Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1383 secret meeting

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Although he had heard the first officer and Yuna describe the Xinggang, Zhang Tuohai was deeply shocked by the size of the Xinggang after entering the Xinggang.

This is simply a giant city.

No, it's bigger than a city.

After all, the volume of the star port is placed there, a huge star ring built around the planet.

In terms of size alone, it is larger than most countries.

The star ring is so huge, it is also divided into 28 sub-areas, and there are many small areas under the sub-areas, all of which are in charge of by special personnel, just like small cities.

After Zhang Tuohai entered the Xinggang, he planned to take a look in the Xinggang first and step on the spots.

Zhang Tuohai bought a ticket for the train around Hong Kong.

The train around Hong Kong is like the subway around the city in the city, except that this one is around Xinggang.

The train around Hong Kong is very stable, and there is almost no shaking.

Zhang Tuohai observed the passengers in the train, most of them were no different from urban office workers.

These people also don't know martial arts, so they can only provide Zhang Tuohai with a series of skills that he doesn't have, such as fishing skills at work, planetary engine manufacturing skills, and tricks for making money from the big brother on the list.

Most of them are useless to Zhang Tuohai and can only be replaced with attribute points.

"The zoo is here, passengers arriving at the station, please get off."

The train beeped.

"In the zoo, will there be more people? Will it be better to brush attributes?"

Zhang Tuohai got out of the car, got on the ferry and entered the zoo.

The zoo is similar to the zoo he saw in the real world. It is divided into sections, with cages and outdoor areas. A large number of animals are distributed in various areas of the zoo. Many of them have never been seen by Zhang Tuohai. Keep an eye out.

As Zhang Tuohai was walking, he suddenly saw a display board: "The Dani sub-district is about to come. Tourists with rhinitis and other respiratory diseases, please detour."

"What kind of animal is this, and there is such a hint?"

Zhang Tuohai's curiosity was seduced, and he walked over curiously.

After Zhang Tuohai entered the division, he was stunned by the sight in front of him.

Because, in this subdivision, it is the indigenous people who are kept in cages.

These people were dressed in the clothes of their own world, locked in small cages, and there was no room for them to turn around.

Eating and drinking Lazard can only be done in such a small area, so it would be strange if the taste is good.

Zhang Tuohai can guarantee that the dungeons in Prince Qin's Mansion are better than this.

The eyes of these indigenous people have become numb, and they just stood there blankly, letting the tourists around them point and point.

Some tourists even took out some snacks from their bags and fed them from time to time, just like teasing animals.

A little girl asked curiously: "Why do they look similar to us?"

Hearing what the little girl said, a guide immediately walked over to the side.

The commentator said: "Appearance is not the criterion for judging whether it is an animal. Take orangutans for example, although their appearance is similar to ours, they are animals. They only have the instinct of animals. They are just a kind of animal that is more like us than orangutans." Animals are nothing more than animals, they, like orangutans, only have animal instincts, and only those of us with civilization can be called human beings."

The little girl and her parents nodded repeatedly.

"Sure enough, only such a deformed world view can cultivate those deformed people."

Zhang Tuohai snorted coldly, he had some worries about destroying Xinggang before.

After all, there are a lot of people living in this star port. If the star port is destroyed, there is a high probability that they will not be able to survive.

But now, he doesn't have such a burden.

If the New World Pioneering Group is the main murderer, they are the accomplices who handed over the knife.

Zhang Tuohai glanced at it, then left the exhibition area.

Zhang Tuohai continued to wander around the exhibition area, constantly checking his attributes.

Although the quality of the people here is not very high, it is impossible to provide Zhang Tuohai with any effective news.

But the victory lies in the large enough number. Zhang Tuohai has accumulated a lot of attribute points after walking this way.

At noon, Zhang Tuohai felt a little tired, so he found a restaurant and ordered some local specialties.

While waiting for the meal, Zhang Tuohai saw a piece of news on the public screen.

"The new governor has arrived at Starport."

"Is the highest official here called the Governor?"

Zhang Tuohai looked at the video in the news.

"If this person is killed by means of Tianxuan Tower, the influence will probably be quite large."

Zhang Tuohai was thinking about how to divert the New World Development Group's attention.

Coincidentally, the area where the governor stayed was next door.

"Go and see if there is a chance to do it."

Zhang Tuohai made up his mind, and after lunch, he took the train around Xinggang to the next door.

I don't know if it's because of the arrival of the new governor. The security forces in this district are much stricter than those in the next district.

Could it be possible to see teams of combat mechanical puppets walking by on the street?

Even plainclothes and spies can be seen among the crowd.

Because from these people, Zhang Tuohai obtained a series of miscellaneous skills such as "Secret Torture Manual", "Make-up Tracking Skills", "How to Act More Like a Spy than a Spy", "Urban Drag Racing Skills", "Common Civilian Spaceship Driving Proficiency".

Zhang Tuohai flipped through the skills he had acquired while walking, picked out useful ones to keep, and exchanged the rest for attribute points.

While Zhang Tuohai was constantly selecting skills, a prompt suddenly caught his attention.

[Congratulations on obtaining the skill "Transformation Technique"]

["Transformation Technique": A special technique that can transform into any form, including animal form, and can even be completely transformed into another life form after practicing to a high level. 】


Zhang Tuohai Tong Kong shrank slightly.

In order to obtain more information, he tortured the first officer and Yuna separately.

Although the two mainly talked about things related to their own professions, there was one organization they both mentioned, and that was the Secret Society.

The group was founded by survivors of a world they overran.

Survivors in this world all have a special skill, that is "Transfiguration". UU Reading

This "Transfiguration" is very strange, allowing them to live in the form of animals.

These survivors used this special technique to turn into various animals to attack the New World Development Group.

Many members who kept pets died inexplicably.

These people acted so secretly that the New World Pioneering Group issued a rule that all employees were not allowed to keep pets.

It's just that those survivors can only change into one kind of animal, and they can't change their shape. After the New World Pioneering Group gradually grasped their bodies and appearances through the cameras near the victims, they became disposable items, gradually Left the central area and ran to the edge.

Zhang Tuohai didn't expect to meet members of the secret order here and get the "Transformation Technique".

"Perhaps, the Secret Society is also a good shield."

Zhang Tuohai watched "Transfiguration" and had a new plan.

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