The Beautiful Swordsman Came with a Barbecue - Chapter 622 Riot on New Fishman Island

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The moment Anilu turned into a lightning bolt, he headed towards the forest in the distance, and his sudden burst of blue lightning and previous shouts also made many members of the Zhanye Detachment react.

Enilu's domineering looks can be said to be the existence of one person in the Zhanye Detachment, and the fact that he was just soaked with sea water by Rabu made him very resentful.

Therefore, after landing in this place that is even more home than his hometown, Anilu did not dare to relax his vigilance at all. He is more familiar with high-altitude areas than the rest of the Zhanye Detachment, so he does not need to solve his physical strength to make his body more comfortable. .

As for Pedro, the three should be more comfortable with the fur tribes here than Anilu. They were completely immersed in the joy of returning home, and they didn't care about whether they might encounter enemies around them.

Even Skyler only reacted after Enilu spoke out, but she didn't make a move. After all, Enilu couldn't do anything else.

For a mid-to-long-range player, the strongest is dodge in close combat. Of course, it is just dodging, and the attack in close combat is still a mess, because Anilu, who was trained by Skyler or Jinbei, didn't want to fight back at all.

Jinbei is okay to say, but if he fights back against Skyler, he will only be beaten even worse. This is all the information that Enelu has obtained in exchange for his personal safety. To put it vernacularly, it is the experience of being beaten.

Because of this, Skyler has a lot of confidence in Enel's ability to save his life. With Enel's current level, not to mention the people on Zuowu, even the emperors of the new world, in a short time. It is also difficult to hurt Enilu.

And Aniluo found the enemy he intended to attack in an instant after rushing into the forest. He did not look at the enemy's appearance, but went directly through his body.

In an instant, the group of lightning struck the enemy, and then appeared not far away, re-turning into a human form.

Anilu just turned his head and looked at the enemy, but when he saw it, his brows were wrinkled, because the enemy looked like a dog.

There are black and white hair on the body, and it is very long, especially the hair on the top of the head, like dry black satin, smooth and reflective, and the facial features are not like people, but like dogs.

Having been teammates with Pedro and the others for so many years, Anilu naturally knew that this was a fur tribe. He carefully looked at this canine-furred enemy and found that he had not fainted due to the electric shock.

Ai Nilu passed through the lightning bolt left by his body, and was jumping between the fur of this dog fur, and this dog fur also looked at Ani Lu in a very different way, and said:

"Why do you, a human, also use lightning?! Are you a short-haired monkey fur tribe?!"

"Chi Ying?!"

At this moment, Pedro's voice suddenly came from a distance, and the dog fur originally planned to fight back, and then looked in the direction of Pedro in disbelief.

"Brother Pedro?!"

"Chi Ying?! It's really you, you've grown so big?!"

Pedro trotted over at this time, Jiebo and Pokemus also followed closely, and the dog fur called Chi Ying also saw the two behind Pedro at this time, and shouted excitedly:

"Big Brother Jebo?! Big Brother Pokermus?! You are not Bebo"

Chi Ying's excited expression stagnated for a moment, because at the time, he heard from the big dog in the clan that Pedro and the others were going to carry out the mission, but because of Bepo's disappearance, Pedro and the others went to Bepo first. .

But after they left, whether it was the missing Bepo, or Pedro and others who went to find them, they never came back to Zou.

I thought they were all shipwrecked, but I didn't expect that they would meet again at this time. This was a joyful thing, but Chi Ying found that her childhood playmate Bebo was not by Pedro's side. .

In an instant, all the happy emotions were taken back, and I didn't even know how to express my expression. After all, it's gratifying to meet Pedro and the others again, but if something happens to Bepo

But at this time, Pedro said with a smile: "Bebo is fine too!"

After he finished speaking, he looked at Anilu, who had his hands on his hips and his head with the other, and said, "Anilu, my own!"

"My own? He was planning to hunt just now."

Anilu didn't let go of his vigilance, and if he really admitted that it was a misunderstanding, wouldn't it mean that his reaction just now was too extreme?

Hearing this, Pedro also looked at Chi Ying and asked suspiciously, "Did you treat him as an enemy just now?"

"Huh? I didn't notice him, I just saw that"

Chi Ying said, and pointed to Brook, who was drinking milk from a coffee cup in the distance, a little embarrassed, and after this look, the greedy look like a hunter appeared again.

Seeing this, the three of Pedro were embarrassed, but they also understood Chi Ying, a young man. After all, the fur tribe's desire for bones is engraved into the inheritance, especially dog ​​fur. That instinct is almost impossible. Inhibition.

