The Beautiful Swordsman Came with a Barbecue - Chapter 686 Save the Burning Ember

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"Da da da~"

The footsteps sounded, and Skyler came to the rear deck of the warship. She seldom came here, but the warship has served for 20 years, and she will not deny her way.

Seeing the shape of the machine that was shaped like Armstrong's circling Armster cannon, the corners of his eyes twitched a few times under Skyler's sunglasses. This shape was not very right.

But the few people around didn't pay attention to the shape of the huge machine. Deborah, Law, Kidd, Frankie, Anilu and others were all around the workbench of the machine.

Everyone else kept standing, but Anilu needed Kidd to stand. Of course, judging from Kidd's expression, it seemed that he planned to fall Anilu to the ground at any time.

Deborah noticed Skyler's arrival and said with a smile, "Skyler, it worked. Now this machine can last for more than two hours even if it is powered by Anilu."

"Damn! Who are you talking about?!"

Ai Nilu, who had a weak face, heard Deborah's words, and his whole body began to arc with anger. For the past two days, he almost drained all his physical strength for this experiment, and in exchange for this sentence.

What is even him? ? ? He is very strong, okay? It should be said that if you let him come, he can continue to run for at least two hours, right?

Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to him. Skyler looked at the machine and said, "It's done so quickly? It's amazing."

Although Nurkic reported to her at least three times a day, Nurkic did not hesitate to brag about the success of his wife's work, but Skyler never came to see the finished product.

Although a few hours ago, when he heard Nurkic say that he was entering the final debugging stage and was about to start the last experiment, Skyler should have noticed that the machine should be successful, but it was false.

"It's also thanks to the help of Kidd, Franky, Drake, and Luo. Although they are young, the knowledge they have is of great help to this plan."

Deborah said with a smile, she has never been a person who likes to take credit, otherwise she would not have followed a small colonel like Nurkic, after all, she was the rank of major general more than ten years ago.

It is estimated that it is also to take care of Nurkic's face. Over the years, she has never chosen to be promoted, even if the various achievements she has made are enough to make her a lieutenant general and qualified to lead an independent army.

When Luo heard Deborah's approval, he nodded humbly, and then silently stood behind Franky for a little bit. As the commander of the logistics force, he didn't like to be in the limelight.

Of course, if it is to show off in front of Ace, it is another matter, but Ace is not there now.

Frankie crossed his hips, let out some **** laughter, and then said: "I also asked a lot of manuscript techniques left by Dr. Bergapunk.

Moreover, being able to create such a perverted ship part is also the ultimate perverted wish of a boatmaker! "

As for Drake, he bowed his head a little shyly. He didn't help at all. After all, he was a cook, so how could he be involved in this kind of experiment.

It was just to transform and shape some gold according to Deborah's request. What he paid was nothing but a golden mast of the golden ship. It was really worthy of Deborah's praise.

Kidd turned his head arrogantly, biting his flaming red lips, but when he turned his eyes, he met the aggrieved and angry dead fish eyes of Anilu.

"And me?!"

Anilu shouted sadly, Deborah glanced at him and said, "You're not a young man anymore."

But as soon as she finished speaking, Deborah regretted it a little, and looked at Skyler apologetically. She forgot for a while that Skyler and Anilu seemed to be the same age.

But Skyler didn't seem to notice, just looked at the huge machine and said, "Are there any other functions besides stealth?"

Hearing this, Kidd turned his head again. He had been holding back for a long time. This machine can be transformed into a great weapon. Deborah's doing this is too wasteful.

But Deborah shook his head and said: "At this stage, only invisibility can be achieved, and there are some small functions for creating illusions. After all, it is only electromagnetic field technology that is used now, but unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge in gravitational fields.

If the gravitational field can be introduced more actively in the electromagnetic field, or even other forces can be introduced to unify the norms, it may be possible to achieve leaps across time and space or even more magical effects. "

"Unification field?"

"Unification Field! It's a good name. Maybe I should sort out some conjectures from this experiment and make a report for Dr. Bergapunk to see."

Deborah nodded with a smile, Kidd and Luo said almost at the same time: "Can you give me a copy?"

Immediately, both of them looked at each other with dissatisfaction, especially Luo. In the eyes wrapped in the dark circles, the disgust was not concealed, and he said bluntly: "You are a pirate."

The simple four words made Kidd grit his teeth, unable to refute, after all... Deborah is indeed a navy wearing a cloak of justice, and there is no reason to give such an important thing to a pirate.

Even as a magnetic fruit power user, Kidd is very eager for Deborah's unfinished report, because he feels that this is definitely an important part of his leap in fruit ability development.

If Deborah's report can be obtained and the content of electromagnetic force in it can be thoroughly understood, then the awakening of the fruit's ability will no longer be the limit.

