Technician’s Manual - Chapter 961 Insomnia

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January 17.

On the viaduct in Changqiao City, a lengthened car is passing through the city unimpeded. Changqiao City is one of the few key cities without subway lines and light rail traffic, because it is not necessary - the number of elevated roads in Changqiao City is the highest among the stars. , Although you will definitely get lost without navigation, the cobweb-like transportation network is enough to digest the city's transportation needs.

Looking down from the stars: Changqiao City is like a three-dimensional city constructed of spider webs.

"The weather is sunny today, the stars are bright, pay attention to ventilation and keep warm..."

Rose suddenly turned off the radio in the car and asked, "Miss Phili: Is the hotel room not to your liking?"

Fili was slightly startled, not understanding why Rose would ask such a question.

"You have yawned 4 times since you went out. I deliberately opened the window to ventilate the car to make sure it wasn't the smell in the car." Rose said, "Is it because the hotel bedding is uncomfortable? I can help you specify you when I book the hotel. customary bedding."

Fili covered her mouth subconsciously, and then shook her head: "No, it was just last night... I stayed up late."

"It's not just last night." Vichy turned around and lifted Fili's chin: "You have a fast metabolism at this age, but you can't hide your dark circles under your eyes, and your face has become quite haggard... I've been insomnia recently."

Feili lowered her head and hummed: "I don't know why I can't sleep a little lately, maybe it's because I've been traveling for too long and I'm not used to it."

Ash glanced at her sideways, "Do you want to sleep now? Let's turn around and go back to the hotel if you want."

Fili shook her head immediately: "No, I'm not really sleepy, so I won't delay the trip—"

"If you want, I can watch you sleep next to me," Ash said, "It doesn't have to be a big event to deepen my impression of the city. Occasionally we have a leisurely afternoon rest, you are sleeping, I'm sitting next to you playing on my phone, Igula is reading on the balcony, Rose does chores, and Vichy goes to work overtime, which is also a precious experience."

Maid: "Why do I have to work overtime?"

Necromancer: "What about me?"

"Do you understand what rest is?" Ash spread his hands: "At least you two can't be rested when you're not there."

"So, do you want to turn around and go back?" Rose turned on the mobile phone navigation: "It actually takes an hour to go back... It seems that it will be faster for us to go directly to the hotel in the scenic spot."

Feili was a little moved, she lowered her head and thought about it, then took out her mobile phone to send a message.

Yaxiu felt the phone vibrate, and as soon as he turned it on, the maid came over to look at it with great pleasure, and said, "Phili, do you want to be alone with Yaxiu? Okay, no problem, we will help you find a space for it. The room with the best sound!"

Ni instantly turned her head to look at Feili, and the little sheep explained anxiously, "I didn't mean that! I just wanted to talk to Ash about something alone!"

"Is that the thing that made you toss and turn in bed with insomnia and worry?" Vichy pretended to sigh, "Alas, our female college students are finally going to be sullied."

Yaxiu stabbed Vichy on the forehead, and said angrily, "So now you understand why you can't count as a rest day when you're not here?"

Vichy touched his forehead and smiled: "I will try to keep the master from resting every day!"

Nya grabbed Fili's fleshy thigh, her dissatisfaction evident.

"Niya, don't bully Fili." Ash said, "Don't listen to Vichy's nonsense. Since Fili told me that she wanted to be alone, it must be something very important."

"She can have anything important, not yet, not yet..." Niya said the more she said, the more angry she was. If Ashe didn't stop her, she might just squeeze twice. Now that Ashe wants to protect Fili, she has a bad temper. Stop, Evil Xiangdan slapped Feili on the chest, and then pretended to be nothing to watch the scenery outside.

Fili snorted and didn't fight back, she just looked at Ash with teary eyes, and protected her chest aggrievedly.

Upon seeing this, Ash took out a helmet and a frying pan from his backpack, and put the helmet on Niya. Niya raised her head for no apparent reason, and saw Ash holding up the bungalow and patted it.

clang! clang! clang!

The three shots made Niya almost dizzy: ""


Ash said earnestly, "It's okay to joke around, but it's out of bounds.

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Limited malicious attacks are not allowed. "

Niya stared at Ash angrily, until Ash raised the pan again with a cold face, and she quickly said, "I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter." Fili took the initiative to hold Niya Yu: "Niya, it's really not as reassuring as you think."

She leaned close to Niya's ear and whispered softly, "I won't sneak away."

Nia glanced at the sincere Feili, her attitude softened slowly, and her lips moved slightly: "I'm sorry."

Ash was satisfied and put the helmet back into the backpack, and Vichy asked curiously, "Why do you carry a frying pan and a helmet with you? Who are you using it against?"

Ash glanced at her, then at Harvey, without saying anything.

"Then are we going to the hotel in the scenic area to rest?" Rose asked, "But the hotel in the theme park is likely to be full at this time, so I don't know if there are any vacancies..."

"Theme park?" Fili's eyes suddenly lit up, "Are we going to the theme park?"

"Well, we went to the most famous bleak light happy world of the stars. Today there are various activities such as happy carnivals, costume parades, fireworks feasts, etc., which should leave a deep memory for Yaxiu." Rose said: " But since everyone is going to rest, let's choose a more suitable hotel nearby—"

Ash smiled and said, "Don't you have something to tell me?"

"I'm not in a hurry, but I wanted to go to Xiaguang Happy World a long time ago!" Feili said excitedly, "I want to go to all three theme parks!"

"If you give us another month; you can play all the theme parks." Vichy Youyou said, "I just don't know if the source angel can give me some strength and try my best to resist the digestion of the master of the stars."

It has been a month since the third angel hunt. According to the interval between the angel hunts, the last angel hunt may break out every day. However, Yaxiu and the others had already circled the kingdom of stars in a half circle, and completed 50% of the progress.

This is a very delicate number. If they launch the plan directly, it is not without success, but even if it fails, it is a matter of Such an unprecedented and unprecedented large-scale project, even if it is 100% progress, Vichy does not have it. Any grasp, the dice is always in the hands of fate.

Hearing this sentence, Fili's face darkened slightly, and Nia looked out the window and the car returned to silence again.


At the same time, a cordon was opened near a river in Changqiao City, and the Criminal Investigation Division was searching for traces of crimes nearby.

Under the same surveillance camera, the same cold weapon, there is no doubt that the perpetrator who committed the crime in Changqiao City last night was the super criminal who committed major crimes across the country in just one month.

The director of the Changqiao Police Department is struggling to deal with this major case, but soon he won't have to worry about it any more - because the team leader took the high-speed train overnight to take over the case.

They have found enough evidence to charge the culprit.

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