Not to mention a young man like Chi Ying, when they first met Brook, they were also attached to Brook every day, and from time to time they would have the urge to bite.

At this time, Chi Ying also tried her best to look away. After all, the bones seemed to be Brother Pedro and his companions, or Brother Pedro's trophies, and he couldn't get his hands on it!

Chi Ying, who looked away, asked Pedro, "Brother Pedro, why are you hanging out with these Karuqiu? And what about Bepo?"

"After we left that year, we encountered shipwrecks and enemies. Although we found Bepo, we have lost our way home. It was our superior who took us in.

We are all in the navy now, so is Bepo, but he's in a different detachment, just like some fur tribes will go to the Musketeers, and some fur tribes will go to the White Forest Whale Knights. "

Hearing Pedro's explanation, Chi Ying nodded and finally smiled, and asked, "Brother Pedro, why are you coming back now?"

"I haven't been able to find Zou before. Today, Zou suddenly appeared, and we have a chance to come back, but do you know why the elephant moved in such a hurry?"

After Pedro finished explaining, he also opened his mouth to ask. Although the elephant has been walking all the time, he was not in such a hurry in the past. I am afraid that the furry Principality should also realize this speed.

Hearing Pedro's words, Chi Ying scratched her hair a little embarrassed and said, "Brother Pedro, I'm here to check the situation too."

Pedro frowned. What Chi Ying meant was that the Furry Principality just knew about the sudden acceleration of the elephant's movement, that is to say, their level of intelligence was about the same as his own.

Pedro looked up at the bright sky and asked, "Boss Cat Viper hasn't woken up yet, right?"

Chi Ying lowered his head and said, "Brother Pedro, I am now joining the Musketeer team because of my family. I don't know much about the night side."

Hearing this, Pedro was stunned for a moment, then waved his hand and said, "It's okay, everyone is a family."

As he said that, he also patted Chi Ying on the shoulder. The furry principality is ruled by two kings, Inuarashi and Cat Viper. Duke Inuarashi rules from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and the boss of Cat Viper rules from 6:00 pm to 6:00 pm. six in the morning.

The force under Inu Lan is the Musketeer team, and the force under the command of Cat Viper is the Beluga Forest Knights. Pedro was in the Knights team back then, and he has already achieved the position of the head of the team.

Therefore, he was entrusted with the important task of leading the Knox Expeditionary Force to find the truth of the world. Of course, he almost died before he started, and I don't know if the Knox Expeditionary Force will continue.

But after thinking about it, there should be no. After all, since Rosannadi finished his undercover mission, he has been dealing with the intelligence network in the new world, and the intelligence is also shared with the Zhanye Detachment.

If there is a fur clan team moving in the new world, it will definitely be detected, unless the fur clan team encounters an accident as soon as they leave Zou, otherwise Rosandi will definitely find out the news.

For this reason, Pedro hoped that the Knox Expedition did not continue.

As for the reason why Chi Ying didn't dare to look up in front of him because he joined the Musketeer team, Pedro also understood that, after all, Chi Ying used to play with Bepo and belonged to the night camp.

Therefore, he joined the Musketeer team, which was a bit of a betrayal, but when he thought of Chi Ying as a dog fur, Pedro knew that maybe Chi Ying himself was helpless, after all, Duke Inuarashi was a dog fur.

There are also various ethnic groups in the fur tribe, and it is normal for the dog fur to follow the dog.

In addition, Pedro, who used to be the head of the Knights Group, knows some inside stories. Duke Inuarashi and the boss of the cat viper are not as feuding as they seem on the surface.

Just for some reason, the two had to show a feud.

After appeasing Chi Ying, Pedro looked at the sky again and said, "Then we can only wait a few more hours and go back to find the boss of the cat and pit viper."

Although he knew that there was an inside story about the feud between Duke Inuarashi and Boss Cat Viper, Pedro was indeed unfamiliar with Duke Inuarashi. If he brought a large group of humans back, Inuarashi would definitely not treat them with a good attitude.

With the temperament that no one can touch the bad head of his own boss, maybe he will really make a move, and the furry principality can't lose the king of the day.

Chi Ying also nodded, but soon said embarrassedly: "Duke Pedro, Duke Inu Arashi, asked me to come and check"

"You can't find anything. We've been checking here for a long time, and we haven't found any reason."

Pedro did not mean to let Chi Ying approach the Zhanye Detachment, because the Zhanye Detachment is now on a mission, even if Chi Ying is Jiebo's younger brother's friend, he cannot interfere.

