to get to Starport?"

Zhang Tuohai asked.

"It will take ten days."

The shipboard host replied.

"Is it only ten days away? It's really lucky that Dagan was discovered just now."

Zhang Tuohai nodded involuntarily. He thought it would take at least one or two years, but he didn't expect it would only take ten days.

Under normal circumstances, such a close place should have been figured out long ago.

Dagan was discovered at this time, which is considered lucky.

"Then wait for ten days."

Zhang Tuohai decided to use these ten days to practice some exercises and get more information from the first officer and Yuna.

Fei Ye has been lying in front of the porthole, staring at the deep starry sky in a daze.

Ten days will come in a blink of an eye.

Zhang Tuohai can already see Xinggang with the naked eye.

"Is this the Xinggang? It's really spectacular."

Zhang Tuohai lay on the glass and looked at Xinggang outside.

This is the first time he has seen such a thing.

It was a huge star ring, built around a planet, and spaceships were docked at berths.

Compared with Xinggang, his Dawn is no different from a small wooden boat.

Seeing this Xinggang Zhang Tuohai had a preliminary impression of New World Pioneering Group.

One can imagine the strength of the New World Pioneering Group to be able to build dozens or hundreds of such star ports.

Dagan and its confrontation are tantamount to mantising a car with its arms, all he can do is to delay the process as much as possible.

Through these ten days of inquiries, Zhang Tuohai has already figured out the process of entering the port.

Then he filled out the port entry application through the shipboard main engine.

As for his identity, he directly borrowed the identity of the previous captain.

In terms of appearance, he and Li Qingyuan learned the disguise technique, directly changing the shape of bones and muscles to make up into the captain's appearance.

Fortunately, the management of the outer starport is relatively lax, and the face scanning is enough.

If you want to go to the core area, you need to compare the iris and genes, which is very cumbersome.

His disguise is useless. UU reading www.

"We still have to find a chance to get a legal identity."

Zhang Tuohai thought to himself.

Because the Shuguang has complete operating procedures, the application for entering the port was quickly approved.

Zhang Tuohai took control of the Shuguang and parked at the berth.

"Shall I go down together?"

Fei Ye asked.

"Forget it. Your identity is too sensitive. It will be troublesome if you are discovered. I will go in and find out the situation first. If it is convenient, I will take you down."

Zhang Tuohai said.

Hearing what Zhang Tuohai said, Fei Ye nodded and agreed to Zhang Tuohai's arrangement.

Zhang Tuohai followed the covered bridge and entered the star port.

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