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The palace is empty.

Emperor Yue stood in the sky, looking at the figure in the distance that was blocked by the formation outside the imperial city, Emperor Yue's face was extremely solemn.

Even if they were far away, the formation protector and the Emperor Yue could feel the terrifying pressure emanating from that figure.

The strength of the absolute reincarnation of the venerable.

Moreover, it is still a normal reincarnation realm, the Venerable who has stepped into the reincarnation realm at least seven times.

Emperor Yue knew, how did he provoke such a strong man?

Knowing that Venerable Reincarnation who has stepped into the realm of reincarnation seven times, any dynasty will survive, even if it exceeds, the strongest is not the same.

For such a strong man, the moat is blocked.

As soon as the idea of ​​Emperor Yue came up, the city defense formation broke with a "Katha" sound, and the figure stepped on it, and in an instant, it reached the empty space of the palace.

"Courageous thief, dare to attack the Imperial City of Yue, and the palace is presumptuous."

Hundreds of figures rose up into the air, killing them.

After all, Liyue's palace is guarded by many strong and masters.

Hundreds of masters who were only surprised by the sky, before they got close to the figure, were waved casually by the other party, and all of them exploded in mid-air, turning into a rain of blood.

The scene fell into the eyes of Emperor Yue, which made the child hole of Emperor Yue shrink for a while.

It is known that hundreds of figures are all masters guarding the Yue Palace, the lowest are all in the Yin and Yang realm, and there are few kings in the life and death realm.

It is the peak of life and death, the strength of half-step reincarnation, and the powerhouse who can step into reincarnation only half a step away.

However, many masters and powerhouses with the same strength were actually wiped out by the opponent with one move, and the strength of the figure was deeply measured.

The Emperor Yue looked at the empty figure of the imperial palace and said in a condensed voice, "What is the pavilion? Why did you attack the Imperial City of Yue for no reason, slaughter the generals of Yue, and break into the Imperial Palace to be presumptuous?"

"Although the strength of the pavilion is strong, the palace of Yue can do anything casually."

"Today, the pavilion has given me a satisfactory explanation, and the pavilion will not want to leave today."

Emperor Yue stared at each other coldly, his voice revealing endless majesty.

The strength of the opponent is strong, but no matter how strong, the more majestic it is, it can be provocative and more familiar.

The other party attacked Yue's imperial city for no reason, slaughtered Yue's generals, and even broke into Yue's palace presumptuously, obviously he didn't take Yue's attention.

If the other party can give a satisfactory explanation, then the Emperor of Yue will use all his strength to destroy the madmen who dare to break into the Yue Palace.

"No reason?"

Lu Bu sneered.

"The more emperor!"

"The original attack for no reason needs to be explained."

"This general Zhou Zhenbei General Lu Bu, the more you are today, the more you will explain why the more soldiers attacked Zhou for no reason?"

Lu Bu looked at Emperor Yue and questioned loudly.

That's right.

Farewell to the figure, is leaving Zhennan City, Yue's Lu Bu.

After Lu Bu left Zhennan City, he went straight to the Imperial City of Yue.

Along the way, all the generals and masters in the cities of Yue who blocked Lu Bu's road were killed by Lu Bu.

With a strength like Lu Bu, it didn't take much at all to enter Yue to the Imperial City of Yue.

The reason why Emperor Yue didn't receive the news of Lu Bu killing the imperial city in time.


"Zhou's Zhenbei general Lu Bu?"

When Emperor Yue heard Lu Bu's words, his face was full of astonishment, and he was full of surprise.

The Emperor of Yue never thought that the one who attacked the Imperial City of Yue, entered the Imperial Palace of Yue, and slaughtered the many masters and strong men in the palace, was actually Lu Bu, the general of Zhenbei of Zhou.

how come?

The indigenous dynasty that just merged into the barren on Monday, how can there be such a strong person?

The Emperor Zhiyue was astonished.

The ministers around the Emperor Yue also all had the same thoughts.

No one would have imagined that the indigenous dynasty that had just merged into the barren on Monday would find a strong man with a strength like Lu Bu.

Judging from Lu Bu's hand just now, Lu Bu's strength has at least entered the late stage of Reincarnation.