After hearing Pedro's words, Chi Ying nodded and said, "Then I'll go back first. If you go back tonight, remember to come to me."

"Well, I will definitely go when I have time."

Pedro patted Chi Ying on the shoulder again. After Chi Ying nodded, he turned around and left to report back.

Skyler did not intervene in this period. It was not until the fur tribe left and Pedro communicated with her that Skyler nodded and said:

"I understand, but the matter of going to the Furry Principality needs to be reconsidered, because at the current speed, I'm afraid we won't be able to wait for the night, at most two hours, we will arrive at the new fish-man island."

Skyler has a guess that the elephant lord's destination is the new fish-man island, and the culprit is either his nephew Luffy, or that Momonosuke.

Coupled with the actions of those large-scale Neptunes, Skyler felt that maybe these two people had met him and hadn't seen each other for many years, and he didn't know if he still remembered his "goddaughter" White Star.

In addition, Pedro said just now that the reason for the sudden riot of the host of the Furry Principality is unknown, so for the Zaya Detachment, the Furry Principality is not worth going.

However, Skyler looked at the disappointed expressions of Pedro, Jiebo, and Pokemus, and said, "You have served in the Zhanye Detachment for fifteen years, and you have never asked for leave?"

Hearing Skyler's question, the three of them doubted for a while, Skyler continued: "Let's take five days of annual leave every year, two and a half months of vacation, starting today."

"Sir, this is still on a mission."

Pedro also finally reacted to the meaning from the elders, but he still shook his head. He wanted to go home, but he also wanted to perform tasks with his colleagues.

Abandoning his colleagues in the detachment and running home by himself, what's the matter?

Skyler ignored it, but looked at Nurkic and said, "Go through the transfer procedures for the three, keep the life card, and take back the certificate."

"Yes, sir!"

After Nurkic finished speaking, he looked at Pedro and the three with a smile, and said, "Hand over it, don't let me do it, sign it later, and you can go home."

"Sir Nurkini"

Pedro still wanted to refuse, but Skyler turned around and walked away. In desperation, Pedro had to hand over the documents, and Jiebo and Pokemus also cooperated when they saw Pedro hand over the documents. handed over his documents.

Nurkic finished the formalities for the three with a smile, but seeing that all three of them seemed to want to stay in the detachment, he also raised his face and said:

"Colonel Pedro, Lieutenant Colonel Jebo, Lieutenant Colonel Pokermus, please leave immediately and do not delay the detachment's mission."

Pedro and Nurkic stared at each other for a while, and then snorted. Like Chi Ying just now, he turned back three times at one step, and the other three turned back nine times at one step, and left extremely reluctantly.

Only then did Nurkic resume his smile, report to Skyler, and continue to supervise the situation on the reconnaissance team. After all, if there is any change, the headquarters needs to be notified as soon as possible.

However, there were no accidents in the next part of the journey, and when the reconnaissance team reported that the elephant had entered the windless belt, Skyler became dignified again.

But soon after the report came, Skyler clearly felt that the movement speed of the elephant had slowed down, and Nurkic also noticed it. He looked at Skyler and asked, "Do I need to notify the headquarters?"

Skyler nodded and said: "At the same time, tell the headquarters that this is most likely caused by Luffy and the others, and there should be no major incident, so don't be too nervous."

Skyler didn't think that the elephant was tired, so he slowed down, because the speed of the elephant was too smooth, and the speed of each step was extremely regular.

Nurkic thought about Skyler's guess in his heart, then nodded and left. Although he didn't know where his judgement came from, if it was made by the Monchi family, it would be easier to understand. .

And when this news, and Skyler's guess, came back to the headquarters, Crane's face immediately turned green, hung up the phone, and after arranging things, she made a direct call.

"Wai! Xiaohe? What's the matter with the old man? The old man heard that the **** in the Warring States period has just bought a few pacifists from Vega Punk, and now he is trying to find a way!

By the way, since you have already called, why don't you help the old man with his staff? The Vega Punk ship is estimated to arrive the day after tomorrow. Time is running out. What can I do? "

The crane hadn't gotten angry yet, but Garp, who was opposite him, had already started chattering. The crane rolled his eyes and said bluntly, "Your grandson is in trouble again!"

"Accident? Luffy? Or Ace? The two brothers won't fight again, right?"

Malin Fando, not wearing a military uniform, but shorts and slippers, a beach shirt, lying on the beach chair, watching Bogart in the distance with the detachment training recruits Karp climbed directly from the beach chair.

Scratching his head with a look of distress on his face, this meant that Sakaski estimated that he would have to complain to Warring States again, and Warring States would definitely come to him again.

