The Beautiful Swordsman Came with a Barbecue - Chapter 656 post war

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Hancock covered his right shoulder with his left hand, and stood up with some difficulty, but just when she stood up, her feet began to sway, and the high-heeled shoes with damaged heels could not support her balance.

And I didn't feel it in the lying position just now. Now that I stand up, the dizziness caused by excessive fatigue and blood loss makes Hancock unable to stand, but keeps staggering.

Under the double debuff, Hancock's ankle suddenly showed a chilling angle on his back, but although the loss of blood was severe, Hancock's physical strength was still there, so he was not really injured.

Skyler didn't mean to raise his hand to help, and just watched Hancock stagger. After a while, Hancock couldn't stand up anymore. She suddenly moved towards Skyler, as if trying to grab hold of him. She helped stabilize her body.

But Skyler's eyes landed on the pink mist she was carrying in her palm, she raised her eyebrows, and took a half step back with extreme seriousness.

Hancock, who was struggling to "pounce" on Skyler, was completely out of balance after Skyler avoided it. Seeing that he was about to fall to the ground, Skyler reached out and grabbed Hancock. the back of the neck.

Humans are not like cats. There is no soft and painful back of the neck. Skyler's grasping force made Hancock wake up directly.


Hancock instinctively began to struggle, but when his left hand was loosened, the pierced right shoulder began to bleed again, which aggravated Hancock's dizziness, and even the pain in the back of his neck was no longer so obvious.

In the end, Hancock closed his eyes and kicked his legs and fell into a coma. Skyler shook his head and looked at Hancock's body, which was almost as tall as himself.

It is impossible to use a more beautiful assisting action, so Skyler did not let go of the hand holding Hancock's neck, but just walked like this, and Hancock was dragged like this. .

Skyler's pace was neither fast nor slow, and when the smoke cleared, she also dragged Hancock to the edge of the archipelago.

"Lord Snake Princess!"

In the Nine Snake fleet, some Amazon Lily warriors immediately exclaimed when they saw Hancock's tragic situation, and some even started to draw bows and arrows.

"Everyone, please don't be nervous."

Suddenly, on the Zhanye Detachment warship, a gentle and steady voice sounded, and the Amazon Lily warrior who was about to attack Skyler suddenly felt a tingling pain coming from his back.

Looking towards the Zhanye Detachment warship, he saw a navy with a monocle, sitting on the guardrail, his legs stretched out of the guardrail, swaying in the air, and in his hand, he was holding a piece of chamois, gently. Wipe the flintlock in his hand.

There was only one person, only one gun, and that gun didn't even aim at anyone, which made countless Amazon Lily warriors feel the danger. This danger, and the calm voice of this person, presented two extremes.

On the warship of the Zhanye Detachment, Reese was not the only one who noticed the attack intention of the Nine Snakes fleet, but after Reese came forward, no one else seemed to have the idea of ​​participating.

After all, there is no need for that. It is enough for Reese to be alone, because they are not really planning to go to war with the Nine Snakes fleet. In terms of this peaceful Weihe, there is really no one who can compare to Reese.

Because Reese can bring death threat to everyone, so as long as people who are not really afraid of death, they will shrink back unconsciously after seeing Reese.

For the Amazon Lily warriors in the Nine Snake Fleet, their Lord Snake is still in the hands of Skyler. If they act rashly, not only will their lives be in danger, but even their Lord Snake will be in danger. , is also very likely to be accidentally injured.

Hancock, who was obviously already seriously injured, could no longer bear any more damage. It was this little worry in the hearts of the Amazon Lily warriors that made the intimidation that Reese brought to them infinitely magnified.

So much so that Lesser sat alone on the guardrail of the warship, but he was so frightened that all the Amazon Lily warriors did not dare to do it.

In a short period of time, it was enough for Skyler to walk to the edge of the island, and Skyler, who was carrying Hancock, did not mean to return Hancock to the people of the Nine Snakes fleet, but directly carried the warship. .

