The Beautiful Swordsman Came with a Barbecue - Chapter 638 Territorial Devil Fruit System 1 Field Theory

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Qingjiao looked at the giant flame bird on him in horror, and told him rationally that this giant flame bird was an elemental attack launched by Ace using the burning fruit. Under his armed domineering, there was nothing to worry about.

But I don't know why, but there is another answer in his heart, that is, the giant bird in front of him is not an attack made of flames, but...

According to legend, the Bi Fang bird that swallows fire, steals fire and spreads fire is a divine beast with life!

"Stop joking! That kind of thing! How is it possible!"

The green pepper quickly suppressed this ridiculous thought in his heart. How could the mythical beast from the ancient to untestable myth exist in this moment? !

He probably just... just got smashed by Ace in the head just now. With such an attack, under the profound meaning of his eight punches, let alone one, one hundred and eighty can be smashed at will!


But just when the cone head of the green pepper was about to collide with the single foot of the giant flame bird, black and red lightning suddenly flashed between the cone head and the single foot, and in an instant, the connection was real!


There was a loud noise, but the cone head of the green pepper did not collide with the single foot of the flame giant bird, but wrestled in the air. There was only a layer of air in the middle, but it couldn't break through.

Circles of white air waves, with this narrow space as the center, continue to sway around.

"Boom bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang~"

At this time, the sea finally seemed to have been detonated, and it continued to boil. The upturned waves were dozens of meters high. Two warships and a Babao naval vessel were also floating on the churning sea.

The huge hull was pushed by the waves at will, like a branch and leaf on the water-filled road in a rainstorm, and it did not have the stability that this tonnage should have.

Before the sea broke out, Yamato and Bonnie, who had reacted to it, had returned to the warships of the Spades Detachment, and had cut off the chains that implicated the two giant ships.

In the clear sky, the flaming giant bird spread its wings, and its huge body sank a bit towards the sea surface. The huge power was continuously transmitted to the cone head of the green pepper.

The cone that had just turned over Ace's head just turned over. At this time, it was once again squeezed and deformed by the surrounding black and red lightning. The cone head, which was harder than steel, was like jelly at this time, constantly fluctuating. .


Qingjiao roared, and he had two choices at this time, either unloading and letting the flame bird kick him into the sea, or... hard top! And obviously, green peppers chose a hard top.

However, under the god-like power of the giant flame bird, Green Pepper's eyes gradually lost focus and turned white, leaving only the instinct to hold on.

The swaying jelly-like cone head fluctuated further and further at this time, and the tip like the tip of a sword also showed signs of distortion.


The sound of thunder swayed again, and the single foot of the flame giant bird seemed to have lost its resistance and straightened straight, while the cone head of the green pepper, like a beverage bottle under a hydraulic press, was directly squashed.


Green Pepper's eyes turned completely, and then his body lost control and fell toward the sea below.


Lao Cai shouted anxiously, eagerly steered the rudder, and wanted to catch the falling green pepper, but at this time the wind and waves were not calm, and he could not control the boat at all.

Seeing that the green pepper was about to fall into the sea, Lao Cai was so anxious that sweat and tears came out.


A circular translucent force field unfolded instantly, including the falling green peppers and the swaying ships.

On the deck of the warship of the Spades Detachment, Luo looked at the green pepper, raised his left hand, and at an increasing speed, the green pepper falling toward the sea dropped sharply and stopped in the air.

Then Luo looked in the direction of the Eight Treasures Naval Ship, turned and pushed with his raised left hand, the falling green pepper changed direction and headed towards the deck of the Eight Treasures Naval Ship, and then gently landed on the deck.


Lao Cai quickly let go of the rudder and ran in the direction of Qingjiao. After a good check, Lao Cai finally breathed a sigh of relief. His grandfather just passed out, and his life seemed worry-free.

Looking at his grandfather, Lao Cai suddenly felt that the world was shaking. He remembered what his grandfather said just now, only demonstrate once... Does it mean that you can only demonstrate once?

However, Lao Cai quickly shook his head and threw out this disrespectful thought to his grandfather, then turned his head and looked in the direction of the **** detachment warship with a complicated expression, looking at Luo.

He didn't know what mood he was in right now.

The navy attacked his Eight Treasures Marine Corps and hurt his grandfather so much. He should be angry, but Luo finally caught the green pepper that was about to fall into the sea and sent it back.