In just two days, Kidd saw a new possibility, a possibility to surpass the so-called awakening in the development of fruit ability.

From ancient times to the present, the symbol of fruit ability development to the extreme is awakening. Kidd also thought so before, thinking that awakening is the limit of fruit ability development.

But in the past two days, what he learned from Deborah opened his mind. The limit of magnetic force is definitely not the kind of power in the awakened state.

According to Deborah, the performance of magnetism is far more than the attraction and repulsion of magnetic substances. It should be a generalization of the phenomena of substances that exhibit attraction and repulsion.

As small as a magnet, as large as the magical magnetic field of the great waterway, and even the planet itself, it is inseparable from magnetism, and even in a strong magnetic field, it can show changes in the physical and chemical properties of matter.

Just at this point, the awakening of the fruit's ability has already been involved, but in Deborah's mouth, this is only a relatively narrow magnetic performance.

In Deborah's description, if a super magnetic field can be generated, it can even excite physical particles, convert the magnetic energy into the thermal energy, kinetic energy and radiation energy of the particles, and release a large amount of energy, just like a solar flare.

When Kidd heard this statement, the whole person was a little bad, and he began to imagine that if he could apply his magnetic fruit to this step, then why would he need any mechanical creation.

He himself is a walking sun, with solar flares erupting anytime, anywhere, and that kind of scene is exciting just to think about.

It's just that when he asked Deborah how to do it, Deborah brought out a lot of knowledge that he didn't understand at all, such as magnetic charge density, electromagnetic interaction and so on.

That's why he was so gaffe when he heard that Deborah would compile her research on the electromagnetic force, as well as her conjectures about other forces, into a report.

Kidd is not interested in gravity, unified fields, etc. He just wants to learn the course of electromagnetism. In his opinion, this is the coolest force in the world, and no force can match it.

But Kidd stared at Luo stubbornly, this nasty guy in front of him actually wanted to cut off his path of study, really. How could it be so? !

Suddenly, Kidd remembered Deborah's question two days ago, when Deborah asked him if he wanted to join the Navy, and Kidd refused flatly.

But now he suddenly regrets it, he shouldn't be so decisive, he should commit himself and agree, then get Deborah's report, and make sure that he is capable of self-study, and then choose to betray, how good it would be?

But Kidd couldn't say "when I didn't say it", and then shamelessly asked to join the navy. He is not that **** Luffy, how could he say such shameless words?

Deborah, who had subconsciously wanted to agree, also pondered at this time. She had never participated in a war before, and she did not have the instinctual disgust and hostility of other navies when dealing with pirates.

After all, she has studied with Dr. Vegapunk since she was a child, and she has been studying scientific research since she grew up. Even if she has a little time, she will fall in love with Nurkic, get married, and have children.

Therefore, when Kidd asked for an exit, Deborah even forgot Kidd's identity and only regarded him as a good young man who was diligent and studious, just like Luo.

But there is no such instinctive cognition, but it does not mean that Deborah can ignore the identity of the Kidd Pirate. If he does not react, it may be another scene.

But now that she has reacted, it is impossible for Deborah to agree to Kidd. At least she can't be the master now. After all, she is still affiliated with Skyler's Zhanye Detachment.

And this time, the work was also invited by Skyler to develop the project for the Zhanye Detachment. The decision-making power was no longer in her hands, but in Skyler's hands.

Skyler noticed Deborah's inquiring eyes. For this kind of thing, Skyler had no willingness to participate. After all, she was not someone who really understood the value of these technologies and knowledge.

However, since Deborah threw this question to herself, Skyler could not turn a blind eye, and from Deborah's attitude, it was obvious that she did not seem to resist sharing knowledge.

Therefore, after thinking about it for a while, Skyler said: "Give young people a chance to learn and improve. It is understandable to make mistakes. If they can study hard and reform well in the future, it is not impossible for them to become the pillars of the sea."

Hearing that Skyler actually agreed with him to study, Kidd was a little stunned, but then put on a strange expression of gratitude, lowered his head and said, "Thank you, Lieutenant General Skyler."

Skyler waved his hand and said, "There is no need to thank you. After all, you are also friends of Anilu and Luffy. People are divided into groups."


But suddenly, Bucky, who looked grateful, seemed to be stressed, and retorted loudly: "Who are their friends!"

Skyler, who was interrupted, was stunned for a moment, and then pointed to Kidd, who was "shouldering" with Anilu. She didn't say anything, and seemed to say anything.

Kidd blushed and wanted to throw Anilu off of him, but Anilu grinned, although being Kidd's friend made him a little unhappy.

But seeing that Kidd was more upset than himself, Anilu's displeasure suddenly disappeared. He raised his needle-pierced hand, squeezed Kidd's face, and said, "Hey! Little boy."

