Technician’s Manual - Chapter 962 Wandering on the edge of love and righteousness

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When the roller coaster slowly stopped, Ash saw Fili gasping for breath next to him, and couldn't help laughing: "Is the reaction so serious?"

"I'm afraid of heights!" Fili pursed her lips, "I feel like my heart stopped just now... They even took pictures!"

"Why do you still play roller coasters when you are afraid of heights?"

"Can't you like to ride roller coasters if you are afraid of heights!"

I get it, the more you cook, the more you love to play.

Ash unbuttoned the seat, and when he saw Fili sitting without moving, he stretched out his hands towards him, like a child to be hugged, he blinked: "What's wrong?"

"My legs are weak." Feili said with a charming face: "Help me."

Ash glanced at Vichy behind him, but after thinking about it, he still took Fili's hand and helped her up. Before taking two steps, Fili turned and led him to the next maneuver: "I want to play with the big pendulum too!"

Nia frowned and chased after, while Vichy and Rose followed leisurely.

Igula looked at their backs, and suddenly felt that he shouldn't have anything to do here, and he didn't like playing mobile projects, so he turned his head and said, "Harvey, we—"

He looked around for a week, and found that Harvey was not there, but in the distance, he saw a parade on the theme of 'corpse party, leaving, and there seemed to be a dark curly figure inside.

Are you mistaken, you are a legendary necromancer, and you are still attracted by such boring entertainment... Igula sighed, turned and saw a tent of "Crystal Ball Divination", with a row at the entrance of the tent. There was a long queue, with the words "Knowing Everything" on the left side of the door, and "Nothing is wrong" on the right side.

He took out his mobile phone and checked, and found that the "Crystal Ball Divination" of Xiaguang Paradise was actually the main project of the park. The fortune teller here is known as the number one spiritual master of the stars. He can see through people's thoughts and predict people's past and future. !

Looking at the above touted article, Igula has unknowingly lined up to the end of the line.

He was not attracted by entertainment projects, but it was really difficult for him to refuse this opportunity to learn from his peers.

"So dizzy...I can't walk..."

Facing Fili's pitiful gaze, Ash shrugged and had no choice but to hug Fili.

Fili wrapped around Yaxiu's neck and glanced at Niya behind her, her mouth turned up slightly, making Niya furious.

However, Feili didn't give Niya a chance to get angry, and quickly got off Ash and dragged Ash to a nearby booth: "Here you can paint themed eye makeup for free! What do you want to paint, Ash?"

Yaxiu glanced at the eye makeup watch: "I want that evil dark circle under the eyes!"

"Master," Vichy reminded, "the devilish and mad Lalafat is always Lalafat, and it's not a black eye..."

Ash said angrily, "I'll put a helmet on you if you talk again."

"However," he raised his head to look at the sky, "it's really bright here, it's almost like it's daytime."

The theme of the happy world of bleak light may only appear in the kingdom of stars, because only the kingdom of stars, which lives in the night all day, will regard 'daytime' as a fantasy theme.

I saw several huge curved reflective walls covering the entire amusement park. From the outside, Xiaguang Happy World looked like a broken eggshell. These reflective walls reflect the light layer by layer, causing the interior of the theme park to be illuminated with blazing white light, almost the brightest place that Ash and the others have ever seen since they came to the stars.

It's just that when travelers lift their heads, they can see the night outside from between the reflective walls. This is the origin of the 'Bleak Light, the name of the day -- flawed day.

But just like this, it has already made countless tourists excited. They walk in an artificial day world, enjoying the ubiquitous light.

"Daytime?" Fili dragged Ash to the eye makeup booth. She painted a sequined eye makeup herself, and the corners of the lying silkworm's eyes shone brightly, "Is it similar to the daytime outside here?"

"Well—" Ash thought for a while, "It's still a lot worse, no matter how blazing the light is, it can't compare to real sunlight."

"Sunshine...what's it like?"

"Warm, thorn

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Eyes," Ash paused, "if the starlight is the star caressing with hair, then the sunlight is the star sticking out its tongue to lick."

Phili didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Although I don't know what the sun is like, I also know that your statement is too strange."

"Although there is a problem with Yaxiu's brain circuit, it is really not as good as the real sunshine here." Vichy said with his arms folded: "When you are basking in the sun with your sweetheart and walking on the street together, you will really feel life. Yuedong, it is not only the sun that is dazzling, but also yourself.”

Feili was slightly startled, and said softly, "That's good..."

Yaxiu also painted dark circles and eye makeup at this time. He looked in the mirror, and it really looked more like the evil and mad Lala fat. But he didn't mind: "What's next?"

"I want to ride that ten-ring roller coaster!"

"Aren't you afraid of fainting?"

"Isn't there still you? Let's go, let's go!"

Fili was so energetic that she didn't look like an insomniac at all. She pulled Yaxiu around the wheels of various maneuvering events, and some even played two or three times. When they came to the North District of Happy World, they discovered that there is a cable car going directly to the top of the mountain, and there is a super bungee jumping project on the top of the mountain.

