Star of Civilization - v2 Chapter 111

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Joyna nodded. She felt that this person's voice was not only old, but also strange, and she couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman.

The man looked up and down Joyner with suspicious eyes, confirmed that the other party was not malicious, and slowly pulled the "sack" wrapped around his head, revealing his dirty silver hair.

A vicissitudes of life, pale face appeared in front of Joyna, her face was full of ravines, her hair was disheveled, and her turbid eyes were indistinguishable between the eyes and the whites, as if she was blind.

"What's wrong with your eyes, can you see me?" Joyner asked.

"I can't see clearly, I can only see the outline, but I know you are a woman from the sound." The old man bowed his head and said, "If you stay in this ghost place all the year round, anyone will turn into eyes like mine. ."

"Oh... that's true." Joyna nodded slightly, "Have you been locked up here for a long time?"

"Who cares about time, since I'm locked in this place, the length of time means nothing to me."

The old man stretched out his dry fingers and threw a strand of dirty hair from his forehead to the back of his head, his movements sluggish and his muscles weak.

Does time mean nothing to him?

For some unknown reason, the old man should have been here for a long time. Joyner thought that maybe he was just dying and didn't care about his current situation.

"Since you are locked next door, how did you get here?" the old man asked.

"I saw a hole, so I got in and took a look."

"Dongkou? It seems that you are lucky. You can be my companion when you find me here." The old man nodded and didn't ask any further questions.

"Oh, by the way, haven't I asked your name yet?" Joyna asked softly.

"Morgana, how about you?"

"Morgana...? My name is Joyna."

Just like that, the two chatted. From the other party's mouth, Joyner learned that the old man's name was Morgana, a woman over fifty.

Perhaps because of the same disease, Joyna's attitude towards her is much better than that of others. Strictly speaking, Joyner felt that Morgana was her own kind.

"Oh, so you're a woman." Joyna was a little surprised.

"Why, can't you hear my voice?"

"terribly sorry."

"Hahaha—I haven't spoken to me for a long time, and I can't even hear my own voice." Morgana laughed at herself, her voice rough, dry, and hoarse, like a mix of men and women , which sounds neutral.

Joyner told Morgana that she had only been locked in a few days ago. As for the reason, she didn't explain in detail, but said that she killed a few Xuan Gang gangsters by herself.

"Oh, you killed a few gang members and got caught?"

"Yeah, what about you? How did you get locked in?" Joyna asked, seeing a trace of disdain in Morgana's expression.

"I wasn't locked in." Morgana scratched her hair, pinched a tick out of her hair with her fingernails, and threw it directly into her mouth. "But if you want to talk about my experience, it's much more complicated than yours... I came in early, and there is no Xuan Gang in this hidden sand castle."

"Ah! Then how did you get in?" Joyner asked in surprise.

"It wasn't someone who locked it in... I came in myself, because this is my home, I have always lived in this underground building, and they only came to see it later and regarded it as a prison."

Morgana raised her head and looked at Joyna's face with cloudy eyes.

"I don't understand, why are you willing to stay in prison since no one is keeping you?"


Morgana raised her arm, the chain swayed, and her thin body was immediately exposed.

I saw several thick chains and belt bones passed through her body, and her collarbone, arms, thighs, and even her waist were all fixed by these chains. The other end of the chain was wrapped around a few steel cones, and it was driven deep into the ground behind her.

Morgana is like a statue nailed to the ground, and the iron rope restricts her to a small range of movement.

"How could you, your body...?"

Joyna's eyes widened, she couldn't believe that someone could live under such torture.

"Sometimes, people make big mistakes," Morgana smiled bitterly, her voice a bit low in the desolation. "But it doesn't matter, these mistakes will always make your life better in the future."

Morgana then told something about her, which surprised Joyner even more.

Many years ago, there was only a small desolate village around Hidden Sand Castle. This area is located in remote areas. Because the land is not polluted and can grow food, many people gather.

These people gathered more and more, not only reclaimed a lot of wasteland and became self-sufficient, but also attracted many organic foreigners to settle down, so the village became more prosperous.

Villages have become towns, towns have become cities, the population is increasing day by day, and commerce and trade are frequent. The reputation of the Hidden Sand Castle spread like a snowball, and it slowly turned into a prosperous and well-known human settlement nearby.

But soon, due to the daily disputes of interests, the residents of the city solved the problem by fighting and fighting, the weapons they used were upgraded, and the means of revenge emerged one after another, which became more and more outrageous.

Some of them are upstarts and charlatans. Since there is no owner here and there is no restraint from powerful forces, they see the opportunity to rise, and they start to form a larger armed group.

These people put down their friendly faces and showed their hideous and greedy eyes. They competed with each other for territory and power. They soon evolved into specialized violent organizations, suppressing their opponents layer by layer, in order to deal a fatal blow to their opponents and enjoy the benefits brought by the demographic dividend. all kinds of benefits.

Decades later Although there are still many refugees who come here, the number is much smaller than before.

Because this place has become a place where major gangs compete repeatedly, and it has almost become a place of death curse - just imagine, a place where humans cannot survive, who would want to come?

There are not only local gang forces, but also foreign brutal forces. When several major gangs staged a martial arts drama in the hidden sand castle, and the killing was brutal and fierce, a large number of corpses appeared every day.

The streets, fields, and ruins of cities were stained red with blood, seeping into the land in large quantities, and almost all productive activities of the people were abandoned - except for those places controlled by gang forces. These places are built like fortresses and are often heavily guarded to prevent sneak attacks from opponents.

Outside the fort is a rubble. The bodies of those who died tragically on the streets were not buried, but rotted into bones in the city. And what a rotting corpse means, anyone who has lived in the wilderness for a long time knows.

They would become a delicacy, a temptation for mutated beasts, and spawn even more terrifying things.

By that time, within ten kilometers, it is impossible for a living human to exist!

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