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"How are you doing?!"

Nurkic saw Anilu, who had just said that he had no feeling, suddenly fell and lay on the deck, feeling that he was lifted up and asked, but before Anilu could answer, Nurkic's face changed. .

Because of the experience of the "Black Factory" a few days ago, Anilu's cheeks, which had already become very thin, were even more sunken at this time, and the area around his eyes also sunk a little, making his eyes look extremely protruding.

And the reason for all of this... Nurkic almost instantly locked onto the beating heart in Enilu's hand, and then quickly turned his head to look in the direction of the Nine Snakes fleet. .

At a glance, Nurkic found that the Amazon lily warriors who were cheering wildly just now were similar to Enel, but they were not as weak as Enel before.

Therefore, at most, he became a little weak and thin, and he did not have the visual impact of Brook's skin like Enilu. At this time, Enilu's abdomen collapsed, and there was almost no one.

Seeing such a scene, Nurkic looked at the peach heart in Anilu's hand, and frowned deeply. He probably guessed what Hancock's ability was, but... this is too domineering .

Nurkic suddenly remembered a person, or the information of someone he had seen before... Admiral Lu Niu Huangmu, his ability is also so arrogant, directly using the roots generated by the fruit ability to absorb the vitality of others .

I just don't know if what Hancock took away was just vitality, or just some physical strength?

Ai Nilu, who has not answered for a long time, is not because he does not want to answer, but at this time, he is starting to see gold stars in his eyes. The feeling of losing his strength after heat stroke that only happened once in his childhood, he reappeared at this time. On the body.

Anilu opened his mouth to answer, but opened his mouth, but wanted to retching.

"Jinbei, Brooke, you watch first, I'll take Anilu to Florence."

Nurkic directly picked up Anilu and ran towards the cabin. Today, although Skyler agreed to let everyone watch the battle, not everyone will come to watch the battle, and not every member of the Zhanye Detachment is against the battle. interested.

Leon, for example, is currently studying new dishes in the kitchen, Hamilton is estimating the firepower gap between the World Government and the Revolutionary Army in his office, and Florence is also in the medical department, writing medical reports.

When Florence saw the tragic state of Anilu, she also put down everything in her hand and quickly checked, but soon, she showed a strange expression and said, "You should take him to find Leon, and Not looking for me."

"Ah? Isn't he injured?"

Nurkic said with some surprise, after all, the current Anilu seems to be dying, Florence nodded and said:

"The most I can do is give him a bottle of saline and a bottle of glucose."

"What about peach heart? How to solve it?"

Nurkic asked, while Florence looked puzzled and asked, "What kind of heart?"

"It's in his hand..." Nurkic took Anilu's arm and was about to show it to Florence, but he also had doubts on his face, and murmured, "Where's Peach Heart?"

At this moment, outside the cabin, peach hearts were flying all over the sky, and those peach hearts that were originally attached to those Amazon Lily warriors were all detached from their bodies and floated into the air.

Then, bypassing the domineering barrier held up by Jinbei, he flew towards the center of the archipelago.

In the middle of the archipelago, Skyler glanced at the peach heart that was detached from his body, and then shook the two black knives in his handshake. This feeling... is similar to the loss of physical strength after a warm-up exercise.

She looked at Hancock, raised her eyebrows, and said, "Drawing strength from others is really disgusting."

"Humph! Since the concubine has such ability, then the concubine has this right."

Hancock raised his head and felt the physical strength and strength in his body that could no longer be enriched. The confidence in his eyes was very obvious. She did not expect Skyler to cooperate so much.

The physical strength and power brought to her by the peach heart that just returned from Skyler is so terrifying. If the power drawn from other people returns, wouldn't she be invincible?

And... Skyler, who has drawn so much physical strength and strength from himself, should be at the point of being strong at the outside, maybe he will be able to defeat it easily?

Skyler didn't have the anger that broke the defense, and even raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smile: "The rhetoric is arrogant, I think you need a lesson."


For a moment, Skyler was no longer in Hancock's field of vision, but the physical condition in his body that surpassed the previous prosperity made Hancock react at an unprecedented speed, turning around and raising his knees.

Skyler, who disappeared, just happened to appear behind Hancock. Faced with Hancock's knee bump, Skyler didn't hesitate and bumped his knee.



The two huge forces collided, and neither of them took a step back, but the wrestling between the two did not continue, because the island under their feet split in an instant, pulling the two away.

