Technician’s Manual - Chapter 946 Grail of discoloration

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"Devil's Voice: Gunnery, Mind, Otherworldly Insight"

"Demon Dragon Abyss: Heavy Axe, No. 1 Destructive Power"

"Devil Happy Bad: Fist and Claw, the whole body is unstoppable"

"Devil's Night: Unknown, but the Holy Grail of discoloration can be condensed with a boy's body, and the danger is even greater than that of its demons"

The second disappearing in the distant airspace, in Rose's villa, Axiu who rested for the night and the others finally began to sort out the information.

Yaxiu looked at the information on the whiteboard and was quite worried. These demons possess extraordinary combat power even if they borrow the power of the magician. How should they deal with them? And they also drink the Holy Grail, will they become stronger again at the next meeting? They seem to be competing with each other, but they agree on certain things. unite?

Many problems lingered in Ash's head, and more professional advice was needed.

Igula said earnestly: "...To sum up, I think the probability of the sword princess being exclusive in the end is the highest."

But Vichy agreed: "I'm more optimistic about the Veela, and it will gradually grow into the most beautiful image in Yaxiu's eyes. Even if Yaxiu's aesthetic changes, it will also change, so even if Yaxiu hates Jianji, he will never get tired of it. Veela. Veela seems to mind that Ash is messing around, so in the end it should be Ash who loves veela the most, but maintains a relationship with everything."

Harvey said: "I think Annan, Tamashi, Filinia are the best fit."

"Don't get involved!" Niya stood up suddenly, "Don't get involved with her women's volleyball team!"

"Niya Niya." Fili quickly pulled Niya, "Don't bother, continue to help paint the nails."

"The feet that want to paint... look good!"

"Nail polish is used to protect the nails. I exercise so often and take good care of it. Also, the shape of my feet is very good. It will look good when painted."

This Felicia was wearing pajamas, and she stayed in the villa when she returned to the villa last night. She was so tired that she wanted to move, and she even woke up this morning to take a shower.

Igula glanced at Harvey and shook his head: "No discrimination, but Harvey also understands women? Repeat it again, I feel a brain problem, but can really understand the love between classes? And why four?"

"Because I only know each other." Harvey said honestly: "And I think Ash also likes it, so it's suitable."

Felicia, who was still a little angry, turned her eyes away—if Vichy or Igula said that Ash liked it, how would they feel.

But now, Harvey the corpse lover!

The brain is as dull as a corpse fanatic who has been bitten, and he can actually see that Yaxiu likes it? Absolutely good observation, only Yaxiu can show it clearly!

But Hou Yigulash poured a basin of cold water on it: "How do you judge who Yaxiu likes?"

Harvey stretched out two fingers: "Woman, alive."

Vichy snorted and covered her mouth and stomach tightly, but she still restrained herself from lying on the sofa and laughed.

Harvey thought for a moment, then added: "I really like Ash."

As soon as these words were said, everyone was slightly startled, and looked at the Necromancer in surprise. Igula smiled: "Now I know why I really like it... According to this, why choose Lisidia? Lisidia also participated in the first love war."

Harvey blinked his eyes, and immediately showed a disgusting expression: "Axiu, Liz is still a child, isn't she perverted?"

"Only want to be called perverted!" Ash scratched his head, almost going crazy, "And the one I like, Diya, Liz, an adult female of Diya, is a year older than Jianji... Explain what the hell! Hurry up! Back to the topic, stop talking about love life!"

Yaxiu hasn't conducted psychological counseling with Igula yet, so some information leaked naturally. But the problem is that only the Vichy Field witnessed the five melees, and more importantly, Filinia and the sword girl Veeva walked all the way, and Igrawish used a little bit of words to truthfully tell the information about Yaxiu's girlfriend.

"But there is nothing to discuss about the four demons, and the discussion and discussion are all about flowers." Vichy licked the lollipop, "The other eight lovers also discussed the value of research."

"Eight people." Igula seriously corrected: "First, Yaxiu still has unlimited potential, but now all eight are all-Axiu, will the silver lamp really return?"

"It will definitely be picked up." Ash said calmly, "Wait."

Opened "Aurora's Manual of Warlocks" - "Thousands Interface", looked at Wesser's vertical painting, and was slightly absent-minded. Like its black and white color scheme, Wesser's standing painting is now silver, making it look like a new life.

If the change in the vertical painting explains anything, then the change in the silver lamp itself is more firm in Yaxiu's idea. I remember the image of a girl who was five or six years old when the silver lamp was just born. According to Vichy, most of the gods were born with the image of a child, and they only grew up through a long experience.

But the silver lamp that Yaxiu Dream Treasure House saw was a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, and after three months of separation, the gods could grow faster, not to mention a **** who was imprisoned in the dark world.

Ash was more willing to believe that Visser did not disappear completely, but that the gods were gradually awakening in the body.

The complicated and simple, cunning but single-minded girl who always likes to bite her lips, is sleeping with her handbook in her arms in the dark island of silver lights.

Yaxiu dreamed of the silver lamp, and the silver lamp dreamed of Yaxiu.

Hou Luosi held snacks, a bottle of wine and a dozen glasses, and then walked over to Yaxiu: "Hand."

Ya Xiuming stretched out his hand, Rose's wrist was tightly clasped, and the fingers were inserted into the seam, and then——


Ya Xiu groaned, the strong tingling in the palm of the hand made the whole scalp tingle: "Why are you pressing the palm of your hand!?"

"Tell me about eight lovers." Rose said calmly: "In order to avoid death, I feel that the connection ability must be strengthened. Massage is learned overnight, and only persistence will make it effective."

"Nonsense, it's so outrageous!" Axiu Yizheng defended sternly, "It's quite comfortable to press, and when the tutorial is sent, I will also learn the advanced medicine of the star country."

Vichy laughed: "Since there are only veelas in it, I feel that only miracles can survive..."

Fili glanced at the wine bottle on the coffee table with a subtle expression: "Drinking?"

"It's good to drink, I like to drink." Vichy clapped his hands and said, "Just drink what you drink, and the winner will do whatever they want!"

"What do you say about the worst drinker?" Ash sneered, "It was poured before it was poured."

"You said it again." Vichy glanced at Fili with a half-smiley smile: "I will really do something astringent while not being drunk..."

Feili's legs tightened, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com looked down at his knees, thinking how can he be sure that everything is drunk enough to save trouble, why does Sister Vichy know! There are monitors in the area, and everything will be recorded!"

That's it!

Hou Niya noticed the change in Feili's mood, and saw Vichy glance at Feili blankly, and immediately remembered to call Axiu, but Feili answered the phone. Staring at Fili, Fili looked away and dared to look at each other.

"Drink." Niya bit her lip lightly: "Then drink, want to drink!"

"The main point of Dan is not the wine, but the container for the wine." Ash suddenly changed into a glass in his hand: "The spoils of war are waiting to be counted.

Ashura's, the key treasure that led the third hunt impressively——

The Holy Grail of Discoloration!

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