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"Sir, Luffy is in trouble again."

A few days later, while the Zhanye Detachment was still waiting for the hull of the warship to be handed over, Nurkic, who received the report on naval affairs in the past week, reported to Skyler with a bit of laughter.

Skyler, who was eating the ice cream brought back from the Ice Cream Island by the Charlotte family, put down the big cup in his hand after hearing this, pressed his temple with his cold hand, and then said:

"I guess, have you entered the new world? Did it conflict with the garrison on Fishman Island? Or was it a disaster after entering the new world?

According to their itinerary, even if they have come to the new world, they will not be able to go very far. They can't afford to provoke them from the headquarters, and Abel and the others can't let Luffy go crazy, so it should be other islands.

But there aren't many islands around there, right? Either the abandoned G-2 branch, or the island of Punk Hazard, or the GN-5 where Smoker was stationed... Tell me, where did he get in trouble? "

Hearing Skyler's analysis, Nurkic opened his mouth and sighed in his heart, as expected of a family, but... his own boss also underestimated Luffy's ability to cause trouble, he nodded, and again Shaking his head, he said:

"Luffy didn't cause trouble somewhere... As you just said, Fishman Island, the original G-2 branch, and Punk Hazard Island have all been troubled by him.

And in order to restrain Luffy, the headquarters also asked Smoker to stop Luffy from the original G-2 branch, but they all seem to have gone to Punk Hazard now.

The headquarters is considering whether to reinforce or not. After all, there seems to be some accidents on Pang Island. "

"Hey~ I messed up all over again, as expected of Luffy."

Skyler also twitched the corners of his mouth, but Luffy's troubles did not exceed her imagination, so she regained her relaxed attitude, picked up the cup again, and dipped the ice cream to eat.

Nurkic was speechless when he saw the appearance of his own boss, but thinking about it, what kind of family did Luffy come from?

Compared to Garp, Drago, and Skyler, Luffy caused this bit of trouble. Compared with his elders, Luffy's recent behavior can be said to be docile.

Eating ice cream, Skyler seemed to remember something again and asked, "By the way, what about Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates? Didn't you follow Luffy?"

"No, when Luffy and the others met the Golden Lion before, they acted independently. After all, they stayed by Luffy's side, which would only make Luffy more targeted. They should also understand."

Nurkic shook his head. In fact, he had analyzed it himself before. Those old men of Roger Pirates, and those remnants of Whitebeard, could not follow Luffy all the time.

After all, although Luffy was already a supernova two years ago, his age, and the time of his debut, doomed him to be just a "rookie".

Even if this newcomer has done a lot of things, there are still many veteran pirates or forces who will not pay attention to the Straw Hats, because the Straw Hats have no foundation.

The influence is limited to a few people on the boat, no matter how much trouble it makes, it will be small.

But if the old guys from the Roger Pirates and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates really became allies of the Straw Hats, it would be different.

After all, although these two pirate groups have "perished", the foundation, connections, and influence of their reputation accumulated over the past few decades are still very terrifying.

If these two pirates really follow the Straw Hats into the new world, then there is no doubt that Luffy will be directly named as the Four Emperors.

And by then, wherever Luffy goes, he will be an enemy.

After all, the emperor of the sea needs to have his own territory. Even the red-haired person would symbolically grab a large piece of territory back then.

But Luffy's strength has not yet reached the level of the Four Emperors. At that time, when everyone thinks that he is going to fight for territory and become the emperor, I am afraid they will do their best to stop him.

Luffy can't deal with this situation, so the best outcome is that everyone is disappointed in him and thinks that he is a young man who does not live up to his name.

But this is the best result. If it is more serious, even the team may be injured, attenuated, or even disintegrated.

Based on the experience of the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, it is impossible not to understand this. Therefore, all they have to do is to let the forces of the New World see their determination to support Luffy.

But he won't really be his ally, but will continue to hide in the dark, so that those who have already paid attention to Luffy, while maintaining the importance of Luffy, dare not do it lightly.

It's like aiming a gun without pulling the trigger.

Without the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, Luffy's influence and threat would not be able to reach the level of the emperor of the sea, and the real big fish would not overly embarrass Luffy and the Straw Hats.

So after seeing Luffy and his gang in the Shambert Islands incident, it happened alone, but it was in Nurkic's prediction.

It's just... Nurkic also knows that the Roger Pirates have been quiet for more than 20 years, and it is absolutely impossible to really leave just to show up.