After the island was divided into two, Hancock withdrew his right leg, but the confidence on his face was half a point, because she didn't seem to feel Skyler's physical strength and strength decreased.

Even if she can react faster, she still has the strength to meet Skyler, but it is because of her skyrocketing strength, not Skyler's weakness.

What's more... Hancock felt the tingling pain from his right knee, which made her a little unbelievable. After all, her abundant physical strength also made her available domineering more abundant.

Coupled with the special physique of the Amazon Lily Kingdom, Hancock was just able to burst out with an armed arrogance that was not lost to the generals and the sea kings, but he still failed to take advantage of Skyler.

That is to say, the gap between her and Skyler still hasn't been crossed, and Skyler's attack has still defeated her domineering.

If you want to really be able to fight Skyler, I am afraid not only have to be domineering, but also physical strength and strength, you must also truly enter the level of top powerhouses, in order to fight Skyler.

"You look confused?"

Skyler looked at Hancock and said, "You may not know what a mortgage is, and the power you borrow from others depends on your own power.

It looks really great, but now you seem to be unable to make profits, and only use these powers in the most superficial and inefficient way. Think about it, if you use these powers. "

Hearing Skyler's serious words, Hancock nodded almost subconsciously, and then his face instantly turned ugly.

"Damn, who do you think you are? How dare you teach your concubine?"

Hancock gritted his teeth and said, Skyler shrugged and said, "I'm Luffy's aunt."

When the words fell, Hancock's momentum stagnated, and he didn't know how to refute, but at the moment when she was stunned, Skyler disappeared from the place again.


This time, Hancock, who didn't react due to distraction, could only hurriedly condense and domineering block just before Skyler's slash fell, but was knocked out by the direct slash.

"Damn it!

! "

However, Hancock's strength is very abundant, so there is no embarrassment just now. After being hit and flying, he quickly regained his center of gravity and landed smoothly.

But because of the confidence in the power he had drawn from Skyler, he was now gone, and Hancock, who was so embarrassed, launched an attack on Skyler the moment he landed.

Seeing that Hancock still had some Shi Lezhi's vain attempt to use his physical attack to achieve results, Skyler shook his head unabashedly.

For other opponents, Hancock's physical attack is not a shortcoming, but in the face of Skyler, it is undoubtedly extremely stupid to fight with physical skills.

Skyler's physique and physical skills are stronger than Hancock's, not to mention that he still holds two black knives in his hand, and even the attack distance is longer than Hancock's. Hancock's behavior is undoubtedly... . Self-inflicted humiliation!

"Big fragrant feet!"

"Instant Shadow Shattering Soul Strike!"

Kick to kick, Hancock feels very good about herself. She feels that she has never released her strength so heartily as this time. After all, she didn't even have such strength before, so at the moment of the wrestling, she was full of energy. hope.


This time, the two did not separate quickly, because the island did not crack, but collapsed, and the contiguous islands collapsed in an instant. Only a small piece of petrified island fragment remained at the foot of the two of them, and they continued stubbornly. .

Soon, Hancock frowned, because Skyler's performance was too easy, although the wrestling has not yet determined the winner, but Hancock is almost unable to hold on to his full strength.

No one can sustain the kind of power that can be sustained for a long time, let alone the kind of power that bursts out with full strength. Even if an ordinary person just lifts a water glass, it is impossible to hold on for too long.

The wrestling under normal conditions is from strong to weak, and finally, when it is almost impossible to maintain the balance, the two sides burst into strength again and compete for the final advantages and disadvantages.

But Skyler is too stable, as if she is not explosive power, but just normalized power output, which makes Hancock unacceptable.

After all, if she is more powerful, if it is impossible for Skyler to fight with all her strength, then under normal conditions, she has even less chance to force Skyler's right.

She frowned, her body exuded a peach color, and the peach hearts flying around seemed to be drawn by her will and flew towards her constantly.

When those peach hearts flew to touch Hancock, they turned into a pink mist and merged into Hancock's body, and her ever-decreasing strength was also continuously strengthened.

But what made Hancock impatient was that even when her strength continued to increase, Skyler remained motionless, like a figurine that kept kicking.

Hancock was not convinced, gritted his teeth, and more peach hearts flew towards her, even if her body had reached the limit, even if she increased her strength, her physique would not be able to exert itself.

