Star World Legendary Guild - Chapter 1672 : Commissioned by the Adventure Guild from the Kingdom of St. Maderen

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On May 15, 1181, around 6:00 in the morning, Yan Tielong, who was in the kitchen of the Little Moon Hotel, was cooking breakfast while humming a song.

Of course, when Yan Tielong had just cooked breakfast, the members of the team who were inquiring about the news just came back, so Yan Tielong asked the other party if he had eaten breakfast, and learned that the other party had not eaten, so he served a bowl of porridge for the other party.

He was flattered when the members of the inquiries were served porridge by the Duke himself, but under Yan Tielong's appeasement, he began to enjoy himself.

After the inquisitors finished eating breakfast, he reported to Yan Tielong that the curfew in the fortress of Makda had ended ahead of schedule. It is said that the nobles in the fortress put pressure on the governor. Not a small loss, so those nobles will put pressure on the fortress governor.

But the governor of the fortress knew that the gang of outlaws who rescued the key prison had already escaped from the fortress, and the reason why he blocked the fortress was to make a pretence to the top, and the second was for profit; and now he had to Open the fortress to enter and exit, after all, if those nobles report to the kingdom together, then his position as governor may become someone else, so he will open the fortress to enter and exit again.

After learning that it was now possible to leave the Makda Fortress, Yan Tielong instructed the guards on the side to inform everyone that they were ready to leave.

Soon the entire Little Moon Caravan began to prepare, and Yan Tielong found the hotel owner to pay for the room, and thanked the other party for taking care of him these days. After all, if the hotel owner hadn't helped, Yan Tielong would have been very troubled by searching for the patrolling squad in the past few days. .

The innkeeper was quite satisfied with the generous Yan Tielong and his guests, so he politely expressed his hope that Yan Tielong would return to the Makda Fortress to visit their hotel.

Yan Tielong expressed his determination in a firm tone, and then left the hotel when everyone was ready.

Just when Yan Tielong and the others had not walked for a few minutes, a member of the adventure union blocked the way. He told Yan Tielong that their president had something to ask Yan Tielong to go to a set of adventure unions.

Yan Tielong heard that the president of the adventure guild was looking for him, so he let the caravan continue to wait outside the Makda Fortress, and then followed the members of the adventure guild to the adventure guild.

In less than ten minutes or so, Yan Tielong came to the Adventure Guild again. This time the Adventure Guild did not want to be as unpopular as before. After all, the Adventure Guild had already accepted Yan Tielong's 200,000 gold coins.

Of course, the current adventure guild has become one of the intelligence systems of the Flying Dragon Kingdom. After all, Yan Tielong has completed the task of saving the half-brother of the chairman of the adventure guild.

After entering the Adventure Guild, the leader of the Adventure Guild took his half-brother to meet Yan Tielong. Of course, the appearance of the Guild leader of the Mercenary Corps has also changed greatly. He is completely two people from the wanted list.

The trade union president of the mercenary regiment was very grateful to see Yan Tielong. After all, even his half-brother was helpless to save him. Of course, he had waited until his death tomorrow, but the other party actually took him in the hands of a saint-level powerhouse. to the rescue.

Facing the gratitude of the trade union president of the mercenary group, Yan Tielong and the others were already their own people, so don't be polite, and then asked the president of the adventure guild what was going on with him?

The president of the adventure guild told him that he had received news that there was news from the capital that the adventure guild would be reformed and the mercenary guild would be merged. May become one of the five vice presidents.

Hearing that the leader of the adventure trade union will not only be downgraded in the future, but also that his rights will be reduced again, Yan Tielong has realized what the other party is worried about, so he once assured that as long as the other party is the information of the Feilong Kingdom, the Feilong Kingdom promise to the other party will still be valid, and he even wrote directly. Commitment letter, and printed with the seal of the royal family of flying dragons.

Seeing that Yan Tielong actually has the seal of the royal family of the Dragon King, the president of the Adventure Guild finally felt relieved, and then he said that this time when he came to Yan Tielong, the first reason was to explain that he was going to be demoted and decentralised, and the second was to establish an underground intelligence system with the new adventure guild power. , The third prisoner who was rescued yesterday, they have contacted the people from the former Kingdom of St. Madeleine, and the other party is willing to contact people from the Dragon Kingdom.

Hearing the third point, Yan Tielong was also a little surprised. Bi also didn't expect to save the prisoners from the fifth to seventh floors of the prison who actually had the former Prince of St. Madeleine.

However, just to be cautious, Yan Tielong still asked the chairman of the adventure union if his people contacted each other?

The president of the Adventure Guild naturally knew what Yan Tielong was worried about. He told Yan Tielong that the people of the Adventure Guild did not contact those prisoners, but his own younger brother contacted those people. After all, he was also worried about being caught.

