The Beautiful Swordsman Came with a Barbecue - Chapter 685 set off

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"Young man, don't you want to be in the navy? I think you are very suitable to be my assistant."

On the Zhanye Detachment warship, Deborah was holding a blueprint in one hand and a laser pointer in the other. In the air, some large parts were floating out of thin air and placed along the direction of the laser pointer.

Because the ship was at the Pirate Expo, Kidd, who was destroyed by Luo's submarine, had to choose to come to the warship of the Zhanye Detachment. After all, Skyler promised that Kaido would not do anything to him and his crew before he died.

But the premise is that Kidd has to cooperate with the navy. Kidd himself is not afraid of Skyler, at least he is not afraid, but when he heard Skyler threatened his crew, he could only agree in shame.

But after coming to this warship, I thought it was just to lie down in Wano country, and then use my powers to kill Kaido, but the navy in front of me, who didn't know where it came from, kept ordering myself to do things.

At this moment, when she said the words to let herself join the navy, Kidd couldn't bear it any longer. He waved his fists and grinned: "I'm a pirate! I want to be a pirate who dominates the sea!"

"Yes, yes, be careful, don't break it for me."

Deborah nodded perfunctorily, pointed to the parts above with a laser pointer, and then looked at Anilu, who was holding a bottle holder in one hand and a weight ten times his size in the other, sitting in squat training. , said:

"It's just a pirate, the tone is so big, there is another person who claims to be a god, and he has not come to become a navy."

"He? Malnourished refugee?"

Kidd also followed Deborah's line of sight, and couldn't help sneering, while Anilu, who was forced to do the training, turned black and glared at Kidd, and Kidd stared back not to be outdone.

"Eighty million volts! Electric eye!"

Seeing Kidd being so arrogant, Anilu glared his eyes again, and two electric currents that shone until only bright white were left gushing out from his eyes, hit Kidd's arrogant face almost instantly.

In an instant, the robotic arm of Kidd's left hand instantly turned red, and Kidd's whole person was engulfed by light.


The part in the air also fell out of control, but it just landed where it should be, and Deborah, who wanted to be angry, also closed his mouth.

As long as the work is done, the young people should be fooling around and let them fool around.

After a few seconds, Kidd finally lost his radiance, but. He no longer looked like him, but became a Nig with the same explosive head as Brooke, and a pure Nig. .


Kidd fell straight down, his legs twitched from time to time, and he kept spitting out cloud after cloud of black smoke.

Not far away, Luo, who was discussing the battle plan with Nurkic, looked helpless, and Nurkic's palm fell on his shoulder and patted it at the right time.

"It's hard work, we're going to attack the Beast Pirates soon, try not to damage your combat power. As for Anilu, let Jinping take care of him after the war."

"I see, Uncle Nurkic."

What can Luo do? As a doctor, at this time, he can only save the dead and heal the wounded. He activated his ability, and under the action of his operation fruit ability, the charred objects on Kidd's body continued to fall.

Tenderness, even some pink new skin, was revealed, and then he stretched out his hand and pressed it on Kidd's chest, and the electric current surged, awakening Kidd.

"Ah! Hu~hu~"

Kidd sat up, breathing continuously, and sweat kept coming out. Seeing this, Anilu didn't forget to sneer: "Magnetic boy, do you have any opinion on refugees?"

After hearing Anilu's rude words, Kidd didn't choose to refute this time, but instead groaned, got up and left, and went to his deputy captain to complain.

But before that, I have to take a good bath and my arms seem to have to be replaced. At this time, they are all melted together, and it is impossible to fight normally. Deborah seems to have noticed this and said:

"I also have some more dangerous toys, if you need them, take them as a reward."

"I don't need to give. Since it is a reward, I will accept it."

Halfway through Kidd's words, he found that Deborah was talking about compensation, and agreed with the situation. As a Kidd who has been tinkering with various hot weapons since he was a child, he knows how strong Deborah's technology is.

For example, the huge machine in front of him, although he doesn't know what it does, is so technologically advanced that in this case, even the so-called "toy" is of great benefit to him.

After Kidd left, Deborah also entered the final debugging work. After confirming that each component was assembled, he pulled up a cable as thick as an adult's thigh, walked to Ani Road, and said:

"It looks like you still have a lot of strength, give me some energy with constant power and constant current."

Anilu's eyes twitched, and he growled, "I just filled five warships with energy today! Me!"

