Sign In a Lu Bu Fengxian at the Beginning - Chapter 370 I want to hear the good news from Dayue before the end of the year

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Southern Xinjiang.

Governor's Office.

Before Zhou Yu could say anything, Lu Bu disappeared into the lobby.

Seeing Lu Bu disappearing, Zhou Yu and Gao Shun were stunned.

Neither Zhou Yu nor Gao Shun thought that as soon as Lu Bu left the border, he would go directly to Da Yue.

Zhou Yu and Gao Shun knew that when Lu Bu said to go to Da Yue, it was not as simple as just going around Da Yue.

"Captain Zhou, General Lu will go to Dayue alone, this..."

Gao Shun stood up and looked worriedly at Zhou Yu in the main seat.

Taishi Ci and the others were stunned and looked at Zhou Yu.

All of them understood the purpose of Lu Bu's trip to Da Yue.

Although they all wished to destroy Dayue directly, Dayue's strength should not be underestimated. Even if Lu Bu stepped into the Samsara Realm, it was impossible to traverse the entire Dayue.

Zhou Yu's eyes flickered for a moment, and she immediately said in a condensed voice, "Report to Your Majesty immediately and expeditiously send the news of General Lu's departure to Dayue to Luoyang."

"At the same time, the army stopped all training and the whole army was on standby."


Royal Palace.

A flurry of snowflakes fell from the sky.

Zhou Chen stood on the steps outside the Hall of Mental Cultivation, looking at the snowflakes flying all over the sky, his expression was a little erratic.

"Autumn and winter come, and it's the end of the year again."

Zhou Chen sighed inwardly.

It has been more than a year since he came here, but Zhou Chen feels like a century has passed.

Over the past year, Zhou Chen has experienced too many things, and it is because of these things that Zhou Chen feels that he has passed through a reincarnation for so long.

It was only in these two months that Da Zhou was relatively stable and calm.

But Zhou Chen knew that this kind of calm would not last long.

Two months have passed, the beast dynasty of the two dynasties of Dayan and Dayue is estimated to be almost suppressed, and the eyes of the two dynasties are probably about to turn to the Great Zhou again.

However, this time, Zhou Chen is not afraid.

With two months of respite, Da Zhou has the strength to contend against the two great dynasties of Dayan and Dayue.

Two months ago, Da Zhou completely included the Great Desolate Hundred Cities into the Da Zhou's territory, turning the Great Desolate Hundred Cities into the source of Da Zhou's troops.

After more than two months, Da Zhou has basically digested the strength of the Great Wilderness Hundred Cities, recruited a million troops from the Great Wilderness Hundred Cities, and incorporated most of the masters of the Great Wilderness Hundred Cities into the army.

It can be said that the strength of Da Zhou's current army is not even a little bit stronger than before.

Although compared with the two dynasties of Dayan and Dayue, the military strength of Dayan may still be a little worse, but at the very least, Dayan already has the strength to fight against the two dynasties of Dayan and Dayue.

Moreover, in terms of powerhouses, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Yuwen Chengdu and several others also stepped into the reincarnation realm one after another in the past two months, with the strong supply of resources from the Mu's Chamber of Commerce.

That is to say, in terms of top combat power, Da Zhou is no weaker than the two dynasties of Dayan and Dayue, or even worse than the two dynasties.

In addition, in the two-month sign-in opportunity, Zhou Chen signed in 300,000 Xiaoguowei at one time, and signed in 100,000 factory guards at one time.

Although Zhou Chen did not sign in for the two signing opportunities, Xiao Guowei and Changwei who signed in are exactly what Da Zhou urgently needs.

Of the 100,000 factory guards, the ones with the lowest strength are in the realm of heaven and human beings, which not only supplemented the stretched manpower of the East Factory, but also improved the overall strength of the East Factory by several steps, allowing it to expand outwards with all its strength.

As for Xiaoguowei, not to mention, it directly made up for Da Zhou's lack of elite troops.

With Xiaoguowei, Da Zhou has an elite force that can truly deter the Quartet.

Zhou Chen looked at the snowflakes falling from the sky, his thoughts were flying.

at this time.

Cao Zhengchun walked over quickly.

"Your Majesty, there is news from the southern border that General Lu has left the customs."


Zhou Chen heard the words and retracted his thoughts.

Two months ago, Lu Bu's bloodline awakened, and after killing the Yue army, he has been unable to retreat.

Two months have passed, and Zhou Chen is still a little worried about Lu Bu's situation!

Unexpectedly, Lu Bu is now out of the customs, which can make people feel at ease.

"However, as soon as General Lu left the customs, he said he was going to Da Yue."

"Now, General Lu has gone to Dayue."

Cao Zhengchun presented the news in his hand to Zhou Chen.


Hearing Cao Zhengchun's second half sentence, Zhou Chen's face showed a hint of surprise.

Zhou Chen immediately took the news from Cao Zhengchun's hand and glanced at it.

After seeing the contents of the message, Zhou Chen's brows furrowed slightly.

"Lu Bu went to Dayue as soon as he left the border?"

Zhou Chen took the news, turned around and returned to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.

Zhou Chenduan sat on the throne of the dragon chair, looking at the news in his hand and pondering.

Zhou Chen knew that Lu Bu's trip to Da Yue was not as simple as a trip.

It seems that Lu Bu's strength has improved a lot during the two months of retreat.

Otherwise, Lu Bu would not be able to be so confident in his own strength. As soon as he left the border, he went to Dayue.

Thinking of Zhou Chen raised his eyes and looked at Cao Zhengchun, "How is Da Yue's recent situation?"

"Reporting to Your Majesty, Dayue's beast dynasty has basically been suppressed by Dayue."

"However, the loss of Dayue is not small. In order to suppress the beast dynasty, the army of Dayue has been killed and injured a lot, and there are some scattered beast dynasty. Dayue is clearing up."

Cao Zhengchun reported the recent situation of Dayue.

After hearing this, Zhou Chen's eyes flickered for a moment, and he said, "Send my will, order Zhou Yu to lead his troops to go to Da Yue, and Tiao Dian Wei immediately goes to the southern border and goes out with the army."

"At the same time, Cao Youxiang was ordered to cooperate fully with Zhou Yu's army. I want to hear the good news from Dayue before the end of the year."

Zhou Chen said with bright eyes.

There is revenge for revenge, and there is an opportunity for revenge.

Dayue had just experienced the beast dynasty, and his strength was damaged. It was when he was weak, and Zhou Chen would not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The most important thing is that Lu Bu went to Dayue as soon as he left the customs.

Zhou Chen knew that although Lu Bu was arrogant, he would never be arrogant.

Since Lu Bu went to Dayue as soon as he left the customs, it means that Lu Bu was very confident in his own strength, and Lu Bu was confident that he could suppress Dayue.

Since this is the case, Zhou Chen naturally has to seize this opportunity and send troops to Da Yue.

Zhou Chen is not an emperor who can only passively defend.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

A light flashed in Cao Zhengchun's eyes immediately.

"and also."

"Let Cao Youxiang find out why Dayue suddenly sent troops to me in Dazhou, and I want to know the specific reason."

Zhou Chen spoke again.

Regarding this issue, Zhou Chen has not yet figured it out, and even the Mu's Chamber of Commerce has no specific news.

"Old slave obeys the order."

Cao Zhengchun bowed and said, turned and left the Hall of Mental Cultivation to convey his will.

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