And once he made a mistake in this matter, it would be more difficult to rob the pacifists who were seconded by the Warring States period. These two grandchildren really won't pick the time!

The crane took a deep breath and said: "The fish-man island, the sea kings in the windless zone, the island group of whales, and a giant elephant tens of thousands of meters high are all heading towards the new fish-man island at this time.

Skyler said Luffy and the others did it. You are a grandfather, any news? "

"So many sea kings, when do you have to eat them?"

Hearing this news, Garp subconsciously touched his donut beard, but he shook his head soon and said, "This old man doesn't know anything, this old man is already retired, don't look for this old man!"

Garp also realized that if Luffy really did this thing, it must be a big trouble, he must take himself out, and Luffy is now at the age where he should solve the trouble he caused himself.

And speaking, Karp reached out and hung up the phone, and when his finger reached the button, he muttered: "Such a big scene? It is indeed the grandson of the old man."

After he hung up the phone, the crane's face darkened, and she heard Karp's last muttering. Sure enough, there was no one in the Monchi family who was relieved.

Compared with the inside of the Monchi family, Skyler can be called a sensible one!

At this time, after the windless zone in the new world, Ace hung up the phone and looked at the mountain-like shadow that was constantly approaching in the clouds in the distance. He scratched his head and said:

"Headquarters said that this may have been made by Luffy. What did he do?"

Yamato was rubbing his chin slowly at this time, as if those bearded men were thinking, not knowing where she learned it from.

Suddenly, she pointed to the huge black shadow in the clouds, and said, "I remember it, it's Zou! The hometown of Cat Viper and Inuarashi, and Bebo is also from there!"

Yamato, who had read Oden's logbook, knew a lot about Oden's past. Although she hadn't read it for a long time, she recalled it at this time.

When Ace heard the words, he nodded suddenly. He didn't read the Oda logbook collected by Yamato, but he had heard of Bepo's hometown.

When Ace found out that this was something he "knew", the unease instantly disappeared, and his natural rough nerves allowed him to overcome many things that should have been feared.

The original shock was brought about by ignorance. When he knew that this was something he knew, Ace was not nervous at all, and his mind became active. After thinking about it, he suddenly said:

"Didn't the headquarters lift our ban? Why don't we go directly to New Fishman Island and ask Luffy?"

"Great idea! You are a genius!"

Hearing Ace's proposal, Yamato raised both hands in favor. They had been squatting in the windless belt for more than two weeks, and finally found a way to contact Luffy and the others.

She hadn't thought about it just now. After all, the authority given by the headquarters was intended to be used by them to rescue the Dragon Palace Kingdom, but at this time, when she heard that the Dragon Palace Kingdom was no longer at risk, she naturally had no plans to use this permission.

When Ace mentioned it, Yamato realized that they are now authorized people!

Bonnie also showed a smile at this time, and said: "Such a fun thing, do you want to call Luo together? By the way, let's see if there is a way to send Bepo back to his hometown to see?"

"Well! Last time he asked us to cooperate, this time, let him cooperate with us once!"

Ace smiled, quickly took out the phone bug, and called Luo.

At this time, the New Fishman Island was in chaos. A ship with the imprint of Tianxianglong's hoof was not docked at the port of the New World, but was docked at the inner port of the New Fishman Island.

Charles Rose, an old acquaintance of the Straw Hats, pointed to the distance and scolded angrily: "That hateful straw hat bastard! He actually took my White Star away, I must catch him! I want him and his pink dragon. , become my slaves!"

On the ship of Tian Xianglong's hoof, the Neptune family was locked by Hailou stone shackles at this time. Many agents were searching for the Straw Hat gang, and even Haku had no choice but to bring the Murloc Pirates to help. CP agent.

At this moment, next to Saint Charles Ross, a masked agent wearing a white suit with some slight damage, said worriedly:

"Lord Charles Rose, the World Conference is coming soon. Isn't it bad to do such a thing?"

"What's wrong?! I know, that woman won't participate in this world conference, and she dares to come to Mary Joa to trouble me for no reason?!"

Charles Rose said arrogantly, then looked at the CP0 agent dissatisfied, and said, "Isn't CP0 the most elite? Why did you just let the straw hat **** go?!"


The CP0 agent clenched his fist helplessly, then bowed and said, "Sorry, Lord Charles Rose."

"Why don't you go and get them back for me now?!"

"Yes! Lord Charles Rose."

The CP0 agent raised his eyes and looked at the riot in the distance. He felt that it was necessary to talk to his superior. He always felt that if he did not report, bad luck would haunt him.

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