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In the end, the store manager agreed to the resignation of Yuzaki Xingkong. After all, Yuzaki Xingkong made too much contribution to the store, and Yuzaki Xingkong promised to make a complete system for the store manager before resigning. In this way, the store manager only needs to recruit a few shop assistants to perfectly replace Yuzaki Xingkong.

For Yuzaki Xingkong's almost perfect plan, no matter how dark-hearted the store manager is, he patted his chest and promised that he would buy the system made by Yuzaki Xingkong for five million.

In fact, if the system produced by Saki Xingkong is only used by a single store, it is far from worth five million, but the store manager is not just a store, he can also sell it to other people with management distress like him. peers, so five million is not much at all.

After finishing work, Yuzaki Xingkong returned home with a little tiredness, and Yuzaki Si had already prepared a sumptuous dinner for him.

Looking at his lovely wife and the sumptuous dinner on the table, Yuzaki Xingkong felt the atmosphere of home that he hadn't felt for a long time.

Once, when he was still in school, his mother would prepare meals when he came home, but after he came out to work, he could only do everything by himself, and the atmosphere at home was really weak.

"I'm starting!"

At the dining table, Yuzaki Xingkong casually told Yuzaki Si that the store manager wanted to buy the system he made. Yuzaki was extremely surprised when he knew that a system made by his husband could sell for five million. .

Although the wealth she and Tokiko Tsukiyomi possessed is incomparably rich, Yuzaki Xingkong is just an ordinary eighteen-year-old boy. His extra money is not enough for many people to earn a year's salary!

After dinner, Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong wandered on the street under the moonlight, holding hands, with a blush on their faces.

"Hey, isn't this Xiao Si?"

Just when Yuzaki was about to say something, a familiar voice appeared in her ear, following the voice, it was the black rabbit who wandered back from nowhere.

Because she wants to follow Yuzakiji to see if there are any wonderful places in this world, so the black rabbit bought an apartment near Yuzakiji's house. Met Yuzaki Si.

"Is that the girl you met yesterday?"

Yuzaki Xingkong obviously hasn't forgotten the black rabbit. After all, few people can forget such a weird and beautiful girl as the black rabbit, but he didn't greet the black rabbit abruptly. After all, the black rabbit is currently talking to Yuzakiji .

"How will you be here?"

Yuzaki was a little strange, didn't this girl say to go to see the scenery of this world, why is she still near her home.

Black Rabbit pointed to the villa apartment behind Yu Qisi, "I just bought this, and we will be neighbors from now on."

Hearing what Heitu said, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si were a little dazed, and then they confirmed again and again that this luxurious villa apartment was indeed bought by Heitu directly and in full.

Moreover, the original owner didn't intend to sell it, but Hei Tu tripled the price to get it. This arrogance directly convinced Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si.

"Are you guys dating?"

Kurotu looked at Yuzaki Ji with some curiosity. If she read correctly, Yuzaki Xingkong's memory has been restored, so did you tell Yuzaki Xingkong about Hakoniwa?

Yuzaki nodded, "I have already told my husband about Hakoniwa. In the next few days, we will go to Nara to talk to my parents-in-law about it. I will come to you after we discuss it."

Yuzaki Xingkong stood beside Yuzaki Si, he immediately realized after hearing Yuzaki Si's words, this beautiful and outrageous girl in front of him is actually from [Hakoniwa]?

"Well, may I ask, what kind of world is [Hakoniwa]? Although Xiao Si told me that it is a quite mysterious and wonderful world, but I know that Xiao Si must have never been to that world, so I want to know more about it. Learn a little bit and prepare.”

Hearing Yuzaki Xingkong's words, Kurotu hesitated a little, thinking that she didn't know how to explain the existence of Hakoniwa to an ordinary person.

But at this time, Sora and Shiro in Arcadia suddenly sent a message to Heitu, which was the basic information they had compiled about Hakoniwa.

"With this, when we introduce Hakoniwa in the future, we don't need to waste our words!"

Sora is quite confident, doing things like game strategy is a piece of cake for them!

With this, even ordinary people can understand Hakoniwa.

