Star World Legendary Guild - Chapter 1742 : The Holy See of Life shows its strength effect and the Mother of the Earth religion also needs to engage in...

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The latest website: Xingyu, November 23, 1181, at around nine o'clock in the morning, various social venues in the New City of the Greenskin Continent were discussing the event that the Holy See of Life killed hundreds of thousands of greenskins with 800 people yesterday, and about the more than 1,000 people the day before yesterday How many people have been discussing the incident of killing hundreds of thousands of green skins? After all, the speech was guided by Yan Tielong. Of course, the cooperation of An Yusi's cult also has something to do with it.

At the same time, Yan Tielong also received news from social places in various places, and he was also relieved. At this time, Kemidis found Yan Tielong, and he couldn't help asking why Yan Tielong secretly helped the Holy See of Life yesterday. Is it Tuesna?

Faced with Kemidis' question, Yan Tielong said that there was indeed a point of returning Aunt Yin Tuesina's favor, but it was not the most important thing. Then he asked Kemidis about the incident of thousands of people killing hundreds of thousands of green skins the day before yesterday?

Regarding Yan Tielong's question, Kemidis said that he knew it naturally, and said that he was also watching the event of thousands of people killing green skins on the city wall the day before yesterday, and he also admired those weak guys who could defeat so many green skins, compared in terms of strength and equipment The performance of more than 800 people sent by the Holy See of Life is far inferior to the performance of the thousand people sent by the Holy See of Life. After all, the people sent by the Holy See of Life are the elite among the elites, and many of the thousand people sent by the Holy See of Life were only intermediate professionals.

Yan Tielong agrees with Kemidis' judgment. After all, the Holy See of Life has sent 300 Knights of Life Guards, and the weakest of them have to reach the level of sword masters. There are more than 500 people left, most of whom are It was the battle-crazed priest and even a saint-level strongman who was in charge, but they still had problems during the battle with hundreds of thousands of greenskins. If Yan Tielong hadn't used plants to help secretly, maybe it would not be a discussion about the power of the Holy See heroes now.

Of course, the Vatican of Life has a large number of masters sitting in the town, but it still has problems fighting with hundreds of thousands of green skins. This is also related to the Vatican of Life not participating in wars for a long time. You must know that the Vatican of Life has never had much conflict with other Vatican.

It is inevitable that the Vatican of Life has long been the state religion in the Feilong Kingdom. As a result, the sects of the Feilong Kingdom have not changed much. If it is the Holy See of Light, there is only the Holy See of Light in the Feilong Kingdom.

Since the Holy See of Life has not fought other forces for a long time, this also leads to their lack of combat experience, so they will have problems in the face of sudden battles.

At this time, after yesterday's battle, the saint-level masters and high-level officials of the Vatican of Life understood why Yin Tuesna, a teacher who was once a disciple of a sage, wanted the Vatican to send experts to live in the new city of the Greenskin Continent.

The high-level officials of the Vatican of Life are naturally aware that the 1,000 followers of the Anyusi cult the day before yesterday could be said to have been abandoned by the Cult of Anyusi. As a result, the group of cult believers who were about to be abandoned actually outperformed them. How could this make the Vatican of Life The higher-ups were not annoyed and began to reflect on why the performance of the combat department was not as good as that of the Ayusi cult believers who were about to be abandoned. After all, they were also worried that the Holy See of Life would suddenly encounter other Holy See wars in the future, and the church might be exterminated in the future, so the Holy See of Life began to readjust the combat department .

When the Vatican of Life was discussing the sect's combat power department, Yan Tielong also told Kemedes that the thousand celebrities the day before yesterday were believers of the Anyus cult. , but because they were all put to death immediately.

Faced with Kemidis' reprimand, Yan Tielong sighed helplessly, and he waited for Uncle Kemidis' anger to subside before speaking.

Fortunately, when Xi Rauls arrived, after he heard the reason why Kemidis reprimanded Yan Tielong, he did not reprimand Yan Tielong with Kemidis, but asked Yan Tielong why he let the followers of An Yusi cult?

And the reason why Xi Rauls asked Yan Tielong so calmly was because he had experienced the darkness of the royal family as the captain of the royal cavalry, and those dark worlds brought peace to the kingdom after being dealt with, so Xi Rauls would another A point of view to see things.

In the face of the master's questioning, Yan Tielong did not hide it. He planned to use the Anyusi cult to deal with the green skins. Of course, this also has a premise. Once he finds out that the Anyusi cult has violated the laws of Xincheng and sacrificed intelligent creatures "except the green skins", he will immediately destroy the followers of the Anyusi cult.

Hearing Yan Tielong's arrangements for the followers of the Anyusi cult, Xi Rauls just reminded Yan Tielong, be careful that the entire new city will be burned down!