After all, it will only take another five or six years before the World Government will completely abandon the supervision of the Roger Pirates, because if they have not committed crimes for 30 years, the possibility of doing them again is very slim.

In addition, the people in the Roger Pirates are not young people. The strength of aging brings about the decline, and the crew is reduced one by one. After five or six years, maybe the Roger Pirates really have no threat at all. .

But this group of old guys gave up the little time they had left, and did not hesitate to be wanted again. There must be an unknown reason behind them.

As for the reason, Nurkic doesn't know, but he thinks he can finally find the reason in Luffy.

Because Luffy is too special, of course, special does not refer to his origin, but refers to him as an individual.

Luffy is Garp's grandson. For a long time, he stayed in the simple township of the East China Sea. After contacting the red-haired Shanks, he was taken by Skyler to the Zhanye Detachment.

In those few years, in fact, Luffy's longing for pirates has been completely washed away, and even with the example of Ace's brother, he should naturally become a navy.

But he didn't. Instead, he left the navy on the eve of officially becoming the navy after two years of training in the headquarters.

What made Nurkic even more puzzling was that he knew that Luffy's departure was allowed by Skyler, and Garp did not stop it.

The two navy heroes agreed that Luffy would leave the navy, and even the Warring States Marshal, Mr. Zefa and others at that time did not express dissatisfaction with this matter.

This may indicate that Luffy has a reason why he had to leave the navy, or a reason why he can't stay in the navy.

And what is the reason, Nurkic didn't want to understand, but it is definitely from Luffy, it can't be because of his background.

Even if Luffy is the son of the revolutionary army leader Drago, there is no possibility of becoming a navy, but Skyler has won it for him.

And with Garp and Skyler protecting him, Roger's son is now a lieutenant general, so how could Luffy not be able to become a navy because of his identity?

The real reason, the reason for that individual Luffy, is that he was allowed to leave the navy, and at the same time he was able to attract the support of the old Roger Pirates and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates.

But Nurkic has also known Luffy for a long time, and really can't find the reason.

Therefore, Nurkic looked at Skyler and wanted to take this opportunity to ask. He was silent for a while, carrying the report in his hand behind him, and then hesitantly asked:

"Sir, I know that maybe the senior navy has other arrangements, but... I really want to know, why Luffy has come this far, can he come this far?"

Hearing this, Skyler's movements stopped. She looked at Nurkic and asked, "What do you mean?"

Seeing that his own boss was still trying to get in the way, Nurkic hesitated even more. After all, Skyler would hardly hide him, but Skyler was reluctant to talk about it. He should not have asked, but... .

"Sir, I don't believe that Luffy left the navy because of a mission or arrangement. There must be other reasons?"

Hearing Nurkic's questioning, Skyler ate the last scoop of ice cream, then put down the cup and asked, "Why do you feel that way?"

"With all due respect, if Luffy really left the navy for the sake of the navy, he shouldn't have made any contribution, let alone a substantial contribution, he didn't even make a move.

Of course, if a report is made, Luffy can certainly list a lot of "contributions" along the way, but you and I both understand that it's just a coincidence.

What Luffy has been doing is what he wants to do, not really for the mission.

I really want to know what is the reason for letting you and the Navy let go. If you don't want to answer, you can tell me directly.

I won't say it's for the Navy, I want to know the ins and outs of this in order to better cooperate with you and the decision of the top management. It's personal curiosity, so please speak bluntly. "

Nurkic looked around, leaned down slightly and said to Skyler, Skyler thought about it, and after a while, she said, "Actually, there's nothing I can't tell you about this."

Hearing this, Nurkic's eyes lit up a little. Although this conversation was completely beyond the code of conduct of an adjutant, he was just curious about things he couldn't figure out.

Skyler frowned, rationalized his thoughts, and then said: "Actually, even I'm not sure whether Luffy really needs to leave the Navy.

His father hoped so, and the choice was made by Luffy himself.

And Luffy's decision may be in the notes and manuscripts that Drago left in Marin Vando. The headquarters moved last year. You should have handled those things too, right? "

Nurkic nodded, Skyler's move was his responsibility, and Skyler also made it clear that he could check the things that Dorag left behind.

After reading those notes and manuscripts, Nurkic understood why Drago decided to leave the Navy, but he himself would not be affected because he had his own firm goals.

However, Nurkic also frowned quickly. The notes and manuscripts left by Drago had little impact on him, but if it was the previous Luffy...

