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On the way home, Yuzaki Si sighed that it was really great to save Yuzaki Xingkong two years ago. At that time, she thought that Yuzaki Xingkong was about to commit suicide standing on the main road.

However, after hearing what Yuzaki Xingkong said, although he was a little embarrassed, he still told the situation at that time, which made Yuzaki stunned.

"At that time, I had just finished the mock exam, and my grades were No. 1 in the country. How could I have thought of committing suicide? That day, I was fascinated by watching Xiao Si, and I was about to go up to ask your name, but I didn't expect the truck to appear."

Yuzaki Xingkong was stunned when he saw Yuzaki, and then explained it again, but he repeatedly emphasized the reason, which made Yuzaki couldn't help but chuckle.

"I like you the most."

Yuzaki Si moved to Yuzaki Xingkong's ear and whispered softly, and then she kissed Yuzaki Xingkong's earlobe, which caught Yuzaki Xingkong a little by surprise.

The person in the picture returned home sweetly, and then discussed about visiting his parents.

"I'm very worried. For those kind of parents, I always feel a little uncomfortable to introduce such a cute Xiao Si to them!"

In the room, Yuzaki Xingkong looked at Yuzaki Si who was busy in the kitchen, and he sighed slightly.

In Yuzaki Xingkong's view, although his parents are excellent and treat him very well, they always have some problems in dealing with people, especially they prefer to talk to themselves, which is very embarrassing.

If they object to their marriage, then you should have a good chat with them.

With this in mind, Yuzaki Ji and Yuzaki Xingkong came to the bus stop with their luggage in the evening.

Originally Yuzaki Xingkong planned to buy a high-speed rail business seat, but Yuzaki stroked the ring on his hand, "Although I don't know how much money you have, husband, but as your wife, if you can save a little, let's save a little. And taking the late-night bus with my husband is also a project I have been looking forward to for a long time."

Seeing his wife's cute appearance, Yuzaki Xingkong had no ability to resist at all. He bought two late-night bus tickets without hesitation, and then the two boarded the bus that looked quite clean.

This bus directly arrives in Kyoto. After arriving in Kyoto, they can spend half a day in Kyoto, and then take the subway directly to Nara, arriving at night. All of this was planned by Saki Xingkong.

A new wife's first trip can be terrible if not planned well.

Because of Yuzaki's special reasons, Yuzaki Xingkong originally planned to take Yuzaki to the scenic spots and historic sites in Guanlan, but in the end he chose the more popular cafes, dessert shops, and comic houses.

Only these places can attract Yuzaki's attention and allow her to have the best memories of this wedding trip.

Of course, Yuzaki Si didn't know all of this for the time being, she glanced lightly, and found Chitose who was following them.

"Husband, just wait for me."

Yuzaki Si kissed Yuzaki Xingkong's mouth lightly, and then she brushed her hair and got out of the car.

Chitose, who had just exited from the disguise state, was a little stiff the moment she saw Yuzakiji, but she still rushed over with a smile on her face.

"Don't try to hug me."

Yuzaki stretched out her hand helplessly to stop Chitose from hugging, and then she looked at the two maids behind Chitose, "Are you planning to follow me and my husband to Nara?"

The maid was a little helpless, "Chitose has this idea."

"Get rid of this idea. This is my husband's wedding trip. I don't want anyone to spoil it, or I will be angry. Do you understand Chitose?"

Yuzaki didn't want any mistakes in her wedding trip now, so she did not hesitate to pull Chitose's cheek.

Chitose nodded in pain. Although she agreed, she didn't know what to do next.

"By the way, Shizi should be at home, right?"

Yuzaki suddenly remembered the matter of Tokiko Tsukiyomi. She asked for a medicine to restore her health, but because Tokiko had been dealing with government affairs, she couldn't give it to her in time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I sent Chitose home directly!

She fumbled in her pocket and took out a small transparent bottle. A faintly shining light spot inside attracted the attention of the two maids and Chitose.

"Chitose, I have a mission for you."

Yuzaki put the small bottle in Chitose's hands very seriously, "Give this to Tokiko with your own hands, and you must hand it to her with your own hands. You must not open it halfway, understand?"