Regarding the sword master's reminder, Yan Tielong just nodded and said that Xincheng was really damaged by them, and he let the entire Anyusi cult be buried with Xincheng.

Hearing Yan Tielong's narration, Xi Rauls stopped talking nonsense, he went directly to Kemidis to drink, after all, he also saw what Kemidis wanted to say.

After walking out of the City Lord's Mansion, Kemidis couldn't help asking Xi Rauls why he didn't let him finish his conversation with Yan Tielong, but Xi Rauls just told the other party that Yan Tielong had the ambition of an emperor!

When Xi Rauls told about Yan Tielong having the ambition of an emperor, Kemidis was obviously stunned. After all, he couldn't believe that Yan Tielong would have the ambition of an emperor. You must know that Yan Tielong didn't feel like an emperor at all.

Seeing that his brother didn't believe it, Xi Rauls told Kemidis that there were some dark events that the other party didn't know when they were the royal knights of the Dragon Kingdom, and those things finally made the Dragon Kingdom better, and at that time the King of the Dragon Kingdom Tell him the art of kings.

After listening to Xi Rauls's narration, Kemidis fell into thinking. After he communicated with him, he suddenly realized, but he said that Yan Tielong could not have the emperor's ambition, and Yan Tielong might have learned the emperor's ambition from Princess Longlias. After all, they all know that Yan Tielong is the father of the twins in Princess Longlias' stomach, and Princess Longlias belongs to the royal family, so she naturally masters the emperor's technique.

Then Kemidis said that he has been in contact with Yan Tielong for so long, and he knows Yan Tielong's character very well. In his words, Yan Tielong is not interested in the so-called emperor at all, otherwise he thinks that the current Feilong Kingdom has long belonged to Yan Tielong.

Then the two elders shifted the topic to the Elf Continent. After all, they promised Qi Limisi to rescue her husband.

When the two elders were discussing about the Elven Continent, Yan Tielong met with the leader of the clergy of the Mother Earth Sect. He also made it clear that he wanted Yan Tielong to treat them and the Vatican of Life fairly.

Facing the head of the clergy of the Mother of the Earth Sect, Yan Tielong couldn't help but advance the other party. The Vatican of Life can only appear with 800 people and hundreds of thousands of green skins when he is prepared, but he doesn't think that the Mother of the Earth Sect has this strength. Maybe they will be wiped out before Mother Earth has dealt with the green skins.

The head of the clergy of the Mother of the Earth insisted that Yan Tielong treat him and the Holy See equally, otherwise he could not guarantee what the followers of the Mother of the Earth would do!

Facing the tone threat from the Mother of the Earth Church, Yan Tielong was a little angry, but he still said that as long as the Mother of the Earth kills hundreds of thousands of green skins, he will help promote the same treatment as the Holy See of Life.

When the leaders of the clergy of the Mother Earth Sect heard Yan Tielong's promise, their eyes lit up, and then they expressed their thanks to Yan Tielong and then left.

Regarding the departure of the Goddesses of the Mother of the Earth, Yan Tielong sent someone to watch the Mother of the Earth. If the Mother of the Earth reminded him before leaving the city gate, he did not think that the Mother of the Earth could kill hundreds of thousands of green skins. After all, the Vatican of Life The dispatch is the elite, but most of the members of the Mother Earth Cult are not the elite.

When the time came to around five o'clock, a hundred giants returned from the battle, but this time the giants still did not find the greenskin king who was hiding the greenskin army as before.

While Yan Tielong was arranging food and treatment for the hundreds of giants, the person in charge of observing the Mother Earth Sect rushed to report that they had already left the city, and the most important thing was that the Mother Earth Sect only sent a hundred priests.

Hearing that the Mother Earth Cult only sent a hundred people, UU Reading Yan Tielong couldn't help frowning, so he immediately summoned the elf horned eagle to fly to the south gate.

When Yan Tielong first arrived at the south gate, he saw that the new city was shaking. At first Yan Tielong thought it was a mistake, but when he saw a huge crack in the ground not far away, he couldn't help but feel that the mother of the earth taught him what to do. Don't play so big!

However, just as Yan Tielong finished feeling, he suddenly sensed something, and he immediately flew to the position of the priests of the Mother of the Earth, and at the same time, the giant who had just enjoyed food, water and healing sensed something, and they rushed to the south gate one by one.

At the same time, the saint-level powerhouses in the new city sensed something, and they went to the south gate of the new city in various forms.

At this time, Yan Tielong had rushed to the location of the Mother of the Earth, and he saw a three-meter-high giant bone green skin killing all directions. At this time, more than 30 priests of the Mother of the Earth had been eliminated.

When Yan Tielong saw the three-meter-high giant bone green skin, he subconsciously thought that the opponent was the green skin king, so he shot a large number of parasitic seeds, and then began to summon the two ancient war trees.

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