However, this can only make Skyler agree with Luffy's choice, at most add a Garp, but Zefa teacher, Warring States Marshal, why did they agree?

Skyler stretched out his hand to touch the condensation water on the table and said: "From the things that Dorag left behind, we have deduced several information... Nika, Joey Boy, have never been controlled by the world government. fruit."

Hearing this, Nurkic, who was thinking deeply, also frowned tightly. After a while, his brows gradually loosened. Although he was still very puzzled, he still said with emotion:

"He's Mr. Dorag's son, is there really such a coincidence?"

"Who knows?"

Skyler shrugged, then picked up the glass on the table, handed it to Nurkic, and said, "Go get me another glass."

"Yes, sir!"

Nurkic saluted, then took the cup and stepped to leave, but stopped again, he asked, "Sir, do you need me to investigate?"

"No need, there is nothing to investigate, I have commissioned a person to dig it, but so far there is only a little useful information, that is, the history of the existence of rubber fruit is far more than 800 years, not only the fruit, but also the rubber The names of the fruits were determined from the very beginning of the establishment of the World Government, but..."

Skyler rubbed his left temple and said, "The first time the world government recorded the discovery of rubber and rubber trees was four hundred years ago.

The rubber and rubber trees were discovered on the empty island only 400 years ago, but 800 years ago, there were already records and official names of rubber fruits. "

Hearing this, the doubts in Nurkic's eyes were even deeper, but he still said tentatively: "Perhaps the last rubber fruit person was a Sky Islander? Or...

In fact, the rubber trees and rubber discovered by the world government are only named after the rubber fruit? "

"I don't know!"

Skyler sighed, then looked at Nurkic, who was standing there thinking constantly, and said, "I'm still waiting to ask about ice cream!"

"Yes, sir!"

Nurkic reacted again and hurriedly walked away. After a while, he returned with a cup of mixed flavor ice cream and placed it on the table beside Skyler.

Skyler nodded, continued to eat the ice cream, took two bites, paused a little, and waited for the shock from the upper teeth to the brain to disappear.

Taking time to look at Nurkic, I found that he was still puzzled, so he said: "By the way, I just said not to investigate this matter, I was serious.

When it comes to these things, they are extremely sensitive... There is also a prison on the Red Earth Continent, where some former CP agents are imprisoned, and some of them know Nika, Joey Boy, and Rubber Fruit.

Of course, none of their information is worth anything, but... they're still dead, not by my order. "

Hearing this, Nurkic nodded and retracted the thought that he wanted to call and ask his father. Even if he wanted to ask, he had to ask face-to-face and privately.

Or go directly to the books in his father's collection. His father has collected countless books over the years, and maybe there is really any information.

Seeing that Nurkic understood what he meant, Skyler didn't want to delve into this issue, but asked: "By the way, have you checked all those ships?"

"Well, it's all been checked. I can probably finish the test today and take it away tomorrow. But that... Totland confiscated a penny, and gave us 20 warships directly. I'm afraid that the world government will Some people are suspicious."

Hearing Nurkic's concerns, Skyler waved his hand and said, "It's okay, let them doubt it. After all, the Navy really has no money to give, so if they dare to doubt, let them quickly allocate funds!"

Nurkic nodded and said, "Yes! Sir! Do you need me to communicate with Katakuri and make some reminders? Or complain at the World Conference?"

"Well, you can arrange it, but the list of this year's World Conference has not come out yet, and the Qiwuhai Conference has not moved, I don't know what the **** is thinking.

Maybe this time the world conference is not ready to hold the Qiwuhai Conference. Isn't it also promoting the abolition of the Qiwuhai system in my lifetime? Perhaps the world government is also considering it.

After all, it seems that the current sea really doesn’t need Qiwuhai anymore, and the Qiwuhai system also deviates from the original intention of its establishment.

The original plan was to use the Qiwuhai to stabilize the pattern of the sea, but now the sea has no stable pattern at all, and the Qiwuhai system has become a tool for the Qiwuhai to make profits.

Bucky's logistics company, Nine Snake's looting group, Haku's great waterway transit station service point, including this shipyard in Katakuri, actually rely on the Qiwuhai system to obtain so many benefits.

Maybe the world government is too uncomfortable to see them making money, so they want to ban them directly.

Especially if Bucky's logistics company and Katakuri's shipyard are banned and controlled by the world government, how much cost can you think it can save the world government? How much benefit does it bring? "

After Skyler finished speaking, Nurkic nodded and said, "I really haven't tried to think from this perspective. You say that, it feels like Qiwuhai is a group of vampires."

