Sign In a Lu Bu Fengxian at the Beginning - Chapter 414 It seems that it is time for Guan Yu to make a move

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Qing Yunzong.

In the Zongmen hall.

Facing the two saints, the Supreme Elder and the Second Elder, some elders headed by the First Elder all looked extremely ugly.

None of them thought that their Supreme Elder, a majestic sage, would join the Demon Race.

What they didn't expect was that besides the Supreme Elder and the Second Elder, there were actually many elders who joined the Demon Race, and these high-level elders in the temple accounted for almost a small half of the number.

What an astonishing thing to think about.

Who would have thought that a top sect like Qingyun Sect would be infiltrated and controlled by the demons to such an extent, it is simply terrifying.

"Elder Taishang, you have taken refuge in the demon clan, and you still want to disturb the sect?"

"Even if the suzerain and the others are not there, but the ancestor is still in the sect, aren't you afraid that the ancestor will destroy you?"

The Great Elder looked at the Supreme Elder and those people who took refuge in the Demon Race, and said in a cold voice.

Now, the suzerain is not here, and another elder has also left the sect with the suzerain, but this does not mean that there are no strong people in the sect.

Not to mention other details, the ancestor alone can suppress all the young people.

"There's no need for you to remind me."

"The ancestors will become the slaves of the Lord just like us, and gain eternal life."

The realm of the Supreme Elder's laws spread out, and a great battle broke out in an instant.

In just a short period of time, those elders headed by the Great Elder who did not take refuge in the Demon Race were suppressed. In front of the two saints, the Supreme Elder and the Second Elder, they had no resistance at all.

Great week.

Hall of Mental Cultivation.

Zhou Chen sat on the throne of the dragon chair, looking at the news in his hand, his brows were furrowed.

More than ten days have passed, and the situation on the frontline is not optimistic. Han Xin and the others have retreated again and again, and they have retreated from Daqian to Dayan.

However, the army of the dynasty was like a broken bamboo. In the past ten days, they defeated Han Xin and the others more than ten times, and they had already arrived at the city of Dayan Dynasty.

Dayan is next to Da Zhou.

Once the dynasty's army repelled Han Xin and the others again and passed Dayan, the dynasty's army could directly threaten Da Zhou and attack the border of Da Zhou.

At that time, the battlefield will move to the Great Zhou, and the entire Great Zhou will be in turmoil...

Zhou Chen put down the message in his hand, stood up, walked back and forth with his brows locked.

Originally, what Zhou Chen thought was that Han Xin and the others could hold off the imperial army for a while, and persist until he signed in again.

As long as he can persist until he signs in again, at that time, if he can sign in an outstanding general, he will be able to support the frontline battlefield and block the army of the dynasty.

But I didn't expect that the imperial army's advance speed was too fast and the attack was too fierce. In just a few days, they defeated Han Xin and the others more than ten times in a row, and they had already attacked the city of Dayan Dynasty.

This speed exceeded Zhou Chen's expectation, and also disrupted Zhou Chen's wishful thinking.

"It seems that it's time for Guan Yu to make a move."

Zhou Chen stopped in front of Long An as he walked back and forth, and murmured.

Before, Guan Yu was not allowed to make a move because he was guarding against the two major sects of Ziyang Sect and Qingyun Sect.

But now, the situation on the frontline battlefield could no longer allow Zhou Chen to plan according to his previous plan.

If Guan Yu is not allowed to make a move, once Han Xin and the others are defeated, the imperial army will be able to enter the Great Zhou and approach the border of the Great Zhou.

Zhou Chen didn't want to put the battlefield in Da Zhou, let the war rage on the land of Da Zhou, and spread to Da Zhou.

at this time.

A tyrannical coercion descended, covering the Hall of Mental Cultivation, even the entire imperial palace, and even the entire Great Zhou.


Zhou Chen's face changed, and his figure disappeared into the hall in an instant.

At the same time, the fate of the country is rolling, and dragons sing everywhere.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Chen's figure appeared in the void.

I saw that four figures were stepping into the air and standing in the void. Their bodies exuded a powerful aura, coercing the entire Dazhou without any scruples.


Seeing these four figures, Zhou Chen's Tong Kong shrank slightly.

Judging from the aura emanating from these four people, Zhou Chen knew that these four people were all saints.

Especially those two people standing in front, exuding the most terrifying aura, almost comparable to Shang Guan Yu.

"I didn't expect that the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty was actually a genius. It's a little surprising that he broke through to the semi-sage at such a young age!"

Looking at Zhou Chen, the suzerain of Qingyun Sect had a flash of surprise in his eyes, and said.

That's right, these four people are none other than the two suzerains of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect, and another Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect.

Originally, the two suzerains of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect had been secretly following the imperial army, wanting to see what kind of foundation Da Zhou had.

But I didn't expect that more than ten days had passed, the army of the dynasty was in full swing, and except for a few, there was no saint in Da Zhou, and no trace of his background was revealed.

Faced with such a situation, the suzerains of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect knew that they could not wait any longer.

If you wait any longer, the army of the imperial dynasty will attack Da Zhou.

At that time, it will be too late for them to act again, and they will lose face if it spreads out. In order to deal with a mere dynasty, the top powers of the three major Eastern Regions have to join forces. They can't afford to lose this face.

But to keep the majesty and prestige of their two sects, Da Zhou must be destroyed in their hands, so that people in the entire Eastern Region can understand that they dare to challenge the majesty of his Qingyun sect and Ziyang sect, and ignore his Qingyun sect and Ziyang sect There is a price to be paid for being majestic.

Therefore, the lords of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect did not wait any longer, but directly brought their Supreme Elders to Da Zhou,

However, what the Sect Master of Qingyun Sect did not expect was that Zhou Chen, the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, would have the cultivation base of a semi-sage at such a young age. This is even incomparable to those top geniuses in their sect. I am afraid that only the Central Region can do it. There will be such geniuses.

And Zhou Chen's Son of Heaven Conferred God Technique has already reached the seventh level of perfection, which is only one step away from the eighth level.

All in all, Zhou Chen's strength had indeed reached the realm of a semi-sage.

However, the Son of Heaven Conferring God Art is not an ordinary exercise, its power is far stronger than ordinary exercises, especially in the territory of Da Zhou.

As Zhou Chen's figure appeared in the void, immediately after, another figure appeared in the void following Zhou Chen.

This figure is none other than Guan Erye Guan Yu.

As the only great sage in Great Zhou today, Guan Yu's reaction speed was no worse than that of Zhou Chen, the emperor who had practiced the art of conferring the gods of the Son of Heaven, and he rushed into the void almost at the same time as Zhou Chen.

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