Another series of peach hearts flew and turned into Hancock's power. This time, her body even began to turn red, just like Luffy in second gear, or Sri Lanka who used life return to liberate all power. Same with Keller.

But... despairingly, even the super-limited eruption failed to shake Skyler in the slightest. Instead, the small fragment of the petrified island under the two of them kept shaking.


At this time, the low dark cloud in the sky seemed to realize that it was not good. The thunder continued, the blue and white light flickered, and it was covered by the rolling dark clouds.

On the warship, Nurkic, who had lost his way from the cabin, saw this scene and said to Jinpei, "How's it going?"

"It's okay, sir, you didn't do anything."

Jinbei even took the time to scratch his temples. From the time Nurkic left to the time he came back, Skyler didn't really do anything, just some sporadic slashing fragments, that level of slashing, did nothing to Jinbei's skinny body. threaten.

Nurkic nodded, then looked up at the sky, looked at the rolling dark clouds, and said, "The king's aptitude, I can't remember how many people's path to becoming king has been cut off by the chief.

But I still remember the first time... It seems to be Katakuri, and that time seems to be the same scene, the fragile island, only a line of strength from the emperor, it is 20 years ago. "

"Twenty years ago? It wasn't reported at that time, but... as you said, even if Katakuri experienced a battle with the superior, it was only after a few years that he entered the King of the New World. bit.

This Hancock... can really do this faster? "

Jinbei shook his head, obviously he was not so optimistic about Hancock, Nurkic shrugged and said, "Who knows? You can imagine Ace, Luffy and the others, growing up in their teens and early twenties. As far as it is now?"

Jinbei shook his head again, opened his mouth to say something, but didn't say it. After all, as an elder, if the younger generation is a monster, even if it is a compliment, it sounds a bit weird.

Especially her own boss is still very careful, don't watch her arrange Ace and the others every day, if others dare to do the same, then it will be difficult to say.

Serving in the Zhanye Detachment is not destined to be a short-term job, so Jinbei does not intend to risk offending his own officials.

And if he really said something wrong, the person who made the report would most likely be the adjutant who had traces of vicissitudes and looked like a wise man.

He looks loyal and good, but the person who makes the most snitch is this seemingly loyal Nurkic!

According to Leon, Nurkic had learned to make small reports before he even got used to the life of the naval detachment, and he was still the one who dared to make reports in front of the parties involved.

And when Jinpei came to Zhanye Detachment, he told him to be careful about Nurkic, but not only Laiang, but many people from Zhanye Detachment asked him to treat Nurkic with caution, because you don't know when, He was recorded by Nurkic in a small notebook.

Seeing that Jinping shook his head and did not continue to speak, Nurkic's eyes flashed a trace of disappointment, but he did not show it in front of Jinping, because in this case, Jinping will only be more cautious in his words and deeds in the future.

You must pay attention to protecting your thoughts about cheating people. If you expose them before you succeed, it will only become more difficult to succeed in the future.

And even after seeing Nurkic unresponsive, he also thought to himself, did he misunderstand Nurkic this time? After all, today is not an ordinary day, and Nurkic may not do anything.

But since he had chosen to keep his mouth shut, it would be meaningless to speak again at this time, but continued to pay attention to the changes in the distant sky.

Many people with the aptitude of kings have this ability to call the wind and call the rain, and the cloud layer seems to be naturally attracted by the domineering look of the overlord.

As long as the domineering appearance of the overlord appears, the dark clouds will follow, but among the so-called million people, there is only one person with the aptitude of the king. It is not uncommon in the new world after layers of screening.

Although it is a bit exaggerated to be like a crucian carp crossing the river, Nurkic and Jinpei are not uncommon in their service for so many years, so they were not surprised when Hancock burst into a tyrannical domineering call to the dark clouds.

The aptitude of a king is still a long way from a true king. It is like a king who pays attention to the number of descendants. There may be more than 100 candidates, but in the end, only one can take over the kingship and the throne.

This is still the case in a kingdom, let alone a king who can rule the whole world for an era, and from having the qualifications of a king to becoming a king, there is also a pass named the king of the new world.

And if you want to really step into this step, you have to burst out with the power to tear the sky.

At this moment, Hancock, the positive electrode may explode with such power, so it is enough to attract their attention.

In the archipelago, some over-limited wrestling seems to have entered the end stage. Hancock no longer absorbs those peach hearts who have stored strength, because her body can no longer bear more strength.