"It's all like this, if it wasn't too big, and without the navy, the world government couldn't eliminate the impact of the abolition of the Qiwuhai system, I guess we'd have gotten wind of it long ago.

The expenditure of the world government has increased year by year, and now it is faced with the problem of increasing military expenditures for the navy. Even if this year's World Conference passes the issue of asking the participating countries for more heavenly gold, it will only be relieved for a while.

After all, the extra money paid by the allied countries needs to be subsidized to the navy. We can’t suspend our navy’s plan in order to save expenses during this turbulent and full of opportunity time period, right? "

For these things, Skyler sees it very clearly, because unlike Nurkic, she naturally thinks about things as a navy.

She is more accustomed to treating the world government as a company, and the navy is the most profitable, but also the most expensive department.

The navy cannot make a profit without burning money, and the world government cannot lack the profit brought by the navy, so it can only continue to burn money and increase the cost input in exchange for more profit from the navy.

The Navy has also done a good job, not only digesting the original market, but even actively opening up the market to develop more customer groups, and to make money from new markets and new customers, it has to continue to burn money .

Even at the end of each year, the navy's investment and profitability are at the same level, and it cannot bring more benefits to the World Government, but the World Government still has to squeeze its nose and continue to invest money.

After all, you can't give away or break the big plate that you have already got, right?

Moreover, if the world government really dared to cut off the most expensive department of the Navy, then this department would become a competitor in minutes. M..

And the world government that cuts off the navy will greatly shrink its market value, and its market influence will also decline rapidly. At that time, it may not be able to do the navy, which originally belonged to its own department.

Even if the operating costs of the navy are not cut, only a slight reduction will usher in the dissatisfaction and protest of the navy.

Therefore, without reducing the increasing investment, the world government can only continue to find foreign funds to supply the navy.

For example, to increase the capital of shareholders, the world government also intends to do the same, and let the allied countries that are the main source of funds of the world government increase the gold in the sky, but this money will eventually be burned by the navy.

Therefore, this step alone is not enough. At this time, a cooperative enterprise that cooperates with itself but also makes profits from itself has become a breakthrough.

The acquisition of a small company with business cooperation by a large company has many advantages. First, the cost of the original business cooperation will be reduced, and at the same time, it can also use the company's profits to increase its own income.

Of course, the world government is not a real enterprise after all, and it is not regulated by the market, so he can directly take it for himself instead of acquiring it.

As far as the Qiwuhai incident is concerned, the world government may have had the idea of ​​banning the Qiwuhai for a long time, especially today when the Qiwuhai's profit-making methods are gradually perfected and mature.

The reason why I haven't started is just because I couldn't find a suitable reason, timing, and at the same time I couldn't find the right manpower.

Coincidentally, at this time, Fujitora, the new admiral of the navy, proposed a motion to abolish the Shichibukai system, and the world government will definitely take it seriously.

After all, agreeing with Fujitora can be said to be the respect and trust of the new admiral. This is the reason. At the same time, the strength of the admiral of the navy and the troops that can be mobilized have become the manpower to carry out this matter.

Now is only the time, and at this time, maybe at the World Conference in the near future, at the World Conference, Fujitora will definitely bring up his proposal again.

At this time, once the World Government passes Fujitora's motion, and takes the opportunity to hand over this important task to Fujitora and to the Navy, then the World Government can wait for the fruits of victory.

Of course, the actual implementation of this matter is difficult, but whether it is difficult or not has nothing to do with the world government.

After all, the executor is the navy, and if it doesn’t work well, the navy will not be able to do it well. If it’s really bad, then the world government will have a reason to cut the navy’s spending, and the navy has no way to protest.

This is also the reason why the world government did not have the slightest idea of ​​abolishing the Qiwuhai system, and the rumors spread, because this matter must be proposed by the navy, executed by the navy, and at the same time the navy is responsible.

Skyler has seen this kind of thing a lot in his past life. The leader takes credit for doing it well, the boss who creates benefits and benefits, and the employees who take responsibility if it doesn't do well.

Skyler also believed that Fujitora knew this, but he did it anyway.

If he didn't even dare to take on this responsibility, then he wouldn't choose to become an admiral of the navy. How good would it be to stay in the Zhanye Detachment? After all, the Zhanye Detachment never chased him away.

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