With the current level of the sea's turbulence, once it falls into the sea, I am afraid that green pepper will also be buried in the sea. Thinking of this, the navy in front of me is also my grandfather's savior.

Contradictory emotions were constantly intertwined in Lao Cai's heart. In the end, he no longer went to see Luo, but returned to the rudder, wanting to control the rudder and leave here.

This time, neither Luo nor Yamato and Bonny stopped the Eight Treasures from leaving. After all, they couldn't do anything more.

If you continue to attack the Eight Treasures Navy and hurt Qingjiao or Lao Cai, then after the World Conference in a few days, Huazhiguo will definitely scold the Navy severely.

The navy is still in a state of unrest, but it cannot completely offend an allied country at this time.

The reason why the navy was able to survive the storm after beheading the Tianlong people was because the navy spoke from the side of the interests of the allied countries, so the allied countries could be regarded as a boost to the navy.

If you completely offend an allied country, then the navy will be in a very embarrassing situation. After all, the navy's front foot said that the Tianlong people would not have the opportunity to destroy the allied country, and in a blink of an eye, they would severely damage the allied country's army...

Therefore, they should keep their hands, but they still need to keep their hands. Among the Eight Treasures Marines, anyone can have an accident, and it is no problem to cause some casualties. After all, they are not only the army of the allied countries, but also recognized as a "gang of evil and evil".

But once something happens to Qingjiao, the soul of the Eight Treasures Navy, or Lao Cai, a contemporary pillar, it will not end. At that time, the Navy will become a person inside and out.

And Luo also believes that Qingjiao and Lao Cai will still abide by these unspoken rules, even if these two don't care about the rules, but... face is always needed.

If Qingjiao wants to sue him like this, it would be to expose his own scars and humiliate his own face. After all, the strong man of the old era, the former pillar of the Eight Treasures Navy, was defeated by the grandson of his strong man at the same time...

Watching the Eight Treasures Marines leave, Ace also fell back on the warship. He didn't care about Luo Fang running Lao Cai and the others. After all, he also knew that Luo's work was reliable.

And... he has defeated the green pepper, as the winner, let go of the opponent, this is called tolerance and tolerance.

Ace looked at Luo, the smile on his face could not be concealed, and then asked: "Luo, do you understand what I just did? Do you think it's amazing?!"

"It's just picking up people's teeth."

Luo didn't give Ace a good look. His eyes, which were covered with dark circles, turned directly over, and then ignored Ace. Ace was anxious and questioned dissatisfiedly:

"What is picking people's teeth... What! Why do I do that?!"

"The inspiration came from Marco, the former captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, and from Marshal Sakaski and Mr. Kuzan, right? Give the elemental life...

Also, you haven't fully mastered that kind of power, so you have to use the domineering entanglement of the overlord color. If you just collided with the green pepper directly, then there is a high probability that you will lose both.

He was defeated, your awakening was interrupted, am I right? "

After Luo finished speaking, the originally excited Ace's face collapsed. He looked very dissatisfied at this friend who did not give him any face at all, and said, "I will finish it soon!"

"I believe it, but it won't be able to bring me any surprises and shocks by then, will it?"

Luo shrugged and said casually. After Luo finished speaking, Ace's face changed, and then he snorted bitterly, he shouldn't have taken it out at this time.

Not only did he fail to gain Luo's shock and admiration, but he was also ridiculed and ridiculed. It's really... Damn! !

Fortunately, not everyone is as boring as Luo, who only chokes on their friends. After the two of them finished speaking, Yamato ran over with excitement and asked Ace:

"Ace, your fruit has awakened?!"

Seeing the excited and curious look on his adjutant's face, Ace also smiled, nodded, and said, "It's almost there, just need to improve it."

"It's good, I don't have any eyebrows yet."

Yamato looked at Ace enviously. She herself is a devil fruit person, but she has no clue about her own devil fruit awakening.

Ace heard the words and comforted: "Animal-type phantom beasts are too rare, and there are almost no reference cases. Luo, what do you think?"

Yamato also set his sights on Luo at this time. Luo began to study the issue of the awakening of Devil Fruits a few years ago, and it can be said that he is the person who knows the most about this aspect.

If any of them knew about the awakening of the animal-type phantom beasts, then the most likely one would be Luo. Although he was not the fruit of the animal-type, what if it was in the documents that he looked at?

Hearing this, Luo shook his head and said, "I don't have any clues here. As Ace said, the animal-type phantom beasts are really rare, and no one knows what the awakening of this kind of fruit is like. .

