Star World Legendary Guild - Chapter 1673 : Meeting Melissa Sha and Captive Chalix

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After Melissa heard Yan Tielong's story, she smiled this time and asked Yan Tielong's identity and purpose?

When asked by Melissa Sha, Yan Tielong said that his name was Long 13, and his identity was from the Feilong Kingdom.

Hearing Long 13's words, Melissa had a smile on her face, but her tone pointed out with a chill that the other party's real purpose was to mess up the Kingdom of St. Maderen to weaken the Kingdom of St. Maderen.

Yan Tielong was a little surprised that Melissa could point out the core purpose, but he admitted that this was the purpose of his coming here, and also pointed out that the other party had no choice.

Facing Yan Tielong's words, the masked girl beside Melissa exuded a powerful murderous aura, but he told the masked girl to kill him, then the former Prince of St. Madeleine would not be able to live for long. In his words, they came to find him. The whereabouts of the former Prince of St. Madeleine cost a lot. If he dies here, then the Dragon Kingdom will think that the former Prince of St. Maderen has no value for cooperation, and he will definitely be hunted down by the current Kingdom and the Dragon Kingdom jointly. Once he wanted to come, the grand prince of the Kingdom of St. Madeleine couldn't escape.

After Melissa listened to the man in front of her, she immediately analyzed a lot of content, the most terrible of which was that their people in the other party's consciousness were actually placed beside the eldest prince. The prince is encircling and suppressing, so the eldest prince really can't jump.

After thinking calmly, Melissa told Yan Tielong that she had no right to call the shots for the person behind her, but she could help the other person tell what she said and hand it over to that person.

Seeing Melissa's tone softened, Yan Tielong told the other party that if he chose to cooperate with the Flying Dragon Kingdom, he would negotiate with the real core of the other party in Hesong Town three days later.

Originally, Yan Tielong wanted to leave after talking, but when he came to the door, he thought of something, so he took out a piece of information from the adventure guild from the space ring and threw it to the masked girl, and then said that this was a gift from him.

After the so-called Dragon Kingdom Anbu Dragon 13 left, Melissa opened the scroll given by the other party, but when she read the contents of the scroll, her face was pale and panicked.

The reason why Melissa looked pale and flustered after reading the scroll is because her boss is very optimistic about the candidate for the battlefield coach. This man's name is Dan Hans Dexin. He was born in a military family since he was a child. However, his father's title and territory were caused by the choice of the team. All of them were confiscated, which is why their master was very optimistic about him.

However, according to the information provided by Long 13, Dan Hans Dexin has been bought by the current king of the Kingdom of St. Maderen. As long as the specific position of their master is found, then Dan Hans Dexin will not only restore the family title and territory, but even improve it.

Of course, some people will ask why Melissa believes the information given by Long 13? In fact, the reason is very simple. It is because the intelligence records in detail the place and time of Dan Hensdxin's contact with the current messenger of the King of St. Maderen, and even records that Dan Hensdxin collects the tokens of the current messenger of the King of St. Maderen.

The masked girl beside Melissa also realized that the content of the scroll threatened the Lord, so she nodded and immediately took the scroll to the balcony, then she whistled, and then a huge eagle quickly grabbed the mask from the air. The girl with the face quickly disappeared into the air.

It's just that neither the masked girl nor Melissa knew it was Yan Tielong, who was hidden when the masked girl was taken away by the big eagle. Of course, Yan Tielong didn't just look at it. Take away the masked girl.

Soon it was about three o'clock in the afternoon, and the big eagle took the masked girl to a cave in Anlin Mountain, and then the masked girl called out to her in the cave.

Soon a male magician came out of the hidden compartment impatiently. He was very impatient to ask what happened to the masked girl. It is rare that something happened to Miss Melissa?

Faced with the impatience of the magician, the masked girl did not say much. She handed the scroll in her hand to the middle-aged male magician.

The middle-aged male magician looked suspiciously at the scroll sent by the masked girl, and after the middle-aged magician read it, he couldn't help frowning, but he was still worried that the question would be a tactic of alienation from the enemy, after all Now Dan Hans Dexin is the commander of their rebel army. The most important thing is that not long ago, Dan Hans Dexin led the 5,000 rebels to defeat the 8,000 official troops.

You must know that most of the rebels led by Dan Hans Dexin now use wooden guns cut with sharp tools. Only a small number of rebels have such sharp weapons as kitchen knives. Of course, most of the rebels have cloth armor without defense. ; On the other hand, the official army of the Kingdom of St. Madeleine also has long guns, but the long guns they use are iron guns and iron, and they all have leather armor-level defenses. It can be said that the two sides get along very well individually.