Throwing Hancock onto the chair on the deck, Skyler shook off the blood on his hand before saying to Nurkic, "Let Florence come and help."

"I've already told her."

Nurkic nodded, then pointed to the position of his pocket, indicating that he had just ended the call, Skyler nodded, took the juice handed by the members of the cooking team, took a sip, and said:

"How is it on your side? I don't think you chose to escape in the end."

"It's okay, it's just that Shiping worked a little harder, and in the end it was Brook who helped."

Nurkic didn't exaggerate, didn't take credit, but he didn't forget to emphasize Jinbei's hard work and Brook's role. As for himself... What kind of glory does the adjutant want?

“Tuk Tuk Tuk~”

The two had just chatted a few words when Florence's footsteps came from the direction of the cabin. After Florence came out, seeing Hancock's tragic state, the corners of his mouth twitched, and then he looked at Skyler.

Florence was relieved after scanning Skyler's body twice and finding no injuries, just like the teacher's eyes to observe whether the students made mistakes.

However, her eyes soon fell on the hem of Skyler's cloak of justice, where there was a small piece of clothing that seemed to be petrified, and Florence looked back at Hancock.

I was also a little surprised. Although Hancock couldn't really hurt Skyler, it was amazing that Skyler could not protect him completely.

At this time, the two members of the medical team carrying the stretcher also carried Hancock onto the stretcher. Florence finally scanned Skyler again and found that she was really uninjured before turning back a little unwillingly.

After all, Skyler was not injured, Florence had no position to blame Skyler. Although Florence was the only person in the detachment who had the qualifications to criticize Skyler, it also depended on the situation.

If Skyler is injured because of the battle, Florence will not show mercy, not only Skyler, if other people are injured, Florence will ignore the face of his colleagues, especially those that can be avoided. injury.

But if there is no injury, Florence, as a subordinate, is not easy to speak.

After Florence left, Nurkic also glanced at the petrified corner of Skyler's clothes, but he did not point it out, but asked:

"Sir, what shall we do next?"

"Our request is to prevent Hancock from leading the Amazon Lily Kingdom to reconcile with the other Shichibukai until the end of the World Conference.

Hancock also agreed to cooperate. I don’t think she will go back on her word after she wakes up. When that time comes, find a place where the Amazon Lily Kingdom’s fleet can be stationed.

It just so happens that the Pirate's World Expo, isn't it just a month away? When the time comes, let's go and see. When the ban on Hancock is lifted and the arrest is launched at the same time, as long as we are not around Hancock, even if we do not arrest him, it is common sense. "

Skyler waved his hand and said, Nurkic nodded, he also thought of these arrangements, but Skyler still needed to confirm.

After Hancock was finished, Nurkic continued: "Also, sir, isn't the headquarters still worried about whether there are signs of alliance on the Totland side?

Luo's preliminary investigation result was no, they just happened to meet each other. Mr. Mihawk brought Moria's adopted daughter to find Moria's news, and Bucky was the guest.

And the purpose of this Totland tea party is to find some... blind date for Katakuri's younger siblings, and it seems that there is nothing abnormal at present.

The only problem is..."

Speaking, Nurkic paused, Skyler raised his brows, and asked curiously, "What's the problem?"

Nurkic rationalized his thoughts before saying, "Ace's performance in the ring competition held by Totland was so good that several little girls in Totland took a fancy to him."


Skyler suddenly laughed, and Nurkic also showed a helpless smile, saying: "I don't know if it is for this reason that Yamato made an application to return today.

Luo temporarily rejected it. After all, there are still some things that need to be found out at the tea party. After all, there is rarely such an opportunity. The forces from all walks of life in the sea are gathered in one place, and some of them are information that Luo Nandi has not been able to collect before.

And Katakuri seems to have information about Moriah, and some people also have information about Blackbeard. "

Hearing this, Skyler's smile stopped, and he said doubtfully, "Blackbeard? What kind of climate can he have now?"