Then the trade union president of the mercenary regiment told Yan Tielong that in fact, the reason why those former princes of St. Marden were detained in the Macda Fortress was because those people were arrested recently, and those who were former princes of St. Marden were detained in the Macda Fortress. It is a great achievement to send people to the current king; it can also be said that they were lucky enough to be rescued by Yan Tielong.

What did the trade union president of the mercenary regiment think of? He handed Yan Tielong a badge of the Pegasus picture, and then told Yan Tielong that only with the Pegasus badge can he contact the former prince's people, otherwise he would be easily attacked by those people. Finally, tell the location of the former prince.

At the same time, what did the president of the Adventure Guild think of? He gave a bunch of military talents who had recently inquired about the importance of the current king.

Looking at a lot of information scrolls, Yan Tielong didn't think he had time to read it now, so he received all the information scrolls in front of him with space rings, which also caused his space ring to have no extra space.

Originally, Yan Tielong was going to leave the Adventure Guild, but when he thought that the President of the Adventure Guild was going to set up an underground intelligence system, he felt that the other party's funds would be seriously insufficient, so he took a box of pure natural gems worth 500,000 gold coins in the space ring to the other party. Underground intelligence organization funding.

Seeing the pure natural gemstone worth 500,000 gold coins, the trade union president of the Mercenary Corps couldn't help swallowing. After all, he rarely saw such a large sum of money.

The president of the Adventure Guild saw the pure natural gems worth 500,000 gold coins, and he couldn't help but ask Yan Tielong if he was not worried that they would run away with pure natural gems. The Principality of the Principality.

As for the president of the adventure guild, Yan Tielong said that 500,000 gold coins is a lot of money for the current president of the adventure guild, but it is already a small amount of money for the branch of the adventure guild in the Flying Dragon Kingdom, like a branch that earns five million gold coins a year. There are already several.

He was surprised to see the president of the Adventure Guild and the former mercenary trade union president. Yan Tielong said that it would be very easy to use the intelligence system of the adventure guild president to investigate whether what he said was true. Then he said that in the future, the other party's income for one year would not be considered. Five million, but the million level is still easy to achieve, and then said that the other party would not let the royal family down and left the adventure guild.

After leaving the Adventure Guild, Yan Tielong entered a dark alley. He began to disguise himself as an old man, and then went to the former stronghold of the Grand Prince of the Kingdom of St. Madeleine given by the head of the mercenary guild.

When he arrived at the largest red light district in the Makda Fortress, Yan Tielong couldn't help but lamented that fortunately he didn't bring his fiancée with him, otherwise he would have to sleep on the floor for a week.

After sighing, Yan Tielong entered the Crystal Flower Red Building, and the pimp in the Crystal Flower Red Building did not have any distaste for seeing the old man, but enthusiastically introduced various ways to play.

Yan Tielong asked the oiran Melissa by name and name, and then took out a piece of pure natural and threw it to the pimp.

When the pimp saw the pure natural gemstone, he smiled and said that their oiran Melissa Sha was meeting the guest, and now they need to pay more to see her.

Hearing that there is still more money, Yan Tielong endured his dissatisfaction, and he threw another pure natural The pimp received the second pure natural gemstone. Just ask Melissa the Oiran to pick up the guest.

It didn't take long for Yan Zhi to be able to hit 8.5 points and the beautiful girl walked towards Yan Tielong; when he heard the voice of the oiran Huang Ying, Yan Tielong couldn't help but praised him as the oiran here.

Hearing Yan Tielong's praise, Melissa was very happy, so she danced a dance for Yan Tielong.

After nearly ten minutes, Melissa finished dancing, and Yan Tielong and the surrounding guests naturally applauded, and then asked if the other party could come to his house to dance, and he was willing to offer thousands of gold.

Facing the temptation of Wan Jin, Melissa just smiled and told Yan Tielong that she was not leaving the castle.

However, the next words made the smiling Melissa serious, because what Yan Tielong said was a code for the connection.

After answering the five secret words, Melissa invited Yan Tielong to her room to talk, and the guests around him were very envious of Yan Tielong. After all, the number of guests who can enter Melissa's room in a year can be counted on one hand.

After entering Melissasha's room and closing the door, Yan Tielong immediately felt the danger behind him, so he turned around without hesitation and punched, and then saw Yan Tielong's iron fist collided with the dagger of a masked girl, and he was blinded. The face girl was knocked back by Yan Tielong's punch.

Just when the masked girl was about to make a shot, Yan Tielong took out a Pegasus badge from the space ring, and the masked girl's dagger almost stabbed the Pegasus badge.

Melissasha on the side saw Yan Tielong take out their master's badge, and she couldn't help asking why the guests had badges.

And Yan Tielong didn't tell the truth, he just told the other party that he saved a person in the former Blood Bear Principality, and this person gave this badge and told him the stronghold here.

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