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From the conversation between Qianhe Hou and Jin Dinghou, Wang Yi keenly saw that the relationship between the two most powerful princes and princesses in Dayue Kingdom did not seem to be very harmonious.

"Since the eldest prince invited me, I will go by myself." Wang Yi said, he didn't have much friendship with Princess Yelan, and there was no difference between the eldest prince and Princess Yelan.

Qianhe Hou's expression changed slightly, "Brother Honghu..."

Wang Yi said: "Don't worry, Marquis Qianhe, I will go to the appointment first, and I will also attend Princess Yelan's banquet."

Although Qianhe Hou was reluctant, it did not represent Wang Yi's decision, and he watched Wang Yi being taken away by Jin Dinghou.

Dayue Palace, a vast and continuous mansion, in a towering and luxurious hall, Wang Yi met the first prince of Dayue Kingdom.

A tall, blond man wearing a gorgeous silver royal robe with two thick black horns on his forehead, his eyes are more like two golden suns, and there are countless mysterious lines in his eyes, which are shocking.

He is the eldest prince of Dayue Kingdom, the "God King of Luying" in the realm of gods!

However, his reputation is not revealed very much among the kings of gods, and what outsiders see more is that he is the son of the lord of Dayue.

He didn't hesitate and spoke directly. "Daoist Red Gourd, I admire you very much. If you are willing to work under me, I guarantee that you will become a marquis in my Dayue in the future."

Jin Dinghou, who brought Wang Yi, was standing beside him respectfully. Hearing the first prince's promise, he raised his head in amazement, because although there were 800 princes in Dayue Kingdom, the number of princes was fixed. The ruler of Wan Chaos, even if he has the power of being a prince, he cannot be a prince. It is conceivable that it is not an easy thing to be a prince. As soon as he made a promise, he was very impressed with Wang Yi.

Wang Yi said respectfully: "Thank you first prince for your appreciation, but I'm used to being alone and don't want to be tied down."

The eldest prince frowned slightly. Although he thought that the Taoist Red Gourd in front of him might refuse his solicitation, he did not expect that he would refuse so simply.

He was displeased, and said with a sullen expression: "The Daoist Red Gourd was persuaded by Shemei? In fact, what Shemei can give you, I can give it as well, and I can give more! Although that girl Yelan is very fatherly. The emperor's favorite, but after all, he is only the master of chaos."

Wang Yi said directly: "I'm sorry, I have no intention of staying in the country of Dayue."

The words have come to this point, and the first prince will no longer persuade him. A chaotic master, who is not the ultimate chaotic realm, can't let him be condescending to win over, and being able to entertain in person is already a good deal.

But this red gourd Taoist is very ignorant.

After coming out of the eldest prince's mansion, Wang Yi looked back and sighed in his heart, "This time I have offended the eldest prince."

However, with Wang Yi's current confidence, he will be offended if he is offended.

But just refusing to be the opponent's subordinate, the eldest prince may not necessarily treat himself.

"Princess Yelan is still polite." Comparing the eldest prince with Princess Yelan, Wang Yi immediately felt that Princess Yelan was more pleasing to the eye.

Although the eldest prince was polite just now, his condescending attitude was clear at a glance.

In fact, this is also reasonable. The other party is a great **** king who is aloof, and it is already a lot of face to be able to personally entertain you as a master of chaos.

It's just that the eldest prince wants Wang Yi to be his subordinate and let him drive. This is something Wang Yi can't do. If nothing else, he can't do it just because he is currently a high-rise in Wujian Building.

Originally, Wang Yi wanted to collect some materials through the eldest prince, but now it seems impossible.

Night falls.

Like some worlds that have the alternation of day and night, the country of Dayue also has the alternation of day and night, but the time is relatively long and is calculated by "epoch".

But now it has entered the "Night Era", followed by the "Day Era".

Wang Yi came to Princess Yelan's mansion alone, and saw the magnificent and magnificent building. "Princess Yelan's mansion is not much inferior to the eldest prince."

The entire mansion, stretching for millions of light years, is shrouded in a huge formation, and that latent power, I am afraid that even the king of gods can resist one or two.

"As expected of Princess Yelan who can compete with the eldest prince." Wang Yi looked at it. After he went back, he also investigated the situation in Dayue Kingdom. He knew that among the princes and princesses, Princess Yelan and the eldest prince had always been fighting, and although Princess Yelan was not The king of gods, but he has never been suppressed by the eldest prince. It can be seen that Princess Yelan is not simple.

"Although the eldest prince is powerful, Princess Yelan also has the support of the **** king behind her. In addition, the King of Dayue loves this daughter even more, so the eldest prince does not dare to go too far." Wang Yi thought to himself.

With an invitation from Princess Yelan, Wang Yi easily passed the guard at the door and was led to the banquet venue.

In the beautifully decorated hall with magnificent scenery, some practitioners have long been here, spread out and sat down, chatting and laughing, sitting on the main seat is a beautiful woman in blue.

Compared with the dignified and domineering eldest prince, Princess Yelan is softer, giving people a feeling like water.

"His Royal Highness, Daoist Red Gourd is here." As soon as Wang Yi came in, Qianhe Hou, who was standing beside Princess Yelan, said through a voice transmission.

Princess Yelan looked over, sat there, smiled and looked at the fat old man in white robe, and said with a smile, "Daoist Red Gourd, this palace is looking forward to the stars and the moon, and I always look forward to you."

The others in power are all chaotic masters, and they can't help but look at This red gourd Taoist is very much valued by Princess Yelan.

Wang Yi was also surprised, "This Princess Yelan does not say that she is a high-ranking person in the country of Dayue, but she is also the ultimate king of chaos. Is it because I am in chaos?"

During the banquet, there were also Chaos Lords who brought younger disciples here, but they could only stand behind them and their status was very low.

"Junior Sister Ziyue, look, that Daoist Red Gourd is so appreciated by the princess, it is really envious of others." In the seat, the Eternal True God behind a goat-headed cultivator envy and whispered to the junior sister beside him.

The purple-clothed woman also looked at her, with a strong yearning and envy in her eyes.

She is an ordinary Void True God, and her status in this hall is probably not as good as that of a maid. If she was not brought here by the teacher, she would never even want to step into this hall for the rest of her life.

"When will I have this day?" Many people thought to themselves when they saw Wang Yi's treatment.

"Hurry up and take a seat, I'll be waiting for you." Princess Yelan said.

"Thank you, Princess." Wang Yi said humbly. The other party was polite, but Wang Yi did not dare to take it.

Those chaotic masters looked at them. Although they felt that Princess Yelan was a little too enthusiastic about the red gourd Taoist, they had no idea. After all, the strength of the red gourd Taoist was still very strong. Hulu Taoist. "Maybe Princess Yelan wants to recruit the Taoist Red Gourd." They thought to themselves.

Of course, if they knew that Daoist Red Gourd had just been recruited by the eldest prince who is the king of gods, and the promise of giving him a title was rejected, they would be surprised.

Princess Yelan glanced at the people in the hall and said with a smile: "Let's have some wine here first, and then we will hold a conference in Ningguang Pavilion, and we can go to have a look."

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