Steel Steam and Flame - Chapter 2204 Empire Tour (6)

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Even if the airport is still far from the city center, the surrounding is good, or it is itself. Under the lamps that are obviously larger than other cities, the light is only slightly worse than the natural taste of the daytime. Cassia couldn't help but think of the scene of Manoma in his head. In comparison, the lighting of Manoma seems to be a little weaker than the lighting coverage of the bustling area at night.

Shortly after officially entering the night of the day, Cassia, who was dragging her luggage off the airship, soon heard the surrounding noise. The large airport here can accommodate more than 30 large airships to park at the same time without interfering with each other. Looking around, you can see the staggered shock-absorbing docking machines covered by cool light, and you only feel a huge sense of openness.

But when the passengers of several airships approached the direction of leaving the airport, the crowded stream made people feel the air that became warm and turbid in an instant. All subconsciously put away the voice of speaking, but with the blessing of the number, there was still a buzzing sound that enveloped everyone's heads.

Cassia and Lyle were mixed in, maintaining the same speed as the people around them, moving forward. After stepping out of the range delimited by the shock-absorbing machine, there will be automated escalator roads, but even so, compared to the traffic hubs in the prosperous area and the surrounding large areas on airships, retrains, and high-speed trains, its The huge size of itself makes the footsteps of passengers and the escalator road still unable to reduce the time consumption.

More than ten minutes later, Cassia and Lyle, who had left the wide shock-absorbing machine at the airport, were in front of a huge parking lot building. All kinds of limousines were jammed on the wide road without any accident, and the moist and warm steam floated to the feet of the two, and was then shattered by the shrill sound of wavy horns.

"It is very different from Manoma, in the prosperous area." Lyle did not forget to explain, "The composition of personnel is more complicated, and the average quality has not increased due to the prosperity of the region, but has declined a lot. Compared with the members of the major families and forces who can stay in the Manoma region, the people who come here,,,”

"Few core members, a large number of elite members, and more members who are valued by families and forces and intend to cultivate?" Cassia immediately understood Lyle's words, "I want to be promoted, but I won't be cautious. In Manoma, a seemingly ordinary man who may randomly meet on the street is a person with status among the Quartet forces. So everyone is extra careful, after all, as the headquarters of most of the Quartet forces. The number of such people is very large, and the probability of encountering them will be much higher.”

"But in a prosperous area, ,, excluding members of the four forces, the marquis under the duke, the earl family, and the well-known and correspondingly powerful company organizations in a region, right? A few together, it is Bima The main reason for Norma's more confusion?"

Lyle nodded lightly, "After all, in Manoma, the power of the Quartet forces in the headquarters station is extremely terrifying. Even if some people want to create some big incidents, in front of this power, they have absolutely no ability to go. The strength to challenge. The headquarters of the special operations agency, the Praetorian Guard, etc. is also in Manoma. In several prosperous areas, their sub-organizations also have good strength to station them all year round, but the amount of trouble they need to deal with is not enough. It's totally unequal to their power."

"It's an increase of dozens of times." Lyle gave the data, "The prosperity of the prosperous area has actually led to a great increase in the black market transaction volume in the dark world. The most understandable proof is the underground waterway in the prosperous area. Compared to Manoma, it is roughly the same size, or even larger. But Manoma's underground waterways are never congested, and here, one day, the smell of rotting corpses will pass through the underground waterways. The lid floats up."

Lyle's face was solemn most of the time, but at this moment there was a bit of helplessness, "If I were in a prosperous area, I would spend half of my work in a labyrinth-like underground waterway. I didn't go into it and it was artificially expanded and used as a private workshop. , the underground cavity of a small assembly hall, where information about the corpses is collected."

"By the way, Mr. Cassia, in addition to doctors and mechanics, there is another more sought-after occupation here, called the team of architects, specialized in underground construction work. Because there is no professional knowledge, individuals go to Expanding the underground cavity is prone to accidents. Surgeons are buried in the ground, without rescue, and can only become food for rats and bugs in desperation."

",,," Cassia waited for the small meeting to pick up the words, "In the black market, there must be bacterial medicines for the treatment of corpses. I remember that the price a few years ago was only tens of thousands of saint coins. Use it sparingly, and a tube. Fifteen corpses will not be a problem with the medicine. That one is just a version that masks the smell and is inferior, and 10,000 saint coins can buy the number of tubes."

Lyle shook his head, "The level of surgeons in the empire is indeed higher than that of other small countries, with relatively more abundant resources and higher specifications. In addition, in some aspects, there are actually many similarities between the two. For example, right The scarcity of money."

"In the black market, there is a specific way to perform an ordinary operation. The total cost of the operation will be close to two or two million saint coins. The price does not seem high, but in fact, it is this amount of money, but it is true. It has really become a seemingly huge and high to keep out a huge number of people. And after becoming a surgeon, the daily needs of tranquilizers are also huge spend."

Cassia knew what Lyle wanted to say, "It seems that from the moment I entered the military school, I have been disengaged from many things."

"Anyway, there are rats to help with the treatment. Even if there is no treatment, the city defense team will hire people to deal with them, because they will never tolerate the smell of rotting corpses wafting out." Lyle changed his voice slightly here, "They must think so. Well, don't take the traces left as a precaution at all. Therefore, in their eyes, a bacterial medicine that costs more than 10,000 Saint Coins, but is optional, is definitely not as good as 10,000 Saint Coins. Bought a big box of bullets."

"The limousine is here, Mr. Cassia." Lyle wanted to continue, but interrupted himself. The words fell for a few seconds, and a pure black limousine stopped steadily in front of the two.

"Next stop, Mr. Hai?" Cassia was somewhat expectant. But even though he hadn't seen each other for several years, he knew and believed that Hao would still be dressed in a white or off-white dress, a top hat of the corresponding color, and a white cane, dispersing the courtesy of the corresponding color.

Lyle smiled and resumed his seriousness, "I wonder if Mr. Cassia wants to see Mr. Ha's work? Besides, this is my personal decision. Mr. Ha didn't know that Mr. Cassia would go directly."

"No, he definitely knows." Cassia got into the limousine and said confidently, "This situation is definitely what he expected."

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