Sage of Humanity - Chapter 1178 Yuzhu Peak

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The Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 1178 Yuzhu Peak

After a while, Lu Ye ended the communication with the second senior sister and stood there thinking.

When the sun broke through the clouds and sprinkled the first ray of sunshine after two months in this area, the will of the world in the blood refining world sent a trace of guidance to his main body, clone, and even Lan Qiyue. .

What is certain is that no matter the avatar of the deity, or the guidance felt by Lan Qiyue, they all point to the same direction.

This is very intriguing.

Creatures have the instinct to survive, and so does the will of heaven and earth. The will of heaven and earth in the blood refinement world is far less clear and strong than Xiao Jiu, so even if he has the advantage on the home court, Xiao Jiu suppresses him everywhere in the battle, and he cannot deal with the intruders in this world. Kyushu monks sent down punishment from heaven.

But today, this kind of suppression has undoubtedly become more thorough, because the pitch-black clouds that manifest the heavenly power in this world are no longer complete.

If the situation continues like this, the will of the world in the blood refining world will definitely not be able to make any waves, and will be eaten to death by Xiao Jiu after all. So it is instinctively looking for change, the guidance of the Silk Model Lake, that is, the way it seeks change is to use the creatures in this world to make the final resistance. The target is the Holy Seeds of the Blood Refining Realm


But because the will of the heaven and earth in this world is not clear enough, there is no way to distinguish between the enemy and the enemy, and we can only give this guidance to all holy creatures.

This is why his main body, clone and even Lan Qiyue are all at the same time.


The root of the sense of time.

In other words, he and Lan Qiyue have a feeling that the Holy Seeds of the Blood Race are also worthy of this great change in the realm. The lives of these people have suffered heavy casualties, and even the Holy Seeds are almost extinct in the early stage. Once the Holy Seeds Sensing this guidance, they will naturally make appropriate choices. Lu Ye's thoughts gradually became clear, and he had a vague insight into the truth of the matter. Raising his hand to touch the mark on the battlefield, he sent a message in all directions, and at the same time flew forward according to the feeling in his heart.

Recently, he has been worrying about how to solve the remaining Holy Seeds smoothly. There has been no good solution, because once the Holy Seeds hide in the underground blood river, it will be impossible to find them. Many times, he They all chased down the Holy Seed to the blood pool, but lost track of each other. Who would have thought that when sleepiness came, someone would send a pillow, and the guidance of this mold lake from the will of the blood refinement world came at just the right time.

This time he did not use the Tianji Pillar to teleport, because he was not sure where the induction point of Namo Lake was, so he could only fly there. In order to rush to the place as soon as possible, he even exploded the blood essence to activate the blood escape technique. Of course, this state cannot last long. Although he has a lot of blood essence in reserve now, the blood escape technique consumes more than just the blood essence , as well as its own background.

At the same time as he was leaving, the top powerhouses of the human race who were searching for the remaining traces of the Holy Seed all over the Blood Refining Realm also set off from various locations and gathered towards Lu Ye's location after receiving the news. This flight took a full ten days before Lu Ye finally arrived at the end of the journey. The summit of Yuzhu Peak

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As one of the two highest peaks in the blood refining world, the existence of Yuzhu Peak is very iconic, and it is not difficult to find. Its location is just one-third of the blood refining world from north to south. If you look down, Yuzhu Peak is on the right side of the center line of the entire boundary.

This place is always cold and windy, covered with snow, and its environment is so cruel that even blood races are reluctant to set foot here.

When Lu Ye set off from the northern border to the southern border, he crossed Qingtian Peak and never came to Yuzhu Peak.

When approaching this place thousands of miles away, Lu Ye had already constructed the concealment and breath-holding spiritual pattern to bless his body,

, all the way quietly

Touching towards the peak. When he finally reached the peak, he fixed his eyes and immediately confirmed that his previous guess was correct.

The guidance of the model lake that descended from the will of the world in the blood refinement world is indeed aimed at all the saints, because at this time and here, there are already three figures of the saints gathered together, standing together at this moment, the divine thoughts are frequently surging, and they do not know that they are communicating what.

Lu Ye didn't show up rashly. This is a good opportunity to wipe out all the remaining Holy Seeds. Now under his guidance, the top powerhouses of Kyushu are gathering here. Before the net is formed, the Holy Seeds When there is no gathering, it is naturally not appropriate to startle the snake.

The will of the world in the Blood Refining Realm has no intelligence, and its guidance is just a survival instinct, so it would never have thought that its guidance would bring disaster to the remaining Holy Seeds.

Lu Ye hid his figure, restrained his aura, looked around for a while, and then approached in one direction. The entire peak was covered with thick snow, except for one location, which was where the blood pool was.

There is a blood pool on the top of Yuzhu Peak, and the scale of this blood pool is larger than all the blood pools Lu Ye has ever seen. The blood inside it is surging, and there is a strong **** smell. .

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