Sign In a Lu Bu Fengxian at the Beginning - Chapter 415 Small tricks, thousands of seas return to Sichuan

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The appearance of Guan Yu caused the eyes of both the Qingyun Sect Master and the Ziyang Sect Master to flicker.

"This should be the pinnacle of that Little Sage of the Great Zhou!"

The Patriarchs of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect thought to themselves, and their eyes shifted from Zhou Chen to Guan Yu.

Although the strength of Zhou Chen, the emperor of the Great Zhou, surprised them both, for people at their level, Zhou Chen only surprised them, and he didn't get their attention. He could really attract their attention. The only thing that matters is the peak little saint of the Great Zhou.

"Are you the saint of the Great Zhou who killed my Ziyang Zongtai elder?"

The Ziyang Sect Master and the Qingyun Sect Master took a look at Guan Yu, and they both felt a strong danger from Guan Yu.

Needless to say.

This person should be the little sage pinnacle of the Great Zhou mentioned by the grand elder of the Qingyun sect, and the chief culprit who killed him.

Hearing the sound, Guan Yu glanced at the suzerain of the Ziyang Sect lightly, ignored it, and just stood beside Zhou Chen silently.

Seeing Guan Yu's disdainful attitude, not even bothering to say a word, the Ziyang Sect Master's face suddenly became gloomy.

At this moment, Zhou Chen also guessed the origin of these four people.

"It turned out to be people from the Ziyang Sect and the Qingyun Sect. You are so courageous. You came to my Da Zhou again and again to be presumptuous and wanted to erase my entire Da Zhou. It seems that the lessons I have given you before are not enough. .”

"Since this is the case, the four of you should not leave today. I want to see if Ziyangzong and Qingyunzong dare to send people to my Dazhou after you four saints are dead."

Zhou Chen has been guarding against the two major sects of Ziyang Sect and Qingyun Sect.

Now that the people from these two major sects came, Zhou Chen happened to deal with the enemies of the two major sects, Ziyang Sect and Qingyun Sect, before sending Guan Yu to the front line to resist the imperial army.

"Guan Yu."

Zhou Chen yelled majestically.

Guan Yu immediately understood what Zhou Chen meant, and stepped out. Those eagle-like Danfeng eyes were locked on Ziyang Sect Master and Qingyun Sect Master. The momentum is gathering...


The Ziyang Sect Master's face was slightly condensed, and his expression was never solemn.

"Let's do it together!"

Ziyang Sect Master said in a concentrated voice.

It stands to reason that people at their level generally regard themselves as status, and can't save face to bully more and less, and join forces against the enemy.

Moreover, as the masters of a sect, their own strength and talent needless to say, they are absolutely outstanding, rare existence, under the same realm, they have absolute self-confidence, no one is their opponent.

The same is true for Guan Yu.

Although Guan Yu felt a little dangerous to them, the suzerain of Ziyang Sect had absolute confidence and was able to suppress Guan Yu.

But at this moment, in order to suppress Guan Yu as soon as possible and get rid of Da Zhou, so as to avoid any mistakes, the master of Ziyang sect directly prepared to join hands with the master of Qingyun sect, two against one.


Three figures soared into the sky at the same time.


The shocking aura spread in all directions,

next moment.

In the void.

The three collided together and began to fight.

Guan Yu used one against two, Qinglong Yanyue Dao in one hand, and raised his hands and feet, making the eyelids of Ziyang Sect Master and Qingyun Sect Master's eyelids jump.

But the Ziyang Sect Master and the Qingyun Sect Master are not ordinary people. As the masters of a sect, they are both strong and geniuses, and they will not fall behind in the face of a hero like Guan Yu.

the other side.

Zhou Chen took a look at the fight between Guan Yu and the Ziyang Sect Master and Qingyun Sect Master, and turned his gaze to the remaining Ziyang Sect Grand Elder and Qingyun Sect Grand Elder.

The elders of Ziyangzong and Qingyunzong both looked at Zhou Chen at the same time.

The eyes of both sides collided and sparked fiercely.

"Leave the emperor of the Great Zhou to me, and you can erase the entire Great Zhou!"

The Supreme Elder of Ziyang Sect said something to the Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect.

After the words fell, the Supreme Elder of Ziyang Sect reached out and grabbed Zhou Chen directly.

Da Zhou's minor saint peak had been besieged by their suzerain, and judging from Da Zhou's attitude towards the imperial army, Da Zhou should not have much background.

Otherwise, in the face of the overwhelming momentum of the imperial army, it is impossible for Da Zhou not to send a saint to resist.

Then, when the Xiaosheng peak of the Great Zhou was besieged by their suzerain, they just took the opportunity to take down the emperor of the Great Zhou and wipe out the entire Great Zhou.

As long as the Great Zhou is wiped out and the emperor of the Great Zhou is taken down, then the peak little saint of the Great Zhou will not be able to make any big waves.


Imagination is beautiful, but reality is always cruel.

The Supreme Elder of Ziyang Sect stretched out his hand, and was about to grab Zhou Chen, but a figure blocked Zhou Chen at this moment.


Cao Zhengchun slapped out with one palm, directly forcing back the Supreme Elder of Ziyang Sect.

"If you dare to attack His Majesty, you will die for the miscellaneous family."

Cao Zhengchun's Tiangang Boy Kung Fu was activated to the extreme, and the yin and yang softness spread all over his body, and he directly killed the Supreme Elder of the Ziyang Sect. UU Reading


"A mere half-sage, who dares to attack me, does not know how to live or die."

The Supreme Elder of Ziyang Sect snorted coldly, and directly resorted to the power of law.

"Hmph, small tricks."

"Ten thousand seas return to Sichuan."

Cao Zhengchun's strength has also reached the semi-holy realm.

Although he was only a newcomer to the semi-saint, Cao Zhengchun's combat power had soared several levels.

Maybe Cao Zhengchun couldn't deal with the saint, but he could still temporarily block the Ziyang Sect's Supreme Elder.

Cao Zhengchun and Ziyangzong's Supreme Elder fought fiercely together.

Seeing this, the Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect didn't hesitate at all, the coercion of the saint was completely released, and he hit Zhou Chen casually, and the law field also enveloped the entire Great Zhou.


"In front of me, you dare to take action to erase my Da Zhou, you really want to die."

Zhou Chen's face turned cold, and the Son of Heaven Conferred God Technique came out casually.

The fate of the country converged and formed, and a five-clawed green dragon soared into the sky.

It was originally the domain of law that covered the entire Great Zhou, but it was swallowed up by this green dragon in an instant.


Zhou Chen patted it with one palm.

After the five-clawed green dragon rushed into the void, it turned into a big palm covering the sky, just like the Buddha's Five Fingers Mountain, and directly pressed towards the Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect.

"not good."

The face of the Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect changed, and the Law of Saint Yuan in his whole body was running extremely fast, trying to resist the slap.

But the Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect suddenly found that no matter how fast his Saint Yuan Law was running, his limbs and body could not move, as if he was imprisoned.


One palm down.

The Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect directly vanished into nothingness.


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