But what is certain is that it will not just increase the resilience of the body like the common species or ancient species.

Because your current resilience is already very strong, even if you increase it, it is impossible to increase it by much, and you can't achieve something like rebirth from a broken arm.

But generally speaking, the awakening of the fruit ability of the animal system is all toward the development of super power, super human body, and creation, but these three characteristics are actually reflected in the phantom beast species. "

Luo thought for a while, and in Yamato's somewhat frustrated eyes, he continued: "But I have a conjecture, which may not be right."

"What is it? Say it! Say it!"

Yamato asked eagerly, Luo nodded, and didn't give a shit, but said: "As far as the known phantom beasts are concerned, whether it is the Great Buddha of the Warring States Marshal, Kaido's Blue Dragon, Marco's Phoenix, or yours Big mouth true God.

In fact, there are related myths and legends, which is why these fruits are called phantom beasts, because these abilities and forms exist in fantasy, but...

What if these "phantom beasts" are not fantasy, but real?

I have heard from Mr. Corazon that the core point of the development of the fruit by the Marshal of the Warring States Period is the thirty-two appearances of the Buddha, and the thirty-two appearances of the Buddha are people's descriptions of the imaginary Buddha.

In theory, this has no effect on the development of the fruit, but as you all know, the Warring States Marshal has grown all the way to a general, so it can be said that he did not make a mistake in the development route of the fruit.

So I'm thinking... Is it possible that those legendary Eudemons exist, it is the Devil Fruit ability user in ancient times.

If this idea is true, then the development route of the phantom beast species is consistent with the nature department, that is, from these gods and phantom beasts, to find inspiration for the development of fruits.

Even... In fact, Eudemons species can also be attributed to the nature department. The existence of different kinds of fruit is itself a result of artificial limitations.

For example, Marshal Sakaski, Mr. Kuzan, and Ace, are their development directions more and more like phantom beasts? There is also a superhuman type fruit, does he have to be a superhuman type fruit?

Just like General Fujitora's Gravity Fruit and Supernova Kid's Magneto-Magnetic Fruit, the Devil Fruit Pokédex classifies it as a superhuman type, because these two fruits really can't achieve the elementalization that a natural type fruit should have.

But the dark fruit also cannot be elementalized. Moreover, in Dr. Vegapunk's notes, his point of view is that gravity and magnetism are the forces that exist in nature, and are not defined by "people".

So these two superhuman series, maybe they can also be called natural series? And Marshal Sakaski's rockberry fruit, Mr. Kuzan's frozen fruit, and Ace's burnt fruit, why can't they be classified as animal-type phantom beasts?

Another example is the common species and ancient species of the animal system. The amazing resilience and vitality after awakening have surpassed the power of their fruit itself. Isn't this not super power and super human body?

Of course, this is just my personal conjecture, and it may not be correct. If you have any doubts about the development of Eudemons, I can introduce you to the Warring States Marshal, who may know better than me. "

Luo was talking, and seeing Ace and Yamato, they both showed a confused look. He shook his head and didn't want to say any more. After all, these were indeed his own conjectures.

And he, a person without any authority, wants to try to change people's "common sense", which is indeed a bit over his own strength, and he does not dare to say that he is correct.

It's just that in the past few years, the more in-depth research on Devil Fruits has been, the more Luo feels that the division of Devil Fruits is unreasonable. From the starting state, everything is determined by the fruit. This kind of point-to-face method is very convenient, but not completely accurate. .

Because this will make the capable person unconsciously fall into a narrow development route, even himself.

He is a superhuman operation fruit capable person. Among all the rumors, only by learning medical skills can this fruit be better developed.

But Luo has also discovered over the years that some new medical technologies can also promote his development of surgical fruits. Could it be that the surgical fruits have the ability to predict the future?

Luo thinks it is not. It is just by various coincidences that people think that this fruit can only be developed by surgeons, and even add the name of the fruit of surgery.

In fact, perhaps the fruit of surgery is not the fruit of surgery? Can this fruit be further developed using other routes?

Luo's final conclusion is... Yes, to develop the fruit of surgery, it is not necessary to rely on medical skills. After jumping out of the path limited by predecessors and jumping out of this "trap", Luo successfully developed this fruit to the level of awakening.

He directly developed this fruit with the thinking of the natural department. In the past, his application of the fruit was from the outside to the inside, just like a surgical operation.

But this habitual thinking has made him stuck for several years, and he has not been able to develop his ability to awakening, so he thought, can he find a method that does not need to be activated from the outside to the inside, but directly from the inside?