Hearing Anilu's yin and yang stress, Kidd clenched his teeth tightly. The instinct just now made him refute, but reason made him close his mouth tightly now.

If Skyler changed his decision because of his own rebuttal, then it would be a big loss. For the sake of the future, even if he was called Luffy, this idiot, and Enel, this soft-footed shrimp friend, Kidd also decided. endured.

Seeing that Kidd stopped talking, Skyler also shrugged, then looked at Deborah and said, "How many machines can we build now?"

Deborah had obviously thought about this question for a long time, and without thinking, he opened his mouth and replied: "With the materials we have in reserve, we can build up to fifteen units, plus the existing ones, a total of sixteen units.

However, Nurkic said that we may only have five warships deployed by then, so do we build some more and reserve them, or only build four more? "

"Let's make them all. Anyway, there are so many bitter young people to help."

Skyler almost missed the point, but everyone understood it, but no one dared to say it.

After the short "guidance work" was completed, Skyler also turned around and returned to the front of the deck. Compared with the top technology here, it was obvious that beach chairs, snacks and drinks were more attractive to Skyler.

After Skyler left, Kidd looked at Luo and said strangely, "I'm a pirate, but I can also get the same things as you. This must make you crazy, right?"

Luo shook his head and said, "What drives me crazy is the dust on the pearl of knowledge."

After Luo finished speaking, Kidd was stunned for a moment. When Luo turned around and continued to discuss and ask Deborah, Kidd realized that this hateful Luo was mocking him for not understanding Deborah's report? !

He almost didn't understand the ridicule, which made Kidd even more angry, and now he missed the opportunity to refute, which made Kidd even more mad, his teeth clenched.

The sound of grinding his teeth made Anilu, who was leaning on him, tickle his ears, and even shivered several times.

"Kid, you go down and bring all the materials, Luo will guide you to install according to the new drawings."

But Kidd couldn't wait for the way to fight back against Luo, Deborah began to order, and Kidd was angry, just wanted to respond instinctively not to order him or something like that.

But thinking that the person who gave the order was Deborah, he swallowed this breath again, turned his head to glance at Anilu, who was unconscious at all, and then threw him to the side of the guardrail.

"Winter Dongdong~"

Afterwards, Kidd deliberately stepped on the deck and walked towards the cabin, as if to let everyone notice that he was in a bad mood at this time.

But the only ones who responded to him were the three Pedro's resentful eyes. After all, the warships of the Zhanye Detachment were cleaned and maintained by these three people.

Although the strength of the Zhanye Detachment's warship is not a problem at all to withstand Kidd's childish trampling, it makes Pedro and the three very dissatisfied.

But at this time, Kidd is still useful, and the three fur warriors can't look at each other, and then Pokemus whispered: "Give him some static electricity and let him stab all day?"

Pedro and Jiebo nodded affirmatively when they heard the words, and then there were **** smiles on the faces of the lion, the leopard, and the bear.

Although this plan of Pokemus didn't put a black hood on Kidd and then beat him so comfortably, it was indeed a very good plan considering the current situation.

At this time, Onishima had come to Wano Country dozens of nautical miles overseas. In a large hall, Kaido was irritably drinking wine, and his face was red with drunkenness.


After drinking another jar of wine, Kaido angrily threw the wine jar in his hand to the wall beside him, and a woman with spider legs beside him was startled.

But he also quickly opened another jar of wine and handed it to Kaido. Kaido took it and was raising his head to drink, but stopped again, and the robotic arm kept rubbing his chest.


After a while, a long burp came out, but Kaido also seemed to have lost the idea of ​​drinking immediately. He slammed the wine jar on the table, looked at Quinn, and said:

"I haven't found out yet, or Mihawk's whereabouts?!"

Quinn was a little helpless, but he didn't dare to show it in front of Kaido, he just said: "With the speed of the golden ship, if there is no accident, it will take three days to get back to the country of Wano, and it has only been two days. sky."

"What if there is an accident?"

Kaido asked abruptly, and Quinn shut up, because judging from the call two days ago, it must have been an accident, and it can be said that his life and death are unknown when he encounters Mihawk.

Don't look at how Kaido acted as if he wasn't afraid of Mihawk two days ago, but Mihawk's strength is not something Kaido can deny.

To be able to share the title of the world's greatest swordsman with Skyler, and to duel with Shanks many times without being defeated, this kind of strength is not enough to deal with.

Not to mention that he left this time and only took his own golden ship with him. Without the support of massive gold, he could not exert his maximum combat power at all.

However, this is somewhat good news. After all, they have not taken too much gold. Even if there is an accident, the Beast Pirates will not lose too much in terms of economic material reserves.

