Star of Civilization - v2 Chapter 110

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Although Hauluo didn't express his opinion, he knew very well that both sons were actually willing to stand on the side of the mysterious benefactor and fight against the Xuanming Gang.

Up to now, some disputes, although they have been involved, cannot stand idly by. In other words, the power of the Rothschild family may not be easy to use now. Because—that big man's interest in Joyna has long been obvious, and the family cannot allow the development of the situation.

Seeing the gloomy expression of Mr. Hauluo, Vander's mind moved, and he seemed to have guessed something.

He asked tentatively, "Does what you are worried about now have something to do with... that big man?"


Hauluo let out a sound from his nose, put his hand on his chin, twisted a few sparse beards, and finally raised his head.

"I'm very pleased that the way you think about problems has improved a lot..."

Hauluo squeezed some words between his teeth and said slowly, "When he received my news, the cronies of the Scarlet War Witch told me that his old man showed great interest in our family's benefactor, and he wanted to go for a walk in person. No, investigate this matter. As far as I know, the Scarlet War Witch has not been involved in these secular disputes for a long time, so I am quite surprised to hear the reply. How the situation will develop in the future is beyond our control. "


Vander and Soros exclaimed at the same time.

"You mean, the old man has already gone out in person?"

Mr. Hauluo said expressionlessly. "That's right, he left the seclusion early in the evening."

The two sons looked at each other—

No one expected that the biggest backer of the Ross family would care so much about this matter!

Various rumors have shown that the Scarlet War Witch has never appeared in front of the world for so many years. Not only has no one seen his real body, but even few believers know his whereabouts.

This time he made a sudden move, what happened?

In the dead of night, the family discussion finally came to an end.

The current Rothschild family, other than sending people to continue to inquire about the benefactor, waiting for the opportunity, has no effect at all. Since this matter is too involved, the process is too complicated, and the major forces are involved one after another, no one knows how it will end in the future.

The Rothschild family's creed is that the strong are respected.

Always follow in the footsteps of the strong, be it friends or enemies, for this family, all morality and conscience cannot stop the drive of interests to people. If you want to survive in this barbaric era, it is the key to stand firm and protect yourself first.

To put it bluntly, no matter which side is dominant, they will obey its call without hesitation.

"But she is a savior after all. If the old man is interested in our benefactor, will he directly ask Li Renxuan to release him?" Fandel still had a little illusion in his heart.

Soros shook his head repeatedly and sighed, "Who knows, after all, even we don't understand his old man's true intentions."

"...But he is still a powerful warrior, the Scarlet War Witch..." Hauluo said lightly. "Having these gangs recall the power he represents and we can earn his continued support is the key."

"You mean, our family is going to be a bystander for the time being?"

"It should be said to wait for the opportunity, choose the strong and serve." Hao Luo took a sip of tea and said slowly.

Fender's heart froze and said, "What if those gangs don't listen?"

"Hmph—no one is not afraid of his old man's power, otherwise..."

Haolo's face twitched and said coldly. "It's very simple, he'll kill them all."


In the darkness, Joyna has quietly climbed about six meters to the height of the prison wall.

This independent cell is very high. She grabbed the ceiling with one hand and supported her body with the other hand. After she stabilized, she stuck to the wall like a gecko and looked down.

This kind of climbing is extremely difficult for ordinary people, because the walls are almost vertical, and Joyna's fingers must be digging into the walls to hold herself in place.

This reminded her of the time when she was struggling to survive in a deep well many days ago.

However, for her, this approach can be described as familiar and without any difficulty.

Joyner saw an old cast-iron window overhead, closed by a solid black iron fence, behind which was another cell, perhaps containing other prisoners.

She fumbled with her fingers, found a crack in the wall, and clasped it tightly with a little force. Surprisingly, maybe these fences are too old and in disrepair, or maybe no one thought that anyone would get out of here, she only used 10% of her strength to break open the solid bricks and iron. fence.


The crunch of the metal as it hit the ground echoed through the room, deafening.

Joyna didn't care about being heard, because she had noticed for the past few days that there was no other guard except the jailer who brought her meals. And this is a tall and sturdy independent cell, even if there are other guards on the upper floor, no one wants to approach here.

Joyna didn't want to escape from the prison, but just wanted to meet other prisoners and learn about the situation in this prison by the way.

Taking off the bars, what was shown in front of her was a hole that could only be stretched through her head.

Joyna got into half body and looked up. Through the dim light on the opposite side, she saw that the cell on the other side was empty, the situation inside was not clear, and it seemed that no one was there.

It's a pity that there is an iron fence on one side of the cell, and the wall structure over there should be similar to this one. Joyna tried, her fingers barely touching the cold cast iron.

She stretched out her arms abruptly, hooked the iron fence, and exerted force with both arms, the iron fence was forcibly bent, and it was twisted like noodles!

There was another metal crash, and the narrow passage was opened.

Joyna kicked her feet, her body shrunk, and her fingers clawed at the hole and drilled out.


At the moment of landing, she exclaimed.

Two eyes shot straight at her—in the corner of the cell, there was another figure curled up.

This surprise is not without reason, because Joyna's senses far beyond ordinary people did not perceive this person's breath, and did not even feel that there was someone here.

Joyna stood up and looked at the man silently.

I saw that the man was wrapped in a layer of tattered sackcloth, even his head was wrapped, and his clothes were so dirty that he almost blended into the dark environment. She looks very thin and small, I don't know if it's a man or a woman, but I can smell a peculiar smell and stench from far away.

The stench was strong, masking other smells, and the person seemed to have been lying in his own excrement and urine for a long time.

Joyner just frowned and didn't care.

It's a prison after all.


When the man saw Joyna suddenly appear, the shock in his eyes was no less than the other's, a strange voice came out of his throat, and he shrank in the corner and shivered.

"Who are you?" Joyna asked, taking two steps forward and tilting her head.

The other party seemed to be extremely frightened and did not answer.

"Don't be afraid, I won't do anything to you," Joyner said softly. "I'm a… friend who lives next door to you."

She wanted to try her best to comfort the other party and dispel the other party's fear, so she tried to be gentle and relaxed.

After a while, the man slowly calmed down from the panic.

asked, "Are you also a prisoner in the next cell?"

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