Before Enilu finished speaking, Deborah directly picked up the cable head, and when Enilu squatted down, she put it on his head and fell into the darkness of Enilu, her body paused.

Then he didn't know if it was anger or he chose to compromise, but his body began to have arc flashes.


And the huge machine like the Amsterdam gyroscope Amstel, the indicator light on it also turned on at this time, and began to rotate slowly.


The speed of the huge machine was getting faster and faster, and the indicator light turned into a circle of lights. Deborah watched the selection of the machine. When the speed increased to a certain point, she kicked Anilu's foot. , said aloud:

"Maintain this power!"

The speed of the huge machine stabilized, neither accelerating nor slowing down. Deborah squinted and approached the workbench under the huge machine cautiously.


When she came to the workbench, she pressed a button, and in an instant, a visible wave of distorted vision appeared, spread rapidly, and stopped until it wrapped the hull.

In front of the deck, Skyler and Mihawk, who were resting and chatting, suddenly frowned, and both noticed a vague discomfort in their bodies.

The arrogance of the two also quickly unfolded. After capturing the surroundings and discovering that it was made by Deborah on the rear deck of the warship, the two calmed down.

Although I don't know what Deborah is doing, for Skyler, Deborah is his own person after all, a person who deserves absolute trust.

At the back, Kidd, who had just returned to the cabin and was just wet, raised his head in disbelief and looked at the ceiling. He suddenly felt a familiar, but much stronger, magnetic force.

The kind that is so powerful that he can hardly shake it.

Not caring halfway through the bath, Kidd grabbed the bathrobe and rushed out. Then, looking at the huge rotating machine, he asked incredulously, "What is this?"

Deborah, who stepped back from the machine, explained casually: "A method of using electromagnetic force to change the physical space, so that the area mapping of light changes, so that people can't visually capture objects.

You can simply understand it as. Stealth. "

Kidd pointed at the huge machine and said with a dazed expression, "You use it for stealth?!"

Kidd couldn't understand, this sounds like a very powerful technology, but it's just for stealth, Deborah nodded and said, "Skyler said he wanted to find a way to reach Wano without being detected.

This machine, combined with the signal transmission shielding equipment, can prevent the fleet from being reconnaissance at various levels. "

Hearing Deborah's words, Kidd's mouth widened, he didn't understand, such a huge magnetic field, with a little modification, can become a world-destroying weapon, but Deborah used it to stealth? !

In Kidd's eyes at this time, Deborah is the kind of aunt who is too powerful but too wasteful.

Deborah ignored Kidd's shock, but took out the phone bug and said, "Ace, are you still there?"

".In! I'm in!"

The phone bug was silent for a while, and then answered loudly. On the warship of the spades detachment in the distance, Ace wiped the drool that came out from sleeping, and kept blinking his eyes to wake himself up.

"Well, you go up and see how the stealth effect is."

"Okay, Aunt Deborah."

Ace nodded, and subconsciously raised his eyes to look in the direction of Zhanye Detachment. Then, he subconsciously rubbed his eyes, because the warship of Zhanye Detachment was gone.

He remembered that before he fell asleep, the warship of Zhanye Detachment was clearly beside him, why did it disappear in an instant? Ace looked around, but still couldn't find the warship of the Zhanye Detachment.

But soon, he discovered the changes on the sea surface, the broken waves in front, and the torn white current in the rear, which were all signs of warships moving.

It seems that the warship of Zhanye Detachment is really invisible. After guessing this, Ace also vaguely saw the warship, but not really saw the warship.

It was judged from the strange sight of the sea and the visual. After all, the other side of the Zhanye Detachment's warship should be the warship of the Red Heart Detachment, but at this time, only half of the Red Heart Detachment's warships could be seen.

The other half had disappeared, which was extremely strange.

Shaking his head, Ace decided not to think about things he couldn't understand. The flames rose from his body, and then he jumped high, and a pair of flame wings grew in the air, supporting him to fly higher.

When he looked down, his warship was there and the warship of the Red Heart Detachment became complete, but the warship of the Zhanye Detachment disappeared without a trace, and even the waves became normal.

He held the phone bug and said, "It works great, do you need me to take a picture?"

"Better take a picture."

Deborah smiled when she heard Ace's words. It's good if she succeeded. She spent most of the day building this machine.

Deborah was even more satisfied after receiving the photos that Ace faxed over the phone bug, and there was only one problem to solve, and that was the coverage area.