Such a strong man, even if he is overwhelmed, will survive.

Although several ministers of the Emperor Yue wanted to understand why they had just merged into the barren indigenous dynasty on Monday, why there would be a strong man like Lu Bu.

But that's already heavy.

Seriously, the other party has already killed the door.

Emperor Yue looked at Lu Bu dignifiedly, and said in a deep voice, "How can I say, the army of the reincarnation Venerable Yue, who I sent Zhou, has already been destroyed?"

Thinking of the army of the line, there was no news of it for more than two months, and the Emperor of Yue immediately guessed that Lu Bu's reincarnation enshrined army was probably destroyed by Lu Bu.

With the strength that Lu Bu just showed, killing the army of hundreds of thousands of Venerables who had been in the realm of reincarnation once or twice was simply easier than squeezing a few ants.

"Some ants in the mere dare to attack Zhou, and they will all be sent to hell."

Lu Bu said no, and looked at Emperor Yue coldly; "The more soldiers attacked Zhou for no reason, today, the emperor of Yue, who can give Zhou a satisfactory explanation, will also send the emperor of Yue to hell."

Lu Bu's voice was calm, but in the ears of Emperor Yue, there was no doubt about it.

Emperor Yue knew that if he gave Zhou an account, Lu Bu would stop.

Because of Lu Bu, it was obvious that he took the position of Emperor Yue.

Besides, Emperor Yue couldn't explain anything to Zhou at all.

Because, the emperor of Yue, who has just merged into the barren indigenous dynasty, is also worthy of the emperor of Yue to give an explanation?


"Good week, good Lu Bu, I've watched it."

Emperor Yue laughed angrily.

"Let's just rely on Lu Buyi, and dare to send me to **** with shame. I really laugh."

"I admit that my strength is very strong, but just by virtue of it, it is enough to qualify my palace to be arrogant."

"I will tell Yili now, then the strong will survive, and the weak will be eliminated, and I will explain to Zhou."

Emperor Yue said, and waved his hand.

"The hand you enshrine, give me Lu Bu."

Dare to attack the imperial city of Yue and enter the imperial palace of Yue, do you really think your strength is invincible?

Emperor Yue let Lu Bu know what kind of red the flowers were.

As soon as Emperor Yue's voice fell, seven figures rushed up from all over the palace.

Seven figures, each of which exudes a terrifying aura.

The one with the lowest strength has stepped into the reincarnation realm Venerable once, and the two figures have stepped into the late reincarnation realm powerhouse with seven reincarnations.

It can be said that the seven figures, every time they take it, suppress the existence of one party.

Only the real guard force in the palace.

As for the ones killed by Lu Bu just now, they were just some fish and shrimp.

The seven Venerables of Samsara, exuding a powerful aura, looked at Lu Bu.

First, he glanced at Lu Bu and said, "You are so young, it's really worthwhile to cultivate such strength."

"This deity advises you to capture it without hand. If you look at the mistake, you will surely spare your life."


"Don't blame your hands for being ruthless."

A Reincarnation Realm Venerable who has stepped into seven reincarnations.

For Lu Bu's young age, the strength of his cultivation made everyone feel the pressure, and the Venerable Reincarnation Realm was shocked.

But the more dignified and provocative.

If Lu Bu was captured and willing to surrender to Yue, then, depending on Lu Bu's fault, he would surely spare Lu Bu's life.

Hearing the words of a reincarnation realm Venerable, Lu Bu's face flashed a bit; "The ants are also dare to speak wildly and kill Lu Bu?"


Lu Bu said, and slapped his palm directly at the seven reincarnation realm Venerables.

When the seven samsara sages saw Lu Bu toasting, eating and drinking, they took the lead and slapped them with their palms.

The faces of the seven reincarnation realm venerables all showed murderous intent, and no matter how nonsense they were, they would completely suppress Lu Bu with their hands.

It was only at this moment that the seven reincarnation realms discovered that the palm of Lu Bu's slap, which seemed unremarkable, actually contained a terrifying coercion, and the whole body of the pressure moved.

For a moment, the seven Venerables of Reincarnation Realm understood Lu Bu's fear.