Today's dark fruit can be found in the warship of Zhanye Detachment. Zhenzhen fruit has also disappeared temporarily with the death of Whitebeard. No matter how lucky Blackbeard is, it is impossible to find it in such a short time.

And after the war, in the state of Blackbeard, even if he survives, it is impossible to retain much combat power, and it has absolutely no effect on the situation of this world.

The life and death of Blackbeard is not even in Skyler's scope of consideration. After all, no matter what he thinks, Blackbeard is unlikely to make waves.

Kuzan also gave Skyler some information about Blackbeard before, but Skyler just handed the information to Nurkic. Nurkic judged that there was no threat after reading it, so she didn't care anymore.

Therefore, Skyler was still very puzzled when he heard that Luo had obtained some information about Blackbeard from Totland. After all, Blackbeard did not have the value of being valued by major forces.

"Luo is still investigating, but it seems that Blackbeard is actively seeking cooperation, whether it's the underground world, pirates or the world government, but Blackbeard's bargaining chip is still unclear."

Nurkic is also a little confused. He has read the information given by Kuzan before, but most of it is the trajectory of Blackbeard's actions and some information about him being chased.

It seems that Blackbeard is like a lost dog, there is nothing to worry about, and Blackbeard itself has no background.

For many years, Blackbeard has lived in the Whitebeard Pirates like a transparent person. Apart from his empty ambitions, his past has nothing to say.

After leaving the Pirates, Blackbeard's most successful thing was to be the Shichibukai for three days and then take away a few criminals from the advance city.

It can be said that Blackbeard was directly annihilated by Skyler before he took the step to realize his ambition. Under such circumstances, Blackbeard dared to seek cooperation, which is extremely abnormal.

"Forget it, let Luo check it first, if there is any important news, you can report it, if there is nothing to dig out, just give up.

Today, there are only a few people who can make waves in the sea, and among these people, Blackbeard will never be included. "

Skyler shook his head and did not intend to continue to struggle with this matter. He walked to the reclining chair and sat down to enjoy the juice in his hand. Nurkic did not struggle and said:

"I understand, sir, then I'll go and inform Luo, and by the way, report the matter here to the headquarters."

"Well, let's go."

Skyler waved his hand, and Nurkic walked away quickly. He did not contact Luo directly, but contacted Rosannadi. After conveying Skyler's opinion, Rosannadi arranged for a notification. Luo thing. UU reading www.

After all, Rosannadi is the one who is mainly responsible for the intelligence of the new world. The intelligence collected by Luo's side should also be transferred to Rosannadi's hand. It is up to him to judge whether it needs to be reported to Skyler and the headquarters.

It would be bad if Rosannadi didn't know Skyler's opinion, so some information that should have been passed on to the headquarters was not passed on, or some information that should not have been passed on to the headquarters was also passed on.

After talking to Rossindi, Nurkic called the headquarters and told back what happened today.

This is not a standard process. Nurkic has not even done a debriefing report. If the process is strictly followed, Nurkic should make a debriefing report first, then return it to the headquarters, and finally call or return to the headquarters to report on work.

However, this incident was a bit special. Both Sakaski and Crane were too worried about the Qiwuhai alliance, so they had specially instructed in advance to give priority to reporting after the incident was over.

As for the debriefing report, it will not be too late to do it later.

Of course, Nurkic did not report completely truthfully. After all, Skyler did prevent Hancock from meeting and even cooperating with other Qiwuhai, but Skyler also offered an opportunity to cooperate with the Revolutionary Army. Hancock.

Such things can’t be said. In addition, Hancock didn’t talk about the purpose of Hancock’s coming to the new world, so Nurkic can only go round.

And Nurkic only vaguely said that it was the monitoring of the Navy, which made Hancock suspicious, and decided to lead the team to test the attitude of the Navy.

Although it is a little irresponsible, it is enough to deal with the headquarters.

When Nurkic finished reporting and was about to report to Skyler, he heard news from the medical department.

Hancock woke up.

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