Seeing that Quinn didn't answer, Kaido started pouring his own wine again. After tons and tons, the wine jar that was as big as two ordinary people hugged was almost at the bottom. Putting down the wine jar, Kaido continued to ask:

"Where's Katakuri? No reply?"

Quinn shook his head hesitantly, and said, "I replied, I don't agree to deliver the transport ship to us in advance."

"Didn't I ask you to tell Katakuri that he can divide up the profits of this transaction?!"

Kaido asked angrily, Quinn's face was very embarrassed, but he still said: "Katakuri said, no Bailey, no ship."

"That bastard! If Lingling is still alive, she will definitely help me!"

After Kaido finished scolding, a flash of reminiscence suddenly appeared on his face, and he said, "I should work harder to save Lingling, it's all because of that evil girl Skyler! And Polsalino! And Garp! Navy! Damn it!"

The memory was just a flash, and then it turned into Ling Lie's killing intent.


The wine jar was crushed by him, and the little remaining wine was scattered on the ground. Kaido twisted his right hand into a fist, and the fragments of the clay pot turned into mud. The words fell from his fingers, and then he said viciously:

"If you give me another chance, if I meet Skyler again, I will tear her apart!"

Quinn below heard the words and lowered his head directly. He didn't want Kaido to notice the look on his face at this time.

After venting his emotions, Kaido regained clarity in his eyes, took another jar of wine, looked at Quinn, and said, "Quinn, we can't bear the consequences of losing another Kanban.

Do your best to live! I don't care what method you use, I must keep him alive! "

"Then I'll send Zhenda and Fei Liubao out to find them?"

Quinn asked tentatively, but Kaido said with a look of hatred: "What are you doing?! You sent them all out, how can you make sure the deal goes on?!"

"Then this."

Quinn was a little speechless. The Beast Pirates had no money now, and they must not be able to hire an intelligence organization, nor could they afford the intelligence of an intelligence organization, so they could only investigate on their own.

But Kaido is unwilling to use Fei Liubao and Zhenda. If there are only some ordinary members, even if they find traces of Mihawk or Mihawk, what can they do?

Judging from Mihawk's performance two days ago, he couldn't even keep the phone bug, and what about the other weaker members? Even if they were found, they would have been killed by Mihawk before the notice?

Kaido also seemed to see Quinn's dilemma, and instead of asking him to come up with a feasible solution immediately, he asked, "Wanokuni, how's the deal with CP?"

"It's almost finished. It's the final stage of the number of inspections and the quality of random inspections. If nothing else happens, the contract can be signed in two days."


Just after Quinn finished speaking, the wine bottle in Kaido's hand fell to the ground and turned into countless pieces, Kaido roared: "No accident?! No accident?! Besides saying this, what else would you say? !

What is no accident? ! Is it an accident that Mihawk is coming to Wano? ! Is it an accident that the stinky boy of Katakuri refused to deliver the transport ship? ! "

Quinn, who was scolded by Kaido, was so angry that he wanted to overturn the table. Could it be easy for him?

Since Kaido dispatched almost the entire pirate group to fight Skyler for that Doflamingo, which step has the Beast Pirates gone smoothly?

After being captured by the navy, the burden of running all the pirates fell on him, Quinn, rebuilding the Beast Pirates, recruiting new recruits, developing the economy, and stabilizing the sea area. Which one did he not do?

In this way, he has to export various technological products to the group to help the development of the pirate group without financial support. Is he not doing enough?

What did you Kaido do? Hangover every day, doing nothing serious, and in the past two years, he has given a newcomer the title and rights of Yan Calamity.

A young man who made no contribution to the Pirates not only gained financial power, but also suppressed him, an old man who worked hard for the Pirates. Is this reasonable? !

If it is not already cornered, UU reading www. Quinn doesn't want to stay in the Beast Pirates anymore.

Kaido seemed to have reacted as well, and said apologetically, "Quinn, I'm just. If you care, don't worry about it. We have been friends for so many years, and you know me well."

What Quinn can do, of course, is to forgive him. Quinn also squeezed out a smile and said, "I also have things that I haven't done well enough. I'll go to arrange affairs first, and leave."

Kaido waved his hand and did not stop Quinn from leaving. Instead, he continued to drink wine. After another day and night of binge drinking, the drunk Kaido turned into a blue dragon and hovered in the hall.

"Brother Kai! I found the trail of Jinhe Mihawk! It's less than twenty nautical miles from us."

Suddenly, Quinn's familiar voice came, and Kaido, who was sleeping, woke up instantly, and the huge dragon head smashed through the hall and shot straight into the sky. At the same time, his voice came along with the dragon's roar.

"Everything! Hold on! Big Brother Kai is here to save you!"

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