The cable car can only take two people at a time, and Fili naturally sits with Ash. This kind of chair lift has her feet hanging in the air, and the ropeway is almost vertical. It is more roller coaster than a roller coaster. Fili is so nervous that she almost sticks to Ya Xiu, and the sequins of her eye makeup rubbed against Ya Xiu's face.

Niya finally couldn't bear it any longer, but before she could rush over to squeeze Ashe out, she was taken away by Vichy. Vichy said: "There will be a fireworks feast at 8:30. When you come to the central square to meet us, we will not go up."

"Okay." Ash looked at her and nodded slightly.

Alpine Bungy Jump didn't live up to their expectations of taking the cable car up, especially since Bungy Jump was still built on the cliff, and every time he fell quickly, Yaxiu felt a little bit of a heartbeat, not to mention Fili. Fili asked Ash to help her out every time, and then excitedly re-queued.

When they found that the number of people in the queue had decreased, they realized that it was already eight o'clock, so they quickly lined up to take the cable car to prepare to go down. It is even more exciting to go down the cable car from above. The cable car and the cableway make a tingling sound, but the mountain area is not within the scope of the joyful world, so the stars in the clear sky are spread on the cable car without reservation. They are like riding the galaxy back to the world.

The cable car is not a straight line, but rises and falls with the mountains. After their cable car landed to the bottom, they suddenly found that the speed of the cable car became very slow, and then the sound of the broadcast speaker rang through the cableway: "There is a cable car appearing. The fault is in urgent repair, passengers please be patient, it is expected to resume normal operation in 15 minutes..."

"Fifteen minutes!?" Fili looked at her phone, a little anxious: "We don't have time to go back down the mountain to watch the fireworks!"

"It seems that I can only miss the fireworks feast." Ash comforted, "But the cable car is quite interesting, just like the Ferris wheel."

"Like the Ferris wheel we rode at the end of our last date?"

Ash blinked and nodded: "Yes, it's like the last date."

Fili thought for a while, and suddenly said, "I should say sorry to Nia."

"I monopolized almost all your time today, and I didn't leave it to her at all... But I really can't bear to give it to her."

She raised her head and looked at Ash, the starlight shining into her eyes, "This is our second date, and it may be our last."

Ash thought for a while: "This also seems to be my second date."

Fili pursed her lips and smiled, she took a deep breath, and a faint blush appeared on her face.

"Ash, I have something to tell you."

"Vichy, do you like Phili, or do you hate me, or both?"

In the restaurant in the scenic spot, Niya suddenly attacked Vichy.

Vichy didn't care about eating fries, and Yoyo said, "I'm actually a very caring person - I like all small animals, whether it's sheep or hedgehogs. How can I hate you?"

"Then why..." Nia bit her lower lip. "Forget it."

"I did help Fili create and Ash

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A chance to be alone, but that doesn't mean I'm helping her. Vichy laughed, "If I really wanted to help her, I wouldn't give her any chance to be alone with Ash."

Nia looked at her, "One of the reasons I don't like you is because you're hard to understand."

Rose cut the steak gracefully, not caring about their conversation.

"What do you think Phyllis is trying to find a chance to be alone with Ash?" Vichy laughed.

"Of course it is—" Niya almost blurted out, but when she saw Vichy's half-smiley expression, she immediately realized that she must be thinking wrong. However, she has always been reluctant to admit her mistakes and stupidity, and just kept her mouth shut.

She didn't ask Vichy, of course she wouldn't say, to see who died in a hurry.

After a while, Nia asked sullenly, "So why are you helping her?"

"Because I'm also curious," Vichy glanced at the mountain top in the distance: "Wandering on the edge of love and righteousness, what kind of answer will Fili give."

Nia frowned, she hated the way the riddle was spoken.

"Actually, I'm more curious about you than Phili."

Vichy tilted his head: "Niya, do you really care about your relationship with Ash?"

Niya glared at Vichy for a moment, but quickly subsided, lowered her eyes and stopped talking, and ate dinner quietly.


Ash said softly, "I'm listening."

"I want to tell you," Phili took a deep breath, "about the Soul Kingdom plan..."


"I hope, I hope you,"

The words that followed seemed to be stuck in her throat, and she gasped lightly, but her lips could no longer utter a word.

She grabbed Ash's arm softly, her breathing became heavier and heavier, as if her breath had taken all her strength away.

"I hope don't..."

Fili bit her lip Tears gradually blurred her vision. She rested her head lightly on Ash's shoulder, and the breathing in her throat gradually became a whining sound, and the whining sound became louder and louder. Finally, she couldn't help but burst into tears. It was hysterical, as if the grief accumulated for a long time could finally be vented unscrupulously.

Yaxiu patted her on the back and said with a smile, "Cry slowly, don't be in such a hurry, I'm afraid you will suffer from respiratory alkalosis."

"I can't say it... I can't say it!" Phili sobbed twice and burped, "I can't say anything!"

"Why can't I tell... I've already made up my mind..."

"Because you don't want me to be hurt, and you don't want the stars to be destroyed." Ash looked up at the sky of the stars and said, "Because Fili, you are a kind demon."

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