The seven reincarnations screamed in horror in their hearts, but there was no sound in their throats.

The child's hole shrank, and in an instant, he completely fell into darkness.


Lu Bu's palm.

The seven Yue Yue's reincarnations were worshiped, and all of them were shot by Lu Bu into a **** rain without any resistance.

One scene, in the eyes of Emperor Yue, made Emperor Yue's face froze.

Emperor Yue thought he had seen it wrong.

The more the seven reincarnations worship, the more intimidating the strongest force that suppresses everything. Every time you take it, you will suppress one party's existence.

Two of them are the late-stage powerhouses of the reincarnation realm who have already stepped into seven reincarnations.

How could they be easily killed by Lu Bu with one palm?

The seven reincarnations have no resistance at all, what are you kidding?

Emperor Zhiyue was stunned on the spot, and his place was stunned on the spot.

You know, the seven cats and dogs, the venerable reincarnation, the enshrined of the royal family, and the existence of Yuehuaban.

As far as I can see, the seven Venerables of Reincarnation are all things, high in existence.

But now, just like the high objects in his eyes, he was slapped to death by a slap. The contrast was so different that everyone in the institute accepted and reacted.

After Lu Bu slaughtered the seven reincarnations of Yue, he raised his eyes and looked at Emperor Yue;

"But unfortunately, the weak Zhou, at least compared with Yue, the weak Zhou."

How could Lu Bu listen to what Yuedi said just now?

Lu Bu is crazy, but it doesn't mean that Lu Bu has no brains.

The meaning of Yuedi's words just now refers to the weak in Zhou, and the weak should be slaughtered by the strong.

But Lu Bu responded to the Yue Emperor with a palm, telling the Yue Emperor that the weak Zhou would instead kill the strong Yue.

Hearing Lu Bu's words, facing Lu Bu's scornful eyes, Emperor Yue's face was extremely gloomy.

There was even more waves in my heart.

The Emperor Ben Yue thought that the seven reincarnations should have a problem with Lu Bu.

But in reality, Emperor Yue was slapped with a slap in the face. Not only did the seven reincarnations fail to mention Lu Bu, but they were killed by Lu Bu with no resistance.

How strong is Lu Bu?

Emperor Yue suppressed the shock in his heart, met Lu Bu's eyes, and gritted his teeth angrily; "Lv Bu, it's damned, kill seven royal family enshrined in Yue, and I will destroy it today at all costs."

The Emperor said with hatred.

The more the nine reincarnations are worshipped in total, the more intimidating foreign enemies and suppressing the reliance of the Quartet.

It is precisely because of the worship of the nine reincarnations that the Emperor of Yue was able to sit firmly in the country.

But now, of the nine worshippers of Yue, seven were destroyed by Lu Bu with one palm, one died of the beast dynasty, and the remaining one was sent by the Yue emperor to support the army of Zhou, and Lu Bu's hand also died.

It can be said that the nine worshippers of Yue, directly or indirectly, almost all broke the hands of Zhou.

Without the worship of the nine reincarnations, the more one is equal to the collapse of half.

No matter what the final result is today, Yue's overall strength will slide to the lowest point.

Let Emperor Yue kill Lu Bu and Zhou, and the killing intent was extremely strong.

"Four absolute guardian dragons form."

Emperor Yue snorted and swung his hands.

A cyan light barrier now shrouded the entire palace. The guardian formation in the palace is one of the foundations of Yue.

Even if the existence of Reincarnation Realm wants to break through the formation, it will not be so easy in a short period of time.

In the formation, without the formation token, the strength will be weakened, and even the Venerable of Samsara can be killed.

In order to deal with Lu Bu, Emperor Yue directly used Yue's heritage and killed Lu Bu in one fell swoop.

The guardian formation of the imperial palace is the same as the guardian formation of the imperial city, and it is also comparable to the formation of the imperial city. It is not so easy for Lu Bu to break the formation.

When the Emperor Yue started the formation, Lu Bu only felt a pressure coming, and the figure that made Lu Bu stand in the air almost fell to the ground.

Seeing the azure light barrier covering the entire palace, isolating the inside and outside of the palace, feeling its coercion, Lu Bu raised his brows.

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