Moreover, Sora's information cleverly avoids Hakoniwa's secrets, and only tells Hakoniwa's rules that there are beauty and cruelty, which is more attractive.

Shiro added information related to [Arcadia]. After all, Yuzaki Ji and Yuzaki Xingkong are just ordinary people. After coming to Hakoniwa, the possibility of forming a community by themselves is very small. The high probability is to directly join Arkadia. Ya's.

After receiving the message about [Hakoniwa], Kurotu immediately used divine power to materialize it, and then she handed two light spots to Yuzakiji again.

"It contains everything you want to know, so I won't disturb your next month's date, bye~"

Kuroto waved at Yuzakiji, and then returned to the apartment he just bought with a bag of things.

Looking at the light spot in his hand, Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong glanced at each other, and then they pressed their hands on the light spot together.

The scene reappeared similar to Yuzaki Xingkong absorbing the light spot that restores memory, but this time, Yuzaki Ji and Yuzaki Xingkong absorbed the information about Hakoniwa as if their souls were out of their bodies and sleepwalking [Hakoniwa]. When God came, only one second had passed in the real world.

"Hakoniwa, it's really a great place!"

Yuzakiji's eyes lit up, if this information from Kuroto was not deceiving them, then Hakoniwa is really great!

"Different races, superpowers, what is this world like!"

Yuzaki Xingkong is a bit of a headache, because he originally planned to formulate a complete strategy based on Hakoniwa's information, but he didn't expect that there were no basic rules at all in that world, so he had no choice but to make conservative preparations.

However, the information about Arcadia in the message also made Yuzaki Xingkong heave a sigh of relief. If Arcadia is really as powerful as the information shows, then nothing will happen when he and Yuzaki go there. question.

"Go back in two days and ask your parents' opinions. Hakoniwa World can be our honeymoon destination."

Yuzaki Xingkong stretched his waist, and after strolling around for a while, the two returned home, and they had nothing to say for another night.

Early the next morning, Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong came to the bathhouse of Kaname's house, and he proudly showed off to Kaname that he proposed to Kaname in the church, which made Kaname feel dizzy numb.

It's really scary how a shrewd senior has become so greasy!

"What about the ring, senior? Have you bought a diamond ring for your wife?"

Kaname raised his hand to signal, Yuzaki Xingkong was stunned on the spot, and then he said that Yuzaki didn't care about that kind of jewelry.

Hearing Yuzaki Xingkong's words that were almost ostentatious, Kaname got mad without hesitation, she directly reprimanded Yuzaki Xingkong's thoughts loudly, and told Yuzaki Xingkong that girls generally think a lot in their hearts, and It is the husband's responsibility to let his wife not have to think so much!

Hearing Kaname's words, Yuzaki Xingkong immediately reacted, as if there was some truth to it?

After leaving the bathhouse, Yuzaki Xingkong went to work in the store again. He had to perfect the system in the past two days, so he was very busy.

When he was free, Yuzaki Xingkong saw his empty fingers when he was stretching, and immediately realized that the existence of the ring is to let the husband and wife feel each other at all times, so that they will not be lonely because of it.

Thinking of this, Yuzaki Xingkong completed the work directly in half a day, and then resigned at the speed of light and left with money.

Back home, Yuzaki Xingkong asked Yuzaki Si, "Xiao Si, do you want a wedding ring?"

Yuzaki Si was asked by Yuzaki Xingkong's words. She has collected a lot of jewelry for so many years, but she rarely wears it because she is lazy.

After Yuzaki Xingkong's earnest persuasion, Yuzaki decided to use the price of the diamond ring to make Yuzaki Xingkong retreat.

After all, in Yuzaki Si's view, even if Yuzaki Xingkong can sell five million pieces of software, but in the past year, he has done ordinary waiter work, and it is impossible to save too much money, so a The price of a one-carat diamond ring is enough to make Yuzaki Xingkong retreat.

When she came to the expensive jewelry store, Yuzaki looked at her husband who was shocked by the price of the diamond ring with a smile on her face, but what she didn't expect was that Yuzaki Xingkong didn't hesitate to ask someone to give away the most expensive diamond ring It came out, and he also completed the speed of light swiping, so that there was no time for Sakiji to stop it!