It only covers one warship, the speed of the machine is so fast, and Deborah doesn't know if it can cover all the ships, even if the machine can withstand it.

Deborah glanced at Anilu, whose legs were starting to tremble. She doubted whether Anilu could support it. After all, such a machine required an amazing amount of energy.

It can only be used temporarily and cannot be used as a normalized device unless a battery or power generation technology that is far beyond the current era can be invented.

Deborah looked at Nurkic and asked, "How many natural fruit powers do we have now?"

"As far as Anilu, Ace, and Smoke are concerned, it is estimated that they cannot be satisfied."

Nurkic shook his head. Although he didn't understand his wife's research, it was still possible to understand the current situation after years of immersion.

"So? Let me think about it, maybe it would be better to replace some of the metal parts with gold, and if it's gold, Drake can help."

Deborah also frowned and thought about it. The domineering engine module was too late to build, so he could only use the natural energy conversion module on the warship. At most, the warship of the Zhanye Detachment could use Domineering for energy conversion.

Fortunately, the speed of the fleet is not fast, and she still has more than a day to solve the problem.


Suddenly, the indicator light of the machine flashed off, and Anilu also fell down suddenly. Deborah rubbed his eyebrows and said, "Anilu doesn't need to perform energy conversion, and the energy utilization efficiency is maximized. support for a few minutes"

"Yeah, it's all because he doesn't usually train well."

Nurkic also shook his head. At this time, Luo said: "I think, I can also support the operation of a machine."

Deborah looked at Luo in surprise, and Luo also asked tentatively: "This machine, in the final stage of energy input, should only be used to support the cutting frequency of the magnetic field, and the other power generation is not large, right?"

Deborah nodded, Luo raised his hand, the room was covered with a huge machine, and then the machine turned.


After running to a certain frequency, the machine that was turned on by default also swayed the fluctuation of the distorted vision again, and Luo felt the loss of physical strength in the body and said:

"I can only support it for about an hour. In this case, it is a little unrealistic to want to go at the current speed."

Nurkic understood what Luo meant and said, "So you think we should reduce the number of ships landing?"

"Well, concentrating fighters on the warship and attacking at the fastest speed, with the speed of the warship, may be able to grab the beach before the Beast Pirates can respond."

After listening to Luo's thoughts, Nurkic nodded approvingly, then looked at Deborah and said, "You can see if you can optimize it first, and I'll report the current progress to the chief."

"By the way, call Drake over, and I will continue to experiment. By the way, help me get some drinks when I come back."

Deborah didn't have any psychological obstacles to summoning her husband. After all, when she and Nurkic first met, the way for the two to enhance their relationship was that she asked Nurkic to conduct experiments.

She was used to calling Nurkic, and as an adjutant, Nurkic was also used to being called, not to mention that Deborah was his wife, so he nodded and left without complaint.

Just as Nurkic was walking towards the front of the deck, several signal soldiers suddenly walked out of the cabin door. Seeing the anxious face, Nurkic panicked and asked quickly:

"What happened?"

At this time, it was an eventful autumn, and Nurkic was really worried that something else would happen. After all, three days of landing and four days of clearing are the limit of time.

If there is an accident that makes the task impossible to complete, then the series of subsequent effects will not end well.

When the signal soldier saw that it was Nurkic, he stopped quickly and said quickly after saluting: "Report! The GN-25 base was attacked by the enemy!"

Hearing this news, Nurkic showed an incredible look. Is that the fool who would attack the GN-25 base? His first reaction was that the world government did it.

But think about it impossible, after all, for the pirates, the GN-25 base is the biggest threat, but for the world government, the GN-25 is just a new world branch of the navy.

If the world government really wants to attack the navy, then the first choice must be the new headquarters with the strongest symbol.

Unable to figure out who the enemy is, Nurkic simply asked: "Who is the enemy? Have you checked it out?"

A signal soldier said: "Colonel Nurkic, don't need to check. It was Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates and a small gang of six led by Yi Zang, and they appeared struttingly and destroyed the branch building.

Then swaggeringly shouted at our detachment, and finally left. "



Nurkic scratched his head and said, "What do they mean?"

The signal soldier shook his head and said he didn't know, but said, "After they finished attacking, they fled to the depths of the new world. Do I need to notify the navy to follow them?"

Hearing this, Nurkic pondered for a while, then shook his head and said: "No, if they have the intention of attack, they will definitely not be easily tracked, making it dangerous for the rotating navy to track.