The power borrowed from others also showed signs of decay at this time. Hancock gritted his teeth and decided to explode again at the end, but she was really not sure.

Staring closely at Skyler, Hancock secretly adjusted his breathing rhythm, and at the same time revived his somewhat stiff body due to the prolonged wrestling.


Before the power was fully transmitted, the fragments of the island under the two of them exploded completely. Hancock ignored that he was about to fall into the sea, and concentrated his forehead only for the explosive power.

Skyler also seemed to have reacted, and the shape that had been stable like a statue finally changed a little, and the amazing power that did not match his body shape also burst out.


It seemed that the dark clouds could no longer cover the thunder, and dozens of thunders fell almost at the same time, turning the originally dark and gloomy space into an extremely dazzling light.

The power of the two seemed to have converged in one place. The air around the place where the wrestling occurred began to distort, and there seemed to be arcs flickering around, but it was like an illusion, and it disappeared before it actually appeared.


Under the explosion of power, Hancock, who has surpassed all previous states, still failed to escape the fate of flying backwards, but there was no regret and frustration in her eyes, but... very happy.

Because Skyler at this time seemed to be pushed out by the detonated air wave because of the dissipation of power and loss of foothold, but even in the air, Skyler was not as unbalanced as Hancock.

With a wave of his left hand, a white silhouette moved towards Hancock, and Skyler, who was flying upside down in the air, also quickly twisted his waist and adjusted his center of gravity.

When Hancock saw the short-blade White Fang stab him again, his original excitement subsided, and his whole body was almost focused on the short-blade's tip.

On the ground, Hancock in the air also turned around, avoiding the short-blade White Fang that flew past his forehead, and a few strands of black hair fell. The next moment, the short-blade plunged into the ground of the petrified island.

Hancock, who originally flew backwards, was also directly restrained from flying backwards because of the ghost-binding silk connected behind White Fang.

Not far away, Skyler's left hand quickly exerted force, and Skyler's backward flying tendency was also stopped by the traction of Ghost Binding Silk and White Fang, and then he swept towards Hancock.

And Hancock, who had just avoided the short-blade White Fang's attack, was a little pale when she saw this scene. She didn't expect Skyler's reaction to be so quick.

Even... the connection is smooth, as if Skyler had rehearsed it before, delicate, accurate and deadly.

On the way to Hancock, Skyler even took time to glance at the clouds above, and she was a little disappointed when she saw that the dark clouds were still rolling and there was no sign of cracking.

Just now should be the most likely chance for Hancock to tear the sky. If Hancock really does it, then remembering the feeling just now is the fastest path for Hancock to succeed.

But Hancock burst out with almost all the power he could use, and he didn't do it.

Although this does not mean that Hancook has not made progress in the near future, Skyler is not satisfied with this level of progress. After all, with Hancook's current strength, the effect on the war that is about to break out in the future is really limited. The citizens of the Amazon Lily Kingdom can become the middle force in the war, but the war also requires generals to act. With Hancock's strength, it is far from the role of generals.

For the high-end combat power that the Revolutionary Army urgently needs to supplement, Hancock's level is still a little short, and this little gap is concerned with whether Hancock can show the power to cut the sky.

Therefore, seeing that Hancock still failed to burst out what he wanted to see under such pressure, Skyler's heart was ruthless.

"It seems that the pressure is still not enough, almost miss."

In the murmur, Skyler waved the black knife in his hand, and the tyrannical slash instantly appeared over Hancock and fell towards her.

Hancock almost instinctively wanted to stretch out his hand, and then borrowed the domineering look of armament to bear Skyler's attack, but Skyler didn't seem to give him a chance, and countless ghostly silks appeared on the ground instantly.

"Silent Prison!"

Under the blockade, there was almost a look of despair on Hancock's face. As far as the eye could see, in addition to the gorgeous slashes from Skyler, there were... those flying hearts.

Although the body is blocked, it is impossible to use physical techniques to fight or dodge, but... Ghost Bound Silk is not a sea tower stone shackles, and it does not block the use of abilities at all.

Hancock sounded Skyler's comment just now. Skyler said that she used the "borrowed" power in the most inefficient and superficial way, so... this time, be smarter and more efficient!

Therefore, Hancock used the little space left by his hands to move his fingers, countless peach hearts flew towards her, and turned into pigeons in the air, slamming into the slash.

"Doves soar!"

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