"Don't worry, Si, I still have the money to buy the ring!"

Although Yuzaki Xingkong was shocked by the value of the diamond ring, when he heard what the shopping guide said was the most perfect diamond ring, eternal love, he paid without hesitation.

"This ring symbolizes my eternal love for you, Xiao Si. No matter when, I will never change my mind. Xiao Si is the cutest wife in the universe!"

Yuzaki Xingkong approached Yuzaki Si and whispered in Yuzaki Si's ear, his exhaled breath made Yuzaki Si's body a little weak.

After a few days of contact, Yuzakiji was very sure of her husband's love for him. This love even made Yuzakiji realize the feeling that Kaguya Hime was favored by the emperor back then.

However, she still felt that her husband spent too much money!

Just when Yuzaki Ji wanted to persuade Yuzaki Xingkong, Yuzaki Xingkong straightforwardly asked people to take out two double rings that looked a bit ordinary, but looked at closely but had a special flavor.

"The one just now was the engagement ring I gave Xiao Si. This is our wedding ring. This way, no matter how far we are apart, we can feel each other's presence, so we won't be lonely!"

Seeing that her husband spent another four million yuan, Yukiji didn't know what to say anymore.

But after hearing Yuzaki Xingkong's love speech, she still chose to accept the ring handed over by Yuzaki Xingkong. After all, this is a symbol of love and a treasure that can make them forget their loneliness!

The shopping guide is almost laughing, three rings in a row, a total turnover of 9 million, she is really envious of Yuzaki Si for meeting such a good husband as Yuzaki Xingkong, and at the same time happy for the bonus she is about to receive .

After leaving the jewelry store, Yuzaki Si looked at the ring on his hand happily, and then angrily taught Yuzaki Xingkong, "Husband, I don't know how much money you have, but we must not spend all our money on these things." on things, okay?"

Hearing what Yuzaki said, Yuzaki Xingkong touched his head and laughed twice. If it weren't for the five million yuan given by the store manager, he really couldn't buy three rings at once.

Although this directly reduced his savings to less than two million, he still had the confidence to save things like money. The point was that Xiao Si's happiness was the most important thing.

Seeing his wife's expression of walking and watching, Yuzaki Xingkong dragged Yuzaki Si to the bathhouse again, and he wanted to report his results to Kaname!

In the bathhouse, Kaname looked at the two rings on Yuzaki Si's hands and fell into a daze. She thought that her senior would only buy ordinary diamond rings, but who would have thought that her senior would buy ordinary diamond rings? Bought nearly ten million diamond rings!

Seeing the happy expression on Yuzaki Tsukasa's face, even though she kept saying that Yuzaki Hoshigo was a bit wasteful, Kaname could feel the happiness in her heart.

"Senior, although I have complained about you before, I have to admit that you are really good to your wife!"

Xiao Yao felt a little emotional, although her senior looks like a piece of wood, but in fact, if he doesn't make a move, he will definitely be a blockbuster!

This tens of millions of diamond rings go down, which girl can bear it!

While taking a bath, Yuzaki Ji entrusted the two rings to Kaname's care very seriously, and Kaname also felt like she was sitting on pins and needles for the first time.

Fortunately, there are no other customers in the store at this time, so Kaname has not been in contact with other people before Yukiji finished washing her Next time, please don't bring this to the bathhouse! "

After returning the original diamond ring, Xiao Yao complained helplessly, who would dare to look at this thing, if something goes wrong, it will be a dispute of millions!

Yuzaki laughed, she actually didn't care about the value of the diamond, she cared more about her husband's feelings.

I have to say that her vision is really outrageous, she found the right person for her only once among the crowd.

But speaking of it, if Yuzaki Xingkong hadn't been rescued back then, I'm afraid I wouldn't have such a good husband!

"Eh? Xiao Si, are you very lucky to save me? Haha, but at that time, I saw that Xiao Si was so cute, so I wanted to strike up a conversation, but I didn't expect to be hit by a car."



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