Of course, the reason why Dan Hans Dexin was able to defeat the official 8,000 regular army with 5,000 miscellaneous soldiers was because he took advantage of the terrain to defeat the official 8,000 troops.

At this time, the masked girl and the middle-aged male magician began to quarrel about Dan Hans Dexin, but both sides soon reached an agreement, that is, whether there is something wrong with Dan Hans Dexin, Dan Hans Dexin cannot know their position as the master, after all Dan Hans Dexin has a problem and knows that there is a problem with the master, then their master will be very dangerous, so the middle-aged magician summons the sound bird.

Yan Tielong was also very surprised to see the middle-aged magician summoning the sound bird. After all, the sound bird is a third-level monster, but it can be said that it has almost no combat power, but its biggest advantage is speed. It is said that even the fifth-level flying speed monster May not be able to catch up.

After the middle-aged magician handed over the letter he had written to the summoned sound bird, the sound bird quickly flew to the south.

And seeing the sound bird flying away through the owl spirit body, he was helpless. After all, now that Yan Tielong has joined Shite Alia and the others, even if he can summon the sound bird now, it is too late.

It didn't take long for Yan Tielong, who had been staring at the masked girl and the middle-aged magician, to run into trouble, and the trouble was that they were blocked and robbed.

Seeing the hundreds of disheveled outlaws, the caravan's guards immediately took action, and soon the rabble was beaten by the guards. break up.

And Shite Alia saw that the family guards suffered a lot of injuries, she dispatched, only to see the moment she pulled out the sword, after the sword was retracted, the huge mace in the hand of the two-meter man was broken into two sections, and then the two-meter man's eyes turned white. Fall straight down.

Hundreds of lawbreakers saw that their leader didn't even catch a move of the caravan's guards, and they immediately dispersed.

For the escaped criminals, the caravan did not pursue, but swept the battlefield and treated the wounded.

After all, Yan Tielong came to the side of the Ermi Dahan curiously. He was very puzzled. Dahan was able to face the swordsman-level masters of the caravan with ease, how could he fall down in the face of his fiancée with two moves.

It turned out that Arya Shite rushed towards the 2-meter man just now. She cut off the 2-meter man's mace in the first move, and then hit the back of the 2-meter man's neck with the back of the sword in the second move, causing the 2-meter man to faint.

Through the diagnosis, Yan Tielong found that the 2-meter big man did not have any fighting spirit, which is a real innate power, and the big man was able to cope with the master swordsman. That was because the big man could capture the movements of the master swordsman, but faced the lion who had reached the peak of the sword master. Te Alia's speed could no longer be captured, so he was solved in an instant by Shi Te Alia's second move.

And through the system, Yan Tielong learned that the big man who was knocked out by his fiancee was named Chalilis, and he actually had the bloodline of Balaheiros. No wonder the opponent was so powerful.

Knowing that Chalilis has the bloodline of the Balaheiros, Yan Tielong also has a love for talent. After all, as long as he trains the other party and adds special rituals to purify his bloodline, it is only a matter of time before the other party becomes a saint.

Of course, in order to control the innate divine power of Chalix, Yan Tielong gave Chalixi an incapacitating potion. This potion could turn the Balahiros into soft-footed shrimp.

After finishing the potion, Yan Tielong asked the Shite family to take care of him personally, and then joined the treatment of the wounded.

After the treatment, Yan Tielong let the injured take a rest in the carriage, and then continued to set off, but Yan Tielong did not expect that they would encounter three waves of roadblocks and robberies in just a few hours' journey, which prevented Yan Tielong from using special vines to strengthen the armor of the carriage. .

At around five in the evening, Yan Tielong and the others came to Baron Mitu's territory, and they also met Baron Mitu to train a team of knights.

Because Yan Tielong took out the badge of the Polish baron, this made Baron Mito's patrol knights think that Yan Tielong was a noble caravan, so he only had to pay a small amount of tolls and rest.

If Yan Tielong did not take out the badge of the Polish baron, then Yan Tielong not only had to pay nearly ten times the toll and rest, but also had no two soldiers left to protect him.

Some people may wonder how two ordinary soldiers could protect the caravan; in fact, the two soldiers were not outlaws. They were attacked by Baron Mito's hidden looting team. If there were no two soldiers, then the caravan would definitely be hidden and looted at night.

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