Sage of Humanity - Chapter 1177 induction

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The Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 1177 Induction

Strictly speaking, the expedition of the Kyushu cultivation world to the blood refining world was not a fair war, because the Kyushu side had already planned and deployed it, but the blood refining world was completely unprepared.

So even though there is almost no big difference between the two realms in terms of size and cultivator level, when the war broke out, the Blood Refining Realm was the one that was defeated like a mountain.

Whether it was the battle of the Divine Tower Sea or the collision of monks from the two races in the Blood Refining Realm, the blood clan was at an absolute disadvantage.

In the final analysis, there is no fairness in such a thing as war. This is the collision of two major realms, the struggle between two races, the human race has various advantages in intelligence, and there are many supports from Kyushu's secrets, so it can be overwhelming, impossible block.

Only one month since the expedition started, the Paradise of Paradise and even the various caves in the Blood Refining Realm, but all places where blood races gather have basically been wiped out, and the number of blood races in the entire Blood Refining World has dropped by as much as 70%.

The blood races that are still alive are all panicked like bereaved dogs, running and hiding everywhere. How proud they were when they faced the human race in the past, how miserable and desolate they are now.

The entire blood refinement world was turned upside down

The escaping and hiding of the blood race undoubtedly made it more difficult for the human race to clear the blood refining world, but this situation was already expected. What the Kyushu monks need to do is to search for traces of the blood race, find them and kill them, so as to avoid future troubles .

After another month, there were no large-scale battles in the entire blood refining world, and all the battles that took place were confrontations between small-scale forces. There are wounded vampires who want to attack the villages where the human races gather, and use blood food to supplement their own consumption and recover from their injuries, but whenever they show up, they will be discovered by the monks guarding the human race villages everywhere, and they will send messages from all directions. Soon, a large number of support came from all over the place.

It can be said that in today's blood refinement world, blood clans are like rats crossing the street. Anyone who dares to show their faces will inevitably be chased and intercepted by monks from Kyushu. The measure of leaving monks guarding various villages of the human race has largely avoided the loss of mortals.

Before the expedition, the Kyushu monks did not expect that this war could be won so easily, and they all thought it was a fight between dragons and tigers. But looking at the overall situation, the largest battle in this expedition, that is, the battle in Shenquehai, even that one, was easily won because of reasonable deployment.

After that battle, the Nine Corps of Kyushu set off from Shenquehai, and swept all the blood clans they encountered along the way northward. It can be said that wherever they passed, the situation could be calmed down.

Right now, the elites of the Nine Corps have crossed the place where the two peaks of the Optimus Pillar and Jade Pillar have passed, and there is no one who can take the lead.

This war of expedition to the blood refining world, only two months after the start of the war, seems to have entered the final stage, and it will not take long before all the blood races will be driven to extinction.

Lu Ye is a little annoyed recently.

Since the beginning of the war, his existence has been a trump card against the blood saints. After two months of hard work, his record has been outstanding. The number of saints hunted and killed by the deity and clones has exceeded hundreds. Wherever he haunts, there are always Bad luck for the Holy Seed.

How many saints are there in the entire blood refining world?

It can be said that there are not many remaining Holy Seeds left after hundreds of people died. But at this stage, it is not easy for him to hunt and kill the Holy Seeds. In two months, the blood race Holy Seeds who are still alive have basically sensed his existence, so almost all the Holy Seeds are hiding He, this made Lu Ye's hunting journey difficult.

Take the previous situation as an example, he received a summons and hurried to the place where the Holy Seed appeared, but the Holy Seed had long since disappeared, only a group of human monks who were attacked by the Holy Seed and suffered heavy casualties. team. The Holy Seeds have also learned to be smart, knowing the existence of such a nemesis as Lu Ye, so they never stay in a certain place for too long,


Many are in a state of mobile hunting.

Nowadays, there are Kyushu monks distributed all over the blood refinement world, with small teams or small groups as units. Even if there are Shenhai Realm in these small groups or small groups, they will not have much power to fight back after encountering the Holy Seed.

The current situation is like this, it is not easy for Kyushu monks to find traces of the blood race,

Because almost all the blood races were killed, even if there were fish that slipped through the net, there were not many of them, and all of them were hidden very deep, but the Holy Seeds wanted to find the traces of Kyushu monks, so they could find them casually Harvested.

With the great strength of the Holy Seed, no team can fight against it without the top combat power of the human race. If the Holy Seeds are not removed, this expedition will not be a complete victory, because the existence of the Holy Seed at this level cannot be ignored.

Today, Lu Ye received a summons again, and immediately rushed to the place where the Holy Seed was haunted by the transmission of the Tianji Pillar.

He came very fast, but no matter how fast he came, it was not as fast as the killing of the Holy Seed. When he arrived at the place, the Kyushu monks who were attacked by the Holy Seed here were almost wiped out. Lu Ye saw a streak of blood from a distance. The light is fleeing into the distance.

He immediately exploded a drop of blood essence, and urged the Blood Escape Technique to chase after the **** escape, but he couldn't catch it.

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