Chitose nodded ignorantly, and then her face turned ugly.

If you want to take this thing back, you can't follow your sister!

The maids saw Yuzaki's seriousness, and they immediately realized that the things in Chitose's hands were probably very important to Tokiko-sama.

Reminiscent of Yuzakiji's true identity and Tokoko's recent physical condition, the contents of this small bottle may be very unusual.

Aurora immediately reached out and took out a handkerchief and covered Chitose's hand, and then put the small bottle into her pocket at a speed that Chitose didn't even realize.

"In order to prevent you, Chitose, from messing around, Charlotte and I will keep this bottle until we deliver it to Lord Shizi."

Hearing Aurora's assurance, Yuzaki was slightly relieved. With Charlotte and Aurora, she didn't have to worry about anything.

Then she tugged Chitose's cheek again, "Go home immediately, do you understand?"

Chitose nodded miserably, her sister is really unkind.

After dealing with Chitose's problem, Yuzaki returned to the bus humming in a good mood. As for Chitose, he was forcibly kidnapped by two maids and returned to the limousine.

"Go back to the villa."

Aurora ignored Chitose's incompetent wailing, and now Mrs. Tokiko's affairs are more important, and Chitose can't be reckless.

Under the sound of the car starting, the limousine quickly left the station, and the late-night bus also sped away in another direction.

In the villa of Yuedu's family, when Yuedu looked at the bright moon outside the window, she had an indifferent smile on her face, and she didn't know what was going on in her heart.

"That guy, you should be very happy now."

After a long time, Yuedu Shizi lowered her head, she looked at the wrinkles on her palms, and then sighed helplessly.

Time is running out. If she can be given another five years, no, three years, or even two years, she has the hope of fulfilling her sister's wish, but this body can't last two months.

"elder sister······"

"Master Shizi!"

While Yuedu Tokiko was still feeling emotional, Aurora and Charlotte broke into her room with Chitose.

"Ah la la, isn't this Chitose? Didn't you go after Xiao Si? Why did you come back?"

Shizi's expression was very flat, but his tone made Chitose inexplicably weak.

She looked around awkwardly, not knowing how to answer her grandmother's question.

"Master Shizi, this is what Master Si asked us to give you."

Charlotte rescued Chitose in time. She and Aurora carefully took out the small glass bottle, put it on a handkerchief and handed it to Tsukiyomi Toko.

Yuedu Shizi took the glass bottle a little strangely, and she looked at the glowing spots inside, wondering what it was for a while.

There are many things that can shine in nature, but those things should not be worthy of being given to her by Sakiji.

"Do you want to take it apart?"

Yuedu Shizi gently unscrewed the glass bottle, and then poured the light spots inside onto the palm of his hand.

When the light spot touched Tsukiyomi Tokiko's palm, Tsukiyomi Tokiko felt a burst of coolness pouring into her body, she let go of her hand in a daze, the small glass bottle fell to the ground and broke into pieces debris.

"This is... what is this thing?"

When Yue Dushi looked at her hands, there was obviously no change, but why did she feel that her body seemed so much lighter?

"Quick, call quickly..."

Suddenly, Tokiko Tsukuyomi remembered that when Yukiji left, she deliberately didn't bring a mobile phone or other communication tools with her, so now she couldn't get in touch even if she wanted to.

Seeing Tsukiyomi Toko's expression of not knowing what to do, Charlotte immediately handed over a mobile phone, which had already dialed a number, which was Yuzaki Hoshizo's number!

They had already expected that Tokiko Tsukuyomi would want to contact Xiao Si, so they checked Yuzaki Xingkong's number to make sure that both parties could get in touch.

Soon, the phone was connected, and there was a suspicious voice from Yuzaki Xingkong who lowered the volume, "Hello, who is it?"

Tsukuyomi Tokiko sorted out her emotions, and then let her voice be as calm as possible, "Excuse me, is Mr. Yuzaki Hoshiko? Spectrum girl's acquaintance."

