Star Ring Mission - Chapter 1147 unknown liquid

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I saw Xiao Jie crouched down immediately and began to carefully examine a hollowed out and unused drain on the ground.

He found a number next to the drain, XS845211.

This number means that this water inlet is the 845211th water area of ​​the City of Glory.

After confirming that the digital code was correct, Xiao Jie opened his mouth, put his right hand into his mouth, and forcibly pulled out a big tooth inside.

He looked at the big tooth in his hand and carefully checked it to make sure that it was not damaged.

Xiao Jie immediately took a deep breath, his eyes became more and more hot, and he couldn't help but fall into memory.

Seven days ago, in the luxurious inner hall.

Caviezel summoned Xiao Jie alone. He tasted the ruby-like wine and looked at Xiao Jie with great interest.

"Are you satisfied with the support I gave you?"

"Satisfied, very satisfied."

Xiao Jie nodded his head and said that during this period of time, all the people sent by the Demuen Empire to monitor him were infiltrated, and they were feeding back false information to the Demuen Empire every day.

He also gained a lot of money, and at the same time, he successfully joined the Star Ring system and got the military rank of captain in the literature department.

It was like a carp leaping over the Dragon Gate, completely turning over.

"Want more."

Caviezel said with a smile.

Xiao Jie didn't have any ecstasy when he heard Caviezel's words, his first reaction was a shudder.

He respectfully said to Caviezel, "My lord, I really want more, but I don't have anything in my hands that you like."

Caviezel smiled back.

"You just need to help me with a very simple thing, what you want after it is done, and what I will give you."

Xiao Jie's face twitched, and he replied vigilantly.

"Sir, can you tell me something?"

"I want you to bring this thing to the City of Glory, and at the same time find an opportunity to go to the bottom of the D3 area of ​​the City of Glory, find a drain numbered XS845211, and throw this thing in, it's very simple."

Caviezel then picked up a small transparent capsule, which contained a small drop of wriggling black liquid.

After Xiao Jie heard this, his face twitched, he was not a fool, but he would not easily believe what Caviezel said.

If it's really that simple, still use him to do it? Absolutely dangerous.

In fact, Xiao Jie instinctively wanted to refuse, but he still held back. The other party is not a serious person, and he will never give him a chance to refuse, and he is not qualified to refuse.

So Xiao Jie said: "Sir, it's not that I don't want to, but I guess it's not that easy to bring this thing. The security inspection equipment in Starlink City is very powerful."

"You can rest assured that this capsule is specially made and cannot be scanned by any scanning device. As long as it is not visible to the naked eye, it is absolutely impossible to detect anything unusual."

"But even if I can bring the City of Glory, it is very difficult for me to get close to the area you mentioned, and it will be discovered in all likelihood."

Xiao Jie squeezed out an ugly smile and said.

Caviezel took out a special cloak.

"This cloak is specially made by the Eternal Sleep clan. You can wear it to be invisible, and it can also block all electronic devices. As long as you don't move too much, it won't be revealed, and you can easily complete the task. And I will send someone to secretly Assist you so that you are safe."

Xiao Jie's expression wriggled for a while, and he understood that he was already on the pirate ship, so he had to do it, and he had to do it if he didn't.

Thinking of this, Xiao Jie immediately said to Caviezel with a smile on his face.

"It is my honor to be able to serve the adults."

"it is good...."

When Caviezel heard Xiao Jie's words, the smile on his face became brighter.

Xiao Jie actually wanted to ask Caviezel what the **** was in that capsule. But in the end, he suppressed his curiosity and said something good.

I know too much, so be careful.


At this moment, Xiao Jie came back to his senses from his contemplation. He carefully removed the thin covering on the top of his teeth and took out the small transparent capsule inside.

He looked at the peristaltic liquid in the capsule, and he was also a little confused.

Although he didn't know what the **** it was, he could have told him that it was definitely not dangerous.

He embedded it in his teeth, and he really took his life to bring it in.

These days, he has been very careful even when he eats.

Just when Xiao Jie was about to start, he suddenly heard footsteps.

He was startled, and turned to look.

I saw two soldiers patrolling over. They spotted Xiao Jie at the first time, and immediately raised their beam guns to face Xiao Jie.


"Put your hands up!"

Xiao Jie's face turned pale instantly, this time it was really over, the whole person was like being in an ice cave, shivering.

However, at this moment, a pair of purple child holes suddenly appeared behind the two soldiers.


Cold light flashes!

The heads of the two soldiers flew up and fell to the ground!

Immediately afterwards, a black shadow of Zitong who could not see clearly appeared.

After Xiao Jie saw this scene, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you, fortunately you arrived in time."

It's a pity that the black shadow of the purple boy did not answer Xiao Jie's meaning at all, but instead dealt with the corpse and traces on his own.

Xiao Jie didn't talk nonsense when he saw this. He carefully opened the transparent capsule and dripped the black wriggling liquid inside.

I saw that when the tiny bit of black liquid fell into the metal surface at the bottom of the sewer, like a living being, it squirmed for a while, and then slowly penetrated into it.


In the A1 area, Su Mo stood in front of Krishia's door, wandered back for a while, and then checked that there were only five minutes left.

He was also speechless. He called and rang the doorbell without any response.

Su Mo sighed.

"Hey, forget it."

Su Mo finally gave up, let's go and inspect by himself.

Just when Su Mo was about to leave, she saw Chrisia wearing a white sports T-shirt running over from a distance with headphones on, she said out of breath.

"Sir? Why are you here?"

"Isn't there an order above to go to patrol in the morning? Where are you going?"

Su Mo was stunned for a moment and asked subconsciously.

"Sorry! Sir, I went for a morning jog, and I encountered something in the middle, so I didn't have a good time."

Crisia hesitated and explained to Su Mo.

"Forget it, let's go, start work early and finish early."

Su Mo didn't care too much.

" I'll go and change my clothes."

Chrisia nodded in response.



In the B5 area, Su Mo and Chrisia stood at the intersection of the street.

Crisia took the record sheet and was filling out the patrols several times within an hour, and what was the status of the patrols.

Su Mo glanced at the record form and found that Crisia wrote beautifully and filled out the form very neatly and cleanly.

Although this adjutant is a little unreliable, there is still no problem in terms of talent.

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