If they have no real intention to attack, then it must be to guide us somewhere, no matter what conspiracy follows, they will not hide their whereabouts along the way, and they will even appear openly.

It doesn't make much sense to send a special person to follow up. I will ask the commander to contact Colonel Rosannadi, and leave the tracking to the professional intelligence personnel. You go back first, organize the information, and prepare for faxing. "

"Yes! Colonel Nurkic!"

The signal trooper turned around, and Nurkic continued to walk towards the front of the deck. After finding Skyler, he did not shy away from Mihawk, and directly reported the progress of Deborah's research and development of the machine.

Skyler and Mihawk both listened attentively, but Nurkic became more and more evil the more he talked, Skyler gradually showed a dazed look, Mihawk also changed his legs a little embarrassedly, looking towards the other side.

Skyler, who couldn't understand what it was, sorted it out in her mind for a while, but still didn't understand it. After she knew that Nurkic finally said the solution, she nodded and said:

"Well, it's a battle anyway. It's not a problem to make the warships accommodate more people in a short period of time, but you have to screen them. After all, our five warships can't squeeze everyone."

"Yes, sir!"

"Anything else?"

Skyler asked, Nurkic continued to nod, and said, "Just now, news came from the communication team that Marco, Izang and the others attacked our branch.

I suspect that they are trying to lure our detachment to a certain place, and I want to apply for Ronandi to follow up on Marco and their whereabouts. "


Skyler frowned, thinking hard, and finally, she still remembered something, it seemed that Marko and Izang participated in the battle of Ghost Island.

"Fighting the tiger and swallowing the wolf! I think it's the same goal, what do you think?"

Skyler shrugged and said, Nurkic's eyes lit up when he heard the words, and said: "I forgot, Izo was also a member of Kozuki Oden's family, I am afraid he also learned the twenty-year prophecy.

Or, the scattered companions Kinemon and the others were talking about might even find Marco. "

Seeing that Nurkic also guessed, this made Skyler a little frustrated. She knew the information and had to recall it for so long, but Nurkic connected it from a few words.

Skyler nodded and continued: "Let Rossindi pay attention. If it is determined that Marco and the others are heading towards Wano, then there is no need to stop them."

"Yes! Sir! Then I'll make arrangements first and report back to you when there is progress."

After Nurkic finished speaking, he turned and left, while Mihawk silently folded Erlang's legs back and asked, "Whitebeard Pirates? You also agree with them to cooperate?"

"War is not a duel. Who would refuse the help of external forces? And I'm not a good person. It's not that I can't do it."

Hearing Skyler's words, Mihawk narrowed his eyes and said, "That is to say, I."

"I'm also a person who keeps my promises."

Skyler interrupted Mihawk directly, and then both of them smiled. Obviously, Mihawk was not really worried, just joking.

On the other side, Marco and his party, who had already flown into the Totland Sea area controlled by the Charlotte family, stopped on a reef, looked into the distance, and said with doubts:

"Why is this navy so calm?"

Although a lot of things have happened in the Navy recently, even the betrayal of the World Government has been written on the bright side, which means that the Navy may not continue to work for the World Government.

But what they attacked was not the World Government, but the naval branch base that they attacked directly. What they were attacking was the Navy's own interests. There was no reason for the Navy to swallow it up.

Marko also scratched his pineapple head in distress. He proposed the plan. If it cannot be implemented, then it is all his fault.

After thinking for a while, Marco said: "Maybe Zhanye Detachment is performing some mission? Isn't it rumored that Zhanye Detachment blocked the Nine Snake Pirates?

And at the Pirate Expo, the news of UU reading is also a little strangely calm, maybe the sea is going to roll up some monstrous waves again. "

"Then what do we do now?"

Izo asked, Marco turned his head and looked into the depths of the new world, with a reluctant smile, and said, "I believe that the navy has penetrated the intelligence Internet cafes all over the world and go to places with many people.

The navy will always notice us. Even if the Zhanye Detachment doesn't move, it would be nice to be able to lure the young men's detachment. If they get involved, Skyler can't just sit back and ignore them. "

"That's all it takes."

Yizo nodded helplessly, Marco took a sip of water and said, "I'm almost ready, let's go."

As he said that, a blue-blue flame ignited on his body, and the whole person was also transformed into a huge phoenix. Yizang, Leizang, Cat Viper and others all jumped on the bird's back one after another.

The huge phoenix soared into the sky and headed towards some of the more densely populated islands in Totland.

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