On the late-night bus, Yuzaki Xingkong looked at Yuzaki Si who was asleep on his shoulder, and for a while he couldn't realize that Tsukuyomi Tokiko was talking about his wife. After all, in Yuzaki Xingkong's view, Yuzaki How could the company be unreliable.

"Can Mr. Yuzaki please give her the phone? I have something I want to talk to her about."

Hearing Tsukiyomi Tokiko's request, Yuzaki Xingkong immediately pushed Yuzaki on the cheek, and then Yuzaki woke up in a daze, "Husband, have you arrived yet?"

"How could it be so fast? It's Ms. Tsukiyomi Shizi calling!"

Hearing Tsukiyomi Toko's name, Yuzaki immediately understood, she took the phone and answered, "Hey, this is Yuzaki, don't ask too much, that thing is what you think Don't worry, that thing is not mine, it is a gift from a friend, it has no effect on me, so go to bed with confidence."

"By the way, Shizi, you can go about your own affairs in the future, I have already found a way~"

"Hey, what can I do? Of course I can't tell you. Hey, I'll hang up now. I'll block you. The next thing is my husband and I's honeymoon trip. How can I let you bother me?"


After saying a few words casually, Yuzaki Si hung up the phone directly, and she blocked the opened number before returning it to Yuzaki Xingkong.

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Yuzaki Xingkong was a little helpless, his wife's personality seemed to be a little bit bad, "Xiao Si, what are you talking about?"

Yuzaki Si thought for a while, and then told Yuzaki Xingkong the treasure he asked Heitu to give. When he knew that his memory was also a good meeting with Heitu's help, Yuzaki Xingkong immediately wanted to repay Heitu , but the black rabbit who can take out the treasure that heals the vitality of the old man, I am afraid there is nothing they can help.

"When you go back, you must thank the black rabbit well."

Yuzaki Xingkong is a little bit emotional, Tsukiyomi Tokiko is the person who cares most about Yuzaki in this world besides him. If Tokiko dies, it will be a big blow to Yuzaki.

Fourteen hundred years have passed, and Xiao Si has experienced such blows many times. Thinking of this, Yuzaki Xingkong couldn't help but hug Yuzaki Si in his arms.

"Don't worry, Xiao Si, I will fill up the 1,400-year gap!"

Yuzaki Xingkong looked at Yuzaki Si with an extremely serious expression, and he would definitely make Yuzaki Si no longer confused, lonely, or hesitant.

Yuzaki Si leaned into Yuzaki Xingkong's arms with a slight smile, of course she knew it, and she was looking forward to it.

Late at night, the bus stopped at the service station, and Qi Si and Yuzaki Xingkong got off the bus holding hands. They were going to explore the treasured food in this service station!

Entering the service station, looking at the dazzling array of shops, Yuzaki Xingkong wanted to taste a fast food chain, after all, the taste of this kind of shop would definitely not be bad.

But Yuzaki thinks that it is rare to come to a service station late at night, and of course it is necessary to eat some challenging food.

“Lime Udon Ramen!”

After Yuzaki Si finished ordering, Yuzaki Xingkong realized, can this thing really be eaten?

He watched Yuzaki Si bring the ramen with doubts, and it was just as he thought, it was a publicity fraud, it was just a few slices of lemon on top of the ramen!

After tasting it, Yuzaki also felt very surprised, because the taste was so flat that she was disappointed, but this disappointment seemed quite In this way, disappointment is not disappointment up.

Yuzaki Xingkong also tasted a mouthful of ramen, and then felt a little subtle, after all, this ramen can be said to have no taste at all.

"By the way, Xiao Si, is it possible that this ramen should be eaten with lemon?"

Seeing Yuzaki's action of tasting ramen, Yuzaki Xingkong suddenly had a bit of bad humor. He was discouraged by Yuzaki to eat lemon. This bad idea made Yuzaki a little unacceptable. Why did my husband learn badly? Woolen cloth!

However, after Yuzaki Xingkong came up with the statement that Yuzaki's people need to have a challenging mentality, Yuzaki still ate the lemon in one bite.

A sour feeling suddenly flooded Yukiji's heart. She couldn't spit out the lemon, so she could only wrinkle her little face and make a very sour expression.


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