The difficulty of this idea lies in how to use one's own fruit ability directly in the enemy's body without destroying the enemy's exterior.

Luo thought about it for a long time, and finally, he found the answer through the notes he got from Dr. Vega Punk in his early years, although most of the notes he got from Vega Punk were medical and biological notes.

But there is also a lot of miscellaneous talk, which records some of Vegapunk's conjectures, such as matter and non-matter, existence and non-existence, and those ways of expressing "existence".

From the vast number of assumptions and hypotheses, Luo found what he wanted - neutrinos.

An existing immaterial, "thing" that can penetrate all matter, neutrinos exist at all times, and penetrate the human body and all matter all the time, the most common, neutrinos in sunlight.

Luo can control everything in his room. After trying it, he found that he could use his ability to transform some controllable neutrinos, and after transforming into neutrinos, he could change the properties again.

It was precisely because he noticed that he could change everything in the room, including changes in nature and even deeper changes, that Luo really awakened his abilities, rather than blindly relying on medicine.

For example, he can transform his saber into the nature of neutrinos, then penetrate everyone's defenses, and then restore the neutrino saber to cause damage to the enemy, any defense, under this move , are ineffective.

And this... is the new awakening skill developed by Luo, and it is only one of the usages. Luo feels that as long as he is given more time and more knowledge, he can do more things, even Yes...

Apply your abilities to the concept of time, like a god, manipulate and create life.

Luo named his ability awakening...kingdom! Heaven! And his ability is based on room, so after awakening, he will add "kroom" as a prefix.

That's all, even Luo himself didn't dare to say that he understood it, let alone share it with the big idiot Ace and the second idiot Yamato.

Talking about the most basic conjecture, the two of them can be dumbfounded and forced to go down, that is, play the piano to the cow.

At this time, Yamato nodded meaninglessly after a long period of confusion, then looked at Ace, changed the subject and asked, "Ace, where are we going now?"

Luo directly covered his forehead speechlessly. He should have known long ago that his method is completely inappropriate for these people. These people should be awakened by those fruits, and they will understand after being beaten hard!

Ace also turned around silently at this time, hiding the embarrassment that he didn't understand at all, at this time he touched his chin and said, "Even if there is no invitation letter from the Eight Treasures Navy, we still have four or five invitation letters. Bar?"

Yamato nodded and said, "Well, it was originally five copies, but one of the invitations was damaged during the battle."

"Four, just right, you, me, Bonnie and Luo, we each have one, each with five hundred guests, it shouldn't be too much."

Ace pondered and said, Yamato took out four invitation letters, handed them to Bonnie and Ace, and then said to Luo, who covered his face with his hands, "Luo, your invitation letter."

"Although I don't know whose it is, it's definitely not mine."

Luo sighed, put down his hand, shook his head, and then took the invitation letter from Yamato, didn't bother to read it, and put it directly into his pocket.

Ace quickly cleaned up his mood, pointed in the direction of the cake island, and said, "Tonight is the start of the first day of the tea party! As guests, we can't be late! Let's go!"

Luo looked at Ace, and there was a groove in his heart, but Yamato didn't seem to realize the absurdity of this matter. With a very standard salute, with the firm look that a navy should have in his eyes, he replied loudly:

"Yes, sir!"

Luo didn't know which was more tragic, whether it was Ace and Yamato, or himself who actually became friends with these two.

On the cake island, the target of everyone, because he realized that Katakuri might be able to predict the future, UU read, so he was worried that Ace would really come to Sabo as Katakuri said. I was pacing the venue nervously.

"Wow~ There's a lot to eat here too!"

Suddenly, a familiar voice entered the distracted Sabo's ear. He looked back, and then his eyes almost popped out, because he saw someone who shouldn't be here.

That is his younger brother, Mr. Drago's own son, Monkey D. Luffy!

"Why are you in every place where you shouldn't be?"

Sabo muttered to himself silently, then quickly walked towards Luffy. When he came to Luffy, he said, "Luffy?! What are you doing here? You shouldn't have received an invitation letter?!"


Luffy turned his head, then showed a look of surprise, and said, "I didn't expect to meet you here! It would be great if Ace was there, there is so much food here, we will definitely be able to hold a banquet. "

Hearing this, Sabo couldn't blame Luffy, but looked in the direction of the dark clouds just now, and said faintly: "I think we can meet soon, may not be a banquet."

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